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This Man Needs UNC's Spin Guy NOW!

April 28,’14:   The only way this Donald Sterling MEGA-Brouhaha gets any wackier is if Sterling tells one of his toadies (you KNOW he has toadies and they all have names courtesy of Raymond Chandler) – “Get me that UNC Vice Chancellor of Spin.  Have Chili Palmer take the jet.  I don’t care what it costs.  DO IT!”

Can we work Reverend Barber into this along with “Call me Dickie”?  This definitely needs those two in it somehow.  Maybe Tami Hansbrough too?  What does Ol’ Roy think about all this? Could “V.” Stiviano (V dot ?) Donald’s black/Mexican gal pal be linked to Russell’s divorce? ..... WHOA!

Lets get this out of the way.   If Obama wants to send his toadie Eric Holder out to “El Ay” to lynch Donald Sterling after skinning him alive and then cut off his Slauson and leave it in the fork in the road, I’m fine with that.  Really.   The thought of America without Donald Sterling is fine with me.   

America without “due process” is a bit scary but this mess jumped that silly shark quite a ways back.

If they don’t cut off his Slauson, at least leave Sterling’s disemboweled blotted bigoted carcass hanging from one of the “L’s” in the HOLLYWOOD sign.  Or one of the "O's".  Either one is fine.

NOTE:  Albert, I know you don’t get the “cut off his Slauson” line but Little Ricky, Big Bobby and at least nine others do, and that’s all I need.  Art Fern LIVES!  I could see “V.” as “the Matinee Lady.   Can’t you?

There ARE humans walking this Earth today that still have not heard “what Donald Sterling (supposedly) said” to V. (her name actually has a “.” after the V.  Does she go by "V Period"?)  I can’t imagine who they are or what cave they have been hiding in since Friday, but I know they are out there.

I’ve never met any movers & shakers in the porn biz in the San Fernando Valley.  The Valley is the epicenter of America’s porn biz.  I’ve never even been to the Valley; but if you asked me what a porn mogul looks like..... its “just like Donald Sterling”.  Alls Donald is missing is some neck bling and a way bigger wristwatch.   Otherwise he has the whole “porn mogul” look down pat.

Donald Sterling is not “a porn mogul”, that we know of.  He is 80 years old.  Donald has owned “The Clippers” of The NBA since 1981.   For 30 of those 34 years Donald’s Clippers were the punch-line for totally inept pro sports teams.   They were awful.   Prior to buying The Clippers, Donald Sterling was a divorce / trial lawyer..... and a big-time slum lord.   Oh for heaven’s sake.  I’m making this up, right.   Nope.  Google Donald Sterling, if you dare.

Quentin Tarantino could not have created a more quintessential “LA slimeball” than Donald Sterling.  Even with Elmore Leonard helping him.

Several years ago Donald received an award from the LA NAACP for being so generous to the LA Black community.   Donald was slated to receive ANOTHER award from the LA NAACP next month – a Lifetime Achievement Award no less.   Despite the programs already being printed and everything for that shindig, “they” (the LA NAACP) have now decided not to give Donald another award. ...... but would still like the really big check they expected Donald to give them in exchange for the award.

A tape was leaked to TMZ that supposedly has Donald ranting to V. about his very low regard for black people in general.  Yes, 12 of his 14 Clippers are black as well as his Head Coach.  For 20+ years his GM was black.  Actually Elgin Baylor is still black, but he isn’t the Clippers’ GM any longer.   Donald fired Elgin then Elgin sued Donald for age and racial discrimination.   

Donald has also been sued on assorted discrimination charges relative to his slum lord bizness..... and the LA NAACP was all set to give him a Lifetime Achievement Award until last Friday.  Really begs the question, who came in second in the original voting for that award?

We are learning that Donald Sterling’s overt bigotry has been well-known for YEARS.   But Chris Paul signs a long-term deal to play for him despite lucrative offers from many other teams.  And Doc Rivers signs with Donald to be his black Head Coach despite also being an “in-demand” NBAer.  Everybody BUT Chris Paul and Doc Rivers and the LA NAACP knew about Donald.... huh?  You guys ever heard of due diligence?

The comments on “the tape” would make Archie Bunker blush.   This was XXX-rated bigotry.  Donald was supposedly admonishing half-black girlfriend V. not to hang-out with or bring-around “black people” to his games.  And don’t take “selfies” of herself with “them”. .... in Sterling Tape 2, we hear Donald (supposedly) comparing "black people" to animals.  Sterling Tapes 3 & 4 should be doozies!

We learn that Donald’s wife – Rochelle” (“Schelle”) is NOT a racist bigot, because Schelle says she’s not.  Rochelle, Donald’s wife for 30+ years, is also straight out of Quentin Tarantino’s imagination.   The relationship between “Schelle” and V. is not clear yet.   Is it as harmonious as Lindsey Vonn’s with Elin?  Donald and Rochelle are not estranged or in divorce proceedings.  They simply “have an understanding as regards “V.”.  Hey folks.... welcome to El Ay.

Have we mentioned that V. is a defendant in a civil suit brought by Rochelle accusing V. of embezzling $1.8 M from The Sterlings?  V.’s attorney is Mac E. Nehoray of The Nehoray Legal Group. ???  We haven’t seen “Mac E.” yet.  Wanna bet he is straight out of central casting too.  

MEANWHILE..... every black basketball player in America, plus every half-black President, is having a conniption fit over “what Donald (supposedly) said” in that tape to V.   Yes.... The Justice Brothers – Jesse & Al – are all over this.   DUH, bet that shocks you, huh.   Al is scheduled to speak at the LA NAACP dinner next month that will (not) be honoring Donald with a Lifetime Achievement Award. (But send that check anyway, Donald. OK?)

Suddenly The NBA is afraid that Donald Sterling is "bad for its image" ???  HOLY Red Auerbach Batman!  The pro sports league that leads all pro sports leagues in per capita "dead-beat baby-daddies" and "assaults on girlfriends" and ..... and ..... .  "Bad" for that image?  Idi Amin and Jabba The Hutt could not dent that image.

Even "MJ" has taken a stand on this one.  Realizing that "even bigoted old stinkin' rich LA sports-moguls" wear tennis shoes too.  That may be a small enough market niche not to affect Air Jordan sales.

Even the Knicks' James Dolan is worried about "negative branding".  Dolan is the quintessetial New York thug.  Marg Schott wouldn't be seen with Dolan.

My original suggestion that such a quintessential FUBAR-LA-style deserves some UNC-style crisis management was me being silly.   No, I don’t think V. is in any way involved in Russell’s divorce, but just mentioning it will get this column a few 100 extra views from BrickyardLand.  I don’t think Rochelle / “Schelle” is involved either.

Oh.... Oh.... Oh..... have I mentioned that Donald Sterling has only contributed to Democratic political candidates and does NOT have EIB programmed into his radio dial.  Both of those facts REALLY upset the mainstream media A LOT.

This glorious mess has been en fuego since Friday.   It has so many low information voter elements crawling all over it that I’m giving it a full 10-day run “above the fold”.   We haven’t heard from a Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, the LGQBTers.... or the atheist gang.... or the ACLU..... or PETA..... or AlGore's bunch.  Does AlGore still have "a bunch"?

It’s not an Official National Brouhaha until the LGQBT and the atheist gang have weighed in..... plus there’s Harry Reid and Sheila Jackson Lee.   .... and Reverend Barber, in full costume, leading a mini-mob down Mulholland Drive and pounding a portable pulpit outside The Staples Center.

Last Friday morning I was wondering what to write about.....
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Posted: April 28, 2014 at 8:57 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 12 comments

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This same NAACP group is also giving The 2014 Person of the Year Award to Al Sharpton. Enuf said! Loved the Slauson Cutoff ref.

BL: I bet Al doesn't have to "buy" his.

4/29/2014 7:16:29 AM

John Dixon
CLASSIC 68! Classic!

BL: Not exactly sure what that means, but I'm going with "Thank you". :-)

4/28/2014 4:49:25 PM

Dr Wire
Albeit publically stupid comments, I am also betting MJ, Rev B, bHo and others would not want their private conversations about inter-racial affairs made public. Not paid that much attention, but how was this conversation recorded legally? I'm betting DS has someone working on a civil lawsuit angle if he is worth his salt as a lawyer.

Thanks for the dope on his NAACP ties. Like TGU, there are some things you can't believe can happen.

I have no problem with what DS said to his mistress since this Sampson County native can neither influence or control the mess it is becoming and have already grown very tired of the same 3 pictures of DS and the typical excessive reporting of ESPN and others who are selling ad dollars as hard as they can on racism every chance they get. The symbolism of the hired hands wearing inside-out warm-ups sure was a nice touch to give the story legs and talking heads more talking points. What's next, flowers laid at the locker room door to show unity?

BL: Not clear yet exactly how the tape was created or obtained by DeadSpin but V.'s pending law suit with Schelle is likely involved.... Also the timing of the release of the comments is amazingly coincidental. In the middle of The NBA Playoffs and before The Clippers are eliminated... ??

Surely someone is coming up with a lapel ribbon for all this.

Taking nothing away from crazy ol' Donald being the quintessential LA mega-buck slimeball.

4/28/2014 1:46:30 PM

FROM: BobLee
In case you are wondering.....

What an 80 y/o troglodyte said in a private conversation has received 10X the national media coverage in just THREE DAYS than all the incidents of Black-on-White violence recorded on White Girl Bleed A Lot has received in a year.

Just in case you were curious....

4/28/2014 1:38:46 PM

Holy cow……….does that EVER bring back memories!!! How many people do you think actually remember that??? I still miss him!!!!

BL: Among BobLee Buddies (except for Albert) Art Fern and Matinee Lady will live FOREVER .... along with Floyd R. Turbo too.

4/28/2014 11:59:24 AM

BigJim Sterling
I want all BobLee Buddies to know I am no kin to Donald Sterling.... no way, no how.

Us Sterlings from Mid-Missouri had a few bootleggers and one or two "pole-cats" but no freakin' trial lawyers.... slum lords or sports team owners. YUCK!

And I ain't never had no girlfriend with a "dot" in her name.

BL: Noted.... and confirmed. :-)

4/28/2014 11:44:18 AM

Why do you keep throwing these words out at me so I’ll have to look them up? SLAUSON? It’s not even in the dictionary.

BL: The ONLY human in America above the age of 40, who did not watch Johnny Carson. Ladies & Gentlemen meet Prince Albert! :-)

4/28/2014 11:12:29 AM

StSimon's Guy
If this one doesn’t take the heat off Franklin Street nothin’ will, Willingham’s ‘resignation’ notwithstanding!

Do you think Sterling looks kinda like Vito Corleone’s cousin Donald? Clemenza and Luca Brazzi could resolve this in seconds.

BL: I still think Donald is much more Tarantino-esque than Puzo-esque. He has that whole ElAy vibe thing going for him.

4/28/2014 11:09:54 AM

BC From PV
I couldn’t wait! I told my wife, “wait until BL sees and responds to this”. As usual, you didn’t disappoint!!

BL: and I KNOW you "got" the "Slauson cut-off" line. :-)

I wrote the whole column just to use that.

4/28/2014 10:44:07 AM

DUDE! I had the coffee sippin' down until "Last Friday morning I was wondering what to write about...." There were zingers aplenty all through AND I had managed to keep it under control until THAT! talk about irony whiplash... it was precious. As this story has unfolded there has been one thread running through my mind that I cannot shake. I would be more than willing to bet a C note vs. a Krispy Kreme that "most" of the race bait players (that includes our current prez and his infamous AG) think the same way Donald does only substitute whites for blacks. I say that because the more upset and vocal one becomes concerning any given subject in the middle of a bruhaha the more likely they are to be guilty themselves OR they are caught themselves. Just sayin'.

BL: So you think a tape of a backyard BBQ with BHO, Michelle, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, Rev Al, Oprah, Jay-Z, Beyonce, et al just MIGHT reveal similar negative opinions about "us" ?? Geee, ya think?

I'm still curious what V.'s friends call her? "V Period" or "V dot" ??? Must be a 1/2 black/mexican thing ??

4/28/2014 10:32:44 AM

Frank Linstreet
I've checked and you definitely have the first / only commentary on this that mentions Art Fern.

Kudos! :-)

BL: It was a natural fit for me. "Cutting off his slauson" is the perfect punishment, don't you think?

4/28/2014 10:26:22 AM

Interesting take on the "Racist Rant". MJ and others are weighing in. Gotta LOVE the "Lifetime Achievement Award".....maybe if you read the fine print (Lawyers, you know) on the Trophy, it says for RACIAL DISSING...

Anyway, I wholeheartedly agree that the Rev Billy B needs to get his entourage to LA immediately to have a We is Outraged Wednesday Event(s). As an ex project manager and being sometime bored and not mentally challenged as a Retiree....I have come up with a scheme, er, plan for this event. It covers BOTH sides of the aisle.
There are places where you can rent a Lockheed C5A Galaxy. THAT should accommodate Rev's girth and all the trappings required to "move" him. You could also partition it off into compartments and pick-up some $$'s to defray the total cost.
The N&O could send Col. Barry do a Dan Kane investigation.
Then, Jimmy G. could pile in David C; Laura L and Binky....and Michelle M for COMPLETE 24X7 coverage.
Johnny Edwards and his new legal team could go to help the Clipper's players file a JigABillion $$ Discrimination suit.
Finally, the UNC School of Journalism (laughter) could supply a Joel Curran/Jay Carney Droid. I KNOW that they must be fabricating them under the Kenan Bleachers - remember that the Manhattan Project research was done in the Stagg Field bleacher basement.
Finally, they need a Pilot. Time to use local talent again. I understand that Apex's Ace, Cap'n, Bryan Henry Esterly, should be released from the hospital tomorrow. Word is that Mrs. Bryan ain't gonna let her grandson fly with Grampa no more so he will need some flying buddies....
Have I left out anyone....WAIT....Belle Knox probably needs a "lift" to her next LA gig or gag...and Col Saunders might get his in depth interview on the way out.
I KNOW that you have MANY other folks to add to the passenger list.
You gotta love it....

BL: I think you have quite a plane load.... or pants load!

ANOTHER mess with "no heroes" to be found. :-(

4/28/2014 10:16:51 AM

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