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AP: "Give'em Hell PatMc"


Feb 18, ’13:  I watched Governor Pat McCrory’s State Of The State address LIVE on News14 Monday night.  I could have watched on WRAL or waited and read about it in tomorrow’s N&O or ChrlObsrv or News&Record..... but I wanted to know what he actually said..... not “their twisted version”.   It was an excellent speech well-delivered in a language and tone like “real people” communicate.  The Era of Dumplin’ is done..... There’s A Real Governor “in the Mansion”.

I strongly recommend all of you use News14 for your state and local news and weather.  They seem to go out of their way to be impartial like “real journalists” should.   News14 is Time Warner’s 24/7 news/weather station.

I have not listened to Pat McCrory deliver many speeches.  I was very impressed.  As noted above, he speaks in “real people-speak” avoiding political clich├ęs and that gawd-awful political correct crap that his predecessor blathered.  OK, she just didn’t know any better.  And none of that faux-intellectual garbage either.

One had to be impressed that PatMc was not talking to “the low information voter” who are easily swayed by demagoguery and raging b*** s***.   Pat did not attend the Bill Barber School of Screech & Scream.

While his talking points on the various issues facing NC was the meat of his speech.... I admit I did enjoy a camera shot of Deborah “Chatty Cathy” Ross (D-Cary) in what appeared to be Stage Two Constipation.  Bless her heart.

PatMc did not attack the 25-years of blotted bureaucratic rot by calling out those directly responsible.  Ad hominem attacks being “their” (Democrat / Liberal) stock in trade.   

We can count on McClatchy’s journo-weasels and Jim Goodmon’s gang of dumpster divers to attack Pat directly however.   It’s who they are.  It’s what they do.  They don’t know any other way.

Pat DID cite specific and alarming cases of rampant bureaucratic bloat within state government.  Twenty-five years of good ol’ boy patronage and “diversity is all that matters” hiring practices can wreck a one-car funeral much less a state bureaucracy.

When skin-color trumps professional competency – “North Carolina, we gotta problem!”  (NOTE: Those are MY words not Governor McCrory’s)

Why was it allowed to fester unreported during the past 25 years of Democratic control?  I dunno.  Ask the investigative reporters at The N&O.... or at The N&R? 

For the sworn enemies of Pat McCrory, Thom Tillis and Phil Berger and their elected associates, PatMc directly addressed combustible issues such as higher education, energy, public education, and the economy.   If those sworn enemies chose to listen - I doubt they did – they would have heard a totally different version than what the afore-mentioned media weasels have already been force-feeding them in these early days of the McCrory administration.

Never let “the Truth” get in the way of political character assassination.  Right Laura Leslie and “Binky”?  Right John Frank and RobReilleWho?  Right “Fitzy”?

I hope you can find a copy of the text or an unedited video version of his speech.  I strongly recommend you hear/read it unfiltered by Pat McCrory’s sworn enemies in the regional media.


..... is key to growing on-line Conservative media. 
Pass this along to all your like-minded friends.

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Posted: February 17, 2013 at 9:12 PM by SaidWHATMedia | with 8 comments

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PatMac is already a refreshing change from the Apple Dumplin' Gang.
I found it interesting that the Gov is concerned with upgrading water / sewer infrastructure as part of economic recovery.
Overall, it was well written and delivered. I'm sure the WRAL gang will differ, but really, who cares what they think?
However, Larry Hall looked like he stepped right out of a bad Tales from the Crypt script. Amazingly, Larry offered nothing in the Dimwit response to the SOTS other that the oft-used, scripted tripe about schools, education, and the middle class. For some reason, he left out Granny having to eat dog food to pay for her meds.
This will be a fun 4 years watching the libs twist and turn in the red breeze.

AP: Those Dem/Libs are an odd bunch of ducks for sure.
2/19/2013 5:43:59 PM

I decided that Hockey and NCAA BB and Hawaii 50 trumped Pat. OK....tear up my Democratic Voter ID card.

I did read the speech. I did watch that unbiased journalist, Ms. LL on WRAL's 11 gig.

I watched soundbite after soundbite (last night and this morning)....

The main thrust was "Wonderful solutions.....Blah-Blah...."

It seemed to me that the DimwittedOCrats were parroting the Republicans after Obummer's 5 (god forbid...3 more) SOTUA's.

I have NOT heard one REALISTIC and Even Remotely thought out plan from that rascally rabbit's mouth.....BUT, the MSM just laps up the drips off their plates and bowls.

So, it was rather funny to hear the Democrats doing the gig last night. I wondered if some of them had studied the WaPO (Rep of course) to get the best sound bites.

I personally am enthused.....but only time will tell. It DID make sense to me....quite borrowing and take stock of your resources and make decisions accordingly.

Sort of like the young person with a 4 YR degree (fill in the blank U) standing inline at Food Lion with not enough money to pay for all of her items and admiring the lady in front of her's NEW iPhone as she used her USDA Entitlement Card (or food stamps if you will). She comments to the clerk, also WORKING.....maybe someday I'll be able to afford a new phone like that.

Keep on espousing......The RevBB S&S Show.....can see the viral comments now. Good ONE!

AP: Both sides can be quite predictable in a Pavlovian fashion, but I much prefer "our side's" fashion.
2/19/2013 4:17:30 PM

I liked the point McCrory made early on about backing off the required paperwork and let's spend the time actually solving some issues. The more I hear McCrory the more I like him.

AP: Absolutely! The KEY is hearing him DIRECTLY and not filtered thru the msm destroy machine. That is very hard to do even when one is acutely aware of it.
2/19/2013 9:11:02 AM

Having listened to a couple of Dumplin's speeches and to many of Easley's, it was good to hear a professional who knows something about governing. McCrory seemed to be inhabiting reality and he seems to want to do the job as opposed to wanting the title. A good start to what will be a productive term.

AP: But Dumplin' still makes better Rice Krispy Treats.... probably.
2/19/2013 7:35:42 AM

Some pretty embarrassing "amateur hour" mistakes early in the McCrory administration, but I hope he'll settle down and govern effectively. What a pleasant change that would be from what we've come to expect as the norm in NC.

AP: Those "mistakes" are per the definition of the anti-McCrory media. They will criticize EVERYTHING he does and says.

I am confident that Pat knows that and will act accordingly.
2/19/2013 6:26:02 AM

John Fusion
Not fair you left out our fine folks at the N@R.
Can't wait to read their version of it.

AP: Excellent Point! I tend to focus on our Triangle bunch. I will edit to include the N&R. :-)
2/19/2013 6:09:18 AM

We have used News14 for all our local/state news and weather for several years. We stopped WRAL and The N&O years ago.

AP: You are a very wise man.
2/18/2013 9:29:35 PM

Bill In Cary
Deborah Ross "constipated" !! I wish. That woman usually has diarrhea of the mouth.

AP: Sounds like you know her very well.
2/18/2013 9:27:19 PM

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