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AP: OhMyGosh, They Are Angry & Evil !!


Feb 22, ’13:  If you are an active participant in the bitch-slap-fest of no-holes-barred partisan politics, you know about “the strategy memo” between BlueprintNC and Progress North Carolina.  Blue Who..... Progress What?   Most of you have never heard of either group because most of you are NOT active combatants.  Most of you are merely spectators who don’t even know who “McClatchy” is.   Many of who don’t really want to know.  I don’t blame you.

When I saw the first, of many, emails yesterday about “the leaked strategy memo” I yawned.  Nothing new here..... but at least we now have something to distract us from “who Danica might kiss if she wins Daytona”.   

The libs’ now public strategy is to:  Use every weapon in their arsenal to undermine and discredit anything / everything that “right-leaning” Governor Pat McCrory and the “right-leaning” majority in the NC General Assembly do over the next two years.

No S**t Sherlock!

WOW.... rank that bit of “news” right up there with Nikita Khrushchev banging his shoe on the table in the UN screaming “WE WILL BURY YOU” to America and its allies back in the early 60s.  Did we need a reminder that Nikita and his bloodthirsty commies really didn’t like us?  I didn’t and I wasn’t old enough to drive at the time.

Here’s the news story from yesterday (2/21) that details ”all this”.   

But AgentPierce, won't Truth, Justice and The American Way prevent this sort of crap? 
What planet have you been on the past twenty years?

BlueprintNC and Progress NC = two collections of left-wing wonkies most of whom never had prom dates and none of whom could “climb the rope in PE”.  In other words..... typical libs seeking to be relevant as political weasels.

They slink around the edges of government in rumpled suits and cheap haircuts never forgetting that Life is always “about high school” and they will never be “cool kids”.  Losers forever on the outside of relevance..... like Sisyphuses forever rolling that stone up the hill, but knowing he will never get there.  Poor Sisyphus.

You've heard of Gay-dar.  I have Lib-dar.  I can mute the sound on a TV news show and determine "left-leaners" every time.  Their beady little eyes and lip sneers are a dead giveaway.  And their women with facial hair of course.  Hey... if you saw those faces in the mirror every morning you would be terminally constipated too.

Ergo my fellow “right-leaners”..... don’t go all “hissy fit” over this leaked memo.   Nothing we didn’t already know.   The “left-leaners” wake up every morning despising us “right-leaners” for “what we are” and for “who we are”.   18 or so hours later they go to bed still despising us.   In between they labor to advance their agenda – which is always - “to disable and discredit” us by any means available to them.

“Politics” is, at best, a hobby for most of you.  That’s probably as it should be.  I don’t think societies are set up for half its members to aggressively despise the other half and dedicate significant time and emotion to “disabling and discrediting” that other half.  Hard to “smell roses” and enjoy sunsets and hug one another when you feel crosshairs on the back of your head.... or are aiming those crosshairs at someone else’s head.

I am a hard-core right-leaner but my ideal of a political utopia is “grid-lock d├ętente” where no group of equally flawed politicians has enough power to negate the influence of the other group of flawed politicians.

I want “government” stuck on the side of the road with two flat tires and only one spare and arguing whose fault that is.  While the rest of us play out “real lives” .....worrying about Kardashian love lives and basketball recruiting.

The “strategy” in that leaked memo was already in public display with anything carrying the McClatchy by-lines of RobRielleWho Christensen or JohnnyReb Frank or The N&O’s newest old guy – “Retread Ned” Barnett.  McClatchy canned Ned awhile back from his sports gig but brought him back at $.10 on the dollar to replace Steve “Whiffenpoof” Ford.  Hence “Retread Ned”.

Progress NC is a Gerrick Brenner creation.  This rabid weasel is a real pieca work.  He wears Paul Begala pajamas and thinks the guys on Big Bang Theory are "really cool". ..... Oh, have we mentioned that Gerrick Breener enjoys "special contributor" status with The N&O ??  

Or, of course, Jimmy Goodmon’s attack weasels at WRAL – Laura Leslie and Mark Binker.  Or their lib operatives counterparts at Greensboro’s N&R.   All of the above have one common job description – “disable and discredit any/all Republican initiatives by attacking their highest profile officials..... thru any means possible..... ANY MEANS POSSIBLE.

  Jim Goodmon ? 
  Jim is a major $$ contributor to BluePrint?  
I figured everyone already figured that out.  Jimbo & Babs Goodmon (aka NC's #1 Limo-Liberals Extraordinare) bankroll a number of "left-leaning" terrorist cells.  Keep that in mind if you watch WRAL or patronize WRAL sponsors.   Jim & Babs REALLY REALLY don't like "right-leaners" (Which is a conscious decision they have made). 

So why do you patronize his businesses? A conscious decision that you make.  
Just curious.

Who Is BlueprintNC ??

Imagine for a moment.... IF this "strategy memo" had "leaked" from a "right-leaning" group. 
How would McClatchy and Goodmon's Gang play it ???  .... Scary, huh!

It would be nice if each of you remembered this whenever you read/hear anything from these liberal attack dogs but it is more important that our “right-leaning” officials NEVER FORGET IT.

PatMc, Thom Tillis, Phil Berger and every influential elected/appointed Republican in state government has been publicly warned...... the liberal attack weasels will use ANY MEANS POSSIBLE to destroy you..... PERIOD.  Any part of this you fellows don't understand? 


..... is key to growing on-line Conservative media. 
Pass this along to all your like-minded friends.

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John Fusion
The Stupid Party, has a lot of trouble understanding the liberal media hates them.
The farther republicans stay away from the media, the better for them.
Yet, they run to them, and everything they say, is turned around.
They never learn.

AP: John, I can't speak for Wuff, but I always welcome contributions from my intellectual superiors who so nobly occupy the "moderate mainstream" while us crazy right-wingers stumble along in our fashion.

Have "you people" figured out why God created the gnat?
2/24/2013 8:45:35 AM

Queen City
Great piece AP, I ditched the N&O sister rag,The Charlotte Observer in Jan when they decided to charge for on-line views. I was in a Home Depot this week and they had a guy trying to sell subscriptions at the front door. We chatted awhile and he mentioned biz was bad. Made my day!!

AP: I'm not opposed to "special ops" politics but I am opposed to hypocrasy.
2/23/2013 8:17:28 AM

I was sitting in my fitness club coffee bar at the Marriott in Pattaya one morning and caught a few Brit snits and U.S. lefties having a go at America....Something about Jesse Helms, Senator "No" they chuckled......"What's your point in chimed in with a smile......"He was grid lock that's all--nothing could be passed with his leadership," one New Yorker chortled......Again I said, "What's your point."

Remember that startled look on Andrea Mitchell's face as she cowed in a corner under a barrage of balloons and confetti after Sarah Palin's arousing speech at the Republican Convention in 2008--no sign of joy or humor on Andrea's face but the look of a frightened deer looking into oncoming headlights and she being one of the touted unbiased reporters NBC covets......
Rachel Maddow and her sardonic sneers dressed in androgynous get-ups looks more like a throw back to the Trotsky era and certainly sounds it......Revenge of the Nerds has a solid foothold......But as I told the table before me, Jessie was a neighbor of mine and a really nice man who was not a bigot and matured with most of us as time passed and not against gays albeit gay marriage and took the other side during the civil rights movement in the sixties because to him America stands for "freedom" more than anything else.......

Those little smirks are a dead give-away even with the sound off.......I sense a shift though--you may even get Lisa to watch FOX occasionally at noontime lunch at Mitch's.......Well, not really :-)

AP: The massive sea-change in Jim Goodmon has taken place since you left the area.

He was Raleigh's #1 City Father until wife Babara flipped him to her Limo Liberal dark side 6-8 years ago.
2/22/2013 10:30:08 PM

But does any self respecting conservative still frequent the WRAL website or the N&O? We KNOW who and what they are.

They made their liberal bias very apparent long ago so nobody is left but libs talking to libs.

Now it is up to their dwindling advertising customers to recognize that they do not speak for or to the majority of North Carolinians

AP: You would be shocked and dismayed how many of your "registered Repub/Conserv" associates do not "know about Jim Goodmon".

The N&O is The N&O and has become a caricature of itself but Goodmon not so much.... yet.
2/22/2013 10:12:05 PM

It's sorta funny how most, if not all, Limo-Libs didn't do a thing to get rich. They inherited their coin from the family, re Kennedy, Rockefeller or married it a la Kerry. Goodmon is one that "won life's lottery" according to a deposed former Democrat congressman.
I would be willing to bet WRAL is in the same boat in 10 years or less that the N&O is in now.
I'm pretty sure the crowd on Jones Street doesn't really give a rats about Low-ra Lez-Lee or Binkies commentary. Just do what they were sent there to do.
Si vi pacem, para bellum.

AP: Alas, many rookie Repub legislators think they can "be friends" with the msm media. THey all eventually learn the hard way.
2/22/2013 7:48:25 PM

Love your comment on gridlock. That is the best way for our government to work. It is a good thing for the politicos to focus on arguing among themselves, otherwise they would get something done.

AP: "our politicians" are only "acceptable" because "theirs" are the only viable alternative.
2/22/2013 11:42:55 AM

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