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Thrills, Agonies & A Smokin' Remote

Thrills, Agonies and A Smoking Remote

Nov 18, ’12:
   It was a day of, not so much “color & pageantry” as it was “the thrills of victories & the agonies of defeats”.  As Stanford’s OT FG passed thru the Autzen uprights around 11:45 EST my remote was smoking.   Bless its heart, it had done yeoman’s duty for the past ten hours..... never asking for relief.... never failing to respond to my touch.  At a nickel per click, I would have had a whole lot of nickels by the time Saturday became Sunday. ......

I don’t pay for any packages so all I had was “all the ESPNs” and CBS, NBC, ABC.  Two flat-screen TVs 100’ apart and ever how many permutations that permits.

If Wide World of Sports did its epic opening today..... “that crashing skier” would be wearing an Oregon helmet and a K-State jersey.  Ouch and double ouch!

I couldn’t help but think as “the BCS standings” were morphing like an Etch-A-Sketch in an earthquake..... “ya know if we just had a playoff, maybe, just maybe we could inject some excitement into college football.” ....... Yep, college football needs to be tweaked to make it exciting. .......... or maybe not.

Saturday’s night games were so awesome that the awesome day games were almost forgotten.  Did any one in Eugene realize that the UNC v GaTech combined score record came within a frog hair of being the shortest “most ever” record in ACC history?   That guy on Swofford’s staff that records records hadn’t even entered that one yet and goings-on at Clemson were threatening it less than a week later.

Last week I said “50 is the new 30”.   Now maybe “60 is the new 50”.   Everybody scored 50 on Saturday EXCEPT the one school you expect to score 50 in the first half – the aforementioned Oregon Ducks of Nike U.   Oregon only scored 14 in their ignominious fall to the No-Luck Cardinal.

A week ago, disgruntled UNCers were debating the cyber execution of whatever Fedorian assistant gets paid to coordinate the Defense.  Now, State fans are praising Archer/Tenuta for “only allowing 62” to Dabo’s scoreboard-busters.  One State kid collects more total yardage in one game than the entire MAC Conference has in a year..... and his team lost.  

State loonies are praising their gallant young warriors in a 62-48 blood-letting.... because UNC lost earlier 68-50 to a team that lost to a Middle School.   

VaTech loonies are happy their Hokies finally are bowl-eligible and might get to enjoy Christmas In Appalachicola.  Apparently a squeaker OT W over Boston College actually counts towards bowl eligibility.  Who knew!

Duke loses on Bobby Dodd Field in Grant Field Next To The Varsity but who cares because Duke can look forward to Christmas In Appalachicola.

The Fedorians romped earlier in The Valley Of The Shenandoah o’er Mr Jefferson’s youngsters who only two weeks earlier beat those aforementioned TO’B boys like rented mules at their own Homecoming.  The Fedorians, who will enjoy Christmas in neither Appalachicola nor Shreveport, now get to be Maybe The Last Team To Ever Beat Maryland As An ACC Team.  Yes..... tickets ARE still available for that game amid Kenan’s lofty pines.

Maryland – with an anemic Athletic Dept $$$ bottom-line that only a McClatchy newspaper would envy – is now going to find $50,000,000 in its sofa cushions to pay Johnny Swofford so it can pay more $$$$ to Jimmy Delany to begin heated rivalries with Nebraska, Iowa and Rutgers.  $50,000,000 is a lotta bake sales and car washes!  Dontchaknow Coach K and Ol’ Roy are gonna miss those annual excursions to WhateverUsedToBe TheHouseThatLeftyBuilt?  Good riddance Terps.   Yawn.  Can you take Boston College with you, please?

Those lovable Deacs make national headlines by being Notre Dame’s hapless victim on The Day #1 & #2 Went Down and now every sportswriter worth his free chicken fingers at the press box buffet gets to write stories using the words “echoes” and “Parseghian”.

The FireLaneKiffin&HisDaddyToo Society in LA gets a membership spike.  Now the most-hated-coach-in-America not named Saban or Calipari gets to be listed on Vegas tote boards as Odds Lane Kiffin Gets Axed If He Doesn’t Beat Parseghan’s Old School Next Week.   Suddenly everyone is saying “who’s the UCLA coach and WOW they’re good!”   CLUE:  It ain’t Rick Neuheisal any more.

Any one want a really good deal on a Matt Barkley 4 Heisman t-shirt?

And..... alas and alack the title of Most Famous Manhatten In America is returned to the one across from Staten Island that was purchased from the Indians for $25 worth of beads..... and not the one at the end of a two-track road in Central Kansas.

Waco hasn’t hosted such a bloody massacre since David Koresh’s Branch Davidians became crispy critters.  Ouch.

Any one want a really good deal on a Collin Klein 4 Heisman t-shirt?

Blondie and I were probably the only ones within 300 miles of our house who were also clicking in/out of Mizzou v Syracuse which was also a humdinger won by The ‘Cuse on a buzzer-beater drive.  Mizzou still one W short of its coveted Christmas In Appalachicola.

Stoops’ Sooners beat the sofa-burnin’ ‘Neers in Morgantown 50-49 but since October hasn’t pretty much everyone beat the ‘Neers.  

Any one want a really good deal on a Gino Davis 4 Heisman t-shirt?

Any one want a great deal on a nice house in Knoxville?  Call 800-Rocky-Top and ask for Derek.  (I still have Rocky Top in the Butchie Gonna Go To Sweepstakes)   

Yessiree.... I sure wish “they” would institute “a playoff” so Big Time College Football would get exciting.   Don’t you?

And, just when ya thought Paula Broadwell bringing down The Pentagon was a biggie..... Some woman named Mary Willingham shows up at Dean’s Dome blowing a whistle and driving a bulldozer.   Uh Oh!
Posted: November 18, 2012 at 10:15 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 13 comments | Tagged as: Football

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You obviously heard the same warnings about Elvis only being able to move like under the influence, etc.

First, the MD situation. Two good articles on a State (not PP) website. One is a WaPo article and the other is a Forbes article. Really sum it up. Why would a school that has had NO football success and some ACC BB success (only ACC school other than the ones within 25 miles of HERE to win an NCAA BB Banner) want to JUMP to a FB conf. All their ACC recruiting edge vanishes and WHERE is the gain in FB? I, too, sound old when I say that MD and BB bring Lefty's image into my head and not Gary. Have a lot of respect for GW, but he retired without telling DY and the MD fans. Dr. Yow is getting bashed with a lot of misinformation. She declined to comment, which is the best. Much of her good work and improvements in facilities and financial solvency have been disregarded....and look where they are.

NOT to draw any parallels, but I did watch some of the MD-Big10 Presser. Dr. Loh reminded me of Prez O without his teleprompter....admonishing the loyal to follow his missteps and that they would be lead out of the wilderness into the promised land. We know how long that took....and how lasting it was.

Second. BL, you are obviously in the 6 or 7 sigma segment that knows WHAT is (or perhaps has) gone on within the hallowed halls of Heelland. I wondered last night if Coach Williams was really at the top of HIS game. He looked pre-occupied, early on. I remember when Jimmy V. was trying to coach and also defend himself against the ugliness in the N&O. It seems to me, the outside and casual observer, that certain events are becoming more embarrasing....such at Ch. HT allowing MK to fund Hubba Hubba's job from HIS department and for him to THEN approved HH's expense reports. That really goes against all normally accepted ethics and financial protocols.

In your opinion, if you care to comment, are the level headed UNC supporters (alumni and otherwise) as tired of this as my friends say they are? If so, do they, like my friends, think that some REAL admission of malfeasance and some REAL corrective action is needed? Most of what I hear is that those involved need to 'fess up and then be dealt with according to their involvement (termination, transfer, demotion, or just a letter of reprimand). Otherwise, since the "Butch" chronicles are now working on the third year, that this thing will just get messier in the coming months.

Just curious...


BL: "we" have our factions just as WuffWorld has its "factions" (aka the FIRE TO'B RIGHT NOW Bunch, etc) so to say "what are UNCers feeling about .....?" is impossible to corral. Obviously everyone is sick of it and ready for it to all end. And have been in that mode since the parking ticket revelations.

The MK/TH mess turned the Perfect Storm into a Cat-5 SuperStorm !!!

More admin miscalculations and poor decisioning than an Italian Army manuvers.

Unless The Martin Report calls for the implosion of TDD, the angry mob ain't going away.

re: Roy and UNC BkB 2012.... got himself a young team of less than usual talent.... Roy is probably a bit shell-shocked but Roy ain't "normal" in the best of times.
11/21/2012 10:42:46 AM

58 Wolf Kennel
BL, just now read the column on "Comparables". Good thoughts and even more poignant with Maryland leaving the ACC. Lived in N Virginia for 22 years before retiring and got the culture from both Va. and Md. Our eldest daughter went to grad school at Va Tech, so I got the UNC-CH vs NC State rivalry from the State of Virginia perspective as well.
I really feel bad about Maryland leaving and haven't yet had the chance to speak with Debbie Yow about it. I'm sure she's happier to be at NC State now than at Maryland. I think their President and Board are being short-sighted and a little financially desperate and agree with Tom McMillan on his vote not to leave.
What a changing academic and collegiate athletic world we live in today !! Makes me long for the good old days when State AD Willis Casey begged, propositioned , and finally threatened me to room with one of his All-American swimmers to help him graduate. In those days we helped each other, and not in any illegal sense. These days and those days are definitely not "comparable".


BL: Yearning for "the good ol' days" is, alas, a sure sign of our length of tooth BK. Everything changes even if imperceptibly.

I try to avoid sounding like my elders in the 60s warning about Elvis' hips and The Beatles' moptops.

I think it all went to Hell when Wake Forest moved to Winston-Salem and Trinity became Duke. :-)
11/21/2012 7:28:35 AM

The Cowdog
CNR rules.

When one of the Irish is under the gun in Raleigh, a whole wave of thick Micks take over in ...well, the whole world.

Wake up the echoes...
11/19/2012 10:20:06 PM

I can think of nothing more delightful than an institution like please don't tell me they cheat too.....taking the shine off an obvious money laden cheat like Oregon and all that Nike stands for.


BL: No, they don't "cheat" in the blatant wholesale sense that most Top 25 programs do; but they do have a "jock academic track".

Oregon is to BCS what UNLV was to college hoops under Tarkanian. Look for Kelly to jump to NFL really soon.
11/19/2012 10:42:57 AM

58 Wolf Kennel
BL, caught all the night action Saturday following the State-Clemson shoot-out. You've nailed it again. However, I really would like to meet this "CNR" who has the experience, passion, and writing ability to more than hold his own with you. How about holding a "reunion" of all the BobLee readers so we can meet some of these people face-to-face and story-to-story. You could become nationally "famous" beyond NC and MO. I continue to be surprised by how many interested readers you have who never post back. They may just be afraid of your final word on each post :>)


BL: CNR lives in a faraway land known as Tejas. He has a personal CV that includes a veritable Hall of Fame of football, baseball and, especially, basketball coaches & players of the past 60 years .... his tolerance for the "Clavins" matches my own. .... His political passion makes me seem like a "moderate".
11/19/2012 8:13:37 AM

Enjoyed your Thrills, Agonies, etc column. I also stayed up to see the thrilling and unbelievable Oregon demise, together with the end of the Kansas State defeat. A good night for the leprechauns !

Also appreciated your “Comparables” remarks. I almost went to law school at UVA and have always compared it to UNC. And who has ever hated Wake Forest ? ( We shall officially learn today whether Maryland will still be in consideration. I have trouble seeing what they have in common with Big 10 schools and how they will ever create any traditional rivalries there. Also, trips to some of their locations cannot be one of the alleged “positives”—certainly not worth the 50 mil ).

What about the latest N&O “insider” ? “Institutional Misconduct” ? 5 years from now, Elon may be our primary rival.


BL: No clue how Mary The Whistle-blower will affect the mess. I suspect it WILL affect Mary's social life in Chapel Hill to some degree.
11/19/2012 7:36:19 AM

re: your spot-on column on "Compaables" :

Why in the world would the ACC want to bring in outsiders. The ACC had respect around the country as it was a veritable Southern Ivy League composed of academic excellence, Southern manners, beautiful campuses surrounding eye pleasing stadiums where the fans could actually be on top of the action. Why pine for a BCS championship? A conference championship is an excellent goal. Loved the original eight of UVa, UM, Wake, State, Duke, Clemson, and USC. Easy drive to away games. What more do people need?
The ACC was made for family historical trips and lifetime college allegiances. Spent time in every one of those states, many historical sites, and many days on every campus. Absolutely marvelous people.
Let me tell you, having played in the Big Ten, coached in the SEC and Pacific Coast Conferences, and lived in SWC area, you were the envy of those of us who loved tradition, history, academics, athletics with traditions, and social graces. You were the true New England historically, and architects of the U.S.A.
Be proud and remember, you older ones, the heavenly living that once was yours. My advice to you is to never let the whiners and traditional destroyers spread the guilt disease among you. You were in the right.


BL: CNR: If these folks knew your background, your prophetic words would ring across the land.
11/19/2012 7:17:31 AM

You got it. We Domers would not want to play the Ags. As is said by Aggies, "We have never lost a halftime. They are equipped to win both halves and the halftime, as long as Johnny Pin Ball from Kerrville is on the field. That naughty boy has been something else since third grade. As you know, I do mean naughty boy.

Texas dropped the game just in time. The Aggies would have sawed Varsity's horns off from kickoff to final horn, gun, or whatever they use to end a game in Austin. "The Spirit of Aggieland" would have drowned out "The Eyes" and "Texas Fight."

State fans will know the feeling in Aggieland: "Farmers Win!!!!!!!" As an alum of the U of I, ND, Southern Cal, IU, and Regensburg, I must say the Spirit of Aggieland is the most impressive alum group and student body I have seen. Win, lose or get stomped on, never is heard a discouraging word.

As long as one Aggie lives, America will never be lost. My platoon leader at the Reservoir was an Ag. Great leader. Those of us left, owe our all to him. Dang, he did love Aggieland without reservation.

Anyone who doubts a group that, when UT flew a plane over the bonfire stack to start a fire then night before Aggie Yell, ran to their rooms and pickkups, grapped their rifles and shot the boys from ut down in a cornfield. Now that is a rivalry.


BL: Johnny's bad boy episodes don't seem to have gotten any play outside of Texas. He just might get the H thru process of elimination.
11/18/2012 7:07:37 PM

In the continuing saga of Athletics v. Academics, Ms. Mary Willingham's "come to Jesus" moment will go down in the rivalry history. My wife and I fully believe that it was NOT Bill Friday's ghost, but Jimmy V. He was crucified for his teams' Academic Performance and later learned (pre or post 28 April 1993, we do NOT know) about Dean's system. Therefore, we feel it was Jimmy V. that talked to her. Why else would she have had this strange craving for Pasta and had dinner at Amedo's that night.
This only adds to the intrigue. Now, if there are OTHER potential Whistle Blowers out there and they feel the need to "come out", this could get down right messy.
As the sands of time fall leisurely to the bottom of the hour glass, the probably of a St. Monteith Clone Chancellor at UNC increases....perhaps exponentially.


BL: "coming out" is a pretty common occurrence over there in Chapelboro. There is a companion joke in there about blowing whistles but we'll leave that one for now.

Ya think InsideCarolina has put a bounty on Mary's head.... yet?
11/18/2012 5:20:04 PM

Queen City
I will trade you straight up my Geno 4 Heisman shirt for a box of twinkees..


BL: I tried to fit in a Twinkies line but couldn't work one in.
11/18/2012 4:31:16 PM

Another gem of a column worthy of the titans of the typewriter, er, computer. My paste and scrapbook is on the table to enter this one, an absolute keeper of brilliant prose and phrases.

On those afternoon gems, don’t forget the amazing Wisky/Bucks game at Madison. Could have come out either way in the final four minutes. Beginning to sound NFLish with the “On any given Saturday.”

Recall my pre-game message about my Domers showing up early to get those super seats up close to that new Samsung 3D-HD 63” hulking TV set for which I will be forever grateful to you. We called you on the second flat screen, plus two 2000 36"ers set up around the house. Well, the Orange group didn’t show. Their season long hiatus continues. The Sooner group has flown to Morgantown for the game against the Couch Burners, and the Cowboys bunch had flown to Stillwater hoping to see Tommy Tub maybe strangle an assistant coach.

The Domers’ hopes were buoyed when Coach Kelly announced that his gold-flecked helmets would be playing in South Florida in January as he knew that K-State and Oregon would lose a game.

After that field goal sailed through at Autzen, a cheer went up that could be heard down the block. Even the Aggies joined the rousers (they hate everything about the Big Twelve, which they have renamed the Big Texas Longhorn Conference.) No envy there.

The Ags showed up for the Waco and Eugene kickoffs after flying in from College Station. We expected them about halftime if at all.

“We should be in the mix for the BCS championship game!”

“Dang right! If we could play Florida and LSU now, we would kick them both silly.”

“You bet, we have a truckload of freshman and sophomores who could beat anybody now!”

Humility is lacking in the DNA of an Ag, but you have to love ‘em. They love the USA, the State of Texas (except Auatin and UT), the milirary, Texas High School Football, their families, and the house in which they were born.

Everyone went home floating on air. The cheatin’ worthless, satanic, crooked, Nike U. was beaten by real student athletes.

Nick is smiling a little bit again and Les became a clone of Dale Brown. Thought he might chew the mic.

How will State and UNC respond when SEC comes caslling with a billion bucks to join the conference of farmers and uppities which more than likely will include UT, OU, OSU along with the two Mississippis, Alabamas, Floridas, Georgias, Arkansas, LSU, Mizzou, and whatever combination to make two, ten team divisions. Recall, the powers that be have been discussing twenty team conferences as the end game for quite a few years.

If everyone ends up with one loss, depending on a Bama or UGa win over Notre Dame, will Ohio State win the AP NC for a split NC? It has happened before for teams on probation, several times with Barry Switzer’s OU teams.

Interesting question bandied around last evening.

Dem LSU people do hate Nick.


BL: Yes - Wiscy & tOSU was a humdinger too but I only saw replays of that one. :-) ... you do love playing with your Gig'em Aggie pals. They might be right about their team strengths right now.

Truly a Day To Remember for afficianados of "the college game" !
11/18/2012 2:06:53 PM

Can they expedite Maryland's exit?


BL: Noon today works for me. You think Terry Holland is already sitting on John Swofford's doorstep with blank check and a bag of hushpuppies from B's ?
11/18/2012 10:51:51 AM

Do you think Mary Willingham is for real?


BL: I'm still waiting for a picture of Jennifer Wiley or Deborah Crowder and now you add ANOTHER ONE? .... I thought Mary Wllingham was Charles Kuralt's secret mistress in Utah ??

Dickie assured Holden that everything was hunky-dory. "They" named something for Dickie and gave him a plaque so who ya gonna believe - Dickie or this Mary woman ???

FWIW.... Amedeo's has already named a pizza in Mary's honor.
11/18/2012 10:45:42 AM

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