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AP: It's Not The Heat - It's The Hypocrisy


Feb 23,’13:  As expected, this brouhaha over “the leaked strategy memo” is being defused and irrelevented (sp?) by media co-conspirators of both BluePrintNC and ProgressNC.  Surely everyone who follows “the media” especially in the Triangle area saw this coming the split-second the story broke. As I stated in my initial column on this – “the strategy” is NOT the story.  Their media co-conspirators are “the story. ........ They are IN CAHOOTS!

Politics is a ”blood sport”.  It is a high stakes, play-for-keeps endeavor not for the charitable, the squeamish or the “play-by-the-rules” competitors.  There are no silver medals given out for second place in an election.  There is a name for 2nd place finishers in an election – LOSERS.

It is 2013.  If a party and/or individual candidates are not willing to “do what it takes to win” in the arena of public perception then that party / candidate will LOSE.  To paraphrase George Patton:  “The purpose of war is not to die for one country but to make that poor bastard on the other side die for his country.” 

Well, we lost but we refused to sink to the below-the-belt tactics of my opponent” Puhleeeze.  That is a loser’s lament. If you are of the “we will play fair even if it means we lose” philosophy then please take your yard sign and stick it where the sun don’t shine. 

It is 2013.   I don’t condemn “what” these extreme left-wing terrorist cells are trying to do.   I simply want full disclosure of who is bankrolling their smear & destroy campaigns -  Capitol Broadcasting and McClatchy’s N&O. 

Sean Kosofsky (BlueprintNC) and Gerrick Brenner (ProgressNC) are two-bit punks trying to make names for themselves by ruining the political reputations of the leaders of North Carolina’s Republican Party..... with the aggressive cooperation of two well-known media organizations.

Both Kosofsky and Breener are hoping to attract national attention from ObamaGang operatives and become the next Carville / Begala.

But AgentPierce – WE WON.   We DO currently control NC politics.   Yes we did and Halle-freakin-luyah for that.  We won in November because Dumplin’ Perdue was THE poster-dumplin’ for total political incompetence.   We rode her incompetent skirt-tails to victory.   Don’t count on that keeping us in power.    

To my point here..... THE real story right now in “the leaked strategy memo” is NOT the strategy.  It is the further revelation of who is in bed with BlueprintNC and ProgressNC.

Specifically Jim (and Barbara) Goodmon – Limo Liberals Extraordinare who own Capitol Broadcasting (WRAL-TV5 and WRAL 101.5FM).  Thru their shadow non-profit funding arm – The AJ Fletcher Foundation – they fund a plethora of hard-core liberal social-cultural-political special ops teams including BlueprintNC.

We continually expose Goodmon’s designated dumpster-divers – Laura Leslie and Mark Binker.   Leslie and Binker were hired specifically to denigrate and destroy GOP elected officials.  

Any NC Repub who cooperates with either Leslie or Binker beyond what is required by “open-access” statutes is a FOOL and deserves the consequences.

Any Conservative in the WRAL viewer radius who contributes to WRAL’s audience “because we like Greg Fishel the weatherman or any other similarly stoopid reason is supporting the local equivalent of MSNBC or CNN.

Jim & Barbara Goodmon contribute significant $$$$ to the on-going sabotage of the NCGOP by BlueprintNC.  But Jim  Goodmon owns the Durham Bulls ???   So?  .... and he despises everything you believe in if you consider yourself a Conservative.

Jim Goodmon - like Art Pope - is free to give his $$$ to whatever political causes he chooses to.  And I am free to tell you what those causes are.  "Citizen Goodmon" will NOT determine the news I see and hear.

Oh.... and The Z Smith Reynolds Foundation gave $400,000 to BlueprintNC.... and is now claiming they "didn't know what the organization REALLY did".   Yeeee Hahaha.  That is a "definition of is" pile of crap worthy of Slick Willie.  The Z Smith Reynolds Foundation funds even more extreme left-wing groups than the Goodmons do.  Yes, current UNC System President Tom Ross was Executive Director of The Z Smith Reynolds Foundation for many years.  No shock there.

The lead weasel for ProgressNC is a snively punk named Gerrick Brenner.  Brenner earned his bones in the WCPSS election in 2011.   Brenner orchestrated a full-scale smear campaign against Republican school board candidates.  

His smear campaign was effective due to the full and aggressive cooperation of McClatchy Corp’s News & Observer.  The N&O refused to publish the sources of Brenner’s funding despite it being legally required to do so.     

After engineering the defeat of the candidates that The N&O also wanted defeated, Gerrick Brenner has become “a special contributor” to The N&O.   The N&O gives Brenner full access to their ever-dwindling readership to assist their own “hit squad” of dumpster-divers (Christensen & Frank) to harass and destroy the political reputations of high profile NCGOP officials.

Yeah, I know.. You still subscribe to The N&O but just "for the grocery coupons".  That is a cop-out.  You are aiding and abetting the enemy.

These four organizations:
BlueprintNC - ProgressNC - McClatchy Corp. (N&O & Chrl Obsrv) - Capitol Broadcasting Co. (WRAL) are united in their dedication to do whatever it takes to destroy and defeat Conservatives / Republicans in North Carolina.

If you think "every Conservative already knows this AP."  WRONG.  I run into supposedly savy Republicans everyday who have no clue who "McClatchy" is or who Jim Goodmon is much less their connection to destroying the NC Republican Party.

At a Conservative candidate forum last Spring, I had a vacuous nitwit say "I like Rob "ReilleWho" Christensen because I like the NC Symphony and I think he does too."   YOWSAAAA!  What's next - "Joe Biden is probably a good guy because I hear he buys Girl Scout cookies." ???   PEOPLE - WAKE UP !!!!

Lots more on all this in future columns.   You have some totally clueless Conserv friends.  Send this to them.  It might help.

..... is key to growing on-line Conservative media. 
Pass this along to all your like-minded friends.

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Posted: February 24, 2013 at 4:50 PM by SaidWHATMedia | with 5 comments

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I keep waiting for the Independent to run an expose on all the Goodman to liberal organizations story...and waiting...[crickets chirping]........Oh well, at least the Indy is worth the price of its subscription.


A: I have recommended to Editor Drescher that McCatchy simply buy out The Indy and Cash Michael's race-rag The Carolinian since they already provide the markets that The N&O want so much.
2/25/2013 6:06:35 PM

Mr Poon
No surprise here.Just more of Limbaugh's 'low information" voters.I was shocked a few weeks back while eating dinner with a few UNC Chapel Hill students that two of them did not know Lincoln had been shot and assassinated.After asking them their political opinions I found they were all the same as their leftist professors.The best part is the two are studying journalism.I suggested they would be able to find work easily only if they could mimic a sick look on their face if they heard the word republican while being interviewed.

AP: Journalism jobs are plentiful if being a full-time "intern" for no-pay is a dream job. Have'em call John Drescher at The N&O and say AgentPierce sent me.
2/25/2013 7:52:13 AM

Remember Channel 5's Viewpoint with Jessie, Bob Caudle with the weather, Ray Reeve, Captain Five (I won a race on his show one afternoon)......Back to my Yoosta Days......:-)

As William Gibson once said, "It's harder to imagine the past than the future."

Over here in Bali all the channels are in a foreign language--been doing a lot of reading--Cuba Libre by Elmore Leonard is a good alternative to WRAL watching......And any James Lee Burke book, especially a Dave Robicheaux novel with the name Cletus in the first few pages.....
Later--I once punched a big bully in my scout troop named Billy Fletcher--skinny little me struck an early blow at the limo-liberal empire...... :-)
From Kuta

AP: I am w/ Dave, Bootsy and Alafair (and Cletus) in New Iberia as we speak.
2/24/2013 9:48:26 PM

ken b.
I do not have any pet birds, so I do not need any newspaper liners. I have not watched wral-tv for over 2yrs. More because of what they do not report as well as the liberal slant to every story.

AP: My kinda guy, Ken! Tell all your Conservs buddies to do likewise.
2/24/2013 7:33:07 PM

You are so right (but you already know that) that many supposedly aware Conser/Repub are clueless of the connections between Goodmon and these liberal hit squads.

His days as "Mr Raleigh Citizen #1" ended ten years ago when his wife flipped him to the Dark Side. IMO, he is worse than The N&O.

AP: I agree. Goodmon has a passionate hatred for Conservatives now and, yes, his wife was the one who turned him. Classic Limo Liberal Guilt.
2/24/2013 6:13:31 PM

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