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AP: da Klan, Lynchin' & My ol' Buddy BELO


Feb 20, ’13:  The Daily Caller has discovered hard-core race-hate literature containing the NAACP logo and distributed in Charlotte on Election Day.  We’re talking all the usual Lynch & Klan imagery we’ve come to expect from the Obama media camp.   My first thought - “Does BELO have an alibi?”  My second thought - “How come McClatchy’s papers haven’t reported this?” .......

My third thought was:  Did they really need this after four years of non-stop race demogoguing from GangObama and his media flunkies?

The link to the “Mitt, Lynchin & The Klan” is at the bottom of this column.

For the record:  There is nothing "funny" about The Ku Klux Klan and their atrocities.  There's nothing "funny" about racial hatred from any perspective.  But flaming demagoguery by peanutty race-baiters..... yeah, I think THAT is incredibly foolish.

If you first met yours truly “AgentPierce” in that toxic combat zone known as The News & Observer reader comment boards you surely recall my frequent mud-wrestling rock-throwing jousts with that  ol’ scallywag “BELO”.    

In what passes for the "real world” in 2013, I know “BELO” and he knows “AgentPierce”.   We have shared ‘cue & puppies on numerous occasions.   I finally grew weary of him claiming all my kin folks were cross-burning, lynchin’ Ku Kluxers so we discontinued our version of an Algonquin Roundtable.   Heck, I even explained that all my ancestors were "yellow-dog Democrats" (True) but he raged on.

“BELO” and “AgentPierce” came together thru a local media executive hoping for some sort of groundbreaking “Dialogue in Black & White”.   We are of the same age, both native North Carolinians, and both came of age in “the 60s” on different sides of the Civil Rights Movement.  Interesting concept for a dialogue.

I enjoyed our chats over several months for the most part until the repetitive drone of his “All Republicans are in da Klan” just became boring.  Whenever I see any reference to “da Klan” I see BELO’s snarling maw spewing it out.

I asked him in an early conversation – “Given that there is obviously still a racial divide in America, going back to the mid-60s, what would you “do differently” over these past 50 years to achieve a better result?”  

He apparently had never given “that” much thought. .... huummm.  He had been smack dab in the middle of much of “the movement” in the 60-70s and knew personally many of the leading figures in “the movement”.  But no retrospective hindsight had occurred to him.

He was much more interested in what I labeled Reparation-speak – all that was still owed the black community because - me and all my white Republican buddies "had lynched so many of his people”.  YIKES!

I proposed several versions of “teach’em how to fish instead of givin’em just enough fish to subsist on”; but he didn’t much care for that approach.   His was more of the classic “give us cause you owe us and then give us lots more” attitude.

I asked him once “how many more decades before that Great Society is gonna kick-in?”  He didn’t respond.    Once, I was gonna get into “How come the Democrats keep your people on the welfare plantation?” but it was his turn to buy lunch and I resisted the urge.

He had particular venom for several locally prominent Conservatives about whom’s evils he expounded with great passion.  I offered to arrange a face-face meet with the eeeevil “them” but he was not interested.  He already “knew what they were all about”.  YIKES... Again.  

So, you can see how I immediately could imagine BELO going door-to-door in Charlotte’s AfAm community handing out “Mitt.....Klan” garbage.  He has all that racially-inflammatory rhetoric down-pat.  In fact he has it so down-pat Bill Barber let him rant from the stage at one of Bill’s Media Circuses.

I contacted BELO as soon as I saw the Daily Caller piece on the Charlotte flyers.   BELO claims It is totally bogus.  I am sure no such fliers ever existed.  YIKES a third time.   "Sure" is a flexible term with BELO.  When he says "bogus" I immediately think "birth certificate"..... I bet you do too!

Apparently, from the BELOvian perspective, the folks who run The Daily Caller are also lyin’ lynchin’ Ku Kluxers along with EVERY Republican and all my yellow-dog Democrat kin-folk.   Who knew?

I also asked that “media executive” who got me and BELO together “how come your newspaper company (with a big office in Charlotte) hasn’t reported on this?”   As of this writing, I’ve haven’t gotten a reply from him on that.  But he did remark that "You and BELO have an interesting relationship".   Yep.

BELO has invited me to lunch again but I declined, telling him “I don’t have a clean sheet to wear”. 
He thought that was funny, I think.  Proving.....

BELO and AgentPierce DO have something in common.....  I thought it was funny too.

The Daily Caller story on the "those fliers".
REPEATING For the record:  There is nothing "funny" about The Ku Klux Klan and their atrocities.  There's nothing "funny" about racial hatred from any perspective.  But flaming demagoguery by peanutty race-baiters..... yeah, I think THAT is incredibly foolish. 


..... is key to growing on-line Conservative media. 
Pass this along to all your like-minded friends.

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Posted: February 20, 2013 at 4:14 PM by SaidWHATMedia | with 5 comments

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Oh wow, blast from the past BELO :)

The man is most certainly stuck in the racial battles of days past, and his "white people are like..." rhetoric does indeed get tiresome. His collectivism, partisanship, and racism are surely on par with the likes of Barber.

I pop my head in and lurk on the N&O comments occasionally, and he's still there, jumping to absurd conclusions and telling everyone if they're a racist or not based on the color of their skin.... (still not sure exactly how that works - he does seem to enjoy putting people in their little boxes) :)

Thanks AP, for the reminder.

I did miss this story about the fliers. Those pamphlets are repulsive. It's really too bad there are people who could be influenced by such things.

AP: BELO is a one-trick rant. If you knew his profession it would complete the stereotype.
2/22/2013 5:01:03 PM

"Don't have a clean sheet to wear" - now that's funny! As far as "reparations", the last time the NYT did an article about the reparations movement, I posted a comment (which was wildly disliked) that all blacks in the US who are descended from slaves should be grateful for their ancestors' sacrifice, otherwise they would be living in Somalia, Ruanda, Uganda, or some African hellhole, dying of AIDS or malaria, ruled by a despot (but a black one), and hoping not to be macheted to death over a mud hut disagreement while searching for weeds to eat. Dozens of lemmings responded that they wished they had been given the opportunity to be born and grow up in Liberia or some such hellhole. I would support reparation only if the whiner-recipient would relocate to Africa, renounce US citizenship, and stay there. BTW, I am sick of hearing about the Klan; the Klan killed less blacks in 120 years than the Crips have in 2 years.

AP: The Klan still resonates with BELO's gang so they keep it "out there". One syllable words work best with them.
2/22/2013 4:03:35 AM

Playing the race card at the right time takes real skill. I understand that he World Series of Poker will change from Texas Hold 'Em to a tournament where the players will win by playing the "race card" just at the right time. It should be exciting.

AP: The ObamaGang are world-class race-card dealers. The best there's ever been.
2/21/2013 5:57:11 AM

Very appropriate for Black History Month I'd say.

AP: "Timing" is everything.
2/21/2013 12:49:24 AM

AH, the arch enemy.....Neighbor Belo. Yes, he is on my N&O Johnson List (RE: Slider to Goose - List is Long and Distinguished) "replys" to some of my rants.

Perhaps you should send him a copy of Killing Kennedy with a few sticky notes on LBJ's St. Augustine Speech where he talked directly to the Negro Tables and also sought them out as his "ace" to keep him ON the 1964 ticket and then later on as his "ace" to win the election. His "GREAT SOCIETY" should be known as Prolific Reproduction of Entitlement Subordianted Slaves" or PRESS for short.

The lack of reporting by the same "Reille WHO" crowd does NOT surprise me.

I highly recommend Killing Kennedy for an eye opening (as well as totally factual and carefully documented" history of the 60's that those of us who lived through it might NOT have known. Your recommendation of Stephen King on the subject is also on my list.

Do you have any contacts in CLT? Mayhaps they have surveillance video of NB out stuffing the mail boxes and pushing the flyers under the doors....

AP: I'm sure Charlotte has plenty of BELOs of its very own.

Stephen King's Kennedy opus is titled 11-22-63. I'm 20% into it.
2/20/2013 5:11:25 PM

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