It's Deja Vu Week at Old Well Hill

Dec 15:’13:  “Déjà vu Week” over at Old Well Hill ?   What else could you call a seven-day period when (1) Royz Boys topple a hoop juggernaut Again..... (2) Will Graves gets nabbed on a marijuana charge Again..... and (3) that dimwitted duo of Dickie & The Meez say stoopid crap Again.

Meanwhile Mack rides off into the Texas sunset..... and Who Dat gal sitting behind Calipari?......

ANYONE who tells you they thought Royz Boys would whup Louisville, The Fightin’ Izzos and Cali’s One&Dones will lie about other things too.   Anyone who tells you they thought Royz Boys would whup those three juggernauts while losing to Belmont & UAB is not even smart enough to be a board monkey.   This totally incongruous Season de Roy is vintage ORW.  Hellfire, he might cut down the nets in April or miss the dance altogether..... go figger.  

Meanwhile do ya think Dickie V has a Plan B "what to talk about" once the Fate of PJ & Leslie is determined?   Not since Little Jessica McClure fell into the well in Lubbock Texas in 1987 has the nation been so fixated on the fate of “imperiled” (?) children..... Did Dickie V mention Roy’s infamous tenant?   I didn’t think so.

“Will Graves caught w/ marijuana Again” goes on page four in itty bitty type.  Yawn.   That’s no different from Charles Shackleford getting arrested every six years.   

“Will Graves caught w/ marijuana Again..... while living in a house owned by Roy” is Above-The-Fold – Stop The Presses! Material.    The N&O almost broke its We Weep For Nelson Mandela Marathon to report Will-marijuana-Roy’s House..... almost.

Graves was a two-time loser that Roy threw off the team 4-5 years ago.  So ORW creates some whatzit staff job for him, lets him live in a house he owns..... and this punk thanks Roy by having the house raided by local DEA.  Coming on the heels of The Summer of PJ, one might think Royz Boys don’t respect him all that much..... I’m just saying.

Speaking of martyrs and nitwits...... have you read this week’s “The Butcher Interview” and the follow-up blurts by Delusional Dickie and The Meez?  Let’s deal with The Butcher first.  LINK to latest Butch interview.

Why would Jon Sasser’s most notorious client choose this week to remind the media how wronged he was.  That’s “wronged” as in “done TO him” not “wrong” as in “done BY him”.   Quite a difference.

Why now?  Easy..... with the 50th Anniversary of JFK / Oswald AND with Nelson Mandela’s death..... Butch figured America was in hyper-martyr mode and who more martyred than Butch .... according to Butch.   Move over JFK and Mandela.  Make room for poor poor picked-on Butch.    

JFK got a bullet in his head.....
Mandela spent 26 years in a South African prison.....
Butch Davis got a $2,000,000 buy-out.  
........ OK, I guess we can all see the parallels.

So Butchie whines his Dec 2013 version of “John Blake..... who’s John Blake..... I don’t know no stinkin’ John Blake.”   He left out the “Jennifer Wiley..... I don’t know no Jennifer Wiley” this go-round.  

Oh, it gets better.  Oh yes.

No sooner did Butcher spew to CBS Sports than some enterprising journo-twerp tracked down “That Damn” Dickie Baddour and his old partner in institutional embarrassment James “Claps Like A Gay Seal” Moeser for their comments.  Yee Ha!

As a chronicler of human foolishness I react to the phrase “Dickie Baddour said.....” like Captain Ahab did when The Pequod’s crow's nest look-out yelled “That She Blows” when he spotted Moby Dick.   Ahab and I both grab our harpoons with great enthusiasm.

Dickie & Meezie both enjoy “lives of leisure” at tax-payer expense as “didn’t you used to be’s” in Chapel Hill.   

Maybe Dickie & Meezie resent that Marvin & PJ have replaced them as the two most notorious poster-boys for institutional embarrassment around UNC-CH?   Giving up that designation had to sting a bit.

Maybe Chapel Hill is holding open auditions for Village Idiot and who better than “The World’s Most Clueless Ex-AD” and “a Ph.D in Organ”.   OK, maybe Gene Nichol and Haley Koch The Morehead / Porn Star.   I could see either duo meriting a call-back.   Chapel Hill is short on babbling nitwits like Newcastle is short on coal..... or Capistrano short on swallows.

I’m going to refer you to my Good Sports compadre Art Chansky’s column for “just how stoopid ARE Dickie & Meezie” – LINK.   Art says it just fine.    I’ll link it again at the end but you need to read it.

I once asked a certain former Chancellor, now a Provost at Wash U why he didn’t get rid of That Damn Dickie Baddour.   Seeing as how Dickie’s general clueless incompetence was the stuff of legend.   This was 18 months BEFORE Dickie’s Glorious Farewell Tour Farce.

That Chancellor’s reply was “..... well, he gets his reports in on time.”   In other words, Dickie got $250,000/year to be a dutiful little bureaucrat.    

Even the most naïve of Tar Heel Kool-Aid drinkers knows Dickie was hired SOLEY so no one would interfere with Dean orchestrating his own Farewell Tour.   I appreciate that.   Once Dean was done and Gut had his upgraded pension..... Dickie’s reason d’etre was complete.   But Fate & Circumstance stepped in.

Michael Hooker fell ill and died about that time...... The Meez was brought in for reasons still mysterious and then Holden Thorp.   The Meez and Holden being THE ONLY two individuals on Earth who knew less about Big Time College Athletics than the hapless galoot they employed as their Director of Athletics.  

Whenever Meezie or Holden asked “Dickie, is everything A-OK in our Athletics Dept?”  Dickie would sing Hark The Sound and do his little Carolina Way speech.  Meanwhile Julius Nyang’oro and Lord knows what other malevolent termites were eating away at the Flagship’s foundation.

In 2009, a survey by (the left leaning) Public Policy Polling found that 98.79% of UNC fans considered Dickie Baddour as UNC AD to be karmic pay-back for those two triple-OT wins in 1957.  Ouch!  "Former Governor Jim Martin" even had his concerns.

Now Dickie & The Meez are publicly throwing Holden under the bus.  Refer to Art’s column for details.   Yep, Beavis & Butthead R Us say they woulda kept Butch Davis.   Hell, maybe given him another honkin' big raise.

Holden kept Baddour when he knew darn well he was a total nebbish.   Holden OKed a golden parachute retirement package for “Claps Like A Gay Seal” Moeser.   Now those two ungrateful pinheads throw their overly-generous benefactor under the bus.

Yes.  Holden Thorp made mistakes.  More than a few in fact.   Not flushing Baddour two years earlier than he did and not running Meezie outta town being two of Holden’s more tragic mistakes.  20/20 hindsight is a bitch.

IRONY ALERT:  I was recently mulling invoking Statute of Limitations on Dickie Jokes.   So much for that mull.


Mack resigns at Texas...... I like Mack.  What very little I ever interacted with him while he was at UNC, I liked.    His infamous “lied to dem boys” departure was simply “how it had to be”.    I pulled for Texas because I wanted the best for Mack.  I still do “want the best for Mack”.   The last few years have been painful to watch for those who like Mack Brown.   

A lot of people who know Mack..... like Mack.  He’ll be fine.

I’d go after Jon Gruden if I was a fat cat tea-sipper in Austin.   I don’t think they can get him.... but I’d try.  Just warn Gruden to "wear black" so 17 y/o blue-chippers will "like him".


So “Who Dat” Jean Smart look-a-like sitting directly behind Calipari Saturday afternoon?  You know who I mean because you wondered too.  No, it was not Mrs Calipari or Phyllis George or that Judd chick.   Best Guess Who I’ve heard was “Kentucky’s Tami Hansbrough” – YIKES !  She had to be "somebody" to merit that seat and she was livin’ and dyin’ with Cal’s ‘Cats.

The LINK to Art's column.....

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Posted: December 15, 2013 at 5:11 PM by SaidWHATMedia | with 12 comments
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Ben in MO
I pay little attention to what Dickie V has to say, but I was rather surprised to hear Bilas echoing what seems to be the ESPN party line. I think Bilas is usually the adult in the room when it comes to discussing basketball on ESPN, but I did notice that neither of them said much about firearms, and that seems to me that it should be the NCAA's biggest concern. Since the Heels managed to slide by UNC-G without a stumble, here's hoping they can keep it on track and that they don't have Wofford or Campbell ahead of them.
Someone made the point that Butch surfaced just as the job at Texas came open, and that certainly seems valid. I don't think Butch has the credentials for the Texas job. He's kind of like Calipari...he leaves a lot of wreckage behind him when he moves on.
The Ware twins were on court at Mizzou the other day. It's better that they are at UCLA than at Carolina.

BL: Wonder if Mama Ware still makes'em mac&cheese after each game?
12/17/2013 2:22:05 AM

"Hapless galoot" made me snort my Diet Coke.

BL: "Galoot" is probably too funny a word to waste on Baddour.
12/16/2013 12:31:11 PM

Jon Sasser
BL, How’ve you been, Buddy? My day job has kept me stuck in federal court in Asheville since Thanksgiving. Glad you held this column till I got back. You are funny and fair – but you link to the UNC Lapdog, Art Chansky, who is neither.

Does anyone remember who was the first person to get fired over the Great Unpleasantness? Hint: It was not John Blake, who resigned. Mr. Chansky, the only journalist in North Carolina unaware of the Public Records Law, wrote Chancellor Thorp a “Private and Confidential” e-mail on October 6, 2010. Here’s a link (if you allow that):

Requesting “the highest degree of confidentiality” and that the matter “remain strictly between us,” Mr. Chansky suggested that whenever Chancellor Thorp chose to fire Coach Davis, UNC should immediately retain two of Mr. Chansky’s fraternity brothers to look for Coach Davis' successor. As did a plethora of other UNC documents, this e-mail was released in response to the media’s public records request. Tar Heel Sports Properties fired Mr. Chansky on the spot.

Since his firing, Mr. Chansky has engaged in a vendetta against Coach Davis, based on the presumption that Coach Davis was somehow behind the firing. In fact, Coach Davis had never heard of either Mr. Chansky or Prof Nyang’oro. Mr. Chansky is no more of a neutral party in discussing Coach Davis than would be John Blake or Jennifer Wiley – but you would never know that. Neither Mr. Chansky’s publishers nor his ethics require that he post a disclaimer on his diatribes.

BL: Hi Jon. Figured I might be hearing from you.

I'm well acquainted with Art's fateful email to Holden and resultant ramifications. We have ALL learned a great deal about the FIA and public disclosure laws over the past few years. Some lessons were painful and came with consequences.

I don't believe that AC "blames Butch" for his situation with Learfield at all. We've had many discussions over the whole ooey gooey mess from Marvin's first tweet til now and I've never picked up any such "it's personal" at all. This has been "The scandal of the century for UNC". Art's 40+ years reporting sports in this market justifies his strong opinions.

As for "disclaimers" about the above incident.... few if any Chapel Hill-area readers are unaware of Art's peripheral role in this ongoing drama.

This time around its Baddour and Moeser's inflammatory comments that are garnering more public interest than Butch's.
12/16/2013 12:29:28 PM

Here's my two-bit conspiracy theory: Butch is back in the news because Mack left UT. The state of Texas has been good to former UNC coaches as well as former Miami coaches (witness Larry Coker at UTSA), so Butch thinks he has a shot in Austin.

BL: Could be. There are no limits to Butch's ego.
12/16/2013 9:58:16 AM

I'll never forgive or forget Baddour's disgusting mid court public humiliation of Tar Heel hero Matt Doherty during the resignation.

I heard MJ didn't think much of it either.

Plus, he never even came close to getting the ol Ball Coach.

BL: There are many Internet myths involving Prince Tassel Loafer. The facts are even less flattering to his "legacy".
12/16/2013 7:39:15 AM

The Art Chansky column is a keeper. Thanks for the link. Dickie and the Meezie are a pair of third rate nit-wits. I suppose their purpose on this earth is to make ***** Brodhead look like a second rate nitwit.

BL: In a ranking of "nitwits", I consider Dickie & Meez as All-Stars. Brodhead the same species of creep.
12/16/2013 7:12:02 AM

oldwuf vet
Poor, Poor Butch. Evidently his rep is bad enough that no big time program will touch him with the proverbial 10 foot pole. Could it be that he was damaged goods before UNC hired him? You would have to be pretty dim-sighted to hire a guy that coached at the U during that era. You would have to be deaf, dumb and blind to hire that same guy after the UNC mess.
I hate guys that just don't know when to shut up. (very unmanly)
I hear there's a running back over in Raleigh that might be looking for a roommate; Will should give him a call.

BL: I don't pretend to get the "smoke grass" culture. But as long as its illegal, its illegal.
12/15/2013 10:37:54 PM

hill rogers
You have written so many columns, its hard to say this top-5 or top 10 material. But top 25 for sure. Can Bubba get this pick up out of the mud?

BL: I'm helping him (BubbaTheRealAD) a helluva lot more than That Damn Dickie Baddour.
12/15/2013 7:10:03 PM

When I get asked I say "cause the dude is FUNNY!" and I appreciate a good laugh as often as possible. Even better when I get to interact with him and know I've returned the favor. In the great grand scheme of things anyone within that 50 mile radius that doesn't appreciate you needs to look in the mirror and say "You take yourself WAY too seriously". BTW... Suits promos are on...series returns in March, I cannot wait!

BL: Cyber smart-alecks need love too.

Harvey Specter is "a jerk" too. :-)
12/15/2013 6:47:31 PM

I figured that gal behind Calipari was Pitino's "dessert" in that Italian restaurant.

BL: I bet you aren't the only one to recall her and her role in basketball in Kentucky. I'm pretty sure this was NOT her.
12/15/2013 6:32:01 PM

"Little Jessica in the well" media-hysteria was, IMO, when mass media officially went in the crapper. From which it has never re-emerged.

BL: It was NOT MSM's finest two weeks for sure.
12/15/2013 6:29:57 PM

I'm voting for the Moby and Ahab paragraph but this is going to be a full-slate of "best-in-show".

When I get asked "why do you read that jerk BobLee" I'm sending them this one. Outta The Park Dude!

BL: I get asked "why do I read that jerk BobLee" too. so do THOUSANDS of others..... :-)
12/15/2013 5:39:42 PM

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