"The Greater Triangle Was Electric!"

Nov 3,’13:  “From Smithfield In The East, To Mebane In The West..... The Greater Triangle Is ELECTRIC!”  - That was how I opened our Good Sports pre-game show Saturday morning.  Yes, the partisan outreach does ooze concentrically a bit farther in all directions.  My implication was to the reality that State vs Carolina is a UNC System intra-family squabble held in our backyard.   

A Family Squabble can certainly be intense, and this one is; but the only relevance to unaffected neighbors is the abject silliness exhibited by the respective combatants.   The 2013 version fulfilled the plum-foolish element as well as being quite a compelling sports event.

I was not “there” (aka “at The Carter”) in-person despite generous offers of complimentary tickets from three separate BL Buddies.   I opted to watch the annual over-hyped big doins from BLSays World HQ a few miles north of Ground Zero.   Carter-Finley concessions not offering Blondie’s slow-cooked beef stew being a key reason for my decision.

That decision allowed me to pass on much of the goggle-eyed spittle-spewing weepin’ moanin’ and gnashin’ of teeth that ensued.  I’ve seen enough of that yucky behavior over enough years to not need further proof that man’s evolution from more primitive species left more than a few specimens short of more than just a pair of opposable thumbs.

Okey Dokey..... lets run thru each category in this post-event evaluation.

Our Good Sports pre-game guest was the always congenial, hail fellow very well-met, Wolfpack Sports Network intrepid sideline reporter Tony Haines.   Tony is cut from the same bolt of “good guy cloth” as Don Shea, Charlie Bryant, Johnny Evans, Bobby Purcell, the late Frank Weedon and Gary Hahn.  I’ve had the pleasure of acquainting with each of those fine fellows except Gary but have ne’er heard a discouraging word about “The Voice of ______”.

Art, Tony and I had an engrossing twelve minutes of lively banter.  I alerted him to Sunday’s upcoming All Wuff NFL QB Encounter in Seattle between Russell and Glennon.   We also discussed the controversy from State’s Clemson game involving “did Underwood step out-of-bounds or not?”   I offered my theory that John Swofford somehow moved the sideline.  Tony accepted that as a logical explanation.


Devotees of my SaidWHAT Media co-hort AgentPierce know that AP ain’t too fond of a certain Triangle-area maniacal media mogul name of Jim Goodmon.  “Ain’t too fond of” being an understatement.   NC State loyalists might soon be joining Pierce in his intense disdain for that limo-liberal super silverspoon.   

Jim Goodmon’s granddaddy left him WRAL-TV5 / Capital Broadcasting which, coincidentally carried “the game”.   Beginning Friday evening and including a promo during the game..... WRAL started hyping its upcoming EXPOSE !!!! of nefarious shenanigans afoot within Wolfpack athletics involving sports agents, illegal perks yadda yadda.   Said EXPOSE to be aired this coming Monday.  Interesting timing coincidence.... huh?

Did WRAL blow-dried info-boy Cullen Browder choose a Dan Kane costume for Halloween?

A word of warning to WuffNation..... if you are not familiar with how Jim Goodmon instructs his dumpster-diving reporters to ignore facts in favor of the provocative sound bite, you might ask anyone connected with Governor McCrory’s administration.   WRAL is located just a rock throw away from Frau Yow’s lair in the Case Building.   Will Western Boulevard become a Maignot Line.   “Disrespecting” might soon escalate to lots more than stompin’ a logo.  Before WuffLoonies go mega-nutzo..... Jim Goodmon went to Duke, not UNC.  

If Frau, Chancellor Randy, Gott or DaveWho are registered R’s, expect Goodmon’s goons to REALLY get nasty.   Jim has declared a "take no prisoners" ideological holy war on 65% of the state's population.  Really?  Yeah, really.  Pierce has all the gory details.

Maybe a certain outspoken Wuff Loyalist should ask his pal Bill"TheBully"Barber to get his pal Goodmon to “back off”.  Investigative dumpster-diving makes for strange bedfellows.  Indeed.

Meanwhile, one of the three guys not permanently furloughed YET in the N&O Sports Dept wrote the umpteenth story about "locking up the borders for in-state recruiting".  That one was first written by Dick Herbert about Bill Murray, Earle Edwards and Jim Hickey.... before sputnik.  Whats next?  ..... a feature on "Wednesday before Thanksgiving is really busy at RDU".   Journalism Is Dead - RIP.


Lets talk about “the game”.   I thought it had all the ooey gooey emotional elements that a rivalry game oughta have.   

Pack gets a coupla breaks early on, go up 10-0 and visions of a blowout quickly spread across the red-clad grandstands.   NOT SO FAST....... The Fighting Fedorians “wobble but don’t fall-down”.   

Did the young Fedorians “come of age” down 10-0 and the Wuff Zombie Horde marching enmasse for the kill?   Methinks they did indeed.  Shreveport Here We Come !!  Heck... maybe even the Beef O'Brady Bowl !!

Directed by their Ebony & Ivory QB Duo of Bryn & Marquis..... The Fedorians storm back.   UNC bandwagoners who had begun sorting their sock drawers after the first five minutes began drifting back to their flat-screens.    They never got further than “FIRE FEDO......” on their monkey board posts and maybe won’t for a few weeks.

Was there the usual OBVIOUS BLATANT evidence of Swoffordian Conspiracy rampant with every block and tackle?   Is the Pope Catholic?  Are Wuffs Paranoid?  Of course the DNA evidence of “The Evil Commish” was all over the explusion of the innocent Wuff linebacker who only leaned in to tell the Fedorian runner “good run”.

Whether the annual backyard feces flinging is “amid the pines” or “at the fairgrounds” we KNOW the phrase “that damn John Swofford” will be muttered from lupine fangs.

That Little Johnny instructed “his refs” to call all those holding penalties on The Fedorians as they drove for the “put’em away” score with six minutes to go was, of course, OBVIOUS.   Johnny just wanted to hold the TV viewers until the end.   How he finagled the Heels’ kicker to stub the extra point to keep the margin at 8 was Swoffordian genius at its best.

As usual, there were a dozen or so “depends on one’s partisan perspective” calls / no-calls throughout the game.   May it always be so.   Watching distraught lunatics’ heads explode NEVER gets old regardless of the side they’re on.

Fedorians win.  Larry extends his career mastery o’er the Pack to two.   That’s two more than The Butcher had for anyone keeping score.   Scoreboard 27-19 - celebrate or “blame Swofford” as the case may be.  Uuhh.... NOT QUITE!
The Fedorian Chapter of “The Bloods” had this oh-so-NOT-original idea to “disrespect” The Wuff Chapter of “The Crips” by stompin’ their mid-field logo.    You know that logo that the Wuffs "pirated" from ECU......  Uh oh!

NOTE:  I'm fine with NC State copying the ECU logo.  Imitation = sincerest form of flattery, but Henry Hinton's lawyers might not be.

WHOA.  Wait a minute BobLee..... “Stompin da Logo” ...... didn’t we go down that silly road 8-10 years ago, back in Amato vs Bunting Days?   Yes, we did.

..... but these Blue Bloods and these Red Crips were in Jr Hi back then. Larry and Dave were wherever they were.  Frau and Bubba were wherever they were.  Now we get to beat this very dead horse ALL OVER AGAIN!.   Yeeeeeee freakin’ Haaa!

The Wuff’s whizbang marketing slogan “This Is Our State” is cool..... IF you are a Wuff.  Not so cool if your school’s nickname happens to match the state’s nickname.   Sure.  The whole brouhaha is a silly pissin’ contest.   Folks, it ain’t like we be dealin’ with crap that really matters here.

EXCEPT to the aforementioned chapters of gridiron Bloods & Crips..... and, apparently, to a quite disconsolate Coach Dave Who From Northern Where.

Dave Who, without checking with Frau or Bobby or Annabelle or Kennel for historical precedent, clenched his teeth and sneered “We are going to remember what they did on the 50-yard line … for 364 days,”  or something to that effect.  Yo Dave.  Check with the equipment guy to see if Chuck left a pair of his shoes and sunglasses around.  Yawn...... grrrrrr.

“Shadrach”, acting apparently as spokesman for The Red-clad disrespected Crips, vowed vengeance (LINK) in a form to be determined.  Whether Meshach and/or Abednigo are on-board this vengeance train was not noted.

Meanwhile The blue-clad victorious Bloods.... with dreadlocks aflyin'..... romped and stomped at mid-field of the rapidly emptying stadium  “at the fairgrounds”.   Have I mentioned lately about that ever-widening cultural chasm between the gladiators and the spectators?

Tre Boston and Shadrach Thornton behaving true to the stereotype of young AfAm athletes.  Anyone SHOCKED by either's reaction has not paid attention to college sports for the past ten years.   Considering "stomping on a logo" is a thought I have never entertained.   As for being "disrespected"; being a Conservative in a community served by The N&O and by WRAL, I developed an immunity to their antics a long time ago. 

I ain’t never gone run outta column fodder.

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Posted: November 03, 2013 at 9:02 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 18 comments
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Chang means 'elephant' in Thai......The elephant in the room is indeed the story that is getting bigger and bigger......Bloods or Crips, Boyz of the Hood-- its all a Jerry Springer ensemble today--Championship wrestling with Joe Murnich and Haystack Couhoun......Time to change the channel.......There has to be something better to watch.......I'm just not part of that culture......

Last night I spent a few hours in a speed boat looking for survivors from an over-crowded ferry that sank off of Pattaya while transporting mostly Russian tourists from Lan Island........And Herman, my good canine friend for 14 years (a Hurricane Floyd orphan) left us this afternoon......

Lots more important things than that silly game.....Fun is indeed sitting with friends from both persuasions and enjoying the get-together whatever the reason......

Always good company your writing......
Sputnik? :-)
From Pattaya

BL: Joe Murnick & sputnik !!! :-)
w/ Nick Pond doing "color" from WRAL Studios on Sat afternoon. Johnny Weaver, George Becker, Aldo Bogni & Bronco Lubich w/ Gentleman Sol Weingraf ??

"Cornrows vs Dreadlocks" while a mystified crowd looks on totally bewildered..... oh me, oh my.
11/4/2013 7:48:39 PM

Old MacDonald
I think it's cool that multiple UNC fans chose to use their time to comment about NC State football attendance. You guys must really fill up Kenan.

BL: Most commentors here are of a Lupine persuasion. So much for that theory, huh?

This site does have a goodly number of UNC partisans but not of the board monkey faction. Hence the comments seem to be at least semi-rational. OCCASIONALLY we will attract a random WuffLunatic but not so often to be a problem.

I rather suspect ECU has a more loyal in-stadium fanbase than either NCS or UNC. BUT if that is important to you, believe what you wish. Not here to change any minds.... just to pass the time.
11/4/2013 12:31:41 PM

58 Wolf Kennel
Well, BL, it is Monday morning and the sun came up even an hour earlier. You have a well known interesting outlook and a quite interesting band of responders. I would give this particular blog about 50% Pierce and 50% Lee. Didn't really "enjoy" either, however. I did enjoy a good football game played hard with injuries affecting both teams and officials' calls affecting both teams. I think Doeren is here for the long term and will be successful. Also don't think he will allow victorious Wolves to stomp anything next year, even if they come from your always threatened elephant in the room "expose". Knowing a number of our NC State players and even having a good discussion on Friday with our starting QB tells me one has to know individuals, not groups.
Tough game to the end. On to Duke this weekend and ECU next and interesting basketball beyond!! :>))

BL: Well THANK GOODNESS! I was so hoping for a Kennel "not enjoy" validation for this column. Knowing how you are hard-wired predictable in your pious perspective.

"Individuals not groups" EXCEPT when it comes to politics.... right BK?

I expect "stomp / disrespect" to quickly morph into "how each coach reacted" since "issues of culture" make some squeamish. Culture isn't a good / bad issue.... simply a "different" issue.

Re: the game.... a close one between two teams of pretty much equal ability.
11/4/2013 10:17:51 AM

"Folks, it ain’t like we be dealin’ with crap that really matters here." -- Just felt that needed to be repeated for anyone that may have read the article too fast.

I was going to ask a genuine question about removing athletic scholarships, but realized that I am posting a comment to a blog and that the wall I bang my head on is not getting softer.

Love the articles, especially AP's.

As you referenced not too long ago - 'panem et circenses'

BL: Yes, "bread & circus" is certainly one element in this preoccupation with the trivial.

AP and I are planning a joint column on the "logo stomp" and the predictable shock waves from it by predictable factions.

"Logo stomping" and "disrespecting" are obvious metaphors for other stuff going on in our society these days.

Stay tuned.
11/4/2013 9:48:05 AM

But the post game disrepecting celebration thing was so cool and fun when Phillip Rivers and his buddies did it in Chapel Hill...

BL: I could not recall who "went first" on the earlier "logo stomp" incident. I'll go with your memory that State went first.... then UNC retaliated.

It may have been PR's team but did he (PR) take part in the stomping... or was it an "AfAm Thing" back then too?

Lets see how others recall it.

I LOVE this controversy for all the partisan off-shoots it will provide. :-)
11/4/2013 9:19:20 AM

Hi,.... re: "ever widening cultural chasm...."

Do you plan to write such a column or do you already have one? I would love to read it.

BL: I have mentioned it several times over the past 5 years…. especially after “Marvin’s tweet” and resultant chaos at UNC. I’ll see if I can find the original one.

I try to avoid being judgemental about it but insistent that my readers recognize this ever-increasing “elephant in the room” in any discussion of “issues in football and basketball, both in college and pro”.

This latest issue at Carter and (player) reactions from both sides is a classic example.

Being an acknowledged Conservative I’m quite used to being called “racist”. That has not happened (yet) in my mentioning of this “widening chasm” issue.

11/4/2013 7:53:08 AM

But we have to give credit to NC State and UNC for even putting on the game. With all the stories in the media about the horrendous, draconian and crippling cuts to the UNC-system I am amazed that they could even field a team. I hear they had to get volunteers to cut the grass. And the volunteers had to bring their own movers and gas. Terrible. If you looked closely you will have noticed that the uniforms for both teams were borrowed from flag-football teams in the Triangle. Those tight fitting uniforms made them all so slow. So congratulations for putting on the game with no money.


BL: I'm sure the N&O and WRAL would agree.... it's all The R's fault.
11/4/2013 6:28:03 AM

Ben in MO
I watched the game on Watch ESPN and was somewhat dismayed when the announcer said that the State fans were making their way to the parking lot even though time and score allowed for a very doable comeback, especially in such an intense rivalry game. The NCSU team deserved more respect than that from their fans. I don't understand the "This is our state" ad campaign, especially since both schools have the state's name in their name. I guess this is another one of those "The Real Carolina" things. Here in Missouri, we don't have those issues. All of Mizzou's rivalries are out-of-state, if there are any left. Kansas, Nebraska, Texas and Oklahoma all fell away with the move to the SEC. Perhaps Arkansas will amount to something...nah! I doubt it. Mizzou will just be the odd man out, especially given that Mizzou fans are notorious for not travelling well.

BL: Losing the KU rivalry was very regrettable. College FB is no longer a "be there" event. It is a TV event.
11/4/2013 1:37:43 AM

Is that what they were doing, stomping a logo.I thought they stepped on a Fire Ant hill.
11/3/2013 8:37:16 PM

Sometimes I get so tired of these people that can't see games as games. My or their net worth are life will not change on Monday, unless you gave the points.

My son has cancer but his wife and her family are State fans. So he gets to smile to his self when Heels win and call me.

Butch and his crowd along with Dickie did such a disservice to UNC and we will live with it forever. But the bell will still ring the pines will still grow and crowds will get thinner at 12 o'clock games.

BL: Enjoying "games as games" without the added Life Drama is a dying art in our society.
11/3/2013 5:26:20 PM

ken b.
I can think of a few more places the French should move their Maginot Line in the goodmon area! If moved I will have to take my 3.5 y/o grandson into Pullen Park from NCSU Bell tower road. I bet goodmon hates having the word Fox attached to his bldg. As I left the viewing of wral-tv over a yr. ago, I wrote to 3 of the t-heads and asked how it felt to be just a reader for goodmon!(never received a response) While watching the game this weekend I saw ad re: story on NCSU, so I guess they haven't changed! I also do not read the bird cage liner at all. Thank goodness for net and radio. I have never read or heard a story about the liner or wral investigating dems or the naacp guy, so I guess they only look at goodmon interest. From friends I hear they never mention IRS, Bengazi,NSA or obama care. So all must be good in nirvana of goodmon world. Enjoy your work(fun) every week. thanks...

BL: Jimmy G is quite insane these days. Terminal case of limo-liberal guilt overwhelmed him about six years ago.... caught it from his wife.

Recall that white college baseball player killed in Oklahoma "for being white"? NEVER mentioned in N&O or on WRAL.

This upcoming Gotcha at NC State Athletics should be "interesting" as it reverberates.
11/3/2013 5:00:34 PM

I was there. In blue. With my buddies. In red. We all had a great time. We would all have had a great time if the result had been different.

As to the logo stomp - thank heaven for pictures because with three minutes to go and only down one score there were hardly enough Wolfpack fans left in the stadium to hold a bridge tournament, much less claim witness to a "disrespectin' ".

BL: Such cross-over buddies are a treasure. I count more than a few of'em.

Early bailout when only down by 8 ?? So much for "best fans in America".
11/3/2013 4:43:49 PM

One of the many things I like about baseball is the unwritten rule about not showing up your opponent when you win. The consequences are certain. I have always admired athletes that win as though you have done it before.
Logo stomping is not new, and not confined to the Fighting Fedoras (who really should keep in mind that number in the hat band given their overall record) Whether they 'came of age' by whipping a team with so many weak spots remains to be seen. I would if I were a bettor take the Heels and the points given just the fact that Duke just does not get the athletes that the Heels get. In football, brains seldom beats brawn.
As you have pointed out many times, the exploits of teenagers and kids in their early twenties who happen to be attending a school you once attended really should not affect you too much one way or the other. Did not affect my spot plate at the beach one iota.
The Shadrach et al reference was too easy for old Sunday School attendees. Daniel in the lions' den? Kane?
Still not sure if your style is being parodied or copied in one of the above comments.

BL: A pox on logo-stompers, yard-baby-daddies, drive-by gangstas and kiddie porn producers... to name a few of my least favorite things..... and Thai food and The Bravo Channel.

"Mene Mene Tecum Ufarsum"

Are you implying that "Dan Kane" (Cain) killed his brother Abel for his inheritance of Adam/Eve's deed to Eden?

After that ECU game "coming of age" has a reduced value.

How good Dave Cutcliffe can get Duke will be most interesting to watch. Jim Grobe seems to have peaked with Wake's potential.
11/3/2013 3:46:47 PM

BobLee Says.....
A random thought: I look at Logo Stompin' like I do clubbing baby seals with a baseball bat. Neither are anything I would ever consider doing.... but I'm not sure either one merits being a capital crime. I'm just sayin' ......

Surely PackPride will procure a YouTube of Eeeevil Larry "teaching" the finer points of Logo Stomping on Navy Field the week before the game.

AND a Hitler Video....
GOTTA be a Hitler Video on all this. It's been 24 hours! I WANT A HITLER VIDEO !!!

11/3/2013 3:13:35 PM

OK, BL, I'll try to tone down the Navajo Code Talking that confused you last time....but our Photo Shoot Tour Guide, Clint - Chaser of Light, did ask me, when I told him I was Wuff Nation, if I new the powerful (er, legendary?) medicine man of over 50 moons who can use the minds of the great spirits to convey vast ideas and go where no brave has gone before....or something like that....I guess you have moved the native Americans in Monument Valley.

Home from the road, we have been OD'ing on Wuffie Sports. Pembroke was an interesting game.....right up until our version of the Jolly Large Fellow from Down Under went down...

The "Logo" thing was leaked later (some thought a Halloween prank gone awry)...but hey, I notice folks copying things all the time....especially on Term Papers for Uncle Julius.

THE BRAWL....aka the GAME. I was reminded of last year, except the field and colors had changed. The Wuffie Lads played valiantly....but were NOT able to accumulate a 3 TD pad as did the Fighting F's last year. Had they done that....? Then they could have weathered the secret Buffalo Wild Wing commands from Swofford's Undisclosed Location. The penalties were a bit iffy....I think that a Ron Cherry crew with Karl Hess handling the replays would have been an improvement....would work Jim Wright in there SOMEWHERE.....maybe he could have helped Tony with the "COLOR".

The outcome was not a BLOWOUT. It was actually a pretty good game. The Wuffies were unable to move the ball over the goal line except by Sade's toe....so trading 7 for 3 did not mathematically work....even the UNC Student Athletes Math Majors understood that....as it only involved their fingers and not toes.

NOW, the serious stuff begins. I watched the little "storm the logo" and also watched the UNC clad staffers actually "defend" the light blue lads and push away the home team.

LET ME BE CLEAR....I do NOT think that a TOB, Cutcliff, Doeren, or maybe even a McNeill coached team would have been allowed to run out and show their classless behinds....I may be wrong....ECU is coming to town. You can fill in the names of others here....

It WAS a big game....and the score showed the winner....and then they decided to show their true colors.

Whether that causes them grief on or off the playing field or intensifies the idiotic things that the fans do....I do NOT know. Mr. De***** of N&O fame had a wonderful column about how the "Wuffies" deserved it. Reminded me of the Crips' attorneys who defended the gang rape of the little girl in the park because she "deserved it..." since she wore Bermuda shorts instead of a skirt....or some other drivel...

It was a classless act. It will probably tone down the water cooler boasting as the informal poll I did of my more level headed UNC fans found it a bit disgusting and think that Coach F ought to sincerely apologize at the earliest opportunity....maybe his TV or Radio show.

So, we will have to wait approximately 13 moons and find out who the great spirit chooses to smile on next year.

BUT, you may be right.....the Ebony and Ivory Dynamic Duo was NOT a Fedora Coaching Brain Gas Expulsion. It was brought about by the Wuffies ringing Ivory's Bell a few too many times and Ebony took note and did a good job....until he had his bell rung. Sort of the old Steve Spurrier offense....revisited by necessity and not by design.....It MIGHT be used again....

BL: Jim "Wright" ?? It's Jim KNIGHT. Jeeezzz. Talk about disrespecting a legend !!

"Ebony & Ivory QBs" was the oft-stated pre-game plan regardless of rung bells.

Those who are compelled to stomp logos and those disrespected by logos stomped both possess a worldview of which I have naught but a curious fascination... like slowing to stare at roadkill.

Less concerns by all over logos and more concerns re: "yard babies" might be a nice transition. Sigh, I am not optimistic.

Good to know that after just two narrow W's, Larry has already been declared a low-down dirty bird by the official labelers of any UNCCH coach. I recall it taking Mack at least three years to be so labeled.

Will DaveD be concurrently diefied, martyred or thrown under a bus? The inevitable Trifecta fates of all Wuff coaches.

A scary trip to The Wally awaits. I recall Duke not bothering with mid-field logos. Plagarized or otherwise. Good thing, huh?
11/3/2013 1:19:44 PM

It is nice to sit back and watch this from afar. MMF

BL: Wearing a HazMat suit is also recommended if one is down wind.
11/3/2013 12:54:25 PM

I was hanging on pretty well without trashing my keyboard with my morning coffee until I got to "Meshach and Abednigo". I lost it.

Did you plan it that way?

BL: If you got past Western Blvd being "a Maignot Line" you shoulda been able to coast in. :-)
11/3/2013 11:48:47 AM

Thanks so much for the reminder. I keep forgetting whether we be the Bloods or the Crips. How do we be knowin?

BL: I went with alliteration.... Blue & Bloods. That left Crips for the Wuffs. Unless someone has a better formula.... I don't know Snoop Dogg from P Diddy.

I just know that "stompin a logo" OR feeling "disrespected" that anyone did is a concept alien to this baby booming white guy.
11/3/2013 11:37:26 AM

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