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.... and down the stretch they come!

Jan 8,’13:  That familiar racetrack call applies to Football for this season.  “...... down the stretch it comes” with only the NFL playoffs left on the buffet line.  I get a bit of anxiety this time each year.  As hypocritically corrupt and culturally insane as the sport truly is I ENJOY THE HECK outta watching it on my HD flat-screen.

Did you know..... that incredible FSU v Auburn game was THE FIRST BCS Championship in which BOTH starting QBs have been directly linked to suspected criminal activity?  Winston for the well publicized alleged rape and Nick Marshall for “stealing” while at Georgia.    ...... OK, but other than THAT Mrs Lincoln.....

“The games” are awesome athletic competitions PERIOD.   “But but but” you say as you prepare to fire off all the well-deserved condemnations of the blatantly obvious hypocrisy to which I reply...... “yeah yeah blah blah”.... yawn.

I don’t attend a Bible study to see incredible athletic performances so would I go to a football game to be taught morality and celebrate the innate goodness of my fellow man?

I suspect a lot of NFL and college cheerleaders think Moby Dick is a veneral disease, but I don’t watch’em for their intellect.

Blondie wanted to know which team I was pulling for in FSU v Auburn.  It didn’t matter.  The two teams were identical other than uniform colors.   One was coached by a Jimbo and the other by a Gus.   Same interchangeable “gladiators” performing in front of the same spectators.

That thrilling last five minutes was a perfect ending to a November / December / January of nail-biting humdingers in Big Time College Football.  I can’t imagine more on-field thrills and improbable outcomes.

Football is an insane activity.  Of course there is an incredibly high likelihood for injury and/or death.  No one of sound mind would, should play it.  So... there are way enough people who willingly do and will to insure the game’s ongoing prominent role in American society.   So long as no one in my family or my circle of friends is directly affected, who cares?   Play ball.....

Tuesday morning, the #1 story on every sports website was FSU Wins Thriller Over Auburn.   Do you know what the #2 story was?

America’s #1 College Football Cougar – Dee Dee Bonner / McCarron – tweeted “Is that even English?” regarding Jameis  Winston’s ebonically-laced post-game comments.  

AJ’s cracker momma took a shot at one of son AJ’s primary rivals questioning his general literacy.  Board monkeys went bananas (Duh!) blasting Dee Dee.  It’s 2014.  I thought we were well beyond that.

Actually Winston’s comments were not that unintelligible by comparison to most.  Could it be I am now conversant in ebonics?

Dee Dee, bless her heart, joins 1,000s of others who just don’t get how “tweeting” works.   Wouldn’t you love to see Dee Dee Bonner explain “tweeting” to Roy Williams?

For decades cynics have pointed out the embarrassing illiteracy of high profile college athletes of the AfAm persuasion.  Where has that gotten us as a spectating public?  Exactly Nowhere.

The overall illiteracy of high profile college athletes of the AfAm persuasion is as glaringly obvious as ever with no clarion call to address the issue..... or even to declare it as “an issue”.

Go ahead and make trite snide jabs at the silly hypocrisy of the term “student athletes”.  Look around to see if anyone cares.  No one does.  At least no one in any position to do anything about it.  Beat that long dead horse all you want.  

I’ve moved on.   I turn off the games when they dump the Gatorade.   Dumping the Gatorade, The Wave, and “sideline reporters named Heidi” are all mentioned in Revelations as signs of The End of Days.   Look it up.

Hey..... what was noticeable in Alabama v Oklahoma AND FSU v Auburn?   Give up?   None of those four established juggernauts wore “black helmets” or other “hey semi-literate 17 y/os”; look at our cool unis.   Not saying Larry is wrong.  I’m just saying apparently not all 17 y/o bluechippers use “funky unis” as their #1 pick-a-school criteria.

My Mizzou Tigers held on to beat The Pokes From Stillwater in Dallas and firmly put Gary Pinkel on notice to win at least 11 games EVERY year.

Louisville is going to rehire Bobby Petrino.... Yee HAAAA!   And that shocks you WHY?  Please scroll back up the top of this column where we discuss "morality vs winning football"..... situational ethics and all that sorta stuff.  Put aside the "bimbo on the motorcycle" incident, Petrino has more "priors" than Kardashians have sex tapes.  Welcome to the ACC Bobby.


Did ya see where an octogenarian Orangeblood named Red went ballistic over Texas picking Charlie Strong as their new HFC?   Red McCombs is to Texas what Mo Koury was for UNC for so long...... the eternal fat cat that is compelled to speak out when silence might be the preferred response.

Red, a San Antonio mega-deep pocked Tea-sipper, couched his comments in such a way that the wild dogs of the Internet immediately left chewing up Dee Dee Bonner to go bite Red on his ankles.   

Was Red against Charlie cause Charlie is a black guy or because Charlie ain’t Nick or Bellichek or Darryl Royal Jr?   When Red owned the Minne Vikings he hired AfAm Dennis Green as his coach... so Red's "not a racist cred" is pretty strong.  At least Red didn’t use any gay slurs in bashing Charlie.   Has anyone uttered a “gay slur” this week..... yet?

No one has mentioned that Charlie does have somewhat of a Blake-ish reputation for recruiting young men of dubious character.   His recruiting antics while at Florida are legend.   Mack Brown may / may not be as saintly as he is being eulogized, but Charlie Strong sure ain’t no saint.

Does a deep pocketed fat cat like Red McCoombs have “a right” to voice his strong opinions?  Did UNC’s BOTBob and his cronies “have a right” to shove Dickie aside and go to Chicago and kiss The Butcher’s rings and beg him to “come to UNC and awaken the sleeping giant”?  Actually "shoving Dickie aside" was long overdue but......

Do fat cats get rights to express opinions via their fat checks to their booster clubs?   If you were a fat cat would you think you “had that right”?


The NFL playoffs have been nailbiting humdingers too.  I bet this week’s will be too.  I don’t like “games played in really cold weather”.   I know some of you do because of some faux-macho reason that goes back to George Halas and the Decatur Staleys playing Carlisle Institute, but I don’t.


To those who say "The Baseball Hall of Fame "voting is a farce".... in a country where Joe Biden is beginning his 6th year one heart beat from the front seat of Air Force One, the phrase "voting is a farce" should be used with extreme discretion.


Recall back in late October, I noted I could not name five Triangle-area college basketball players (and that was assuming there is still a Plumlee at Duke).  It is now almost mid-January and I might be able to name six.  I do not feel compelled to increase that number.

With some of our favorite TV series gearing back up (Raylan IS BACK!) I have oodles of other options.  Check out Killer Women on ABC on Tuesday. Oh, by the way..... AT&T Uverse TV is AWESOME.  If available in your neighborhood GET IT.

With PJ finally gone, other than Roy doing or saying something “oh so Roy” I can’t come up with a compelling reason to care about them.   Does that make me a member of Carolina Basketball Anonymous? ...... “Hi, my name is BobLee and I don’t care any more.”

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Posted: January 08, 2014 at 4:09 PM by SaidWHATMedia | with 15 comments

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BC from PV
Classic stuff, BobLee!

Just released, the “victim’s” attorney announced that civil suit is coming against the accused AND the Tallahassee PD. They are notorious for covering up athlete behavior.

More fodder for the “Master” columnist.

BL: I think Jameis "did it" but I also bet he walks on it.
1/9/2014 2:28:48 PM

Old MacDonald
Read this as an explanation rather than a justification -- State students/grads being overly concerned with "the unpleasantness" has to be understood in the context of those same State students/grads hearing "Washburn's SAT score" and "Amphibious" blurted at us thousands of times by UNC fans (many if not most of whom did not even go to UNC) over the past 20+ years. I know I personally would have a lot less interest in it if you took away this "sauce for the gander" aspect of it. Also, I don't remember it being cast as a "the whole system is broken/everyone does it" issue in 1990. But I digress.

BL: I've never had a problem w/ "Amphib Payback"... about 23 years to go I figure.

The BOG in the late 80s was 80% UNCCH, of course they saw iut "their way". No surprise there.
1/9/2014 12:18:50 PM

Nice column BL. You hit the major hot buttons....and did not regurgitate them ad nauseam,
The media, sports or otherwise, is about the same. Write what will sell....
Christie being lambasted for shutting down a silly Bridge, especially in NJ. President Obama shut down the nation's parks and the "WH" issued emails detailing HOW to make the public feel the pain and blame the Republicans. How much press did that get?
MI** DeeDee & her younger version, KW, tweets analysis is priceless. JW (ain't no rapist) comments to refute is all the better. NOTE...ESPN runs crawler last night during UNC v. Miami (FL) game - civil suit against FSU by the "victim".
Throw in a good ole boy's Texas comments...obviously of the Phil cult without the beard. THEN bring back the Harley Rider, minus his babe to Louisville. Priceless.
UNC & CNN take... there will be a rally on Franklin to ask WHY the largest percent of CNN's viewership was SKEWERED. Death threats to Ms. Willingham from pacifists?
College BB is now king; NFL FB and the continuing saga of two Wuffie QB's is sweet.
Keep 'em coming....ORW & AFAM & (fill in the blank) is Manna.

BL: All these issues will "get juicier" in the weeks to come.
1/9/2014 10:05:46 AM

Hey Bobby, every time I get notice of a new column my first thought is "what's in this box of chouclates?" (said in my best "run Forest, run" voice). As humdingers go this one is "WAY UP THERE". SO much fodder how do you find the time to harvest it all? My personal fav is Petrino BACK at the lou. Who outside that 50 mile radius would have taken THAT bet 48 hours ago? Over the last week I've found myself reading the crawl at the bottom of the screen as much as watching the "action", and more times than I could imagine going "say WHAAAaaaat?" This has truly been 'truth is stranger than fiction' times.

Deep pockets do indeed give the fat cats the right to say whatever they wish (actually it's the first amendment but let's not allow the constitution argument to come into play). It's just that the fatter the cat the more people notice. In Dee Dee's case it's obviously 'other factors'.

Suits is less than a month away. I may have to check out Lady Killers. My new favorite show is The Blacklist. If you haven't caught it you oughta. My bet is its a show that's right up your alley.

BL: Absolutely re: Blacklist. James Spader is always great.... and the little gal in that is a cutie.

Suits getting close... and, as noted, JUSTIFIED is back badder than ever. Boyd is wrecking havoc w/ the Detroit mob and Raylan is Raylan.

Petrino back at The 'Ville !!! Holy Papa John Batman !! Petrino and Pitino... no women in Kentucky are safe! Maybe Dee Dee should move to Louie ??

Go Philip... Go Peyton.... Go Russell !!!!
1/9/2014 8:12:34 AM

Moby ***** is awful but I hear Ping Pong balls is even worse!

Agree on disinterest this year after the unpleasantness...

BL: My disinterest has been growing for 4-5 years, but I understand that others may feel otherwise.
1/9/2014 7:50:29 AM

Well I really enjoyed the bowl season this year. It seemed that most of the major bowls were really good games. I still enjoy the "human interest" stories (Jerry Prosch, the Auburn player who lost his mom, Jameis Winston's special relationship with Jimbo's son, etc.). I hope there is still a lot of good things left about college football - but yeah there are trends that bother me too. Did you notice at the end of the Central Florida vs Baylor game, when George O'Leary (who still looks like a drunken sailor) was asked why he was not Gatorade dunked replied that he had a "bad heart" and that his players were respecting that?

Do you think Jim Grobe will end up a head coach again? I still think the three triangle schools have the best coaches they have had in a while, regardless of record.

Would love to do lunch again soon.

BL: Good question re: Grobe. I can see him at a "small school" Div II or III where he can just "coach kids".

Current Triangle coaches are all "likable" so far (except for the usual haters who always hate of course).
1/9/2014 6:54:31 AM

Just dropped in to see what my condition was in.

CNR...Composed that song.

Though I know he'll credit someone else.

BL: Expect CNR to be weighing in on Charlie & The Orangebloods any time now. He has A LOT of opinions on that one!
1/8/2014 9:39:17 PM

So I guess my problem is "connotative dissonance" which is a fancy term for "Try as I might, this doesn't make sense to me.

Am I more angry that "student athletes" who, in many cases, could not have gotten into the institution otherwise, can't do the work, won't do the work, and in fact, are known to make the police blotter, get a chance at an education denied to some National Honor Society members 'cause they can play ball?

Or am I angry that universities are more known for their football and men's basketball programs than their academic standards? Don't believe me? What is the difference between Notre Dame and University of Chicago? Hint, one has a solid academic re*****tion but dropped out of big time college football, and the other has a football program that has 100% nationwide broadcast contracts with NBC.

Or, am I angry that the billionaires that own NFL franchises are getting the taxpayers to pay for their "plant" (stadium), and the universities to pay for their farm league, while pricing their tickets so that 75% of the locals can't possibly afford to go to the game?

BL: That is a "favorite Bond girl" question. There is no wrong answer.

Lots of concerns but no big hurry to address them so just enjoy the game for its excitement.
1/8/2014 9:31:47 PM

MB in Balmer
Did you see the CNN artcle on UNC and other schools aboutsports?

BL: I did. You did. Every living ABCer did .... and at least 5,000,000,000 Chinese did so far.

I'd go so far as to say more people will read/see those reports than say they saw Gio's punt return or Walter Davis'shot vs Duke.
1/8/2014 8:42:22 PM

At least we appear to be done hearing from Michael Bolton in the Honda commercials. NBC is beside itself now that Vonn has decided to withdraw from the Olympics. So much time wasted on fluff pieces on her that now they'll have to scramble.

BL: and no NBC interviews with Tiger from Socchi (sp?). :-(
1/8/2014 8:30:56 PM

Wow, that post could have been written by me if had your wordsmith skills. Maybe it is my age of over 60 years or just got tired of the silliness of the whole college and now pro football off field silliness. Like you I just watch at home and find it more enjoyable than going to any game in person. For the most part could care less who wins either. I just watch, hope for some good entertainment by premier players, turn it off quickly and move on to other activities. The most interesting item to me now is how some people literally have their day, or days, ruined by if their favorite team loses.

BL: My research has shown that those who allow Ws & Ls to "ruin their days" usually had pretty bad days going before that.

And those who hate referees, commissioners and sportswriters usually hate lots of other people too.

Being a sports fan does not build character.... it reveals it. :-)
1/8/2014 8:17:23 PM

Are "sideline reporters named Heidi" really mentioned in Revelations?

BL: Actually the verse is ".... and beware the sideline reporters whose names end in "i".

"Way too many of the same commercials" is also noted. I think Flo The Progessive Insurance gal is The AntiChrist.
1/8/2014 8:05:11 PM

BobLee, I'm sure you've seen the report today about the whistleblower receiving death threats. Do you think that is true?

BL: I would not doubt it. She COULD be trolling for sympathy but I really doubt it. Holden Thorp received such threats when he fired Butcher so that element of sicko crazies is certainly "out there".

I've received a few threats to "get me" over the years.... but I'm yet to be "got".

The Internet is a fertile breeding ground for that element.
1/8/2014 8:01:30 PM

My universe is anything but ABC-centric and I am on record here as not hoping that UNC gets the death penalty. Your theme seems to be though that no one north of Raleigh, west of Durham, south of Smithfield or east of Lizard Lick cares. I pointed out 3 national media outlets (well out of the delivery range of Amedeos) that are using UNC as their prime example of a university that is playing athletes that are not really students. I suggested without a trace of glee that the academics at UNC are likely to feel the pinch and pinch back. You accuse me of rage????

BL: I figured this was going to be a multi-volley discussion. :-)

Having lampooned The Martin Report and assorted UNC admin incompetents on numerous occasions, I don't take well to any suggestion that I ignore or diminish the abject foolishness now forever stuck to "where I went to college many years ago".

But this website does actually have a sizable readership well beyond the UNC-NCSU-Duke Triangle. The issues regarding BTCFootball are pandemic regardless of UNC's eventual fate. This column was re: those widespread issues.

The most recent AP column ("and Bernie") and 30+ others over the past four years have been "about UNC's Mess". There will surely be others as that dumpster fire continues to smolder. If I miss noting it for more than a week, I expect to be duly chastised. Getting linked on SFNation is always nice.
1/8/2014 7:17:05 PM

Interesting that you wrote that no one cares about illiteracy in college athletes that is in position do anything about it given the New York Times, Businessworld and CNN's recent work. Whether the outrage these provoke is robust will remain to be seen. But the fact that UNC is the face of this new scandal is going ruffle some feathers in Chapel Hill. Those guys looking for research grants are pretty competitive and bad publicity really does not help when they are handing out money. Roy (or Roy's replacement) and Larry might find it harder to sneak someone who reads at a 3rd grade level by admissions no matter how high he jumps or how fast he is in the 40.

BL: I do appreciate that your college athletic universe is UNC-CH centric. Rage on and rightfully so. Lots to rage about.

As embarrassing as those recent articles certainly are to UNC-CH proponents, do you have evidence that they are indeed provoking OUTRAGE anywhere other than ABC World HQ at Amedeo's?

Assuming you get your Christmas wish that UNC Sports get death penaltied (fine w/ me by the way).... then America can expand our attention to the 100+ other places where the student-athlete literacy problem exist... or maybe we won't care. I bet we won't.

Regardless, the games certainly are exciting.
1/8/2014 5:28:47 PM

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