Same Old ______ Football %$&#@

Oct 29,’13:  Did you know that each of the top 100 Big Time College Football schools are firmly convinced that they were the inspiration for the phrase “same old __________ football %^$#@”.  “They” are all sure that their team has disappointed them more consistently over the years than any other program in America.
This past Saturday, the loudest “same old......” lament came from Columbia, Missouri. Saturday a week ago it was another Tiger school – Dabo’s Rock-touchers.   Lets give Clemson credit..... they are claiming “Clemsoning” is now a verb for dashing fans hopes for “a miracle season”.
I have heard the term “same ol’ Carolina Football” more than any other only because I have been to more games “amid the lofty pines” than anywhere else.   It doesn’t matter that viewed “over the decades” Carolina has had a decidedly above average football heritage..... a buncha bonafide NFL alumni..... and been to a buncha bowl games not all of which were named for tires and/or held in cities where Ruby Tuesday’s is considered “fine dining”.   More importantly, to me, Carolina’s overall record vs “comparables” is very commendable.... allowing for a few stretches of not very commendable outcomes.
Carolina has been to one less “real bowl game” in the past 50 years than Wake Forest has.   State, Duke and Virginia likewise have been to one less than Wake Forest has.  I predict this statistic will hold true for the foreseeable future.   I’m OK with that, but recognize many of you are not.
My other alma mater – Missouri – has been to a real bowl game (the Orange one in Miami) in 1970.   I know because I was there.   Several years later, Missouri entered a multi-decade malaise where 5 Ws was considered “over-achieving”.   Then Gary Pinkel arrived.  He started recruiting Texas, found a QB named Chase Daniel and before you could say “wake-up sleeping giant”, Mizzou was “relevant”.
He (Pinkel) could not beat Texas or Oklahoma in much the way Mack could never beat Florida State but fan expectations were quickly ratcheted up to “8 W minimum and better beat everybody else by at least 30” or “same old Mizzou football” moans resonated thru Harpo’s (Mizzou’s version of Amedeo’s).
NOTE:  EVERY college has it’s version of Amedeo’s, Harpo’s, et al like almost every college has a bell tower or a chapel or some architectural anomaly that gets t-peed a lot.
Blah, blah, yadda, yadda..... Mizzou gets to 6-0 beating UGa and Florida and Mizzou-ians get giddy and light-headed and get a nasty case of BCS-itis..... and promptly gets thumped in OT by Spurrier’s chickens..... and “same old, same old ______” is heard.   I know that for a fact because I heard it in my home theater from Blondie.
Yes..... my wife – Blondie – is “a bandwagon fan”.   This past weekend she was a DOUBLE bandwagon fan – Mizzou AND The Cardinals. 
Like a lot of Carolina fans, she didn’t give a hoot about Boston College other than the usual “tell me again why they are in the ACC?”  She did think it was cool that Duke beat VaTech and was pleased for our State friends that FlaSt did not “hang 50” on the Wuffs.   She lamented Wake falling short vs Miami.  But Saturday was all about Mizzou and The Cardinals.
She “quit” on both..... giving up in disgust and going to bed before the OT in Columbia and before “the obstruction call”.   She did NOT tweet an obscene threat to the disraught Mizzou placekicker like many lunatics did..... she simply mumbled an "I knew they'd choke" and punched her pillow.
Oh... oh.... oh.... did you hear about the Mayor of Boston calling Frau Yow for permission to blame “the obstruction call” on Johnny Swofford?   Apparently Frau is now the clearinghouse for any potential “blame it on Johnny Swofford” issues.   I hear Frau granted him permission.
I am the clearinghouse for “blame it on Baddour” but you don’t really have to get my permission, “just do it”.   One of Dickie’s Sigma Nu brothers asked me to lighten up on Brother Baddour.  I said “no, not until he gives back all the stoopid plaques and atta-boy crap” to which he said “I understand but I was told to make the request so I did”.
So, every team eventually disappoints its fans and “its fans” fully expect to be disappointed.   Alabama has won 3 out of 4 of the last NCs.  If they don’t win AGAIN this year...... “same ol’ Alabama football” grumbles will be heard in Tuscaloosa.   
For those connected with any sports organization pro or college... it is “playing solitaire with a deck of 51”.  You can’t win unless you NEVER lose..... and even then you better win by a lot.
BobLee’s current Chapelboro Column......
BobLee Says:  “No Excuses” November
October 28,’13:  In full view of that “oh-so-valuable Boston media market” The Fighting Fedorians unleashed their first complete game of the year to thump a Flutie-less / Ryan-less bunch of Golden Eagles 34-10.  In eye-deal mid-Autumn football-watching weather, the 40,000-ish fans who showed-up were able to spread out a bit and enjoy a solid Tar Heel winning performance.
When John Swofford tries in vain to justify why Boston College forsook all its natural rivals in Greater New England to cross The Mason-Dixon Line into The (faraway) ACC, he continually boasts about “that valuable Boston TV market”.  So far that consists of a run-down sports bar in Worcester with one 9” b/w TV.... three guys named Moe in Shrewsbury and one very old Minute Man on Concord Green waiting to “see the whites of their eyes”.
(Blah blah blah blah...... filler stuff about the rest of the season...... then the following stuff about the upcoming Triangle-version of Lehigh vs Lafayette  )
TO’B and Smilin’ John Tenuta have been exiled to The Valley of The Shenandoah.  There is no Philip, Russell or even a Glennon taking snaps.   Larry is Gio-less. ....... It’s the Triangle version of Lehigh vs Lafayette.  Let the cul-de-sac war begin.   If your football universe is a 68-mile radius from the intersection of I-40 & Miami Blvd then it doesn’t get any bigger or bloviatable than State vs Carolina.  Paul Finebaum and Lee Corso won’t care but who cares.  
It’s Frat Boys versus Farm Boys.   Backyard braggin’ rights for a year are on-the-line.   Wonder how many TV sets “in that valuable Boston-market” will tune-in?
WARNING:  A Tar Heel fan wearing C-Blue within a kilometer of “The Carter” Saturday morning is liable to be cussed at, spit on, offended and certain to hear the word “PJ” used in a sentence.  ...... READ MORE!
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Posted: October 29, 2013 at 11:02 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 13 comments
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sigma nu ............... so dickie couldn't get in a real fraternity. figures.
will he get his mom to tell you to quit picking on him, next?
little league right fielder all the way.

BL: All he's got to do is give back all the atta-boy bling and admit he was a clueless goober and I'll back off.
10/30/2013 7:59:13 PM

Normally, this would be the week of my self-imposed suspension from your work. However, the the descriptions of PDEW Blondie bear an uncanny similarity to SoCal Beach Blondie. She too, has a penchant for pillow punching an adopted team...Cracks me up.

And no, BL. The Cowdog Decoder Ring will not help in the stylings of other guests to your site...Sorry.

BL: Blondie is "Show-Me" Blondie hence her attachments to Mizzou & Cardinals.

She is NOT intending to watch Game Six. :-)
10/30/2013 2:50:13 PM

Wish that some posters would realize that many of we readers do not consider the comments section to be an alternative blog site for BL wanna bees...

BL: Now now.... :-)
10/30/2013 1:00:05 PM

NCSU68grad's comment erased your piece from my mind. Three possibilities come to mind: random word generator, speed freak or that was a parody of your stuff. I lean toward speed freak.

BL: Don't know... pick'em.
10/29/2013 10:25:56 PM

"every time "Shack" gets hisself arrested it starts the cycle all over again. I believe his last arrest was 3-4 years ago....." If true, the Lawrence Taylor taunting would be endless.

BL: Fair enough. :-) .... LT certainly left an indelible stain along with his NFL legacy.

I never defend UNC's bad boyz... or UNC's infamous faculty crazies.
10/29/2013 9:11:27 PM

OK, BL, you column is timely. I overnighted in Birmingham, AL last night. Winging (driving) my way home with BDW in our Motor Home (towing a politically incorrect Hummer H3 with NCSU Plates).
Last night I watched The Black List...and we both believe that we need secret security clearance to ferret it all out...
THEN, I watched the sports BEFORE Jay Leno came on. They did FOUR (4) Sports stories. Nick Saban on AL, then Whatshis name for Auburn and UAB and finally Jacksonville State. THEN, it was OVER. TIme for the weather update and Leno. ER, Please excuse me, Mr. Sportscaster (OAT is not really high IQ there), WHAT about the World Series. He did NOT have even a pop-up or a crawler. BUT, local FB....NOW that is the story....and he FORGAVE Nicky for his admonishment of the AL fans....Nick also granted papal dispensation for them staying during the UT sacrifice ritual.
SO, it was interesting that I got you email....FOOTBALL..., You really want to know about do NOT have the "Cahones" to really understand FOOTBALL" Jack was busy, so I had to adlib.
There is NO comparison to the OAT babbling in Raleigh about The (FITB) Game of the week or the MATCH of the Decade...
We do not know %^$&#*@ about is a way of life our travels, we stayed on I-20 for MANY a mile. There were more billboards about Duck Dynasty than you could count in MS....and there were more ANTI-UAB billboards in AL. These folks got their priorities correct.
SO, I will be HOME for the "GOTC" clash this Saturday. Would NOT miss it for the world. I was in Mobile Bay (close to Gottfried's home last year). All of Erin's Tweeting will come home to haunt Coach F.
Have fun....tomorrow we break Wake County's border....

BL: Dang it '68. I need a Navaho codebreaker to crack all that. Maybe TWO Navaho codebreakers.
10/29/2013 8:22:53 PM

You forgot to comment on Duke's win. Cutcliffe's post game photo with his arms upstretched and smiling broadly was priceless!

BL: I thought The Duke Win was "priceless". Duke OWNS the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2013.
10/29/2013 5:44:10 PM

Old MacDonald
I'll make you a deal BL...We "Wuffs" will stop saying "PJ" and/or "Marvin" the second we hit the total times we have heard "amphibious!" from Wal-Marters over the years. We won't even count historical remarks from actual UNC grads against your total. You have a few years yet to go...

BL: Oh.... I'm not suggesting you stop AT ALL. Simply preparing the more naive UNCers what to expect. The life-span of a rivalry taunt is a minimum of 25 years.

Of course every time "Shack" gets hisself arrested it starts the cycle all over again. I believe his last arrest was 3-4 years ago..... Underage girl and a 9mm in a vehicle without registration as I recall.
10/29/2013 5:28:22 PM

Dickie is a Sigma Nu???? YEUUUUUUUCK! Now I have to give up the secret handshake and the wink. Man, that is SO disappointing. The comment on getting permission from Frau is priceless (and funny as heck). I hear the mayor got a busy signal. I sure am glad I found a rerun of Capt. Kangaroo Sat night. I completely missed the obstruction call (didn't catch it on sports center the next day either). Oh well, so much for the outliers. BTW, which card is missing in your deck of 51 Bobby?

BL: Yep.... he be a Sigma Nu.

Frau was glad to do it. :-)
10/29/2013 2:26:17 PM

Condolences to Blondie.....It was channel swimming time on my new HDTV's (my BDEW has one and I have one in my man-cave). Russell was playing across town and once again, he failed to lose. One of Butch's academicians played havoc with Seattle's O-line. Jadaveon Clowney finally showed up for the Ole' Ball Coach at Mizzou (as did Shaw).
And, by the way, no limit on signs at the Carter.
Our new Coach is about to learn how we feel about this game. Hope it's not negative.

BL: I noted that ESPN guys did not mention college connection between Quinn and Russell.

Hopefully all signs will be spelled correctly. Many at UNC are not.
10/29/2013 1:41:42 PM

Talk about two dogs screwing that need to be separated with a garden hose the NCSU UNC game should be a real classic. State players should at least come out in warm ups carrying text books.
I think UNC will win by 14-17 points.

BL: I propose a limit of 50 signs containing the word "Cheat" or "PJ".
10/29/2013 12:58:33 PM

Did Dickie work on the health care website? Has Carolina played in a "real bowl game" since Choo Choo left?

BL: No but he did design The Edsel and the formula for New Coke.

No re: "a real bowl".
10/29/2013 12:58:01 PM

An oblique reference to the Oak Ridge Boys plus ‘fine-dining’ at Ruby Tuesdays adds up to a hundred!

BL: The Ruby reference was sly but, IMO, solid.
10/29/2013 12:48:59 PM

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