Three Days Later.....

Nov 5,’13:  Tempus has Fugited..... the sun has risen and set three times..... across “The Triangle” people have died and new people have been born..... Mike Glennon’s woeful Bucs darn near beat Russell’s Seahawks..... PR’s Super dreams seem scuttled yet again..... a dozen or so people have signed up for Obamacare, maybe..... two NFL coaches have “gone down”...... The NFL has a bullying Dolphin.... The Red Sox shaved their beards!!.....  all that, and more, happened since 3:30 last Saturday.   What seismic tremors might the passing of a week or a whole month bring?

Gather round buddies and babes and random semi-rational adults and even any goggle-eyed spittle-spewing lunatics who can digest poly-syllabic words as we look back at “what da heck happened at 3:30 last Saturday as the Carter-Finley Scoreboard read UNC-27 -  State-19 .... 00:00” and a dastardly act of post-game exuberance forever altered our little universe..... or not.

..... Did a group of dreadlocked Fedorian gridders “blow up Wolf Mountain” outside Carter-Finley stadium.   No.... they didn’t do that.

..... Did a group of dreadlocked Fedorians dognap Tuffy the NC State Tamaskan mascot..... shave off Tuffy’s fur and paint him C-blue.   No.... they didn’t do that.

..... Did a group of dreadlocked Fedorians surround Mr & Mrs Wolf, force them to sing Hark The Sound and sign an affadavit declaring “Marvin Austin is my daddy”.   No.... they didn’t do that.

...... Did a group of dreadlocked Fedorians climb the NC State bell tower and hang a banner containing that fateful word – “Amphibious”.   No..... they didn’t do that.

...... Did a group of dreadlocked Fedorians rush over to Oakwood Cemetery and desecrate the grave of Jim Valvano.  No..... they DEFINITELY didn’t do THAT.

(insert three or four more acts of unspeakable “disrespectful” heinousness that they didn’t do.)   

..... a group of dreadlocked Fedorians DID gather in the middle of the Carter-Finley field and jumped up and down.   They did THAT.

Whoa BobLee..... you mean the same middle of the same field in the same stadium where dreadlocked Fedorians AND cornrowed Doerenians had been running all over and jumping on and falling down on for the previous three hours.   Yes, that’s the one..... across Trinity Road from the Hunt Horse Complex.

Did they rip up the sod like Bowden’s Seminoles used to do?  No.
Did they spread salt on it like the Romans did when they conquered Carthage?  No.

They just jumped up and down for a minute or so then got on a bus and went back to Chapel Hill.

Wait a minute..... didn’t something almost identical take place 10-12 years ago involving these same two groups of intercollegiate student-athletes.   

Well ...... Not these SAME student-athletes of course; but, yes, student-athletes representing the same UNC System institutions.   Then cornrowed Amatoites “jumped up and down” in the middle of Kenan’s pine-surrounded greensward.  The following year dreadlocked Buntinos returned the heinous act of ultimate disrespect.  

These particularly exuberant Fedorians and disrespected Doerenians were in the 3rd grade back then.  Well 3rd, 4th something like that.

The titular leader of the Fedorians – Larry - was then Off Coor at Middle Tennessee.  The titular leader of the Doerenians – Dave – was then secondary coach of the Montana Grizzlies.  Little did either man know then how Fate would cross their paths.

Well maybe so..... but this heinous disrespectful exuberance WAS pre-planned and carefully orchestrated by that eeeevil Fedora fellow..... correct?   Nope..... he wasn’t even aware of any post-game heinous disrespectful jumping up and down until hours later.  Oh.   

So you’re saying 5-6 dreadlocked Fedorians took it upon themselves to “jump up and down in the middle of the field” all on their own.  There was no damage to property or to any individuals whatsoever.   That’s right.

Since both the dreadlocked Fedorians and the cornrowed Doerenians had been jumping up and down on the very same hallowed logoed turf for the previous three hours..... AND we went thru all this exact foolishness 10-12 years ago....... why is such a BFD being made about all this?

Is ACC Malevolent Dictator Little Johnny Swofford composing a harsh wrist-slap letter to Coach Fedora?  Not that anyone knows of......   Is the NCAA sending goons to get to the bottom of this?  Negatory......   Is the N&O’s Dan Kane demanding Coach Fedora take a polygraph that he did not mastermind this?  Don’t think so......   Is Governor Jim Martin gonna do another whizbang report?   As much fun as those are, probably not...... But the NC Secretary of State is launching an investigation, right.   No......  Will WRAL assign info-boy Cullen Browder to spend three months staking out Coach Fedora’s house noting every vehicle that parks in his driveway for an EXPOSE?   Doubtful.

So this way-over-the-top silly commentary will be the end of it?   OH NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT!

...... to even consider that ridiculously absurd notion is to admit a total lack of appreciation for the bone-deep, teeth-clenching, mind-numbing moronical reality of a sports rivalry in the Era of The Internet.   

NO silly incident or oft-hand misspeak ever dies in a rivalry.... they are passed down thru generations.  Such incidents take on a zombie-like status and wander aimlessly across the 28-mile landscape ‘tween the two institutions FOR ETERNITY..... plus a day.   Zombies carrying little signs saying ..... "Dudley Bradley's steal"..... "TA's knee"...... "Amphibious"..... "JennyTheTutor"...... "Marvin's tweet"..... "Gio's punt return"..... "475".... "Uncle Julius".... "one pair of sneakers".... "PJ"..... "Eric Leak's Porsche"..... and now a dreadlocked zombie carrying one saying "Logo Stomp II". 


Epilogue:  So have we decided Whose State it is?  Apparently not.  According to The N&O and Jim Goodmon; Rev. Billy Barber and three VW mini-vans fulla constipated old hippies from Carrboro are claiming it's Their State.  Oh for Heaven's sakes.  

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Posted: November 05, 2013 at 10:07 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 24 comments
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WOW....I get called out TWICE or THREE times in two columns....a RECORD.

First, I am NOT copying BL's style. I have been doing comedy and mixing it with serious stuff (Environmental Regulations needs ALL the humor you can muster to help folks understand that THEY can go to JAIL), since the early 90's. I have been "booked" in the dreaded "after lunch" session more times than Marvin Tweeted. My humorous and often sarcastic approach was a hit, most of the time....but I, like BL, had a few TOUGH crowds. I also routinely was escorted after a presentation by our company lawyers who made me hand over all the electronic media of my presentations....the song parodies and the "Clinton WH Voice Mail" done by a very sexy sounding lady (who weighs as much as BL and I do) and some of my slides (Janet Jackson's Wardrobe Failure comes to mind) were BANNED from the proceeding's I am a free spirit.

Second, I am really NOT upset about the supposed stomping. No one got hurt. Bryn Renner's shoulder was not re-injured....BUT, the UNC Boys (men) in Black pushing away the NCSU Players and protecting the light blue clad lads was a little over the top. Mandy had to edit that quite a bit, but it was evident that the UNC folks KNEW what was going to happen and sent in the Black Jacket crew.

As to BL's comments, I is or was a seemingly NON Incident. It was something that I suspect would NOT have happened under Bunting or O'Brien or Cutcliffe or Grobe or "fill in the blank".

I am probably more distraught about losing a very easily winnable game....than the school yard behavior of some members of the UNC squad. I did find it interesting that the N&O took time out from their McCrory pummeling to call out the lads.

Coach D seemed to take it seriously. He still seems to be irritated....and Coach F's "Did something happen?" attitude are an interesting juxtaposition of the game. SO, it Coach D uses it....good for him. I guess that Coach F did not have to use a countdown clock in the locker room THIS year as he did last year.

I personally do NOT know 58....but we have probably been to some of the same *****tail parties. We have NOT purchased red lensed Google Glasses and are not passing them out. Sometimes the light blue shaded ones give folks a distorted view.

SO, do NOT put me in the MB crowd. If I want to join that, I will do so freely and there will be no question about going off the edge. I merely expressed a comment that the column was "underdone" and there seemed to be more excuses about it than Jay Carney could come up with....

On to Duke and I expect UNC will be onto UVA. Neither team has the State Bragging rights, despite ANY Logo....

I am NOT making reservations for a Bowl Road Trip....and it seems a bit premature for others...but that is what the Bookies like....Folks to "read" the lines and then put up money to show how much "smarter" they are than the House....

Please move my avatar or "piece" back to the middle and wipe off all the undeserved MB feces....

PS....MB, for those not of the CODE TALKER realm is Monkey Board.....

BL: OK. Your "kangaroo court conviction" of LF does have definite MB-ish qualities to it; but he can handle it... and I certainly don't care.
11/6/2013 8:36:42 PM

I wish I was a word smith like you Bob Lee! I am a Wolfpacker and still mad about what I observed Sat. However, most of what I am mad about did not happen after the game. I just wish I had a better team this year. I'm going to give DD some time to get things squared away. He just has to understand that the mathematical equation works like this. For every loss DD has to Carolina there is a logarithmic reduction in the statistical probability of his tenure lasting as long as his contract. This is for real and I learned that in Statistics 101 at cow college way back when fellow class mate Chuck was suppose to be learning the same thing.

I was told to hold my opinion one Sunday way back when by my Grandmother. She was serving fried chicken to Bill Friday and knew I was upset with by soon to be institution of higher learning being renamed from State College to the University of North Carolina at Raleigh. She told me he graduated from State College and was from Dallas "we" were so proud of him. I much preferred the other Friday from Dallas named General Grady Friday. He dropped bombs from a B52 on North Vietnam. He told some hair raising tails. Some families are not all bad. I behaved that Sunday and at other times in the Friday presence but still had to exercise a lot of self control. Anyway as things go I wound up graduating from "North Carolina State of the University of North Carolina at Raleigh" not State College. Thankfully that name lasted only a few years but its right there on my diploma. Damn! Go to Hell Carolina! Well I got that out of my system. Yes I am like a lot of people from North Carolina that have friends and relatives that went to UNC and as a good Christian I know how to keep my felling's in the proper perspective it's harder sometimes than others like last Sat.

Thanks again for the insight in your blog.

BL: Feelin'lots of good vibes from Wuffs today !!! Always appreciated.

I think DD is a fine fellow with a big "up side" IF he can adjust to Southern Life and Southern FB. He certainly seems to have the character issues covered. Of course, I liked TO'B too but he lacked "pizzazz" and that comes in handy.

Yes, he needs to establish some Beat Carolina cred ASAP. Only one chance each year so its a high risk game.

I thought Sheridan was the best of the "modern era".
11/6/2013 4:23:09 PM

Allen W. Smothers
... again, I'm a lifelong card-carrying Tar Hole Hater, but damn I laugh my ass off every time I read a BobLee account of the non-rivalry-rivalry!! Well done sir and the comments/comments were almost as good (especially about what used to be a newspaper called the N&O...lmao!)... The Doereninans got their arses kicked and anything excrement that the Fedorians (damn, I love that... lmao!), dumped on their ECU stolen logo was deserved and asked for... 45 QB keepers and a fake-punt on your OWN 25 is asking for a logo stomping... Well played BL, well played!

BL: Your on-going enjoyment, Allen, is my sole purpose. Yours and all other regular enjoyers of this site. I leave changing the course of mighty rivers to others.

"Following sports" SHOULD be enjoyable. If my obtuse takes on this stuff serves that end... then its worth it.

EVERY fan is convinced their rivals' fans are nutz.... and they are correct! :-)
11/6/2013 3:39:51 PM

Dreadlocks? Dancing at midfield? How in the name of Bob Marley did I miss that? I love Reggae, anytime, anyplace. Maybe Doeren

Hey no prob with that. Everybody has their own taste in music.

BL: I guess dreads, Marley, reggae et al were not the rage at Northern Illinois. Who knew!

You gotta admit "the Our State" slogan" kinda demanded that Pack live up to it ergo vanquishing any pretenders. Ain't been much vanquishing by The Brickyard Bunch lately.

Again.... kinda like calling oneself "The Flagship" or claiming "A Way". OUCH!
11/6/2013 1:46:38 PM

Old MacDonald
Hey BL, I think you are blowing this thing way out of proportion. I run in "Wuff" circles and have not heard any one of them even mention the midfield jumping or whatever. Several UNC folks have mentioned it to me in the context of apologizing for the "boorishness." But that's it. I can assure you that I do not care and have not run into any who do.

BL: Have you spoken with Coach Dave? .... I saw it as a non-issue from the get-go and even allowing for Shadrach's rant; but CDD seems somewhat peeved. .... and then there's the N&O Editorial Dept ??

But always glad to see calmer heads prevail in every fan base.

11/6/2013 12:54:57 PM

Transplanted Tarheel
in regards to the fate of Switzerland AKA Camel City AKA the little BCS program that could they get the Cutlffians on the undercard on the 23rd, so that problem will solve itself, either way it's a pretty damn good year to pull for the Pirates..... not so much of a good year thus far for pulling for the heels, but hey Shreveport beckons!

BL: USAToday's bowl projections this week DO indeed have UNC going to Shreveport to play Vanderbilt.

Forget where it has ECU and Duke but they are bowl-bound per USAToday.
11/6/2013 8:47:56 AM

Much to do about nothing. It was not done in malice. It was a dance class. They guys get credit for attending a class if the dance on the logo after the game. Ever since all that ruckus over the no-show classes the college has gone to having classes in public. Lots of people saw the guys out there dancing on the logo and getting college credit. You cannot say it was a no-show class because the guys showed a lot of class stomping on the logo.

BL: I'm not going the "no-show class" route because IMO its trite; but UNC is susceptible to that for at least the next several decades. Its the price an institution pays for drinking too much of its own Kool-Aid.
11/6/2013 5:45:28 AM

Just think only 362 days to see what coach Dave will do between the pines.

Since we don't have an "old oaken bucket" and the annual dook fight is for the "victory bell " then the wuffs would play for the " logo". The one in CF would look like whatever is at ECU and the one in Kenan would look like whatever is at WFU. That would satisfy all the schools in the state and everyone would be involved.

NCSU68 could dig the one up in CF and a Gene Nichols could do the same at Kenan. Little Johnny could be Master of Ceremonies.

Wouldn't this go along way to stopping this stupidity ?

BL: Stop The Stupidity ??? Why would we ever want to do THAT?

Stupidity Must Flourish and as gawd is my witness - IT SHALL FLOURISH!
11/5/2013 9:28:09 PM

Drive-by shootings do have the neighborhood running for the suv's.......Toss in a few 9MM's and Boyz of the Hood are 'game-on'. Irony in the 'They aren't our rival/yes we are' banter......Fun rivalries, though have trick plays, or maybe even a Larry Russell (can't leave Wake out) dated off-the-bench tackle that changed a rule......
Hoodlum thuggery also displayed when opposing assistant coaches teed off on one another at game's end about recruiting turf rights, during the Sheridan era at the Carter......
But times are a changin'--no changed......Not really the Danny Talbert/Jim Donnan era is it?......The 'act like you've been their' behavior seems to have eluded those dozen players in blue, but State could have saved some grace with a more mature response by tsking it off (Don't let them see it bothers you).
Remember when Everett Case told gentleman Frank not to shake his hand before the games at Reynolds--instead keep the illusion of the heated rivalry intact......Those two basketball coaches reputedly oft had dinner together afterwards......Wonder if Larry and Dave dined on Angus Barn T-bones together Satureday night. Or maybe the wives had coffee along Franklin Street the next morning. They should have.

But things being what they are these days (elephant in the room and all) , much ado about nothing......

Fun reading.....But you can bet that Kenan will not be able to grow a blade of grass again after next season--that Carthage salting thing.....Maybe suspensions for football bullying..... :-)
From Pattaya

BL: Christmas has come two months early for me with this one. Juicier than a ripe plum.

Naah, I don't think LF and DD are chummy. Torbush and O'Cain were pals though. Chucky & Bunting DEFINITELY not. Yes, Ev and Frank were conning both fanbases.

Our PK Dan Orner assaulting Duke's Inflatable Helmet around 2000-2002 was CLASSIC and, of course, Spurrier's Picture of the Kenan Scoreboard after a 48-0 massacre will live FOREVER in Tar Heel craws.

I might squeeze a 3rd column out of this if Wuffies continue to pretend its a BFD. :-)
11/5/2013 6:57:37 PM

MB from Balmer
Maybe State needs a new marketing campaign?


Apparently neither Young Shadrach nor Coach Dave realized that using such an over-archingly boastful slogan carried with it considerable liability.

Kinda like "The Carolina Way" or referring to oneself as "The Flagship" then crashing ceremoniously on the jagged rocks of academic scandal. OUCH!
11/5/2013 5:34:56 PM

Doeren obviously had not heard that those young scholar/athletes were just doing their homework for a Swahili Folk Dancing class (according to some wag)
Reminds me of the brouhaha about some inflatable football helmet after a Duke-Carolina pillow fight.

BL: Will Logo Stomp II stand the test of time? Ten years is a minimum for "Legendary Disrespect" status. Wonder if Uncle Julius was watching via satellite from his treehouse on The Serenghetti? I bet he was.

"Assaulting The Inflated Helmet @ The Wally" was just so spontaneous and "did I just see what I saw" goofy. :-) .... and Dan Orner was a white kid ??? Go figure too.
11/5/2013 3:35:23 PM

The logo stomp will go down as "the most awful thing to happen in the storied rivalry" until the next "most awful thing in the storied rivalry" comes along in 7-10 years or so.

Logo stomps come and go - most Blue Blooders had forgotten Amato's boys jumping up and down on what would be Carl Torbush's last season. Likewise most Dookies have probably forgotten Dan Orner's assault on an inflatable football helmet but Tar Heels still smart from a Spurrier photo opportunity under the Kenan scoreboard a quarter-century ago.

I too find it disdainful but as you often say, I am not the target demographic for uniform changes or logo stomping. The only chuckle I have had is the manufactured outrage from our lupine brethren who fret about not being taken as a rival then get upset when rivals do rivalry things.

BL: INCREDIBLE Comments !!! If I gave out awards you just earned one. AWESOME.

Dan Orner assaulting the inflated helmet at The Wally.... the ULTIMATE "Disrespect" of ALL TIME. I was there. How could I forget? He ran the length of the field to dive on it.... :-)

Indeed, I can easily see "Logo Stomp II" reaching "Spurrier Scoreboard Photo" level of Molehill To Mountain proportions. Doesn't get any more Exaggerated Irrelevant than that!

Again.... GREAT Comments!
11/5/2013 3:31:59 PM

But Bobby, You wrote a whole column about it!

BL: Actually 1.5 columns so far. Graphic representations of overt human foolishness is the oft-stated Mission Statement of this website. It's what I do here.

I leave saving Western Civilization to N&O and Jimmy Goodmon.
11/5/2013 2:54:12 PM

Transplanted Tarheel
SSSSHHHHHhhhhhhh.... your going to give away Pirate Nations plans for the 23rd.

BTW none of this matters if the Fighting Fedorians put up an epic fail to the Cutcliffians Thanksgiving weekend.

Of course if that happens then Cut and Ruff square off in a steel cage match with Ric Flair as special guest referee to settle the 'state' championship.

BL: What about Deacon Grobe in Camel City? They be undefeated in-state so far too.

Lets have all five programs play one another EVERY year and let the "disrespectin'" really boil up.
11/5/2013 2:09:05 PM

what it wuz... it wuz FOOTBALL
and football is NOT for pussies, wussies, or panseys.
Call you next case, BobLee.

BL: Not really sure where / how that applies but preach it brother Rowdy.
11/5/2013 2:05:30 PM

You are now becoming MORE qualified to become a speech writer or perhaps Press Secretary for his Excellency, Sgt. Barack Obama Shultz....

I can NOT disagree with any of the "Fill in the blanks".

I CAN disagree with the fact that the UNC Entourage with the "Carolina FB" logos on their evil black windbreakers DID push the boys in red and white BACK when they were going to "clear the area".

YES, I vaguely recall the Kenan incident and the Ultimate Blue Bleeder, Coach Bunting, uttered some comments about Coach Amato and his Florida Thugaletes...

I have watched the Coach D presser and that boy took it personal. I also watched the Coach's show that they videoed that evening. He was STILL mad and they used a LOT of fill so that he did not have to say things that would retire a lot of retakes.

I also listened and read the Coach of the Fighting F's comment about how HE had not watched the tapes and how HE did not see anything.....I am certainly glad that he is holding up the Sgt. Shultz dialog.

But, it has past. The only thing more hilarious that Coach F's comments....and they BOTH seem to be "uninformed" is Our Denier In Chief saying that HE never said WE could keep our (Doctor, Hospital, Insurance, Nurse Jane, whoever).....and he NEVER used the word, P>E>R>I>O>D at the end.

Makes me wonder which President can publicly fib the best.....Nixon, Clinton or Obama?

SO, as the first poster pointed out, the N&O, to their credit did take the high road....

BL: '68, you and TheRealKennel oughta team up and tour the (Your) State handing out ReallyRedLenses so we can all "see it your way". Yeeee HaHaHa.

Kudos to DaveWho for quickly learning how to turn a molehill into a mountain and then to send WuffNation chargin' up it all slobberin' and wantin' to bite sumthing.
11/5/2013 1:45:14 PM

A Furthermore From BobLee
As I said in that last incredible commentary, I do NOT support nor condone post-game jump around jivin' by any student-athletes regardless of jersey color or hair do.

The former UNC FBers of my close acquaintance do not either. But times have been achanging A LOT in the past few decades.

I could get all indignant or I could laff at all the self-righteous jive-*ss bloviatin'..... it is here to stay no matter what I think about it. So THERE!
11/5/2013 12:52:53 PM

I am sure you are aware that the N&O weighed in on their editorial page, all church lady like, including a scolding to Fedora who is is not really from here.

BL: Not aware of anything in The N&O. They still print ??? NOBODY does "holier than thou" like The N&O.... as they fade into oblivion.

Their Editorial Editor Ned Barnett was fired by them as a sports guy before they re-hired him back for peanuts to replace Whiffenpoof Ford. As a sports writer Ned was notorious for surfing monkey boards for his material..... guess THAT hasn't changed.

The N&O "disrespects" 65% of the population of this state by its very existence.

Betcha more people read my piece than his! Which ain't sayin all that much.
11/5/2013 12:28:06 PM

Without question of my all-time favorites…nicely done.

BL: Thanks. No potter is better than his clay. This was most excellent "clay" to work with. :-)
11/5/2013 12:18:46 PM

Excuse me as I type through my tears. I wish we had prevented the disrespectin' -- BY WINNING THE GAME.

Please, Russell - come back!

BL: Yes, THAT woulda solved the problem. PR begat Russell begat Glennon begat ..... gotta believe "The Cradle of NFL QBs" can find another one.
11/5/2013 12:07:59 PM

Frank Linstreet
THREE DAYS and no Hitler Video yet ???????

BL: I know. Just when you think you have this crazy ol' world figgered out, it throws you a curve.

Lets give Adolph a week on this one. Maybe he's having "server issue" in the bunker.
11/5/2013 11:59:14 AM

Isn't UNCCH at all embarrassed by what they did?

BL: You have to put this in perspective. UNCCH pays the quite insane Gene Nichol $250,000/yr to spew insanity from atop a little soap box at its Law School.

If THAT doesn't embarrass them, and apparently it doesn't, then a handful of hoppin' dreadlocked Fedorians probably won't.

Not to mention, but lets, naming a room The Clueless Dickie Baddour Learning Center. UNCCH does not embarrass easily. DUH!
11/5/2013 11:39:53 AM

When was the last time ANYTHING original took place in a rivalry?

BL: Glad you asked. It was 1265 BC. The Greek Achilles drove his chariot up to the gates of Troy and yelled - "Yo King Priam, yo mamma wears combat sandals....."

Priam was, of course, "extremely disrespected" but accepted "a big wooden horse" as an apology. That, alas, didn't turn out well for Priam and his Trojans.
11/5/2013 11:30:36 AM

DAMN! You did it again.... you dog you. I was yucking and chortling from the first paragraph and having a fine time. Then I got to the Epilogue and guffawed so loud I scared the cat.

He's under the bed in the guest room with no plan to emerge any time soon. I guess that is a vote for a Top Ten BobLeeSays for this one.

BL: "scaring the cat" is always a sure sign for new-media relevance.
11/5/2013 10:39:26 AM

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