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Oh for "a Buford Pusser"..... sigh.

Oh for “a Buford Pusser”..... sigh.

...... July 12, 12: 
Maybe it’s my fault.  I did that last column on TGU and now UNC’s self-inflicted gut shot starts bleeding again.   Like Prometheus....., we seem forever chained to a rock and doomed to having our regenerated liver eaten daily by birds of prey.... with / without “some fava beans and a nice chianti”.   If we are ever going to clean up the smell of corruption & cover-up in the public’s eye we need “a Buford Pusser” to emerge swinging a 2x4 and taking names.....

More documents are being released and, like earlier released documents, what is “redacted” is more damaging than what is shown.   When and by whom was the term “redacted” created anyway.   Did Al Capone “redact” his tax returns?  Did Nixon redact those 18 minutes?  Honest people with nothing to hide don’t “redact” or “take the 5th”.  Real Men Don't Redact!

Fear of FERPA .... give me a break!  The reputation of a once-renown institution has been shredded over exaggerated fear of lawsuits by a handful of petty criminals.  "Academicians" are beyond clueless about how the general public - and "the media" - view a mess like this one.  Nothing about any of this has "made sense" to any "man on the street" whether that street is Franklin Street, Hillsborough St or main street in Mt Airy.

And "the media"..... remember my analogy of the optimist finding the pile of crap and digging furiously to "find the pony"?  The media sees a pony and immediately starts writing about "where's the pile o' crap".  It's who they are.  It's what they do.  Deal with it.

Between Jennifer Wiley and “Warren Martin’s girlfriend” refusing to speak..... Julius running off to deepest darkest Africa.... and releasing records that are redacted out the wazoo, my alma mater could not appear more guilty if she were standing over a dead body holding a smoking gun, a bloody butcher knife, a sign around her neck saying “I did it”; and an Alfred E. Neuman expressiion on her face.  

UNC is up to its armpits in quicksand yelling “someone throw us an anvil, an anchor and a dozen bowling balls.... please.”

With Butcher and Baddour gone, I like pretty much everyone still fogging a mirror over there in the UNC Administration.  Some considerably more than others, of course, but I want SOMEONE to emerge as “Buford Pusser” and start cleaning up the stink in the basement.

Holden Thorp oozed testosterone when he fired Butcher.  OK, "oozed" is a bit much perhaps.  And his 2x4 was wrapped in a $2.7M golden parachute.... but he took decisive action.  Just like w/ Buford, his adversaries came at him with guns ablazin' and threats aflyin' but he did what had to be done.

But all this “we are moving forward confident that Marvin won’t tweet any more and hoping nothing else will jump up and bite us in the butt” rhetoric is akin to having a nest of dead skunks in the basement smelling to high heaven and our solution is to announce we are installing new wallpaper in the foyer.  

Sure..... anyone with any insider status knew John Blake’s well-earned reputation over the past 20 years.  “Black Santa” was not created by a cross-eyed goober on PackPride.  It was Blake’s national nickname.  

Sure..... how Butch “cleaned up Miami” (wink wink) was well-documented by everyone EXCEPT the BOT3 apparently.  

That Butch & Blake were stocking the football pantry with SEC-type “student-athletes” of marginal levels of literacy was not a secret.   They BRAGGED about it.  After 30 years of UNC fans mocking the thugs of the SEC..... a faction of UNC fans somehow decided if you put an illiterate SEC-thug in a C-Blue helmet he magically becomes a HipHop Horatio Alger studying Shakespeare by flashlight, building Habitats for Humanity between classes and ripping heads off opponents on Fall Saturdays in Kenan.  Duh.......  In truth Butch & Blake were simply turning Chapel Hill into Starkville North.

OK, Dickie was scared spitless of Butch and was never going to question him or suggest he not be so obvious.  How scared was Dickie of Butch ..... he wouldn’t even suggest he wear Carolina blue on the sidelines. 

Holden Thorp gets hammered for being naïve about the realities of big time college sports.  Yes, Thorp was young and inexperienced and handed a Gordian Knot to try and unravel.   And decided to wear a pair of oven mitts while doing so.   BUT what about Gordon Gee at Ohio State?  

Gee is the highest paid on-campus Poobah in America at a public institution.  He had been a Poobah at numerous other schools including Vanderbilt in the SEC.  If any academic Poobah should have known what a gooey mess college FB & BkB is it would be Gordon Gee.   And that bow-tied clown made the classic statement “I hope the football coach doesn’t fire me” when their s***storm broke with Jim Tressel.

College administrators are as totally out-of-touch when it comes to the realities of big time college sports as a community organizer is in being Commander-in-chief of the US military.  

Hellfire.... it was never a mystery how The Great Unpleasantness was allowed to develop.  It would still be thriving had Marvin not tweeted.  Butch and Blake would still be bringing in Dwight Jones’ and Dante Paige-Moss’ and anyone else they wanted to..... Dickie would still be babbling on about The Carolina Way..... and Larry Fedora would be in College Station working for Eric Hyman.  

A lot of UNC fans would still believe in the Tooth Fairy..... and the bottom-feeders of the ABC community would be pissin’ & moanin’ and belly-achin' about something else.  The term "ABC" was not created when Marvin tweeted.

Alls I want is “a Buford Pusser” to emerge out of the obfuscating fog and start swinging a 2x4.  

Stop handing out golden parachutes and stop redacting....

Start kickin’ ass and start naming names.....

And, for Gawd Sakes..... Bring ALL the dead skunks up out of the basement before bragging about the new wallpaper in the foyer.

There has to be a better answer than "..... our mess isn't as bad as Penn State's."

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58 Wolf Kennel
The day has come. Issues are no longer funny {hip replament has me more mortal thoughts). Job can only be done by show-no mercy expose' that will rattle the book stalls. Your day is here to write the
blockbuster and use a 35" Louisville Slugger with no humor.
Good Luck, but who else?

BL: Oddly enough, that has been proposed and discussed. TBD..... :-)
7/17/2012 4:31:18 PM

Now, Bobby, you're putting words in my mouth that I never wrote. I don't think Holden planned this fiasco. Not as Dean of A&S, certainly not as Chancellor. I have said many times, he is just in over his head. He has demonstrated that time and time again. Not planning, but he's not the right guy for the job.

What he has planned, or at least approved, is UNC-CH's numerous violations of the public records laws. That too probably is a result of his lack of training for the job. Still, he has good lawyers and a good Trustee who can help him on that issue. Still, he rejects or does not seek their advice when making his decisions.



BL: Chancellor Thorp is certainly responsible for any decision he has / does arrive at; after receiving whatever advice and counsel he avails himself of.
7/15/2012 8:14:51 PM

UNC Blue

Are you mythology references employed to encrypt your writings from UNC student athletes and certain BOT members? I think it works.
This mess and how it is mishandled makes Duke look better and better.


BL: No, just to further confuse BOTBob Winston & Paul Fulton.
7/15/2012 9:00:43 AM

I liked Joe Don Baker. He asked me what the "legal age" was of an attractive young NC lady during the Crosby Pro Am years ago!


BL: Did you like Joe Don Loonie too - a galloping halfback for Oklahoma in the mid 70s? And Jerry Lee Lewis who also had an eye for very young girls.
7/14/2012 7:51:14 AM

I hate to say it BobLee, but I'm reaching the point where I agree with Walt. When HT was hired I thought it was a good choice for UNCCH -- less crazy than the Meez, and being friends with Tony Rand and Co would help the University system down at the NCGA.

But there hits a certain point in this ongoing trainwreck where Holden has to step up and take all the responsibility. He either needs to "[b]ring ALL the dead skunks up out of the basement" as you say, or resign.

This whole scenario reminds me of the "drip drip drip" news stories about my alma mater and a certain governor's wife; that didn't turn out too well for us, and the University system as a whole paid some of the price. Likewise this steady trickle of news is not only hurting Carolina -- it's going to produce collateral damage at the other universities too.

BL: I certainly understand. Maybe it wasn't meant to be.
7/14/2012 1:26:35 AM

oldwuf vet
Right On BL! I think eventually the legislature will get tired of the unpleasantness and bring the heat. The Carolina folks need to remember that this is not your daddy's general assembly anymore. The new boys have already shown a willingness to take the budget and re-alignment ax to state departments that have been thorns in their side. A lot of long-standing grudges are being settled; UNC may just be moved up the list. Fall elections may be the only thing that saves them.


BL: The NC Senate is still pro-UNC. Not so the NC House.
7/13/2012 10:17:58 PM

BL, you have surely stirred the pot once more. I can't think of anything that would cause more of a fan base/alumni meltdown than BkB being pulled into this sewer. Of course, if it does come to pass, buying stock in the mortuary business would be a safe bet.
I can't see this as a Mel Brooks story line. It's more of a Greek Tragedy meets the Keystone Kops script with Dickie as the Fatty Arbuckle character less a few pounds.
As you always say, you never run out of material.


BL: A lot of folks have been cast unceremoniously into a harsh reality they never dreamed of. Proving that if God is indeed "a Tar Heel" then He has a diabolical sense of humor. The Arbuckle family is NOT pleased with your comment.
7/13/2012 8:35:58 PM

The Cowdog
BL: I believe my last comment was poorly shaped. That, or I'm not the reasonable fellow I think I am. :-)

I just think that his opinion would have been better served if he had made a call for Buford, in your light, to clean up the county before venturing into the next one.

With The Pope Foundation sitting as backdrop, it doesn't look good, and appears as more of the same. Even to a non-cross eyed Wuffie.

BL: My buddy AgentPierce weighed in on Jay Schalin's piece in the N&O on-line edition. It brought together two major groups of "haters" - UNC-haters & ArtPope-haters. Both groups are heavily represented among N&O commentors... but do not overlap that much as Pope-haters tend to be far-left loonies. ... I saw nothing to criticize in the piece because there was no attempt to sugarcoat the UNC mess at all.

I know Jay and he is quite used to be savaged by the Pope-haters. BTW, I bet you (and CNR) would like Art. He's a pretty big fan of this column and of AgentPierce. Smart Guy, huh!
7/13/2012 3:24:17 PM

....SFN done give you top billing….that should help with future traffic…..

You will now move up a few notches on the UNC Board also….but that is the UGLY LIST!


BL: What does Top Billing mean? I used to know several of their moderators but lost touch the last year or so.

I haven't visited a UNC fan forum in over five years. I understand that ANY mention of any of my columns is immediately deleted by their moderators. I am persona non grata with the UNC Rival & Scout boards. I consider that a badge of honor! :-)
7/13/2012 3:09:49 PM

Dr Wire
The publicly known cost of the Great Unpleasantness has surpassed $3 million (BD & JB buy-outs and NCAA related legal services). The cost of the toilet bowl spiral effect on the re*****tion of the college whose name shall not be mentioned is a post-dated check yet to be written, but it is like the odometer when you are driving to the beach, moving too slow for some and too fast for others. Together these costs and the weekly drumbeat this summer during the dead period in college sports is adding a fatigue factor to a growing number of people who do care, even to you.


BL: Until it reaches "the jerseys in the rafters" the ripples from this are contained within a several 100 mile radius. Those 8,000,000,000 Chines still don't care.
7/13/2012 1:42:05 PM

The Cowdog
Yes, BL, general cleanups are a very good idea.

CNR's efforts, not withstanding, demonstrate a universal collegiate need.

Unfortunately, I think the our suffering hero, Prometheus, just felt another eagle landing, and someone just flipped another bowling ball Carolina's way.

Me thinks Mr. Schalin did more damage than good.

Not everyone knew of Pope's millions in football endowments until today.

As you said, " Looks can kill. "

Well, maybe I said that, but you know what I mean.

BL: The Pope Family generosity for many years has been to Athletics because the liberal faculty squirrels refuse to take his "right-wing" $$$. That the Press Box on Kenan's North Side is well-known as "The Pope Box" further openly promotes their involvement.

I read Jay Schalin's piece and don't see the Big Whoop about it. He does not offer any alibi or excuse for UNC's mess, simply suggesting it would be prudent to be sure safeguards and oversight is in place at the other UNC campuses since, obviously, malfeasance CAN indeed take place. Sounds reasonable to me; BUT I'm a reasonable kinda fellow!
7/13/2012 12:36:32 PM

BL...what do you think of Art Pope's rep suggesting an across the system witch hunt for other offending schools....N & O article this am?

BL: I have not seen that suggestion but a review of worthless curriculum and general hypocrisy as it involves both "diversity" and a redefining of the PURPOSE of Higher Education would be nice... I'm sure the Pope Fndt people are NOT trying to create any "everybody does it" diversion ploy.
7/13/2012 10:37:24 AM

"After 30 years of UNC fans mocking
the thugs of the SEC..... a faction of UNC fans somehow decided if
you put an illiterate SEC-thug in a C-Blue helmet he magically
becomes a HipHop Horatio Alger studying Shakespeare by flashlight,
building Habitats for Humanity between classes and ripping heads off
opponents on Fall Saturdays in Kenan. Duh....... In truth Butch &
Blake were simply turning Chapel Hill into Starkville North. "

Well, Boblee other than erroneously confining this whole thing to the Butch Davis era your blessed little heart is in the right place. I still love my Tarheel wife though she has heard me just about the whole tenure of our marriage rail about how sanctimonious Tarheelia is about sports while cheating much more efficiently and quietly than everyone else maybe in the history of the NCAA. I know it hurts a lot of good people. If THEY weren't honest it wouldn't. I hope they take the lead and turn UNC into the place the propaganda machine made many believe it was.

BL: Allowing that there certainly is a faction of the "stereotype Carolina fan" (that I avoid maybe more than you do) there is also a faction that exaggerates that sanctimony because they know how much it irritates the ABC faction... and a faction that's never kidded ourselves about our degree of situational athletic ethics.... "bringing in Butch" was simply the straw that broke that camel's back.
7/13/2012 10:34:41 AM

What could happen to make Deborah Crowder spill the beans? The SBI?


BL: I suppose that would do it. Same with Jennifer The Tutor. Unless they both manage to escape to deepest darkest Africa and join Julius in his Serengeti hideaway.
7/13/2012 10:19:52 AM

Now that you mention it the whole thing reminds me a great deal of watching Blazin Saddles. Brooks could do a musical comedy about this, of course he'd have to give you props for it's title, or at least a portion of it.. "Unplesantness dujour". Harvey Korman as Butch, Brooks as the bumbling AD. Alex Karras as the cast of the SEC bound derailed players. Hey
Bobbie, you could even write part of the script!


BL: Every character in this glorious mess is an over-the-top personification. If one wrote this as it is playing out, no one would buy it..... The Butcher, BOTBob, Prince Tassel Loafer, Chancellor Doogie, Son of Butcher, Black Santa, Uncle Julius, Tweetin' Marv, Jennifer Tutor, Deborah The Girlfriend, .... and, of course, the snarling Lynch Mob with their pitchforks & torches....
7/13/2012 9:19:19 AM

"This whole sordid tale is a Monty Python script". NOT! Sorry Bobbie, I have to take exception to that as a die hard fan of the MP bunch. They were (are) sarcastically funny (Hysterical at times... "It's just a bunny rabbit"). The unpleasantness has become sarcastically stupid. No one (actually hardly anyone that cares) believes anything they hear from anyone in any position of authority over there, and that's the saddest part. "Here's some more info ... redacted BTW.. wink, wink, nudge, nudge. If it was Python the whole page would be blank and we'd all laugh. Unfortunately we sit wondering when the next decaying skunk will be dug up. I must admit the community organizer line was my personal Fav, probably because of my close ties to the military. Have a better weekend Bobbie.


BL: Would you prefer Mel Brooks or the Marx Brothers? Or the Coen Brothers?.... or maybe Quinton Tarantino?
7/13/2012 8:57:00 AM

Back nine
Fun read Bob! Riddle me this. Any chance somebody with a brain at UNC learns something from the Penn State coverup? Might they finally realize the wisdom of ending the stonewalling and throw open the doors to the light of day? The PSU mess and the Duke Energy sleaziness have made for inflamed emotions in the court of public opinion. UNC no longer gets the benefit of the doubt now that it's common knowledge they are working to deceive or at the very least conceal the extent of the truth. Public sensibilities are very raw at the moment. If I am a UNC alum I would now be DEMANDING openness and transparency, lest my alma mater forever be lumped in with the lying, cheating scoundrels dominating the headlines. As it stands, however, the UNC narrative fits right in among that group if left on its present course. And that's a stink that once affixed will be dang hard to get off. UNC better wise up and fast or they will piss away that sterling re*****tion just as quickly and completely as the vaunted Joe Paterno. Don't think you're above it Heels. You are dangerously close even at this hour.


BL: ".... alums should DEMAND" ??? It was Alums DEMANDING Butch Davis-style FB that created this mess. Who says alums have any better judgment than admins?

... Comparisons w/ PSU are natural and there are some relevances. Institutional re*****tions are in the mind of the observer. Rival fans tend to skew to the most unfavorable which, can be correct.
7/13/2012 8:02:55 AM

Fox in Atlanta
BL,...Showing my total ignorance (or lack of memory), I am completely lost on the "Warren Martin girlfriend" reference you have used a couple of times. Can you bring me up to speed?

On the academic side, we know that the school can't just get rid of the Afro American Studies courses without a howl. Why not just break them up and put the African history course back in the history department, Swahili in the language department, etc. and let those department heads supervise the instruction and course design? Is that too simple?


BL: Deborah Crowder was Julius' long-time "Exec Asst"…. and Warren Martin 20 year "girlfriend". She retired 2 years ago but was considered the go-between twixt Julius & The Jocks. She has "refused to cooperate" with university and/or media officials.

The love affair between liberal academia and AfAm is too deep-set to dent.
7/13/2012 7:49:13 AM

I am pretty sure that you and CNR are not the only ones who know about the Prometheus myth. A better Prometheus figure is Marvin since he sorta brought light to a dark corner of the university:-) Bet there are a lot of folks at UNC that would like to see a bird after his liver.
You could not be more right about the need for a complete housecleaning.


BL: Marvin was only guilty of being Marvin. My only surprise was that he lasted as long as he did on campus.
7/13/2012 1:19:49 AM

This is essentially what I have been saying for a few months now. The leadership at UNC has to act like leadership and clean house. I think that HT and many of his lieutenants will have to go before the smell of redacted documents is gone.

Penn State and UNC are in a way alike. They both got to the same place because leadership failed to lead when it got tough. They both decided to fight for the brand rather than to come clean.

Penn State came clean and revealed that they had been protecting an animal in their midst.

What will it take for UNC to come clean and shake down the academic and athletic mess that apparently grows under the Pine trees?

I expect it will take financial pressure from the General Assembly on the Board of Governors before a general is hired to replace the boy wonder.

BL: The public perception of stonewalling at UNC WILL hurt UNC in future GA budget hearings without a doubt. That may be as harmful to UNC's future as any NCAA sanctions.
7/12/2012 11:25:08 PM

Bobby, you do understand that it's Holden who is approving the redacting, right? It is Holden who is presiding over this fiasco. It is Holden who let it spread to academics when he was Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

He may be a buddy of yours, but Holden is in over his head. It's time for him to bow out and let an adult run the show.


BL: Today must be a day ending in "y". Walt gets in his Holden-bash.- :-) We've been down this road many times and I always give you your say W. For the record, Holden was Dean of A&S for only one year - 2007. The popular misconception among the anti-Holden bunch is that he planned out all this for many years..... He has made several key decisions that I disagree with, and still disagree with. His continued employment does NOT hinge on my support.
7/12/2012 11:20:39 PM

agree with your sentiment regarding buford - - i have been saying for months (maybe years now?) that the faculty, chancellor, and unc president need to be the reformers and fix the issues going forward

Not sure what they are waiting for but still expect faculty to become more vocal

Not sure who takes the lead in finally straightening the mess; Hargrave?


BL: The BOT and its Chair are limited to an advisory capacity. Public perception that the BOT are puppetmasters is very incorrect. Academicians are totally out of their league when it comes to Hard Decisions that have consequences. They are more comfortable with hypotheticals and theory than practical solutions.
7/12/2012 10:51:48 PM

I thought redacting was the calculated removal of the male organ from the female organ just prior to the male organ delivery a few million sperm (which are adept swimmers). I spend WAY too much time looking up words or ancient ones....but I do learn something. I too a LOT of Liberal Art and other courses (Industrial Psychology where Fred Fletcher, Jr. attended at LEAST two sessions....). I thought I had a pretty good background.....but I bow to the chief BS'er....Keep up the good work!


BL: Remember, I get to pick the obtuse subjects I bring up. Mythology has been a hobby for 50 years.
7/12/2012 10:26:05 PM

"Between Jennifer Wiley and “Warren Martin’s girlfriend” refusing to speak..... Julius running off to deepest darkest Africa.... and releasing records that are redacted out the wazoo, my alma mater could not appear more guilty if she were standing over a dead body holding a smoking gun, a bloody butcher knife, a sign around her neck saying “I did it”; and an Alfred E. Neuman expressiion on her face. "

Best line of the article IMO, yet many folks contend that UNC has been a shining example of cooperation through all of this mess. Clearly perception is not the reality.

As a Wolfpack fan, I will admit that I initially took some guilty pleasure in the soiling of the "Carolina Way" that was touted by many TarHeel faithful. But as a native North Carolinian, I am extremely embarrassed at how the multitude of issues have been addressed. I too want to see someone, anyone, grow a pair and clearly expose each area that is corrupt and needs purging, instead of the duck and cover tactics that are currently being employed Only then can an attempt be made to adequately repair and eventually restore not only UNC's damaged re*****tion, but the State of NC's as well.

BTW, you kick ass BobLee. Blue-tinted yet objective.....and always entertaining.


BL: Actually "Starkville North" was my favorite. :-) ... My objectivity comes at a price, but one I'm willing to pay.
7/12/2012 10:22:00 PM

'Redacting everything but 'a,' 'and' and 'the' does make for amusing reading. Unless it does not.


BL: Your pals over at TechSideline are all over today's column.
7/12/2012 8:19:19 PM

The Sam Gilbert thing got me interested in all of this chicanery which resulted in my viewing my profession in my rear view mirror. There seemed to be more scruples in Tony Accardo's fellows than in athletic offices. Before Sam there was John Galbraith at Ohio State. Now it is Phil Knight and T. Boone. At Alabama it was the Memphis guy who happened to fall down the stairs to his death. Bob Knight may seem a scoundrel to many with his profanity and other faults, but he ran an honest program with students in basketball uniforms. His youngsters went to class, behaved themselves, and graduated. I witnessed it first hand attempting to find I flaw. Found many in him but none in his program. Drat! I wanted to nail him as a hypocrite.


BL: Diogenes would be a lonely man traveling the highways of Big Time College FB & BkB. Alas, this ill wind at UNC will eventually blow over and vanities and egos will once again rule the day.
7/12/2012 5:58:23 PM

I have no idea who you are and I often disagree with you, but I enjoy reading you.
I personally find "well, to the extent its an athlete issue, it a football player issue" every bit as implausible as "this is not an athlete issue". both are embarrassing positions watch my alma mater contort themselves to take.

While I don't think Penn State parallels are terribly apt here, I do think "culture of reverence" applies to Carolina basketball as well as it does to PSU football and has the potential allowing us to do some serious denial.

BL: "Enjoy reading me" and "often disagree with me" puts you in a VERY large fraternity. Imagine the population of Delaware!

This is "an academic issue spawned by athletic interests". If/when it does bleed into BkB it WILL get A LOT bigger on the national radar for sure.
7/12/2012 5:35:20 PM

The Cowdog
I couldn't bring myself to read past the Prometheus metaphor, dude. I mean, is there anything I can do for ya?

I hate to see you in this condition, and what Carolina has done to you really ticks me off.

Recall what CNR said well over a year ago.To paraphrase, he said:

" They all must go. Every perp, every spinner of truth... everyone assisting a culture."

-or something like that. I may have taken some liberties, but that was it in a nutshell.


BL: CNR is the only one other than you & I who knows why Prometheus was chained to that rock for eternity. What Carolina has "done to/for me" is supply me a treasure trove of incredible column fodder... This whole sordid tale is a Monty Python script.
7/12/2012 4:56:14 PM

Here is my question? When was the last time a UNC football or basketball player was suspended for academic reasons? Compare that to the rest of the ACC


BL: I stopped counting after Jeff Crompton's 3rd or 4th time. I rely on some Wuff-statistician to keep us all updated on such.
7/12/2012 4:55:31 PM

Excellent column, BL! You are totally right. Imo, the bottom feeder lawyers have taken this over and being the highly competitive people they are, have transformed this multi-pronged scandal into a bloodsport that they intend to "win" via stonewalling, deny, delay, and redact. I'm afraid at this point, the most effective way to bring this mess to a close is the same way Gen. Patton won his major battles. Cut off their supply lines; cut off money for lawyers. Then get SOMEBODY without a UNC-CH sheepskin to do the Pusser thing.


BL: I never knew Kansas was famous for great scandal lawyers. Who knew?
7/12/2012 4:19:53 PM

It may be that Holden has got an education now and hopefully this type mess will not pop up again in his tenure.

BL: Pop up AGAIN !! He'd be happy for this one to ever go away.
7/12/2012 3:47:41 PM

Some more great comments. Actually, Larry would make Jeanne captain of the team. She is one tough hitter. "Put new wallpaper in the foyer." You be too much, BL. It is always about the money. Always has been, always will be. If there is money to be had, then skunks of the likes of Capone will always be around. The people in the NCAA offices as well as people at SI and ESPN know exactly who is cheating and from where their money is coming. They also know who isn't cheating . . . and yes there are some BCS schools who do not cheat. Yet SI and ESPN continue to genuflect to and glorify the miscreants because they, the bowl people, the coaches and athletic department people have located the golden goose. For many years I have spent many hours researching and writing papers on the subject, delivering same to the NCAA offices with serious discussions whether in Kansas City or Indianapolis. The faces across from me showed concern. Today, I imagine the minute I was entering a cab on the curb, to the relief of the occupants of the offices, they were all rolling on the floor in convulsive laughter, knowing that they were free of my "nonsense" for another couple of years. For several years I have realized that the slime has won. If the NCAA does not give the death penalty to the football programs located in Eugene, Stillwater, and Lincoln (John Blake or his copycats worked for those three, Blake was at Lincoln), then neither UNC nor any other school should feel the slightest shame. Nebraska fans, and they are notorious for this, will defend Dr. Tom to death. That he actually signed felons like Johnny Rodgers, as top assistant coach (Heisman guy, tells you of the power that comes out of that place) and Lawrence Phillips tells you all you need to know. Dr. Tom’s rehab lessons didn’t take. Both have been back to jail. Phillips is still in a California prison. Rodgers received a lighter sentence fifteen years after leaving Lincoln for threatening a cable guy in San Diego. The poor guy was there to disconnect the cable for non-payment. If you want to know who cheats, move to Texas. Most schools, honest and dishonest, pass through here. Incidentally, check the Oregon roster. If you think all of those Texas and Southern California kids are there for the cold, rainy winters . . . yea, right. Nearly all of the Oklahoma state roster spots are filled with Texans.


BL: If Coach Wooden could wear "Sam Gilbert blinders" for ten years then no one is safe anywhere.
7/12/2012 3:22:03 PM

BL, yes, America is not fixated on Chapel Hill. Which is ironic, since most of Chapel Hill has long claimed said fixation--only in a positive way.

But, the sports world subculture is beginning to use UNC as an example of "normal" college cheating, like SMU or Memphis, as opposed to "abnormal" college scandals like the Baylor murder or Penn State.

Once that coinage is common, it will be hard to shake.

In that context, the Penn State horror gives a reason to mention UNC for contrast in the discussion--as a lesser scandal. Again, that is not good.

BL: We officially became "not good" over a year ago. Where we will eventually rank among the "but no body died" scandals is yet TBD. If "that other sport" DOES get involved, the spotlight wattage will definitely increase BIG TIME.
7/12/2012 2:43:12 PM

A baby boomer like you should only use Joe Don Baker to represent Buford Pusser. Maybe I could have forgiven the use of Bo Svenson in the avatar, but "The Rock"? The worst of the three? What next? Leonardo DiCrapio as Billy Jack?


BL: I actually considered that... but the best pic I could find with a 2x4 was the one with The Rock. The others had ax handles or ballbats.

I met Joe Don Baker once. Not all that impressive a guy.
7/12/2012 2:33:55 PM

GREAT column, one of your all-time best. The last line sent me rolling out of my chair into the fetal position, laughing all the way.


BL: "fetal positions" and "spew coffee on my keyboard" are music to a smart-ass' ears.
7/12/2012 2:29:14 PM

"Redact" simply means "to edit" or "to revise," but when used in a context like this, it has a specific meaning as a legal term of art: to remove information prior to publication for privacy or security reasons.


BL: yeah, I know. The people being protected in this case are the perps needing to be punished.
7/12/2012 2:20:01 PM

Do you suppose Bubba and Larry knew the extent of this mess when they took their jobs here? In any case, you are right on. We need to stop pretending and covering up and get to the very bottom of this and fix it - no matter whose heads may roll in the process. Damage to the public image is done - we need to quit trying to protect that (which is only going to make things worse). I say let's admit our wrongs, fix them, and begin the (long, I suspect) recovery process.


BL: "when they were hired?" HELLFIRE we STILL don't know the extent of this mess.
7/12/2012 2:09:19 PM

Jeanne Gunn
I'm all for "kickin' ass and naming names"! Enough ***** footing around. The more info that comes out, the worse it gets. I never heard of "redacting" before the 216 phone calls came up. I just don't understand why Carolina is paying Butch and others out the wazoo when they should have fired their asses without a dime. Any you're right: if we have to say, "Well at least it's not like what happened at Penn State" to feel better, we're up to our eyeballs in crap, and don't bother looking for the pony - there's already enough horses patooties in Chapel Hill. And I'd like a nice Pinot Noir with my liver.


BL: Damn Jeanne... Larry Fedora wants to know if you can play middle linebacker? He'll let you "walk-on".
7/12/2012 2:00:27 PM

Two years ago, and until fairly recently, it was fun to see the exposure of free bling and bottle parties, Swahili hijinks and Black Santa's LinkedIn list. There was hope for a little humility or at least a few laughs about "The Carolina Way."

Now, it is not so much fun. The stalling and spinning has to be humiliating to the very UNC fans and alumni I personally don't want to see hurt The ones who most need a takedown are oblivious.

Yes, Penn State is a whole different animal. Mucho. But UNC is being used as one example of scandal Penn State is different from. That is not good.


BL: If there is "a good side" to this mess it is that beyond the radius one can swing a dead skunk, no one much care. America is not fixated on goings on in Chapel Hill. Alas, I happen to be within that radius. Peeeuuuu....
7/12/2012 1:56:08 PM

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