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AP: Dumb & Dumber - Triangle-style


Feb 9, ’13:  Morton Salt’s motto was “When it rains, it pours.”  As your designated reporter of overt public stoopidity this week has been a two-prong gullywasher...... (1) an NC fem-Dem’s audition as NC’s own Sheila Jackson-Lee.... and (2) another “Duke Frat boys did WHAT?” over at the Gothic rockpile in West Derm.  Meet this week’s Dumb & Dumber......

“Did they find that flag the astronauts left?”  Everyone who catalogues “really stoopid statements by high profile politicians” has their favorite Sheila Jackson-Lee comments.  This one is my personal favorite uttered by that infamous Democratic Congressional fool regarding the Mars Land Rover.

Wait a minute, AgentPierce.  The MARS Land Rover went to Mars.  The astronauts went to THE MOON. ???? ........ Hey, don’t shoot the messenger.  I know that. You know that. Pretty much everybody knows that except Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Texas) and probably Joe Biden.... and maybe Jean Farmer-Butterfield (D-Wilson).

OK, I’m being a tad unfair.  Rep. Farmer-Butterfield didn’t say anything stoopid about space travel.  She confined her recent “SAID WHAT?” bloviation to the House debate over unemployment benefits.

If you get your “news” (cough, cough) from either WRAL or The N&O you haven’t heard what this babbling magpie said on the floor of the NC House this week.  The reason neither WRAL nor the N&O quoted this goober-ette is because to have done so would have exposed her as “dumber than a dust bunny”.

Look, I “get” that the media holds AfAm elected officials to considerably lower standards than non-AfAm elected officials.  I don’t get WHY the media does so. But they do.  It seems incredibly racist and downright insulting to do so..... but maybe the media feels “they have to”.   Insulting to AfAms and insulting to you – the general public.

I've always assumed when it comes to black public figures, their media sympathizers figures "Bless their hearts.  They just don't know no better."  With "friends" like that, who needs enemies.

Why do Sheila, Maxine, Cynthia and now Jean make these outrageous bloviations?  There are two theories:

(1) The ".... don't know no better" reason..... and
(2) Because, like dogs licking themselves..... because they "can" ..... and get away with it.

As is so often the case, the better story here is how the media composed their reporting to protect the Democratic dummy-ette.   That she is as flat-out dumb as Jackson-Lee (or Cynthia McKinney or Mad Maxine Waters et al) is a given.

Jim Goodmon’s attack dog Mark “Binky” Binker had to tap dance all around Madame Farmer-Butterfield “Said What” without quoting her.... in order to preserve any semblance that this woman is sane.  What “Binky” would not report was Madame Farmer-Butterfield bloviating:

“In my opinion, this bill will promote more people being in jails, prisons – yes, it will increase the crime rate,” Farmer-Butterfield told fellow lawmakers. “It will increase homelessness, domestic violence, alcohol and substance abuse, the need for counseling. And indeed it will cause more suicides and mass killings.”

YIKES.... all this babbling loonie left out was “male pattern baldness” and “bad breath in dogs”.  Classic Lib/Dem hyperbolic BS aimed directly at a mouth-breather constituency.... which apparently are Madame Farmer-Butterfield’s “peeps”.

Oh.... then this nitwit proceeded to "push the wrong button" when she voted on the bill.... and, of course, DEMANDED the right to re-vote.  The "dumbing down of America" moving at warp speed.

I hear Bill Barber immediately signed her up to perform at his next Fayetteville Street Race Rally & Fish Fry.

WRAL’s Binker knew, of course, that her blurt was waaaay over-the-top plum foolishness so he omitted it so as not to (further) embarrass her.  Binker and his bunch do that A LOT with their Lib/Dem buddies.

THAT is exactly why God created AgentPierce and Carolina Plott Hound.  To tell you “the rest of the story”.

The story here is not that this silly refugee from Sanford & Son said something outrageous.  The story, as it often is, is how a partisan media PROTECTED HER.

Meanwhile..... over at Duke.

A Duke fraternity – Kappa Something – “had a party recently that got out-of-hand”...... stop me if this sounds familiar.  No this one did not involve “a couple of insane strippers, etc” but did involve the partiers “making fun” of Asians.   They all dressed up and behaved as negative stereotypes of Chinese and other Oriental-types.

Why?  Dunno.  Must be a Duke thing ???

That might be OK in a totally private situation but a Duke Frat Party promoted with fliers (with r’s instead of l’s) all over campus passed “private” from the get-go without collecting $100.  Ergo..... Duke “Asians” and Asian sympathizers were bonkers..... protest vigils, indignant letters to the school papers, all the usual HOW DARE THEY stuff that college campuses were designed for.

Contrary to myth and legend..... Duke 2013 has more students from Mombai and Kyoto than they do from Newark and Morristown (those cities are in New Jersey).  A drive thru the Duke campus is akin to a boat ride thru the Small World pavilion at Disney World..... without the endless playing of “it’s a small world after all”.

The privileged (and very very bigoted) Frat boys spawned from Limo Liberal Loins within a 50-mile radius of The Empire State Building are still a sizable contingent on the West Derm campus.... but not as much a majority as they once were.  BTW.... NO ONE does abject bigotry better than Limo Liberals and their spawn.  No body!

So all Hell broke loose..... the media surrounded Duke Chapel..... the frat was admonished.... everyone drew a comparison to “that other party” (the 6th year anniversary is next month by the way) ..... and the name Mike Nifong slithered back into the “news”.  Yeeee HAHAHA.

Other than the above.... it has been just another “slice o’ heaven” week on the Internet.

..... is key to growing on-line Conservative media. 
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John Fusion
Doug Clark, over at the ultra liberal N@R can tell you if Palin are Bachman break wind, yet this liberal pawn, ignored this.

AP: And that sir.... is exactly why God, in His infinite wisdom, created AgentPierce and Carolina Plott Hound.

Perhaps you should copy Doug with this column? Didn't Mark Binker used to be an N&R stooge?
2/12/2013 6:30:46 AM

I do not think the N & O and WRAL were withholding her comments to protect her, they were withholding her comments to protect us. I think they felt if we heard her reasoning that us dumb masses would result to mass suicide after learning what stupid elected officials we have in office. After hearing what she said I have been thinking about jumping in the river or getting drunk. I have not yet decided on which course of action as the river is low and so is the liquor bottle.

AP: is your dilemma akin to "whether to defecate or go blind?"
2/8/2013 7:41:11 PM

"NO ONE does abject bigotry better than Limo Liberals and their spawn. No body"

AP, as a southerner, I can absolutely confirm this is the truth.

It is counter intuitive to the media's redneck narrative, and not PC to point it out, but true.

AP: "We" (Southerners, Repubs, Christians, et al) will forever labor under the sheer volume and persistence of mainstream media misrepresentation by stereotype.

All we can is "all we can do" to counter it.
2/8/2013 1:33:56 PM

You are so right about Limo Liberals and their overt bigotry and how their media protects them. Can I borrow your zingers?

AP: Sure feel free. If you get mugged as a result, I'm not liable.
2/8/2013 10:15:50 AM

I had read this on the CP. What a hoot. I also read and commented on Ting Ting's little RevBB imitation at Duke Land. Wonder if any of the scholarship money (based on HER comments) that she is receiving has the evil taint of being Kappa Sig earned or donated?

Final Rant on Dukies. Purportedly, the Cameron Crazies chanted "How's your Grandma" last night during the game when Tyler Lewis, whose Grandmother passed away last weekend, had the ball. Mark Armstrong of WTVD still has it on his Twitter account. Maybe it WAS Past your Bedtime.
I go back aways. Got my BS in 1968. Lived through the MLK assassination nightmare and the lockdown of Raleigh, the snipers setting fires to get firemen as targets. It was a chilling and scary time. I was friends with several NC National Guard members. This is NOT third party. This is from a Monday conversation after things quieted down on Sunday and the curfew was lifted.
The local LEO was so overwhelmed that the NG was activated. They were issued M-1's or maybe M-16 and 8 or so clips of LIVE ammo. Some say that they had clips in the weapons, others that the clips were on their belts and the guns were unloaded.
After the curfew was lifted, the NG was told to stand down and go home. THEN, a bunch of Duke Students, never wanting to let a good tragedy go to waste without milking it for every last mililiter to foster their cause, decided to OCCUPY the President's residence....I think INSIDE as well as the grounds.
The Duke Keystone Kops were flabbergasted. They called for Durham City PD. They were STILL patrolling hot spots to keep the civil peace. SO, a small group of National Guard was called BACK UP. These 50 or so folks had pulled 20 hour or so shifts for several days and were NOT in the mood to deal with a bunch of brats (Frat or otherwise) who wanted to get the Prez to double the wages of the mostly black housekeeping staff and were doing a "sit in" (the 60's equivalent of OCCUPY). When they were brought in, the Armorer started to issue weapons and ammo. The squad commander made a field decision and locked up the Ammo (or whatever you do in the Military). He thought that bringing in a tired and frustrated group of guys to deal with a bunch of screaming brats and give them loaded weapons was the making of another Kent State. The Dukies went back home for their Sunday night parties (NO verification that Crystal's grandmother was the entertainment at such) and all was well in the dark blue Smuft fifedome.
SO, little has changed. Must check on Ms. Farmer-Butterfield (WOW, what a fertile name for one liners) educational background. She MUST of at least attended a seminar at Duke....

AP: Ms F-B hubby is a US Congressman from Wilson area. No record of his public outrageousness.

There is a tradition of "stoopid behavior" at Duke.... luckily none ever at UNC-CH or NCSU .... OOPS, maybe just a tad now and then.
2/8/2013 10:06:30 AM

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