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July 20,’13:  Back from a short self-imposed hiatus.   I felt I was beating too many dead horses and if I’m bored, I figure most of you might be too.  Sure there are numerous unresolved issues and there always will be..... such is The Cycle of Life.   Tis almost the Season of Color & Pageantry which with all its yuckiness still means a lot of exciting moments.  Today I’m asking..... am I the only one who:

Am I the only one who:

.... is glad to see the Orioles and Pirates contending again?  I know that year in / year out the teams who can buy the better players will usually win but its reassuring to see a cinderella every now and then.   Especially franchises that “used to” contend a lot.

.... is sooo tired of reading / hearing about EVERY freakin’ word Johnny Manziel utters.  Is “what really happened at the Manning Passing Academy” REALLY a major sports story.  ESPN covered SEC Media Days with 72 hours of non-stop punditry.   

..... still thinks PGA golfers wearing “tennis shoe golf shoes” look like goobers with pull carts at a local muni.  Whats next hot pink and day-glo golf balls?  I know its better for their backs and knees etc but it looks goofy.

..... wonders if Troy Landry on Swamp People has only one shirt?  I’ve watched that show off / on for 3+ years and Troy, God luv’em, has worn the same purple striped pullover in every show.  Does Troy only have the one shirt or does he have a closet full of that same shirt?   Watch that show twice and you’ve seen all of’em...... No, I'm not into Duck Dynasty.  Watched a coupla shows and could not "get it".

..... thinks THE BEST show on TV is Aerial America on The Smithsonian Channel?  The aerial travelogue of each state with that soothing narrator voice almost makes one forget we are headed to hell in a fast-moving handbasket.

..... sort of agrees with a Tar Heel semi-fat-cat who told me this week that IF this PJ Mess results in Ol Roy going by-by..... that not too many folks are going to try and stop him.   His two rings and many many Ws notwithstanding;  Ol' Huckleberry just has an arrogant abrasiveness about him that irritates folks. ..... and Yes, if Roy should leave, there will be idjits posting the names Calipari, Phil Jackson, and maybe even Larry Brown.  Thats what idjits do.

..... If Roy would leave, would the institution that so lauded and applauded that clueless bumbling twit Baddour name anything of significance for him?  What?

..... has heard that Charming Little Ivy League Carol has not completely left Dartmouth due to “a messa problems” up there.   If she could not control the loonies in that little asylum, hows she gonna deal with the army of screamin’ meemees in Chapel Hill ???  Could be a long long 4-5 years.   Its already been a very long and unpleasant three years.

..... if somehow Alabama loses two games before November, will someone post a website?   You KNOW someone will.  Tuff bizness.

..... thinks Matt Harvey has a real shot at being “the next super superstar” or “the next Bo Belinsky”..... ouch.   Better win a few Cy Youngs and 30-40 more games before he is calling himself Broadway Matt.  Also he might check with Daniel Bard before he starts talking about “that $200,000,000 contract”.   Nothing flashy about Little Brother Eli except those two Super Bowl rings and he keeps showing up and doing his job.

...... did ya see where “the powers that be” of women’s basketball are getting concerned that nobody much cares about women’s basketball?   Can’t fool those powers that be.... !!!!!   

..... I’m still undecided how much I care about PEDs and baseball.   It’s somewhere between not at all and not much.  How come 95% of the Biogenesis Bunch are Hispanic?

..... is there ANY major (???) women’s sport that you even remotely care about?   Can you name (and spell correctly) three current women’s tennis players not named Williams? ..... and we won’t even bring up the LPGA.  The LP what ???  The most famous female sports figure is Danica Patrick who competes in "a man's sport".

..... have you ever watched 30 minutes of any X Games?   Do you know anyone who has?

..... watching all those “pawn shop shows”..... have you ever been in a pawn shop?  That show about the Las Vegas pawn shop ALWAYS has something interesting.  I like the shaved head guy that runs it but his co-workers are annoying.

..... I finally found something interesting about UFC (aka “two drunk marines in speedos fighting over some skanky gal”) – Brittney Palmer!   Brittney is “the Octagon Girl”.   Hubba Hubba.  

..... I’ve now read 20 of the 28 Stone Barrington books by Stuart Woods.  The urbane NYC homicide cop turned lawyer turned “white knight” is basically Remington Steele / Spenser.  Not intended to be great literature but always a fun read.

..... if you like Castle, you should like King & Maxwell.  Check it out.

......if The Great Unpleasantness has a shelf life of 25 years minimum..... does the 25 years start from Marvin’s tweet or when we’ve gone three months without a new chapter being written?  Best line of the past three weeks - "More Wuffies recognize the name "Fats Thomas" than know who Dave Doeren is." ...... Roy, bless his heart, has never heard of either one.

NOTE:  I was not aware of the "Jan Boxhill Did What" Report until today (Sunday).  N&O Editor John Descher and I reached a mutual agreement three years ago.  He would not read this website and I would not read his newspaper.  This has nothing to do with his coverage of the UNC Mess but rather his coverage of "other issues in our society".

After the travesty of The Martin Report, nothing surprises me from the UNC Administration.


Posted: July 20, 2013 at 10:47 PM by SaidWHATMedia | with 17 comments

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Saban hired two bad apples? Surprise !.....and at a school that epitomizes the very worst in what college football...." win at all cost"... culture is about. Is this somehow suppose to relieve Butch of any of his indiscretions ? Surely this cannot be from "the" Jon Sasser!

BL: I cannot verify "the Jon Sasser" any more than I can verify "the wolfdon" but its the same Jon Sasser that has commented here on numerous other occasions.

I am confident it is "the".
7/27/2013 3:59:41 PM

Jon Sasser
Welcome back, BL. Did you see that Nick Saban hired not one but two bad apples -- who had committed violations at another school -- to recruit a national championship team at Alabama? Can you or one of the guys explain to me, real slow so I can understand it, how that's not worse than Butch Davis hiring John Blake? And don't bother with the nonsense about them best friends, since that's demonstrably untrue. And if it's a "shoulda known," then that applies doubly to Saban. I'll hang up and listen.

BL: Are you still on retainer with Butch?

I did not see that about Saban but don't doubt it. "Bad apple" assistants seem to be forever finding new employment.... temporarily. Wonder where "Trooper" is now ("Trooper" was Auburn's Blake). Under a BobLee NCAA, bad boy asst coaches would be much more seriously dealt with.

I did hear last week that a very famous "big time college FB coach" told a Franklin Street "fat cat" that EVERYBODY knew about Blake before Butch hired him. EVERYBODY but Dickie that is.

If UNC had let Butch run off to Arkansas after Year One, I bet Butch, Blake et al would be the Toast of Fayetteville - "SoooEEE Pig".... and Arkansas would have spared themselves the Pitino embarrassment.
7/27/2013 12:12:14 PM

58 Wolf Kennel
BL. despite receiving my divorce papers, I don't recognize it as an exorcism (you don't have that power :>)). Still love to read (and agree with) your non Agent stuff, and that one lightening bolt of knowledge and wisdom from CNR is worth all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Very interesting discussions over the past several weeks with mutual good friends. They still love you, as do I, but we all are what we are!

BL: You retain visitation rights. There is no TRO in effect. :-)
7/27/2013 9:33:03 AM

Where is Stone going to eat now that Elaine has passed away?

BL: Have not gotten to that book yet !!! PJ Clarke was his favorite lunch spot.

Anyplace that serves Nob Creek will suffice.
7/25/2013 7:18:59 PM

Jim Pomeranz
I understand that my "friend" has been exorcised from BobLeeSays. Hmmm... Why? .............
............. If it's true what I was told by an inside source to you, then you have indeed up-graded your effort. I guess I'm next to go.

BL: Yes on that inside info. No re: your likelihood to join him.

A Pomeranz relative at Ground Zero of HeelNation is somewhat disturbing ??? :-)
7/23/2013 12:15:50 PM

"BL: NO ONE in my orbit thinks this is close to being "about over"."

College sports scandals are like nuclear reactions, they keep feeding on themselves until someone pushes in the boron rods. Bubba has been pushing in the boron rods, but so far, there has been either a new flare up, or one that was covered up for a while to keep the reaction going. Keep pushing Bubba!


BL: It's becoming a Whack-a-Mole. New moles keep popping up every few weeks.
7/23/2013 7:50:17 AM

Like CNR's stream of conscious post. Whenever a pitcher thinks he is being killed with lack of run support, he needs to look at Dean Chance's stats.
Oh and yes, I did mean St. Louis, the gentleman that I was thinking of would be whistling at his desk at Washington University there.

BL: I hope Holden will find happiness there. Both he and his wife are NC natives so adjusting to a new world under these circumstances may be a challenge.
7/23/2013 12:34:50 AM

Welcome back. Mental fatigue is a bear. Much worse for a player or team than is physical fatigue. I was concerned that your home had become a target for a drone.

This house is rooting for a Pirate/Oriole series. Long shot for sure. However, we can dream. The ignorant chronological elitists from the north Eastern SPorts Network are, as is their case perpetually, missing a story of two great baseball areas in Maryland and Western Pennsylvania including Baltimore and Greater Pittsburgh.

Babe Ruth, Jimmy Foxx, Lefty Grove, Ed Rommel, Steve Barber, Cal Ripken Jr., Buck Herzog, Charlie “King Kong” Keller, Buck Herzog, “Home Run” Baker, Al Kaline, John McGraw, Baltimore Chopper, the Robinson boys, Ed Murray.

Hans Wagner, Stan Musial, “Pie” Traynor, Sam McDowell, Willie Stargell, Barry Bonds. Roberto Clemente, ***** Groat, the Waner brothers, Bill Mazeroski, Bill Nicholson, Harold Baines, Pat Donovan, Ken Griffey Sr., Pud Galvin, ***** Allen, Hank Allen, Josh Gibson, Bobby Wallace, “Buck” Leonard, Satchell Paige (his greatest years were not with the Monarchs but with the Pittsburgh Crawfords).

Aggies cringe each time a Johnny Jerk story comes out. He was a jerk in the third grade who has regressed downward since.

The sadness in the Bo Belinsky story is that he took a marvelous talent, Dean Chance, down with him, not unlike Billy Martin’s job on Mick. Who was it with Josh Hamilton. What a talent.

Dean was an amazing talent who was raised on a farm in Ohio. Led the AL in wins and ERA when he was 22-23. Bo took the wide eyed kid to Hollywood beginning during Dean’s 19th year.

As far as Mick goes, Billy was Casey’s boy. What could Mick have done if he had not stepped into the drain at twenty and if Joe McCarthy was still managing the Yankees. There would have been no Martin. What if . . .Jerry Coleman had been a little younger or Bobby Richardson a little older. Bobby Richardson is so special in living his Faith. He is a beacon for all and as a Kempis, Imitation of Crist. He would have led Mick down the right path and a lifetime of his 1956 year. Then too, Roger Maris entered the scene too late.

Harvey is sounding a great deal like Namath. For those who think he was a great quarterback, look it up. Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl. Please, someone with scruples, take the youngster under wing and walk him through the process of greatness.

BL: PUD GALVIN ??? :-)
7/22/2013 12:15:49 PM

The Boxill affair is hilarious. Ms. Boxill will never make a double naught spy. She recommended that communications about the report revision to keep the NCAA away be conducted in person as opposed to emails (to keep her emails from appearing in the N&O) in, you got it, an email. Somebody is whistling while he works at a desk in St. Louis.

BL: St Louis ?? Do you mean Indianapolis? NCAA HQ is in Indy.

If Jan Boxill did not know that Deb Crowder was a deep insider w/ UNC Bball, then she was the 2nd most clueless goober in Orange County. Dickie, of course, being solidly #1.
7/22/2013 12:56:11 AM

Ive enjoyed your unique commentary over the past year or so. Keep up the splendid work and dont change no matter what the board monkeys and the libs say about you. Question: What's your take on Doug Sosnik? Better PR job with the scandal on the hill or with that old Monica & Slick Willie tisk? And how does one get paid millions do essentially do nothing. Opine.

BL: I've always cultivated my cyber-enemies with relish. I thrive on their angst.

Libs in general and academ-libs in particular are 100% totally predictable. That they hired Slick Willie's former spinmeister was a given.

That he was paid $500,000 for advice that was ignored was also predictable.

This trainwreck is a long way from "over".
7/21/2013 10:32:31 PM

Studying cctv tapes of the Washington Suburban Sewers turns up less flotsam than the local flagship and Blimpie Billy's Moron Monday brews up on a weekly basis.
Such things fill the dead zone until football "returns".

BL: With Rev Billy cozying up to the Carrboro crowd, maybe he replaces Charming Little Carol someday ???
7/21/2013 9:21:20 PM

HEY BOBBY! Welcome back, we missed you. I do "get" taking a break, I really needed one a few weeks back myself. As a personal aside did you catch Suits the other night? WOW, what an opener! As for the unpleasantness of the day it's gonna take a big book if and when someone decides to write it all down.

BL: Yes... saw Suits. Rachael looks anorexic. Harvey still ROCKS! Louis is still a weasel.

The UNC campus is a giant sinkhole.
7/21/2013 8:16:27 PM

BL:Interesting comment from your semi-fat cat bud re ORW...I have heard that some who socialize with him say he carries the label 'the committee'. Apparently, Ol' Roy is a control freak that insists on making all of the decisions for the group...hence, all suggestions for gameplans must be run past 'the committee' for approval...NICE GUY!

BL: Name me a Big Time FB or BkB coach who is NOT "a control freak" - Belichek ?? Saban ??. IMO, Roy issues are beyond that.
7/21/2013 8:13:44 PM

Interesting column, BL. Wondered where you were and hoped you were having fun and not wearing a surgical gown and having digits in places where scalpels were involved.
As to the "PJ"....and now the McD lad and Iceberg, what can we say except the local Reille (if is "I" before E?) WHO MSM hath finally OUTED, I say EXPOSED Iceberg. But they left out a few facts such as the Blood kin (per CBS) of Fats and Dr. Howard and the little Adjunct professorship at the Tooth school in Chapel Hill.
There be other serpents in the fescue such as the cozy relationship of Defender Mouthguards and the UNC Athletic dept....
What is really not that surprising, but still slightly irritating is that the reporters and the University took three weeks to find out when the "Monkeys" at PackPride posted.
Now before ye and your followers confine me or banish me, I googled Fats and PJ and one of the links TOOK me to PP and it took about 3 minutes of scanning to see the cozy relationship.
Then my Ronnie Regan Trust by Verify axiom kicked in and I, too, was able to trace the paths of potentially improper benefits and the nefarious relationships (on the NC Sec of State site, no less) of the cast.
Since you have probably met or have sources that know the cell of Mrs. Folt, it appears time to text her St. Monteith's phone number.
Yes, the shelf life on this will live long and prosper...
Only question is....?? Does the NCAA care or will be involved?
That and the original sin (this one not involving an apple) of Dean (the anointed one) Smith telling AD Swofford that he wanted an AFAM school, just like KU will forever be talked about.
I think that the fringe of the Wuffie nation would only be placated by having all UNC athletes (past, present and future) have to wear a light blue T with AFAM or some other message on a 24X7 basis.
Stay tuned....more to come out....

BL: NO ONE in my orbit thinks this is close to being "about over".
7/21/2013 9:37:14 AM

I also like the "shaved head" Pawn Star guy but for a different reason. He was on CNBC one morning talking about free markets and such and ripped into Obama about his policies causing entrepreneurs lots of problems with business and hiring. Made my morning since it caught the CNBC crew completely off guard. Add in that he is from Lexington NC.

BL: Did not know that about "pawn shop guy". Like him even more now.
.... and WHY were you watching CNBC ???
7/21/2013 9:00:53 AM

Can you say Jane Boxill? Holden must be the happiest man alive today.

BL: Alas, Holden will find Frau Boxill's ilk at Wash U too. But as Provost, the buck does not stop on his desk. So, yes, I'm sure he is mucho happier.

Ivy Carol has a mess at "little itty bitty" Dartmouth that she cannot extricate herself from. Libs screw up anything they touch.
7/21/2013 8:16:44 AM

King & Maxwell is indeed pretty good. It's been a long flight since The Great Santini for Michael O'Keefe. He looks like he's not weathered too well. Graceland and Crossing Lines are not too bad either. August 31st will be here in the blink of an eye! How much more dirt can Dan "Dirt Devil" Kane sweep up before then?

BL: I would think Michael O'Keefe is better known for Caddyshack.

Dan doesn't have to dig too deep to find new material. It keeps being handed to him !!!!
7/20/2013 11:19:18 PM

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