A Whoa Nellie Moment. WOW!

Dec 2,’13:   Why God invented ESPN.   It was a moment that screamed for Keith Jackson to do one more “Whoa Nellie”.   If one did not have “a dog in the fight” (and I didn’t) it was as incredible a sports theater moment as you’re ever likely to witness.

I don’t know, nor care, why Auburn lunatics and Bama lunatics hate one another.   I don’t hate Nick Saban or Katherine Webb or the trees at Toomers Corner.   For sports, it was Jack Ruby shooting Oswald and you staring at your TV saying “what just happened?”

The only similar moments in my recollection are a certain “Air ball in Albuquerque” in 1983.   “Eli’s pass to David Tyree” and I suppose Gio’s punt return merits slight comparison too.

Walk-off homers and buzzer-beaters are not that rare.  This was a “ain’t NEVER seen that before” moment.  You put aside all the blatant hypocrisy and hold-your-nose aspects of Big Time college football and just enjoy the moment.

Sure, if it had been The National Championship instead of “just The Iron Bowl” it would have had even more high drama.   And if I had had any emotional attachment beyond “just a fan of football” my reaction would have been ratcheted accordingly.

For those goobers among you who insists that to be “a great moment” it must involve your little itty bitty world, I suppose a football moment in LA (Lower Alabama) doesn’t rate; but for the rest of us it was “a Humdinger”.   80,000 people nervously contemplating several likely scenarios and then OHMYGAWD.

In the space of 5-6 seconds The Heisman Race – The BCS – The SEC – Nick vs The Bear – Gus Who – et al all went KABOOM.

“Moments like that” and watching a bazillion GEICO, Progressive and AT&T commercials is why I do love watching college football.

Blondie doesn’t know, or give a flip, about obscure football rules like “yes, you can run back a field goal attempt” so her reaction was more of confusion.   Plus she was saving her irrational reactions for the Mizzou v aTm game that was fast approaching.   She was conjuring up a magic spell to disable Johnny Football “not to permanently disable him, but just something to keep him out of this game”.  But even she sensed we had just witnessed something special.

Blondie and I may have been the only folks within several 100 miles who donned Mizzou gear and cared sort of a lot about “the next game”.  I had been on the Faurot Field sidelines when The Tigers beat two other Heisman winners – Steve Owens and Johnny Rogers so I knew it was possible.

Blondie is a bit more fragile in her steadfastness.   Mizzou goes “3 & out” on their first series and she starts to waiver.  The Aggies score first and she does the “Mizzou is gonna choke AGAIN” mumble.   For the record EVERY fan of every school thinks their team always “chokes” and “lets’em down”.

As you now know, in the end Truman was a very happy Tiger and Harpo’s was rockin’ on Saturday night.   It’s On To Atlanta for a program that began with “Pinkel on the hot seat” and is now just a domino or two from OHMYGAWD territory.

Meanwhile “amid the lofty pines”.....  Somewhere in the bowels of The Kenan Football Center are several cans of light blue Krylon spray paint that sit unused.... save’em for next year with “the hope that springs eternal”.  The Bell remains a darker blue and Larry Fedora goes 0-2 versus Cut.

Yeah, it was close but a rivalry game its not like horseshoes or hand grenade throwing.  Close don’t count.  Scoreboard counts.

LarryFromHattiesburg took a credibility step backwards about 3:00 PM Saturday.  Bubba’s phone likely won’t be ringing “asking for permission to talk to him” for a year or so now.   Yeah, lets spin THAT as a good thing.

Oh and Larry..... I know you can't resist tinkering with our uniforms but Auburn has THE best looking unis in college football.  And have had for years.  They don't see the need to "go black".  I'm just saying.....

Not to worry..... Deems May is still blaming the ACC refs.  Talk about “getting old”; Deems’ weekly 5-minute post-game tirade that “the refs are out to get us” sounds like a PackPride retard on Red Bull.

Speaking of “spinning” how is Jared Haase doing down at UAB?  OUCH!  Always good to see former UNC assistants do well...... well, not quite always.

IF X beats Y beats Z... it is a really strong possibility that DUKE GOES TO THE FREAKIN’ ORANGE BOWL.   Go back 8-10 years and some fella saddles up to you at a bar and says I’ll give you 500-1 odds that Duke AND Wake Forest BOTH go to The Orange Bowl before either State or Carolina do.   Would you take that bet?  Oh Me, Oh My!

My last column stirred up the assorted hard-core partisans as expected.  I wax orgasmically in 1,000 words about how awesome David Cutcliffe is and how Duke’s Football future is brighter than an equatorial noonday sun..... and get hammered by some dude for adding that Duke (and Stanford) does “make some accommodations” for their athletes. Jeezzzzz.

Our pre-game guest Saturday was Duke media mogul Johnny Moore.  I queried Johnny for “something we can hate about Cutcliffe”.   With Duke now poised to dominate Triangle football for the forseeable future, we got to “hate him”.  It’s a rule.

Of all the area coaches, the one I would pick as “a guy to just hang out with regularly” would definitely be David Cutcliffe.   Steve Logan being my back-up “hang-out with” buddy.   Ol Roy???  No; that sumbitch is nutz.

A coupla crazies living in Amedeo’s dumpster are still convinced that DaveWhoFromWhere is just a 5-star or two from turning The Carter into Jordan-Hare on steroids.  Yep, just a player or two away.   Yessiree.

The Ruff-ians got clobbered in Huntington !!!

Anybody want a slightly used Dabo?   “Bring Back Danny Ford”!

Is Bo Pellini THE most boorish goober in the history of coaching?   

My column on Chapelboro.com later today is – “Hell On Wheels: A Nightmare Amid The pines”.   My GameDay Experience was a Freddie Kruger nightmare of epic proportions.  
LINK:  Nightmare Amid The Pines. 

After decades of declaring otherwise...... I hear InsideCarolina is now claiming:
“Losing to Duke in Football doesn’t matter.  State is our real Football rival.”   YEEEE HAHAHA.

The End of The Grobe Era at Wake Forest - 4:00 Today !!!  Guess Deacs figure "If Duke, Why Not Us Too ??"

Say Good Night Gracie.

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Posted: December 02, 2013 at 11:10 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 20 comments
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Bob, You know all of us who subscribe to PP are not retards.

You also know "retard" is not politically correct.

BL: I know both of that points. The % of retardation on PP is consistent with the levels on InsideCarolina and every other fan base message board across the country.

And the ways they manifest their affliction is amazingly similar around the country.
12/5/2013 2:55:53 PM

John McNichols
BobLee, agree that Duke will continue to be good with Cut....and beyond, if Stanford and NW are to be considered models...both have maintained their competitiveness after the coach who elevated the programs left.

Question: would you not have to include Rice to your list of Stan, Duke, NW and Vandy? Private, Highly selective, FBS? I guess they are no longer in a power conference so no....

I am less sold on Fedora than you (even before Saturday). His teams often appear poorly coached, not just outmanned....very sloppy. He is not, it appears, the kind of coach who can "take hisn and beat yourn, and take yourn and beat hisn."

Also, recruiting NC is going to be hell, with 7(!!!!!) FBS teams in NC going forward. Not counting the USC/Clem/UGA/UT/Ala/evenND carpetbaggers who come through regularly. UNC could be the leader of the pack (so to speak!) but still be looking a comparably empty cupboard. Hope not, but doesnt look real easy....

BL: I'm ambivalent about Rice since they are not in a "power conference". Stanford is definitely the Gold Standard for the "known for Academics First" collection.

I don't disagree with your reservations re: LF. Jury definitely still out. "Just being better than State" is not going to be enough. The off-field character-level of his recruits has yet to be tested.

If he's bringing in Marvins and PJs, we gonna have big problems.

I'm confident Cut is not walking that fine line.
12/3/2013 12:05:15 PM

I sent you a comment that seemed to be accepted by the system yesterday....was there a problem? I know you are busy and could have fallen thru the cracks.....anyway enjoyed your comments as usual.

BL: ??? Don't know. I haven't deleted anything so just send again and blame that on Dickie Baddour (or Frau) either works.
12/3/2013 10:46:28 AM

Does Fedora teach our WRs how to block without holding or is that just something you learn before you get to college?

BL: I think position coaches teach various ways to gain an edge... and hopefully not get caught.

"Getting caught" can simply mean a ref's eyes were passing over you when you committed your "edge gaining".

Subtlty is key!
12/3/2013 10:09:22 AM

Hate to see Jim Grobe go.

I was at Wake in 1968 when they fired football Coach Bill Tate. The night of the firing Woody Durham said on his Greensboro TV sports show that he was "over" Wake Forest football.

BL: Duke's resurgence was Grobe's undoing. "If Duke can, why can't we?"

Now they must find "a Cutcliffe" and that may be very difficult.
12/3/2013 6:20:29 AM

Ben in MO
If not Duke, it would have been VaTech, or worst case, Miami. Both teams gave good effort and seemed to play relatively clean games, without an undue amount of trash talk and "chip". Duke won, so good on 'em. I don't think they will fare as well against FSU. The Seminoles seem to be in "take no prisoners" mode with their eyes on the National Championship.

How much would the pay-off be on a two dollar bet in August that Auburn would face Mizzou for the SEC championship? Pretty good return, methinks.

Roy's boyz seem to win when they shoot FT decently. At UAB they were back in the 35 per cent range. If they shoot 70 per cent, they win the game.

BL: Even if Duke cannot keep up w/ FSU, Duke Has Arrived.
12/3/2013 2:48:39 AM

J in RDU
Dabo has to be on deathwatch. Losing to the Game*****s doesn't go over well, not to mention FIVE times in a row now.

UNC and Fedora has to be suffering karmic justice for abandoning the iconic UNC blue uniforms. Seems Larry has spent more time with uniform designers than with his coaching staff.

And Missouri? Tens of thousands stayed late in Williams Brice to watch Missou and pull for the odious Johnny F-Ball so TAMU could send the Game*****s to Atlanta against the West. But once the good Tigers scored, we all left. Looks like Tampa again, hoping for Dallas.

BL: Mizzou is playing with "house money" now....living the Dream.

There has been a sea change in Triangle Football.
12/2/2013 8:56:10 PM

Classic Iron Bowls always get nicknamed. Bob Lee, you're a fine writer, what would you name that one? Auburn has some karma to win two games in a row on fluke final plays.

The best thing about the VT UVA game? It ended in time for me to see the end of the Iron Bowl.

I caught Cutcliffe's speech to his players in the locker room following the game, I hope you did too. That's a man any father would want to coach his son. Class act, great mentor and leader.

I caught your Hell on Wheels column, loved it. You could move to DC and live that dream everyday. ;-)

BL: There is the reason I don't live in DC, Atlanta, Dallas et al. Life's too short.

Cutcliffe has everything going for him and he's NOT doing it with mirrors. This is NOT "like Wake Forest in 2006".
12/2/2013 8:38:43 PM

If they tuned in to Jordan-Hare Saturday, 800 million Chinese just found something to care about.

Trust me on this, BobLee. There was never any doubt about what TOB left behind...No pondering necessary.

BL: Speaking of "left behind".... Ron Wellman is dropping the hammer on The Grobe Era at 4:00 PM today.

Guess Deacs figure "if Duke can do it, why can't we?"
12/2/2013 3:52:25 PM

A BobLee UPDATE......
The LINK to Hell On Wheels: A GameDay Nightmare Amid The Pines is now up at the bottom of the column. Or paste from the following.


What can I say? As Johnny Manziel and Kanye West like to say - "I am who I am".
12/2/2013 3:04:14 PM

Jeanne Gunn
Well, I do thank you for the humor I really needed after seeing my Heels lose to Duke, Roy loses to Jared, and the Canes lose to whoever they're playing.

I was with Blondie on Saturday night, asking, "Is he ALLOWED to return that missed FG????"

Saying Roy is a crazy sum***** is nutz is funny. And maybe true.

I wish Fedora would pay more attention to stupid penalties his team commits than the fashion statement new unis might make.

Thanks for giving me something to smile at. Happy Post Thanksgiving to You, Blondie and "The Kid" (who isn't a kid anymore, but a terrific young woman)

BL: I fear Ol Roy has dissolved into "a trainwreck w/ vertigo".

Kid has her first "serious relationship".... a new territory for all of us. :-)
12/2/2013 1:03:52 PM

58 Wolf Kennel
No Reed T-shirt. I'm not into the market much anymore. However, I do still have my "Coach Earle is Forever" T-shirt!!!
The HOF was great with Coach Edwards' inclusion this year. His daughter and grandson accepted on his behalf. Great family. Even had some of his first '54 recruiting class and members of his first ACC Championship team present. But his was also the '59 team that was tied by this year's team for 8 consecutive losses :>((
By the way, six weeks ago at the Raleigh Sports Club, I told Coach Cut that he reminded me more of Edwards than any other coach, and he said that was high praise :>))

BL: Frau definitely does good HoF ceremonies. No debate about that.

Duke Is No Fluke!
12/2/2013 1:01:18 PM

All 125 FCS schools feel they are that 'player or two away' from whatever their next goal on the ladder might be, but wait until next year is as much of a part of the love we do have for our games as what happened last Saturday.

Much as I wanted to see the Heels derail the Dookies season, I cannot get too upset, what I can get annoyed about is the clock management at the end of the game, but that is something that is more tiring than Deems demented ramblings.

I am a strong believer in sports karma in, and for whatever reason it is Tar Heel football that bears the brunt to serve as a balance for the success of the other programs. Now I know down at places like Bama and on the plains it is usually the woman's roller derby team that pays the karmic price, then again it's not like the Tar Heel 'non-revenue' sports have a lot to be happy about at this point in time as well.

Getting back to the where were you moment of this weekend, if you want to talk about all time finishes in any sport, yeah it deserves a spot at the table, just how high up depends on your perspective on history. I still have to at the very least put the immaculate reception and for that matter Bobby Thompson ahead of it for pure drama Moments like this, Lorenzo's dunk, the band is out on the field, Clint Longley, 8 in 17, and many others belong in the category of the surreal and absurd.

Then again Auburn has had perhaps the most surreal & absurd season in the history of the game.

BL: Yes, Franco's Immac Recep definitely counts. It was equally BIZARRE.
12/2/2013 1:00:25 PM

Another fine must read Bob Lee column...Period.

BL: Thanks! A lot of purty good material to work with today.
12/2/2013 12:50:37 PM

Wow, great football Saturday, with one exception :-(. Us Wuffies were disappointed in that our team seemed to be resigned to losing. The team that gave Clemson a scare hasn't shown up mentally since. Let's see, did TOB really leave such a mess that was not recoverable? Let's see, what is the third undefeated team in the country?,,,,Northern Ilinois.. We're spinning in our analysis.
Having become acquainted with you guys, I too was pulling for one of the other Tigers. Johnny Football won't repeat as Heisman, it appears. As to "guys to hang out with", I too would have said Cutcliffe or Logan (and of course BobLee) until Logan piled on the WRAL "expose' " on the Wolfpack which turned out to be a rehash of the C.J. Leslie thingy and no new info. Given that he's working some for Capital B. I guess he was obligated...I'm disappointed in him, but that's just me...Good luck to the other Tigers..

BL: Logan doesn't troll for "Likes" he just fires off the cuff.

The "what did TO'B leave?" and look at Northern Ill are questions to ponder for sure.
12/2/2013 12:28:06 PM

Transplanted Tar Heel
Tough as that loss was to swallow, at least the fighting Fedorians did not meet the wood chipper that ECU got themselves sent thru.

Bama-Auburn was perhaps the greatest finish in football history PERIOD, the only one that I can think of on the same plateau would be the immaculate reception. And spare me 'the band' because that was a battle of two .500 teams, the residual effect of this one might be felt for years to come, it certainly will be relived long as they line up 11 on a side.

BL: I certainly your conclusion.

A certain "airball in Albuquerque" gets a few votes.
12/2/2013 12:27:48 PM

Big BOB, Hope you and your family have the best Holidays ever. For the record , Duke started 10 players from North Carolina saturday, UNC 8. I'm just saying............

BL: An EXCELLENT point that we discussed with Johnny pre-game.

Cut has an overall program gameplan different from any previous Duke FBer. THAT is why DUKE AIN'T NO FLUKE!
12/2/2013 12:24:16 PM

58 wolf kennel
As long as you stick to sports, you are just GREAT in thought and word.(Take that, Pierce!)
What a great Thanksgiving weekend for interesting football as well as basketball. After the Maryland football beatdown (still believing in DD), I am a basketball fan for the next five months interrupted by Carlos' left-handed excellence for five months.
By the way, the Auburn runback was 14 seconds rather than 5-6 seconds, but what drama! I don't know if anyone really understood what was going on in those first 5 seconds. I guess long range field goal attempts really require several tons of slow beef to protect the kicker, but they're not very good tacklers.
Your Kinston buddy sitting right below me at the Pack/Terp game said he had finally got to hear your pre-game show but said, "They're just a bunch of homers" too.
Going to be an interesting basketball season a well already showing that anyone can be beaten on any given night.

BL: Remind Porgie that WCHL has about a 10-mile signal radius. We are "UNC homers" for the same reason AgentPierce will not be our on-air guest any time soon.... like EVER.

Its not a very receptive audience to contrarian POVs. If ya get my drift. :-)

The full weight of WuffNation Sports 2013-14 is on Carlos's broad shoulders.

You still have your "Tom Reed Is Da Man" t-shirt?
12/2/2013 12:12:53 PM

1. PackPride retard on Red Bull
2. No; that sum***** is nutz
3. Anybody want a slightly used Dabo?
4. Is Bo Pellini THE most boorish goober in the history of coaching?

Lost the keyboard on #1, the mouse on #2, the monitor on #3. Luckily the laptop was closed by the time i got to #4 or it woulda been a goner too!
I've seen a buncha "have you ever seen anything like that before?" moments. The air ball being the most ummm oddly timed one UNTIL I saw Saban bite the dust. I promise this to be the truth, when he asked for a review and got a second put back on the clock I wondered what might happen since the #1 kicker had already faced many opportunities to be the hero and failed, including a blocked one. A hail Flutie occurred to me. When the other kid came out to "try his luck" a few other things popped into my head but what eventually happened was not one of the scenarios. Nick should have tried the hail Flutie and gone to overtime. But then again he was probably thinking if it came down to having to kick a field goal in OT Bama was a dead duck.
Hat's off to Cut, his guys have played their hearts out this year. beating FSU will be a tall order but then again stranger things have happened, just ask Nick.

BL: I figure the line about "whiney ol' Deems" will gets lots of attention. :-)

Wait til you read about Hell On Wheels: A Gameday Nightmare to be posted later today.
12/2/2013 12:06:32 PM

BR from W-S
Could not agree with you more on our uniforms. without a doubt the ugliest in the country. we really need to go back to being Carolina and not worry about what the kids like.

Auburn, Georgia, Alabama and LSU have worn the same uniforms since 1700, and they don’t have any problems recruiting.

I’m ready for baseball at the Bosh................NOW!

BL: Yep. :-)
12/2/2013 12:00:45 PM

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