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August 29,’13:  The Eddie Haskell of College Football gets a 30-minute time-out..... A rough week for UNC pros..... Can I watch one more day of FoxSports1?..... USAToday Headline screams – BobLee Is Right!......  and The Good Sports Are BACKKKKK.

Lucy just jerked the football away from Charlie Brown.  What itty bitty shread of integrity left in Big Time College Sports just went SPLATT!

The NCAA shoulda hired Alan Iverson to make the announcement.   The Announcement being that Johnny Manziel aka “College Football’s Eddie Haskell” must stand in the corner for 30-MINUTES for sticking his entitled thumb in the eye of The NCAA and rubbing it in.  Can’t you imagine Iverson doing his trademark “PRACTICE” with “30 MINUTES” !!!

Suspended for "the first half of the Rice game”.   Whatever happens to PJ now has a new benchmark of unadulterated silliness to be measured by.  I'm thinking maybe PJ "sits out the lay-up drill" at Saturday Night With Roy.

Just when we think The NCAA can’t possibly become more of a blundering bumbling caricature of a toothless bureaucracy stubbing its toe and doing a bad impression of Rob Petrie tripping over the ottoman.

NOTE:  Blondie gives me a hard time whenever I throw in an obscure reference like Rob Petrie tripping over the ottoman.   ...... “You do know that only MAYBE 2-3 readers will “get that” don’t you?”  Sure, I know that but those 2-3 of you that do “get it” are grinning like cheshire cats right now.    Others are wondering “whats a cheshire cat?”  ....... whatever happened to Mel Cooley?

Will the ridiculosity of the whole Mess de Manziel finally implode the NCAA?  The NCAA is now “Bernie” as in Weekend At Bernie’s.  They can carry Bernie around all weekend but Bernie, and The NCAA, are both deader than a doornail.

Rob Petrie AND Bernie..... Prince Albert is soooo confused now.

Johnny Manziel is THE perfect embodiment of every board monkey’s ultimate superhero.   He is Superman, Batman and Wolverine incarnate for the slobbering mob of slightly post-adolescent lunatic fringers.  Every goggle-eyed spittle-spewing goober with an Erin Andrews poster pushpinned to the ceiling of his man-cave / dorm room now wants “to be Johnny Manziel”.

Johnny Football looked Authority in the eye and spit in it.   Bart Simpson LIVES in College Station, Texas.

I understand there was no evidence..... no cancelled check..... no cell-phone video of cash being exchanged..... blah blah blah and blah. Forget my earlier idea of the polygraph.  I just want to ask:

Johnny, you signed 4,500+ autographs for some sleazy Ratzo Rizzo-types you had never met before.   Out of the goodness of your heart ??? ..... How come you did dat?  

Was it to put a new roof on an orphanage?  Was it to save a Ugandan village?  Will the sale of that signed memorabilia go to The Jimmy V Foundation to cure cancer or some such bad thing?  Tell me Johnny..... Why did you DONATE that much time and effort in signing 4,500 autographs for the Ratzos?

The “Aggie Code”?  Flush It!   ..... sigh, sob, sniff.


Rough Week for two UNC pro athletes...... Jonathan Cooper breaks his leg and Matt Harvey blows out his elbow.  OUCH!

BUT..... Jeff Saturday emerges as THE Best New ESPN NFL Analyst since Jon Gruden and Herm Edwards.   Really.   If you haven’t caught Jeff making the rounds of ESPN's “guys sitting on stools being pithy” shows..... Jeff is Very Good.  He has plenty of been there / done that cred and, most importantly, does NOT take himself too seriously.  

I look forward to having Jeff as a guest on Good Sports later this Fall.


Speaking of ESPN..... the first full week of FoxSports1 is more painful to watch than Joe Biden on Jeopardy.  REALLY.  It’s like outtakes from the next Ron Burgundy movie. (obscure reference #3).

The two Canadian clowns doing “FoxSports does Sportscenter..... badly” don’t even rise to the level of a Jr Hi version of an SNL skit of Sportscenter.   The Gong Show Lives (obscure reference #4)..... bring on the Unknown Comic with the paper bag over his head.

ESPN has become a caricature of itself so what does that make FoxSports1?   Monty Hall and an audience of pathetic Jerry Springer rejects dressed up as fruits and vegetables.   

Whats next week?  Miley Cyrus salsa dancing with Reverend “Slick Billy” Barber? (semi-obscure reference #5)


Today’s Sports Headline on USAToday:


Depending on when you read this - The Good Sports are back for Season Two on WCHL 97.9..... two hours before every UNC Football game this Fall.

4:00 PM Today – Thursday..... you can go to WCHL’s website and “stream it” live from 4-5..... or download “their app”..... or wait til next week and catch it archived here. ...... stream it ?? ..... app ?? PrinceAlbert is still googling Rob Petrie.  Google ??

Art and I have a BOFFO interview with USoCar Deputy AD Charles Waddell for today’s show.   My 2nd Incredible question to Charles is already being compared to Babba Walter’s asking Princess Di who was your favorite of the Seven Dwarfs?

Franklin Street media mogul Jim Heavner says it is the first time “Johnston County” has ever been uttered in Chapel Hill.   Jim would know.

I did a special column for our Season Two Kick-off...... here it is – CLICK.

Charles Waddell was once on a short list for UNC AD along with Dickie Baddour...... and Matt Kupec.   OUCH and OUCH.  That’s like being in a ménage a trois with Lizzie Borden and Typhoid Mary.

After the interview, Charles - a very good guy BTW - asked me to say hello to Prince Albert for him.  See how I artfully connect all the dots here at the end .....

Charles lettered in Three sports at UNC in the mid 70s.  Prince Albert OF COURSE lettered in FOUR at UNC in the mid 50s. ..... while Bob Kennel was lettering in _____ over at NC State?

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Posted: August 29, 2013 at 9:26 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 14 comments

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Big Bobby
Put me down as 1 of the 2-3. We always practiced the ***** Van Dyke pratfall. By the time I got to High School I started slobbering over Laura and those capri pants.Heard she was a drunk.Wonder if she was a fun one?

Martha MacCallum strikes me as a capri pant kind of gal.

Did Eric Hyman submit to "it's only cheating if you're caught"?

Amen to Jeff Saturday. Instant cred to a thinking man. Not enough bling for the Stephen A. Smith crowd. Seems to have picked up where Howie left off about 5 years ago....or am I imagining that?

BL: I see FoxNews Fox Martha MacCallum as Bob Newhart's wife - Mary Frann.

Bring back "capri pants". :-)
8/29/2013 6:00:14 PM

There was no suspense as to what the NCAA was going to do about Johnny Football. They already made it clear what the policy is when a player who affects national ratings does something that would get a player for a hyphenated school banished. When the NCAA let Auburn play Cam Newton who they bought fair and square at an auction, it was fairly clear that they look at each case with the rulebook in one hand and the projected Nielsen ratings in the other.
I am surprised that they took this hard a line with Johnny. I thought he would get a letter asking him nicely to never ever get caught doing anything like that again, pretty please with a cherry on top.

BL: You can't spell NCAA without "Hypocrisy".
8/29/2013 4:08:45 PM

Geez, you guys have to rely on a Wolfcracker to get your UNC-CH history straight Nick Vidnivec, Billy Paschall, and Kupek in that order.

I never forget an opponent. Played against Paschall on the diamond, too.

Word is Mel Cooley joined aTm's compliance staff, back in '71. Dude is what, 92 yrs old and still on his game.

BL: Bill Paschal from Greenville Rose High. Nick, I believe, passed away a few years ago.

Richard Deacon was Mel Cooley AND also Fred Rutherford - Lumpy's dad.
8/29/2013 3:31:24 PM

Swag I can still remember Woody (the truth) ha ha saying on the radio Waddell over the middle but I cant remember the QB. Any chance of good sports coming to radio up here or in the mts. MAHA.

BL: QB was probably Chris Kupec or Rod Elkins..... mid 70s.

Good Sports not on TH Network YET. Hopefully soon. :-)
8/29/2013 11:24:20 AM

Hey BL the NCAA now owes an apology to Big Marv!!
Seriously when the SEC says jump the NCAA clowns ask how high. If Johnny Football had been a ACC player this would have been another Robert Quinn type lifetime ban.
Is Rev Newton now the NCAA VP for SEC compliance?

BL: Even the ESPN heads are laughing about this.... 30 MINUTES !!!
8/29/2013 11:19:50 AM

BC from PV
BL, I love the reference to the NCAA and Bernie! How appropriate. Like you, I am “over it” with regard to Manziel. Want him to just go away. The “powers” at Texas A&M should be ashamed of themselves. I guess that sentiment applies to the whole college football landscape-at least at the D1 level.

BL: Just enjoy the games and try to forget how the sausage is made.....
8/29/2013 11:19:46 AM

Hill Rogers
Carolina rolls over and plays dead when a player sleeps on a friends couch; A&M fights tooth and nail even when there is overwhelming circumstantial evidence that Johnny Football sold his autographs. The Baddour administration was such a joke. I don't lose any proverbial sleep with Bubba the Real AD.

BL: "...sleeps on a friends couch." ?? Sounds like more gospel according to PackPride.

aTm Prez may be worse than Gordon Gee. Never thought THAT was possible.
8/29/2013 11:08:40 AM

ken b.
good ole Rob Petrie from the telling our age tv-guide style. Morie Amsterdam would be proud. One UNC good news story> Rob Wooten was called up from Louisville to Milwaukee and has pitched in several games/ He is doing very good so far. just a rambler from CHATHAM...

BL: Has Daniel Brad ever re-located the strike zone?

Both Kyle Seager AND Dustin Ackley homered yesterday for Seattle. It was #21 for Seager.

Fox's Moochies DOMINATE MLB.... :-)
8/29/2013 10:47:24 AM

Steve Stacy
Now THAT is a good ol' good 'un. But the "spit coffee all over the keyboard" moment is Joe Biden on Jeopardy.

BL: YES YES YES.... I was wondering if someone would catch that one.

and "Miley and Barber salsa dancing..."
8/29/2013 10:37:58 AM

Follow-up--How different would it have been if Dean had let Waddell be AD instead of Dickie B.?

BL: THAT may be a better "what if" than "suppose Tatum had lived"?
8/29/2013 10:37:32 AM

Well I must be really old because I caught all of the obscure references, even Ratso Rizzo from Midnight Cowboy (which was x-rated when it first came out if you remember).

Maybe Johnny Football did sign all of those autographs out of the goodness of his heart. After all we are supposed to believe "Fats" was lending out high priced rental cars to athletes apparently out of the goodness of his heart.

I always liked Charles Waddell. He was on the Pinecrest basketball team that lost the 3A State Championship to my school Bertie County High. Bittersweet night because my girlfriend broke up with me at halftime.

I am expecting any day to hear that Bob Kennel was stowed away on Apollo 11.

Enjoy the writing as always.

BL: Actually Kennell was cabin boy for Columbus on the Santa Maria... or was it the Pinta... or the Nina.

When a kid named Gabriel arrived at NCState his name was "Joe". It was BK that suggested he change it to "Roman"... and a star was born. :-)
8/29/2013 10:28:25 AM

I always watched Rob fall over the ottoman. Sometimes he danced around it but it was more fun watching Mary T. Moore. What a babe back then. Right on about the NCAA. And it looks like ESPN wants Clowney to run for President with all the media pub he gets. Break a leg tonight but don't fall over the ottoman.

BL: Chansky will be "Live from William-Brice" while Stutts and I are hunkered down at the WCHL HQ.

I reveal my personal Steve Spurrier anecdote.... it's CAN'T MISS RADIO !!!
8/29/2013 10:25:41 AM

"Baddour and Kupec.... a menage a trois with Lizzie Borden and Typhoid Mary..."

No more calls please. We have our winner !!!

BL: Really !!! :-) .... will that get me on The Allan Brady Show?
8/29/2013 10:25:23 AM

Say BL, D*ck van Dyke was an expert at slapstick and pratfalls. You are on a roll today with the obscure and obtuse...

Waddell lettered in FB, BB and ? He was friendly guy when he living in Clt. a long time ago.

GO HEELS! fry dat chikin'

BL: .... and Track. Albert had those three plus Baseball (or was it Field Hockey?).
8/29/2013 10:17:37 AM

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