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No Heavier Burden Than.....

BobLeeSays:  Nov 5, ’12: 
   Legendary cartoonist / “life coach” Charles Schulz, via Linus Van Pelt, reminded us “There is no heavier burden than a great potential.”  Schulz should be the featured speaker each year at the I Wanna Be A Big Time Football Coach convention.  Aspirants need reminding that their chosen path is both lonely and fraught with many perils.  Just ask Les, Lane..... and a certain ruddy-faced Marine.

BUT FIRST:  This was BobLee’s Annual Moricle Weekend.  Blondie and I motor westward to Camel City and The Moricle Suite @ Deacon Towers @ BB&T Field.  

Does our parking pass get us close?  We pass a spot reserved for Coach Grobe a ways back.  A very short stroll to The Gold Lobby and a chauffered elevator ride to “the 5th floor”.  Did I mention that between the car and the elevator two members of the BB&T Hospitality Team have greeted us BY NAME and hugged us?  

Stepping off the elevator into The Moricle Suite is akin to Norm entering Cheers except the assembled’s cry is “BobbbbLeeeee & BLONDIE”.   Actually it’s “BLONDIE..... and  that tall guy with the beard”.   Indeed, “everybody knows our name” at The Moricle Suite @ BBT Field.    

As we enter, Jim is already giving his personal chalk talk to the group.  Jim?  Oh, that’s “Coach Grobe” to you non-Moricle-types.  Jim comes up and gives them an inside look at the day’s game plan.  Ron (Wellman, silly) is there as well as Mike The Yankee Pitcher and the Deacon Club executive staff.  

The Moricles are the crème de la crème of Deacon loyalists.  A loyalty proven over numerous generations and reproven each year with a check lots bigger than even an annual tuition at the quaint little school they all love.   This was our 4th or 5th Moricle Weekend and the friendliness and hospitality gets more bountiful with each year.

Ron (Wellman, silly) always wants to know some deep inside tidbit that only BobLee knows.   We joked about Bubba & The Goofy Helmet Brouhaha.  Ron accepts he is now my co-Favorite ACC AD.... sharing that pedestal with Bubba The Real AD.   

This year’s visit included meeting Carl The Lawyer and some guy named Nathan Hatch.  This guy Hatch ingratiated himself to me by saying he and Bubba were good buddies at Notre Dame back in the 90s.  Yeah, sure Nathan.  Bubba has gone on to be A Real AD and Nathan ended up with a gig as President of Wake Forest..... or so he says.  Rumor has it Nathan was VERY instrumental in the Notre Dame / ACC Deal ...... VERY instrumental.  Seemed like quite a good egg and he laughed at my jokes so I’ll believe what he says.

The Deacs defeated what’s left of Doug Flutie U 28-14.  Mike The Yankee Pitcher says the Deacs ALWAYS win when Blondie and I arrive for our annual visit.  They keep records of such at The Moricle Suite.

A most delightful way to spend a Fall Saturday.  Thanks Zeno!  You are a special friend!


Meanwhile across the fruited plain of BCS Football..... the chaff and the wheat begins to separate.   Guys named Les (Miles) and Lane (Kiffin) weren’t loved as much come Sunday morning as they were twelve hours earlier.   And over to the Fairgrounds in West Raleigh..... weeeelllll.  Add Carter-Finley to “the Halls of Montezuma & the Shores of Tripoli” as places where Marines have found themselves embattled.

I saw maybe 5-6 plays of Hoos Demolish Wuffs on the flat screens at Moricle World but what I saw was enough to tell me the long knives are officially unsheathed on The Brickyard.  Last week Gio let loose the first disgruntled knee-jerkers of  The number of unhappy jerking knees went up considerably this past Saturday.

It hasn’t reached the stage where TO’B wears a disguise when he goes to 7-11 for a Big Gulp.  FrauYow has not assigned an intern to start TO’B’s car each morning.... yet.   But history shows that once Wuff-blood lust gets beyond that cross-eyed 5% that is perpetually constipated, it can spread quickly among for-real human fans.

When ya start hearing “.....but he runs a clean program and builds character”..... Uh Oh!  That is akin to that girl with an overbite and overly large feet who “has a great personality and sews her own clothes”.  Lose to Grobe’s Deacs and Frau might issue the dreaded Vote Of Confidence.  

Is it true that Frau has asked Coach Gott to stand beside TO’B on the sidelines so a crazy with poor aim won’t dare risk a shot?  I know where they can get enough Kevlar to outfit the entire staff, if necessary.

The backroom boys @ Amedeo’s are “liking” Bobby Petrino and Jon Gruden’s Facebook pages.  And, of course, the We (heart) Bill Cowher yard signs will be sprouting up.  Wuffs On The Warpath are nuthin’ if not predictable.... and oodles of fun to watch.

It’s not like Tom can say something quippy to regain Lupine love.  “Quippy” isn’t TO’B’s forte.   Wake, Clem, and Doug Flutie U stand between TO’B and Christmas In Shreveport.   If “that punt” had just hung up about another .5 seconds..... ahhhh, what mighta been.  Tuff Bidness!

Tuff Bidness Indeed..... just ask Les The Mad Hatter in Baton Rogue?  Or Lane Son of Monte on the floor of The Coliseum.  For TO’B the annual “burden” is 8-10 Ws including “the hated rival”.   For Les and Lane it’s BCS or Bust.  Both “busted” Saturday night.  

The Kelly Boys (Chip & Brian) keep rolling along.  Brian needed leprechaun luck to stay in the hunt.  Chip’s Ducks scored a bazillion against Matt The PreSeason Heisman Guy.

The Swamp People ain’t too happy with “that whozit that replaced Urban – who, incidentally in un-freakin-defeated in The Horseshoe”.   At Auburn, Coach Wonderful has turned out to be a One-Cam Wonder while St Nick loses one game every five years, maybe.  On Rocky Top, Vince’s boy Derek has two chances to survive and “slim” is fading fast.

Between the Hedges, Mark Richt will Win Ten and finish 5th or 6th AGAIN and so what?  Spurrier has won more games in the past five years than the ‘Cocks had won total in the previous fifty years..... but now their expectations are much higher.  Tuff Bidness.


Back amongst The Moricles..... they do love Jim and Ron (Wellman, silly) and enjoy their 5-6 maybe 7 Ws each year. ..... a realistic “potential” neither great nor a heavy burden. 

Did I mention that The Moricles have their very own Chocolate Wunderfall.  How cool is THAT!


OK, BobLee.... What about The Election?  I'm optimistic that I and my fellow eeeevil right-wing fanatics will indeed prevail and save America from a suicidal dive into the Abyss.   Barack & Joe are Thelma & Louise.  If America hitches a ride then.......

But regardless, I intend to be right'cher one way or t'other when all the chads are counted.  AgentPierce assures me he will be too.

“Stop worrying about the world ending today. It's already tomorrow in Australia.”

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Johnny Flim Flam
BL, not that this is a factor, but do you know the lyrics to Rocky Top? "Wish that I was on ole Rocky Top, Down in the Tennessee hills. Ain't no smoggy smoke on Rocky Top, Ain't no telephone bills."


BL: No I don't know the words.
11/7/2012 11:23:41 AM

Think UT might go for the whole package, Butch, Blake, Baddour and Dr. Kangaroo? Oh wait, they might not need the good doctor, they are already in the SEC:-)


BL: Dickie B is done. Stick a fork in the putz.... BD might recycle Blake though.
11/6/2012 3:28:53 PM

Sounds like BK may be getting ready to republish his classic, "Ten Seeds of Greatness". Can't wait.

Hey, BK you might want to toss some water on those seeds in the desert. They're getting a little dry.


BL: Uh oh... BK-baiting !!! That could get scary really quickly. :-)
11/6/2012 1:42:11 PM

Bobby: As I have expressed before, I love your writing style, and the humor contained therein has figuratively threatened many a keyboard and literally destroyed one. But sometimes in the comments, I have trouble distinguishing between "artistic license" and genuine opinion. So on this one, I'm just gonna flat out ask:

Are you serious about Butcher to UT?


BL: Its my semi-knowledgable opinion. Butcher's bagman /agent Jimma Sexton was a team manager at UTenn in the late 70s-80s and has strong ties there. Why not?

Jeff Long - Arkansas AD - won't look at Butch. Maybe Auburn would.
Kentucky might, but I doubt Butcher would have any interest there.

UTenn has all the basic elements BD would want - rabid "Just Win" fans and a strong tradition.
11/6/2012 1:26:20 PM

58 Wolf Kennel
Darn, BL. When are you going to get some Tar Heel fans posting? We Wuffies seem necessary to "carry your parry" party. As for Holly Springs neighbors like "Wire", I don't just admit support for "O" but am proud of it.
As for Coach Tom, he still has my support based on cleanliness, Godliness, 5-1 record, NFL placements, buyout costs, and what should be a 4-0 bowl record against pretty good teams save for Russell W. getting hurt with a big lead against Rutgers. We can't take anymore of those non-shows like last Saturday, however. Let the season play out and AD decisions play out with cooler heads making decisions. In any case, Go Pack ! (proud of that, too)

PS: A good writer should give an inferior writer some credit for the word "immoricle".


BL: You mean the Brickyard Lynch TO'B Mob are NOT your "cooler heads" ??

I was sure "the angry mob" are all on Bobby P's speed dial due to their mega-buck donations to the WPC.
11/6/2012 12:59:52 PM

Dr Wire
deacs have always had an interesting perspective on football; it's called being true to themselves and then smiling humbly when beating a better group of athletes.
Sat at the corner of Edwards Mill & Trinity started with my vehicle pulling a hamstring and getting he flu on the way to the tailgate and it just got worse from there. Sabotaging ourselves with mistakes seemed to be the theme of the day. Sad to see the lynch mob has begun its annual crusade to save us from ourselves thinking WPC will magically have $1.15 million pocket money to resolve the mob's desires.

A heralded State engineer admitting he is a progressive can only happen with 58 BK. Thankfully the new pups on campus are not following his way of thinking.


BL: You mean the cross-eyed lynch mobbers are NOT Wendell's pals in the lofty suites !!! I'm shocked! :-)

As for TBK's ideological passion, that is a HazMat zone one does enter naively. DANGER WILL ROBINSON! :-)
11/6/2012 8:16:04 AM

Not to take a different slant from 58 WK, but I have come to the following conclusion. 1) Coach TOB's tenure is NOW being reviewed. 2) We, the PACK, have sufficient resources to field a top 25 FB team. 3) Many of long time, but silent majority of the WP fans crossed the line on Saturday and Coach was on the OTHER side.

My take is that we actually let a team beat us THREE times. That team was MD. Despite what the box score says, we lost mentally, emotionally, (fill in the blank) when we had to depend upon a freshman Aussie kicker to put a W in our column.

We showed some emotion in the UNC game, but did not bring the FSU team. The FSU team took Saturday off. Even the UVA pep band had more spirit than the Power Sound of the South.

I THINK that you know and can describe that feeling as it has been displayed by the light blue crowd on many occassions.

The crowd, for the most part, did NOT boo the team or make obscene gestures or be disrespctful. My loyal LTR block has sat through wins and losses in the cold and the rain. This time, I took my GS and we left at the end of the Q3 to get in line for the Exhibition BB game. Part of my crew stayed and said it was dismal...

Now, we are not going to abandon our LTR pledges. CF's attendance is still 98% plus. BUT, support shifted Saturday.

Unless Coach finds the FSU team and they play FOUR more games and win with enthusiasm and spirit, I think the dye is cast.

If the "OTHER" team (the one that played in CF against UVA on Saturday) show up, they will only play Three more games.

Now, that is the two extremes....Right now, my personal odds are about 2:1 that there will be a NICE condo for sale on Jones Street early in 2013....but the FSU team might impede that.

I honestly think that Coach knows the reality of the situation. Yes, he did restore some much needed discipline. Yes we did have some of the thugaletes as you called them from FL, but we also had some pretty level headed kids too and we have not had the issues of other schools. We also have improved our discipline.....

BUT, when you turn over the ball 6 times in one game; when your receivers can't seem to hold onto their lunch, much less passes; when you have so many penalties that the Ref's flags had to be washed at halftime.....the list could go on.

I watched the TOB show last night. He made President Obama look COOL in the first debate. That is on Watch it without the audio.....he KNOWS...

SO, we will see how the season plays out. THIS time his employment is literally in the hands of 30 or so folks, most of which are can't legally buy alcohol in NC.

As to the BB team. A LOT of hype, but the team on Saturday looked loose and talented and focused and like a TEAM!. The coaches had the same demeanor. NOW, will that translate into an appearance in the GA Dome on Monday night (April 8). Don't know, but I got a bag and a MH that is we will just enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts.

We are like the Children of Israel....since time flies faster in modern terms, maybe the perfunctory 40 years has turned into 30. Would it NOT be a hoot if the 2013 team tried to do a remake of the 1983 team. NOW THAT is optimism....and I have a LOT of it.

Did Ron EVER share with you WHY he changed BB coaches?


BL: Ron did not, but others have. Skip's untimely death created a very high risk choice that would never have occurred otherwise. There were off-court issues.

I have no feel for TO'B's fate. Frau and Bobby Purcell know Wuff fans and know which voices to listen to.
11/5/2012 12:29:44 PM

58 Wolf Kennel
Lost my voice for 5 days after 7 hours of getting out the pro-Obama vote on Tues-Wed. Therefore couldn't cheer on Saturday afternoon in a true stinker of a game. Wouldn't count Coach Tom out yet, however. (Skies brightened somewhat in seeing our taller team play together in an exhibition game Saturday night.) Would give you an invitation to the WF game this coming Saturday but it might be immoricle for you to accept the lavish feast and dignitaries that would be present (Pepsi, Nabs, and Sister Jennie)
Good luck to Agent Pierce on Tuesday, but this Wuff progressive doesn't really mean it.


BL: Thanks but I have a date with Gio vs the Ramblin' Wreck on Saturday. I hope TO'B weathers the storm too.... "he runs a clean program and does build character." .... Your personal campaigns to save Herb and Lee weren't so successful.... hopefully your one tomorrow won't be either.
11/5/2012 11:22:46 AM

Is The Butcher on Wuff Radar?


BL: I purposely won't "go there". (1) No, he isn't. ..... (2) That's Clavin Crap.

(3) I have Butcher going to Rocky Top.
11/5/2012 11:03:24 AM

T'OB probably won't have to wear a disguise going into 7-11 since the closest one to Raleigh is in Thomasville, where no one will know who he is anyway.


BL: Handy Hugo's and Kangaroo folks can be brutal too.
11/5/2012 10:58:18 AM

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