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So, did Johnny Manziel kiss the Missouri guy?

May 12,’14:  I’m sure many of you follow the various off-field/court dramas of “sports” more than I do.  I don’t watch ANY ESPN talking heads any more.... haven’t for months now.  I do read headlines on 3-4 national sports websites.  I sort of know what is going on to the superficial level I care about these days.   But I can get confused.....

Did Johnny Manziel kiss the Missouri gay guy?  Is Ol’ Roy going to be the new coach of The Lakers..... Is Ben Gazzi buying The Clippers?

We’ve been down this path before.   Watching a competitive sports event on TV can be an ever-so enjoyable experience.   Say what we will about The NBA but there have been some VERY exciting play-off games so far..... with more very likely to come.

Put aside all the yucky “sausage factory” realities of The NBA.  The players are incredibly talented athletes.   They can do things in competition against equally talented athletes that are absolutely amazing to watch.  The “last three minutes” of an NBA game can be incredible sports drama.   Figuring out what channel is carrying what game is “Where’s Waldo” of sports TV, but I suppose there’s a reason for that.

Am I the only one who.... has never understood that "call a time-out and the ball moves to half-court" rule?  Is that the NBA version of "icing"?

The only team I “care about” is the San Antonio Spurs to the degree I care about any NBA team.  I lived in San Antonio for a short time..... I’ve always liked Tim Duncan and how he conducts himself.   I like their coach and his Belichekian personality.  I’ve watched at least the second halfs of most of their games so far.  I intend to keep doing so so long as they are still in the hunt. ...... I would be hard pressed to name 10-12 players total on other teams.  I’m pretty sure I’m not the target demographic for any NBA sponsor.

For the past two years, it’s apparently been “a rule” that every daily collection of sports headlines contain the words “Johnny Manziel” followed by some question or concern about him.   I understand that he was drafted by “The Browns”.  The Browns, with due respect to Otto Graham, Jim Brown and Lou Groza, are the San Diego Padres and San Jose Sharks of sports franchises.

Have The Browns been on national TV since John Elway had “the drive” against them a long time ago?  That was so long ago that TVs were fat and not flat.  I’m guessing the Manziel/Browns will now be “back” especially when they play Michael Sam’s Rams.

Once somebody / anybody finally drafted Manziel, the national obsession became “who will draft the gay guy?”   He finally got drafted within 5-6 of the end of the whole extravaganza.   Yippeee.... now we can expect minute-minute reports of how he does on every rep at every workout.

Was The Rams “drafting the gay guy” a back room deal with The NFL going back to Jeff Fisher and Gregg Williams?   Did The Rams agree “to take a bullet” for The League?  If Sams gets cut (Nooooo !!), which most experts seem to think is likely, can we expect the full wrath of LGQBTXYZ to come down on The Rams? ..... as every other NFL team official smirks “gee, who thought that might happen.... duh!”.

My well-warranted disrespect for “media” and sports media especially is such that I fully expect ESPN to cover “Michael Sam’s first NFL shower”.  If not video from within the shower room itself, surely interviews with veteran players as they exit the shower asking “so how tightly did you hold on to the soap?”   (See Below).

I have a verified story about “the first time Phil Ford walked into a NBA shower room” WHOA!!  I’m going to spare you that one.

Hey, lets have “V dot” of Donald Sterling fame, on-hand for her appraisal of why Michael Sam’s boyfriend – “Vito” – is a white guy.  Is Michael Sam disrespecting black gay guys by going “white”?

Anyone dissing on Boyfriend Vito better be really careful.  Vito's grandfather was Midwest Mafia enforcer William "Willie The Rat" Cammisano.  "Willie The Rat" was a capo for the notorious Nick Civella.  Ever seen the movie Casino.  Nick Civella was one of the guys in the backroom.

I didn’t care about Michael Vick and the dog-fighting.   I care even less about Michael Sam’s sex life.  I’m not well-versed at all in “the gay lifestyle” but is this guy likely to be one of the very few NFLers (not named Manning) that doesn’t have a trail of “baby mammas” trying to collect child support.  

“Gays in the Boy Scouts” I do have an opinion about.   “Gays in the NBA / NFL” I do not have an opinion about.   How “the media” treats it..... yeah, I have an opinion about that.  ESPN talking heads obsessing on off-court/field issues is where we have evolved as a society.   Filling the 24/7 sports media appetite has driven us there.   

Sports reporters doing politically-correct social commentary...... like kindergarteners playing with flame throwers.  

The only benefit of “what did the gay guy have for breakfast today” saturation coverage will be Tim Tebow doesn’t get blasted 24/7 now.   The same blow-dried numbnuts that have blasted Tim Tebow for three years, now fawn over Michael Sams.   Tell me again - Tim Tebow's "sin" was _____???  Obviously there is a market for such.  Obviously it isn’t me.

♦ ♦ ♦

So Ol’ Roy is NOT going to The Lakers and Mary Whistleblower is NOT going to Congress.   I’m sure the respective Yeee Haaa gangs are having lots o’ fun with both of those “not goings”. ..... and it’s very doubtful that either UNC or NCSU will be going to Omaha..... sigh, sob.

Question for any ABCers.  Have you positively identified which UNC Fat Cat "pulled strings" to keep Mary Whistleblower from testifying?  Does James Taylor or Louis Black really have that much power?

In case you missed it...... here’s a pretty detailed article on “the UNC Investigator..... aka that $900/hour guy” ......   LINK.

Q:  So.... why did UNC have to hire such an expensive lawyer?   
A:  So the ABC Mob would not accuse them of “doing it on the cheap..... again”.
Q:  Will anything UNC does "score points" with the ABC Mob?
A:  Nope.  Not a thing.  This mess crossed that Rubicon about four years ago.

Unless “the $900/hour guy” recommends (1) Roy be fired..... (2) The banners be burned..... (3) UNC Bkball be abolished..... (4) The DDome imploded..... (5) Every UNC fan wear a “I’m stoopid” pin for the next 25 years; it won’t matter what he is paid.   Anything less and the Great Dumpster Fire just keeps on smoldering.  ..... OK, pick four of those five.

♦ ♦ ♦

BLSays Reader Poll:
Who should do that "How tight did you hold your soap" NFL shower exit interview?
(A) Barbara Walters ...
(B) John Clayton ........
(C) The Oprah ..........
(D) Erin Andrews .......

(E) Stephen A Smith...
(F) _______ .........

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Posted: May 12, 2014 at 11:22 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 12 comments

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I think you are right--and I sure wish him well......

If he proves himself on the field, that is what counts... Can't imagine an environment like a Miami Dolphin dressing room for him ....He really is a brave one...

Those militant advocacy groups ... Brother...
Later From Thailand

BL: Rams are getting themselves boxed in. If they dare to cut him, the wrath of LQGBT will fall upon them.

5/13/2014 6:20:18 PM

Post game celebrations at the Blue Oyster?

Back in '78 during the NIT a 'stewardess' friend of mine, much to our surprise, had her gay flight attendant co-worker take us to a packed somewhat touristy gay night club in New York City (where Truman Capote asked me to pass him a bar straw), a somewhat frightened N&O sports writer asked me in earnest--"Which bathroom do we use?" We both opted for the outside alley (with its dangers and all).....

Never walked in 'their' shoes, but it seems to me wet, open mouth kisses should be considered a bit 'much'--really icky too--yuck!

Olympic figure skating crowds will be mobbing the Edward Jones Dome......Bathroom/dressing room facilities a work in progress? Slippery soap and all.......

An out-of-the closet friend of a gay guy
From Thailand :-)

BL: I figure Sams is probably a decent kid who has made a difficult choice in his Life.... and it is His Life.

He is, alas, becoming a pawn by a very aggressive militant activist group.

UNC's Marvin's Gang member Robert Quinn is 3-4 levels above him on the Rams depth chart.

5/13/2014 6:01:39 PM

58 Wolf Kennel
Was gong to send you a note about the 2006 History of UNC Alumni Council and interactions with the Board of Governors. That's my last copy but I know you're good for it. Maybe see you at the ACC Tournament. I think both teams will make it. Of course we have to get by Wake Forest tonight and then not blow the weekend series at VT. Team is back to playing real baseball, though.

BL: Both manuscripts are safe and sound.... wrapped up in a Tillis For Senator bumpersticker. :-)

I hear its been a tough Spring for Coach Avant. He needs his real friends, like you.

5/12/2014 4:43:36 PM

I’m votin’ for Ru Paul to be the Interviewer...
Then the two of them can star in a new HGTV series about a coupl’a cool gay black dudes building houses for poor folk!

Oh, is that right... straight guys from somewhere off I-77... well, I still think ESPN, MSNBC, and Oprah will go crackers for these two, I mean two black cards, two gay cards, meaning four diversity cards, all in one show... MSNBC will have a ‘where’s Waldo’ about them every night on the Madcow fellow’s show opposite O’Reilly!

BL: Am I the only one who gets Dennis Rodman and Ru Paul mixed up?

I'm sure we can expect Michael Sams to be doing the Lib Talk Show circuit very soon. Wonder if Vito will go on with him?

Wonder what Ray Nitzchke and Di*k Butkus would think?

5/12/2014 2:44:10 PM

Been quite a week or perhaps back from FL where I witnessed the Jimbo is our GOD pep rally....then had second Cataract Surgery....then on to the Wolfies Coach's Caravan. Gottfried was on the Indy with the NCAA and Lutz was the O stepped in. Great event. Doren was a pickin' and a grinin'...and Wes Moore was the Coach de Jour. Elliott was there, but on the phone and NOT chosen for a stoolside interview ....WHEW ....what a scheduled for us retired Wuffies....

As to your column and questions....

Sterling and the NBA....Not a Racist....but grew up in a White Small Southern Town in the 50's. We never lynched anyone and there were no carefully placed holes in the bed linen. Da Man done stepped in it... and the Supremes will eventually rule that the NBA, unlike the Gubermint, cannot TAKE away property without DUE PROCESS and Social Media Execution is NOT allowed in the Constitution... Political Campaigns....YES....

You missed ONE MORE EXOTIC (erotic?) event.. Clay's seemingly victory over an old Demo that ran like he was Bush's best buddy. Can't wait to see Billy B in his LARGE Rainbow Stole.. think Omar the TentMaker Original.
The KISS.... All that came to mind was Betty Everret's "Shoop-Shoop Song" Lyrics. Google has all the answers to questions that even his learned one, BL, has not thought of.
The Clip's just keep on Clippin' along on the V trail... which increased the value of what the NBA gonna take away for words that EVERYONE knew he had said, but TMZ had not paid $$'s to assassinate him...

How does ONE Vote in your Poll. I clicked every imaginable syllable and here is MY VOTE...

F - OTHER - Monica....This will be part of her "healing" now that she has come out of Therapy. I also had a thought.. Since the Dookie Three (and their lawyers) got $60 Million or so for "Never being able to find a job again due to the expunged arrest for sexual assault on a drugged, drunken, stoned, stripper, escort and NOW, Murderer...", Monica ought to SUE BILL... BUT, if she claims "Emotional" pain and suffering, then the settlement is NON-Taxable.... the Dookies claimed LOST Potential Wages and Uncle Obama held out his Sticky IRS palm and said PAY ME.
Monica for the F- Other Hostess with the Mostess invertiew... perhaps her talents would have an impact on Sam-the-Ram's past decisions. Sam is already claiming that he would have been 3rd round... had he not come OUT.
BTW.. saw Draft Day when the world came to end in FL. The last draft and Johnny M's plight mirrored the fictional plot. Good movie....
Welcome back,

BL: No fancy "way to vote". Just tell me like you did. One vote for "Monica". I assume you don't mean Courtney Cox on Friends.

I see TeamSterling going "nasty" on all this. Donnie apparently loves courtroom theatrics. Could be fun to watch. NBA may have knee-jerked too soon out of abject fear of "racial activists". Very predictable.

If I was worth 2 Billion, I bet I could find myself a better skank-on-the-side than V dot. Couldn't you?

5/12/2014 2:21:34 PM

MW will be in that Senate committee room tomorrow. Just won't be testifying. She will be there on her own dime.

Her disparagers are seriously underestimating her.

BL: I've never doubted her findings at all.

That "the University" circled its wagons against her was totally predictable. Can she ever change that? Doubtful.

Can she make lots of trouble via other means now that she is no longer an employee? Absolutely, and I expect she intends to. I would if I were her.

5/12/2014 2:16:01 PM

Stopped caring for the NBA when they went to the "3 steps, stop, pivot, 2 more steps, hop" is not traveling mode.
Question: If Michael Sam's sexual orientation "doesn't matter" then why is that all the sports media can talk about?

BL: It doesn't matter TO ME. Obviously "the media in general" is obsessed by it. I'm not a member of any media organization. Sports media has always been "looked down" on by "the real news media". Ergo any chance to flaunt their political correctness via social commentary is jumped on.

"They" are also very sensitive to the usual gaggle of militant activists on any issues. Scared to death of'em... and the militant activists KNOW they can intimidate the media.

As for NBA "loose rules", at least they allow it across the board now, and not just Jordan Rules.

5/12/2014 2:05:22 PM

It wouldn't surprise me at all if what kept "Mary Whistleblower" out of Congress was Mary herself. meaning that her appearance was never scheduled to begin with. She "self-reported" the thing, and there doesn't seem to be anyone in Congress that ever knew anything about it.

BL: Another legitimate possibility.

I'll ask Deborah Stroman the next / first time we have lunch.

5/12/2014 1:51:06 PM

How come I don't get Notice of EVERY BLSays and AP columns?

BL: We don't ALERT every AP column, but they all do get posted on Plott Hound. I'll tell our AP staff to start doing that.

As for these..... they ALL get ALERTED but e-data base distribution is a very inexact science. The program we use has a much higher saturation % than ConstantContact which is the most popular program. Individual email servers can be fickle. .... other than that lets Blame Dickie. :-)

5/12/2014 1:45:51 PM

I like '58's pick above - Erskine Bowles would fit that situation very well. I hear the usual suspects may be asking Sen Rockefeller about that "witness" deletion. That should be rich.

BL: I like the "Erskine did it" Theory. I'm pretty sure my pal Chansky doesn't have the clout. John Skipper?? Stuart Scott?? Alexander Julian?? .... the list of possibles ain't short.

5/12/2014 1:41:43 PM

58 Wolf Kennel
PS: BL, even though you don't read the N&O, you need to know the McClatchy "tribune" in the Winston Salem paper that wrote the pretty good Wainstein article was Dan Kane :>))

BL: I've never disparaged Dan Kane. I'm unique among all living UNC alums in that regard.

He's doing what an investigative journalist does. Kinda like Mickey McCarthy and Claude Sitton, huh? INCOMING !!

5/12/2014 1:25:43 PM

58 Wolf Kennel
BL, welcome back from wherever. In order, NBA playoffs to date have been as exciting as I have seen. Only time of year, however, and I begin at 6 minutes in the 4th.

Don't care about NFL draft. Something's wrong when news (and you) have to focus on Johnny and Sam.

I've heard Bowles to buddy Rockefeller kept Mary out of the limelight.

Not given up yet on either Holes or Wuffs making the CWS.

Finally, no "Mothers' Day" comments?

BL: With no enforced deadlines, I only post when I feel I have something reasonably entertaining to say. I report on "sports media" because it seems to interest a lot of my readers.

Ahhh Ha.... So Erskine is "the Fat Cat". As good a guess as any I suppose. My $$$ was on Ol' Najtar Ndjiahe (sp??).

Are both UNC / NCS qualified for ACC tourney yet?

I left Mothers Day to every living soul on Facebook. "Mothers" and "pets" dominated Facebook last week. OK, and whining about primary results of course. LOTS of that going on.

Don't I have a Kennel manuscript to return to you?

5/12/2014 1:20:38 PM

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