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July 11,’13:  “Every ill wind blows someones’ sails” is, like most “old sayings”, truer more often than not.   The Great Unpleasantness, like Duke Lacrosse six years ago, has made my job here almost too easy.   Pierce is enjoying the same benefits from Bill Barber’s Sideshow.   Human Foolishness on Steroids has become a constant circa 2013.    Almost as bountiful as the headline issues are the side bars that keep bubbling up......

Lets hop aboard The Wayback Machine (with Sherman and Mr Peabody):   This website is coming up on fifteen years and 1,600 incredibly insightful columns.  It was birthed by a certain clueless twerp’s purchase of from VilCom in order to silence “people like me” and my GoodSports’ buddy Chansky.

As I recall, it took 28 seconds after the purchase before notorious “UNC spokesman Steve Kirschner” notified me that I probably was not going to fit into their plans for the new direction of the website.  Say it ain’t so Kirschy!

It then took three days for this website to be up and running..... that was, as noted, about 1,600 columns ago.   It has been quite a fun ride ever since.   Some days more funner than others but always fun.

.... in about our 2nd or 3rd month, I wrote something that superglued me to the Enemies List of a certain boutique message board composed of enthusiastic partisans of a certain area sports program.  Long forgot whatever set’em off.  It wouldn’t matter.   

I did not come up with the term “Board Monkey” but I guess I am responsible for it now being in Funk & Wagnall’s.  They were / are dedicated “BCS Before I Die; No Matter What”  types.  When you see a thread entitled “Should we firebomb Dave Huxtable’s house?”  you know you are dealing with some loco looloos.  

Several wrote to say what a terrible human being I was.   In the ensuing years I would on occasion, on the concourse of an area stadium or arena, feel dark little eyes boring into me and catch a sneered lip on a passerby.  That was about it.

At about the five year mark there was another flare-up that resulted in a few more “you’re a terrible human being” emails but it was short-lived.   I soon forgot all but three names and even forgot the name of their cyber clubhouse.

So..... this week I heard from one of’em.  That Faust column contained a 5-word sentence that upset him.   I get 3 or 4 “.... will be hearing from my attorney” messages a year.  For that reason I retain two able barristers – P Coleman Buck and Christian Stiegemeyer.  One I use when I might have “crossed a line”..... the other I consult when I’m dealing with a known sociopath.  The latter knows people who know people (wink, wink).

Their advice ranges from (1) get a conceal carry permit .... (2) buy an attack dog .... (3) TTTGAL – “Tell Them To Get A Life”.  #3 is the usual strategy.

I resolved ithis one sans counsel.   Every BLSays column has 4-5 offensive references purposely inserted.  “Being provocative” means being provocative.  Duh!   The sentence of concern was a throw-away line so I immediately threw it away.... zap.   I so notified the offendee.  The comment had been up about 20 minutes.

The easiest battles to win are often the ones you simply avoid.   It took me a long time to learn that lesson.  From 15 years of experience I knew this would not end so easily.   He had not yet told me what a terrible human being I am.   Gotta get that in.

I had this pegged as a four email joust.   It may end up at just three.   Maybe I’m getting better (or worse) with these.  So he told me how awful I am and how “nobody I know reads your internet stuff any more” .  YIKES!

I showed this to Pierce.  He reminded me of the story of the Upper East Side dowagers on election night 1980 when Reagan took 44 states to the limo libs amazement because “no one I know voted for him”.

The readership of this site has never been higher.  The Faust column is already a Top Ten-viewed column.

Thanking him for his market research, I asked him to give my regards to whatstheirnames at that boutique fan forum.   An hour later I checked my site analytics and VOILA..... I had 17 links from him and his buddies.   Am I good or what?

I truly did not intend to offend him at all.  Rather than debate the offensiveness of it just delete it.   He gets to impress his buddies about “telling BobLee off” and I get half of a column telling you about it.   Win – Win.

I meant to ask him if they still had a bounty on Dave Huxtable’s head since Dave is now in Raleigh.... but I decided not to.


As I added to the Faust column..... I DO agree with the text and tone of Bubba’s public comment on Wednesday.   I’ve checked with a dozen or so reasonable adults with experiences in executive decision-making.  They also agree.

This is a ring-tailed mess of semi-epic proportions viewed in the context of the past three years.  Until “they” are confident this current situation has bottomed out.... withhold final judgment.   If this were in-season a much more timely resolution would be necessary.

I won’t hypothesize how this mess might be resolved.  Once it is.... I may / may not agree but, for now, another week or so to reach a verdict is acceptable.   Saying “something” was, however, important.  Bubba did that.

Placating the ABC lynch mob should never be a consideration.  THAT will never happen.

Of my focus group of a dozen experienced executives.... eight added the comment - “Can you imagine the greater disaster this would be if Baddour were still around?”   The other four thought it but did not say it.

The central question I am hearing among my level-headed UNCers is...... “Was Roy aware of Fats Thomas’ proximity to his program BEFORE the original traffic stop in early June?  If not..... he certainly should have been.  If he WAS, what logical steps could he / should he have taken to cut Fats off from his players some time ago?  The Fats Thomases are a grim reality for any big-time basketball program.

Butch dummying up and “playing Sgt Schultz” about what his best friend Blake was up to got Butch canned.   Roy not fulfilling his “in loco parentis” responsibilities is equally concerning.  

Drip.... drip..... drip.



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Fake Mark Emmert
Let's pretend we're talking about some other school, a fake school, "East Columbia State," to sidestep the emotional baggage of discussing a school we have feelings about one way or the other.

East Columbia State has:
- One player ticketed twice in rental cars provided by a drug dealer, plus another Twitter reference to a Mercedes provided by the drug dealer.
- One of the tickets was for driving with drugs in the car, and a gun on the ground outside the car.
- Another player asking opinions about a particular model of Mercedes, which the drug dealer rented a few weeks later, for reasons unknown.
- Another player in a picture reacting to his Infiniti SUV being booted for parking tickets.
- Another player promoting $300-$1500 mouthguards and appearing in a commercial for people who throw parties.
- Also, the guy with the two tickets has one of the $300-$1500 mouthguards, visible in numerous pictures from last season.
- This all happened while East Columbia State was on probation after being slapped with Failure To Monitor social media.

Is there a cogent argument for this not being Lack of Institutional Control?

BL: I would think it would be.... without seeing the official NCAA definition of LIC.
7/18/2013 8:17:09 AM

Boblee - - - i agree with your "old school" outlook; while i do not forsee that college athletics as a whole will reform to my liking; i would like to see the acc handle its internal teams in such a way that the conference is perceived as the most ethical and academic among the power conferences........only way that i imagine that possible is that the faculty/chancellors/ath directors get on same page and acc conference itself become the tough enforcement of standards regardless of ncaa actions...............i'm perfectly content seeing acc schools with competitive programs and real students even if it means peach bowl in special year rather than new yrs day bowl and sweet 16 run rather than final 4 if the players are solid citizens and getting it done in the classroom.....

BL: Programs such as Clemson, FSU, Miami, Louisville, VaTech et al are never likely to opt for that plan. But its a nice thought.
7/13/2013 7:06:29 PM

Old MacDonald
Referencing your Faust column -- do you think the "denial %" of the UNC fanbase over the past 3 years has become too publically entrenched in their "emporer has no clothes" stance on the " Way" that they cannot ever join the "third %"? Because that is my perception from the numerous UNC folks I work with. They can't admit they were wrong. It does not matter what else comes out . For them it will always be damage control rather than dealing with the root problem.

BL: You knw I love the analogy of The Blind Men & The Elephant.... I would need to know your age, occupation and the demographics of the UNCers you associate with. .. I don't have "deniers" in my social orbit by design.

My associates tend to be 45+ and not afraid of "reality" and "have lives" that don't require a vicarious dependence on 20 y/o thug-aletes winning games.

AND - most of my UNC buddies are fellow crazy right-wingers who have marginal allegiance to their alma mater.

BUT... I am well aware of the pathetic bunch you are dealing with. Get a better class of associates. :-)
7/12/2013 9:37:54 PM

Good, Thought I may have been a little out of bounds with my Chancellor remark.....
Just tongue and cheek stuff......

BL: I am totally accountable for every word on this site. Its the "crazy right-winger" in me!

No, it wasn't that at all.
7/12/2013 4:11:37 PM

Emmette Taylor
I believe as you and wetwolf point out very well. Someone has to draw the line. Accept the weed, beer, etc. but guns ? If this is truly what it has become, all programs need to do some serious " soul searching" and decide where they want to be. If Dean was still there, think I know the answer. But, current group not really sure. By the way, we are no doubt in the minority on taking the high ground.

BL: The current trends in big time sports are much bigger than "Dean". Why do you think he retired when he did?
7/12/2013 11:31:30 AM

Got my curiosity......Was the five-word sentence something to do about BOT and BOG daughters and wives? Or maybe that dominatrix thing? :-)

BL: Nope.... nothing so simple... or foolish. Just of personal interest to the offendee. I appreciated his reasoning which is why I complied so quickly.
7/12/2013 10:25:30 AM

I applaud you for taking the high road regarding your "fan club." Don't do it again :-(

Yes, I believe in the cultural shift theory, but yet, there is still time and models available to institutions for the removal of the platforms providing the conduits of the shift.

UNC...since this is what we are talking about in particular, needs more NIMBYs.

Like you said , in essence, "...take that s*** somewhere else."

BL: BUT a majority of your "market" has to agree with that. The universal "we" has yet to be determined.

I have no illusion that my "old school" concept is today's mainstream concept. ..... but maybe !!!

CNR saw all this coming 50 years ago !!!!
7/12/2013 9:37:01 AM

BL - I do not mind the beer or the weed. Shot, it is legal in WA now. AND he is in college. Will not throw stones.

I do mind the gun and the extra baggies. I do mind the Wheels For Heels program and will be upset IF the rug is lifted and slid over the poop hill. While no school is full of saints, the 'Way' has become to much like a bad pyramid scheme. Everyone knows the scheme is a shame but the people in it. The dose of reality may come this round or might not. But it will eventually.

BL: I "mind" the whole gangsta persona that this exemplifies... but I fear that is the present and future of Big Time College Basketball.

IF UNC drops the hammer on this thug-alete it will send a message to a lot of ESPN Top 100 kids .... a message not to come to UNC.

I'm good with that. Many would not be. We shall see.
7/11/2013 8:53:27 PM

Have you seen the pics of PJ chugging beers at the beach last weekend?

BL: Yes, I have. Doing that is not a crime or even an infraction. Under the circumstances I would say such public behavior is ill-advised.... but I'm not in PJ "advisory council".

The mind reels at who might be among PJ's advisors.
7/11/2013 5:37:18 PM

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