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Don't Believe I'da Said That, Coach Dave

Sept 3,’13:  I dallied writing a Week One column because how many “about Johnny You-Know-Who” columns does the world really need?   America’s Punk successfully hijacked Week One of Color & Pageantry 2013.   I simply didn’t feel like joining the chorus on that. ...... NC State’s Coach Dave sensed my plight and has come to my aid.

The late Southern sage, Lewis Grizzard, had a classic story that ends with the punch line...... “Don’t believe I’da said that one.”   At least Coach Dave wasn’t bragging about having sex with a billy goat.

Setting the stage..... I was invited to this past Saturday’s NC State v Skip Holtz’ team from Wherever Louisiana game.   My invite came from “a Wolfpack immortal” with seats “on the fifty” ..... on the East Side of The Carter.  I politely declined his generous invitation.

I have reached the point in my life journey where roasting in a blazing sun in a stadium bleachers is not among my preferred activities.  It was not the company I was declining at all.   It was the anticipated physical experience.  I was very clear to the inviting “immortal” why I politely declined.

I no longer do a lot of stuff that I am suppose to want to do simply because “everyone says I should”.   In truth, I’ve always been a bit of a rebel in that regard.   I’ve never smoked marijuana.... or gotten knee-walking drunk.... or attended an AC/DC or Pearl Jam concert..... or owned a pool table or a boat.... or had sex with _____ ......  OK, you get the picture.   Pretending to enjoy roasting my butt in a stadium bleacher (any stadium!) was an easy one to “don’t do dat any more”.

IF said “Wolfpack immortal” had a comfy air-conditioned suite in Vaughn Towers I probably woulda accepted.  

I will attend this coming Saturday’s Fedorians versus Middle SomeWhere game in Kenan.  I will "get in free" and spend 12:00 noon until around 3:00 PM in an air-conditioned suite with all-I-can-eat hotdogs and lemonade.  Being “an Internet Legend” is not without its perks.  

I have been called many things.  Being labeled “not a real fan” by some goggle-eyed flaming nitwit is an easy one to dismiss.

Most of the 50,000 or so attending (non Blue Zoners) Kenanites will have no choice but to “roast their butts in uncomfortable bleachers” under a blazing late summer sun.   I suspect they will react pretty much like 25,000 or so Wuff loyalists did Saturday.   

They will ask themselves “..... and WHY am I spending $50-75 to endure this torture”.   They will (1) complain about $4 water in the concession stands and (2) leave early.

Hopefully Larry Fedora will NOT berate them for doing so.   If necessary BubbaTheRealAD might forward this column to Larry and forestall any such foolish response.

Hopefully the game itself will be as lop-sided in favor of the home team as Saturday’s was for Coach Dave’s youngsters.

What the heck am I talking about ????

In his Monday press conference following his very first game at The Carter; Coach Dave Doeren LASHED OUT at wuzzy Wuffs for (1) not being back in the seats for the 3rd quarter..... and (2) for leaving early.

CLICK for a link to “Coach Dave’s Lash Out”

Presumably Coach Dave was exempting those wuff loyalists who were being treated for heat prostration.

College Football admins are universally concerned about the ever-formidable threat of TV versus “the stadium experience”.   When games must be scheduled for early afternoon in September it’s a no-brainer.

AD Frau Yow countered Coach Dave’s concern about State’s much-debated “halftime pass-out” policy.   Frau is not ready to rescind that policy.   Smart thinking Frau.  Better wait til Coach Dave beats Clemson and/or FlaState before trying that.

Wanna bet Madame Yow was herself in a comfy cool suite muching on munchies and hydrating on free beverages (not $4 water).

Frau put the blame, of course, on “The ACC” for forcing her into a midday kick-off.   She woulda opted for a night game given the choice.  Yet another sneaky trick by Commissioner Machiavelli Swofford no doubt.  

That Little Johnny is likewise punishing his alma mater this coming Saturday was not mentioned.  Nor did Frau offer to not televise the game or not accept the TV revenues from it.

The point of interest here is simply Coach Dave calling out his brand new employers (the WuffNation) for doing what any sane individuals woulda done.   Coach Dave was being paid 1/12th of $2,000,000 to be there..... versus having to pay $50+ for the masochistic experience.

A faction of WuffNation touts that they are “the best darn fans theres ever been or ever will be”.   ECU Pirate fans as well as pretty much every fan base on Earth except Duke also “tout” that about themselves.  Tar HeelNation has a similar goofball faction that embarrasses the rest of us.

There are about a dozen fan bases across America that can legitimately lay claim to incredible loyalty under any conditions over many years.   NC State is not among that dozen or so.  Neither is UNC.

Did that aforementioned “Wolfpack immortal” stick it out until the end?  He’s pretty far “out there” on his own personal lunatic fringe so I bet he did.  I am checking with a spy who sits near him for confirmation.

Noon kick-offs in early September are a reality in college football.   “Lashing out” at one fans is a coach’s right of course.  EVERY new coach does a spiel early-on about “developing an SEC-type atmosphere” here at (fill in name of non-SEC school).   Fans get all giddy about the prospect..... then act like they’ve always acted.

Insane fan loyalty CAN be developed.   No one will dispute that NC State does have a small faction of such insanity on-hand to build on.   Who can ever forget F-Bomb Alley on Trinity Road.   Maybe Coach Dave will ask Frau to bring back that lovely bunch o’ cocoanuts.

An entire column without mentioning Johnny You-Know-Who...... betcha didn’t think I could do it, did you?

Speaking of “fans”...... my weekly column for Carolina fans on kinda calls them out....... CLICK.

On to Week Two.

Oh.... AgentPierce latest on N&O Editor John Drescher hizzy fit "went viral" within 12 hours.  He figured it would - CLICK


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Posted: September 03, 2013 at 6:19 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 27 comments

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Dr Wire
The ol' joke about coaches or bosses finding 3 envelopes in their desk when they arrive must need updating to add a fourth letter to blame the fans for not staying for all the game or being late to their seats at the start or after halftime. The last 2 coaches at State have commented on this issue of social importance usually after a mid-day game so I guess Coach Dave wants to follow their lead. As usual, our fans then eat their own over their inability to roast in the sun quietly except for properly yelling when our guys are on defense. I don't think O'Cain or Sheridan commented on fans making decisions for their own best interest, but that was the era of the "grassy hill".

During the first half when the stadium was at peak attendance the sun finally went behind a large cloud and a refreshing southern breeze came from the east while play had stopped for a most needed TV time-out, you could hear the entire stadium sigh with relief. That should have warned Coach his fans were suffering from heat during the TV time outs and extended game time due to increased number of plays.

I sat on the west side upper deck for games in the 90's when we seemed to have more cold, rainy games so rather than just being envious of my brother who sat comfortably on the east side, I joined him during the great stadium reseating effort in the lower bowl on the east side a.k.a slums of the Carter for its lack of space and facilities. Now I find myself poaching seats under the upper deck over-hang once I remember that sitting on an aluminum seat in the blazing sun with little breeze is about as much fun as "cropping" tobacco in southern Sampson County right after lunch or the 2:00 nab and Pepsi break.

Note, I can confirm "the Wolfpack immortal" who recently was immotalized by the N&O indeed stayed until the end in his seat in section 4 which was not in the shade as I saw him head up the steps from my borrowed seat in the shade where the temperature feels 15-20 cooler as the breeze never ends.

I'm hoping the non-global warming experts are correct when they predict we are entering another 13-15 year cooling cycle.

BL: Perhaps a BL opus on "the Myth of The Real Fan" is needed?

I have attended Bsb, FB, and Bkb games w/ "The Immortal" and can attest to his total core loyalty to his beloved "Pack" and to his exemplary behavior relative to his fellow fans.
9/5/2013 5:25:13 AM

BLS, why ya wanna go and stir this thing?

Didn't we do that enough over in our own neck of the woods? :D

Coach Dave, God bless him. At least this was a very small way to meet some of the banana grabbers, as my friend likes to say, without having the whole house of crazy rain down on him.

BL: It was a slow news day... plus gigging the banana grabbers is always such fun.

I'm sure Coach Dave will do just fine.
9/4/2013 10:38:13 PM

Had to laugh. When I saw your lead, I thought, no way he gets a whole column out of that without at least mentioning Jamie Franklin's berating the Vandy crowd for not buying tickets. My mistake. Doeren ought to praise the fanbase for having that kind of turnout for that kind of opponent. My thoughts are that coaches maybe ought stop with the show up and stay and we will win stuff. Win against quality opponents and fans will show up and stay, heat, humidity or not.

BL: I see DD as a quick study. Hopefully he sees Bobby Purcell as an invaluable resource (more so than Frau IMO) in learning Wuff culture.

I don't see DD as a shoot-ready-aim type.
9/4/2013 8:58:58 PM

Fair points, especially along the "move along...." lines. Where have I heard that before...? Hate it when I get hoist on my own...well, you know....

Also, I failed to make clear one aspect of my post: I also have no heartburn with your article - indeed, great content as always. And, as you say, you did preface the whole thing. I approve wholeheartedly - ANYTHING except JFootball...I was really referring to other venues where this "issue" seems to have taken on a life of its own.

BL: There's an old vaudeville joke.... Man goes to see his doctor. "Doc, it hurts when I do 'this', what should I do?" - Doc.... "Stop doing 'that'."

Reading crap being churned up on "other venues". Stay away from those venues. :-)
9/4/2013 12:36:17 PM

The frenzy around these comments have me frankly baffled. Somehow, everyone who reports on the quote omits the most important three words (referenced by TheCowDog, above): "...down the line...".

I have absolutely no issue or heartburn with DD 's comment. I also have absolutely no issue or heartburn with any fans who left the game under last week's conditions.

The underlying factor here is football mediocrity. NC State is not good enough to be attractive (especially against La Tech) in prime time, but is just good enough to be on TV at 12:00 noon in August. TV money determined this outcome.

The Bard wrote a play about this...

BL: Be careful what you wish for. ABSOLUTELY this is/was a silly little fluff incident of minimal consequence.... on "a slow news day". ABSOLUTELY! :-)

However... in the rock'em sock'em rockabilly world of backyard rivalries - when one side snorts "move along, nothing to see here" .... the other side looks for more jet fuel to pour on the sparks.

96% of the rivalry crap is "fluffy popcorn".

In the case of my column.... I was simply looking for any alternative to JohnnyThePunk.... as I state in my opening paragraph.
9/4/2013 10:50:54 AM

Ben in MO
$65 for seats seems high, but this past weekend's Mizzou game against Cupcake U (formerly Cupcake State Teacher's College) was $40 on PPV, plus fees and taxes. Only the most dedicated fans would fall for that, I expect, but of course, it could be one of Mizzou's very few wins this season.

BL: Truman The Tiger sold his soul for SEC gold .....

I see where Chase Daniel is now a KC Chief.
9/4/2013 2:14:15 AM

Heavens to Hades BobLee,

It WAS hot in Carter-Finley Saturday. How astute of you to STATE the obvious. I was there, hiding from the Feds, not the Fedorians. Fortunately, my show HOMELAND has returned for another season. I invite all six of your readers to tune in, as your column this week was strictly hot air. If you want some real heat check out Carrie and myself ... we'll be steaming up a few mirrors in coming episodes.

Stay cool,

(The Marine may be gone, but we still Back the Pack)

BL: Huh? Not a Homeland-kinda guy so no connecting there. Strictly a Justified / Suits guy.

DD, not me, was faulting Wuffs for their wuzziness. Bring back Jon Tenuta and Darrell Moody!
9/3/2013 10:59:52 PM

Thanks for mentioning the passing of my good friend Frank Weedon......So many 'Frank' stories out there......He loved State......Not so much the referees :-).......

BL: Never has there been a more passionate Wuff. Enjoyed lasagna & garlic bread w/ Frank in an Amedeo's backroom 12 or 15 years ago.

I think of him and Charlie Bryant as similar Wuff Legends.

FW never much cared for losing at anything to "the Tar Heels" as I recall. :-)
9/3/2013 5:03:34 PM

FightingBobKennel, Jr.
As someone who's been a State fan The Right Way since the 1950s, you've hit on an issue that's very near and dear to me, BobLee. And like any good Rhodes Scholar I have an answer which everyone should follow. This whole thing sort of reminds me of the time when I was on Mount Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima and those wily Japanese (clever folk) had us pinned down. General Smith, bless him, had no idea what to do next ("What are we do next?" he said.
"There's only one answer, sir," said I.
"Fighting Bob!" said General Smith, who hadn't known I was in the tent. "What can we do, Fighting Bob? Lead us out of this wilderness!"
"Sir," said I, "You don't need to be a Rhodes Scholar or a professional baseball player to see that we need to let those Nipponese know that they are licked, but good. And the only way to do that is by showing them the Flag of our great country."
"You've saved us again, Fighting Bob!" General Smith said. And that's how I won the Battle of Iwo Jima. I am sure you've seen the picture.
But I digress.
Anyway, we all remember that my hero, Lee Fowler, before he was unjustly dismissed from his job after doing nothing wrong (and look how USC-Upstate snapped him up - guess that shows Who is Who and What is What!) sought my counsel on this. "Fighting Bob, how do we solve this problem of Pass Outs?" asked Lee. And as you who follow me know, those are words that have always galvanized me into Action.
"Don't let them out," I said then and still say today. If they were True Fans then they'd be like the Postal Service - rain, sleet, snow, Gloom of Night, that kind of thing. And Lee was going to do exactly that, too, until certain Negative Nellies and Slanderers and Kahouteks got him fired. But of course I was right. People need to stay in the seats.
In fact, I went over to the Case Center this morning to share my wisdom on this point and oddly everyone's door was closed shut. Some kind of emergency meeting, they said. I'll come back tomorrow.

BL: "Fighting Bob" your stories of dashing derring do never cease to amaze and dazzle. :-)
9/3/2013 2:41:19 PM

Hey Bill, how about them Rummel Raiders at the Super Dome in the state championship game? BL has a DVD of the game. Love those LSU rosters with ninety-two Louisiana boys and a couple of SE Texan Coon Asses. The Raiders and John Curtis were the two best teams in the country as the final polls showed.

Two different experiences in Tiger Stadium. One for a day game and one for a night game. BL saw a day game on the last day of the season. Tigers were #2 and the Hogs were #3. Kinda ordinary. Night game is completely different.

DD’s words were a much lighter version of the Dana Holgorsen’s remarks to the fans during his first year at West Virginia two years ago. He verbally whacked the fans for not showing up for the Bowling Green game because of rainy and cold weather. DH let the fans that it was “their job to show up” no matter what.

DD may believe that every place should be the same as Wisky on a weekend. The Badger experience may not be the best in all of college football, but there is none better. Even Nebraska fans want to imitate the experience.

Perhaps he just wants the strange notion of leaving the stadium at half time for some Mojo.

Baseball players used to dread playing August day baseball in Washington, Cincinnati, and St. Louis, especially Sunday double headers. Humidity, with cloudless skies was in the high nineties. Fans filled Crosley and Sportsman’s park in complete discomfort for those in box seats and lower reserved.

Teams had three sets of uniforms as well as relief during half innings to call off with high use fans. Fans spent several hours in total misery, often taking respite up the ramps behind the general admission seats.

BL, we have spoken of the detrimental effect that TV has made on the game. This is one of them as they decide who will be the opponent and when., including weeknights.

Great for our kind as we sit in perfect weather, a variety of food and beverages. Plus no long lines, or short ones, at the rest room. Better than any seat in any stadium.

Thank you again my good man for my fantastic Christmas presents from my magnificent children. Judy is fast becoming an outstanding coaching partner. My Aggie buddies are amazed at how quickly she has picked up the nuances of the game. All those years I coached and she cooked and puttered. As I told you, she stayed up for that forever State/UNC game. She does much better analyzing the game than many calling the game.

My only comment regarding the Aggie quarterback is no surprise there. He be what he be. Always has been, always will be: He is a Johnny Lohan for the blingers. Heck of a college player though.

BL: Our special "Aggie Land" connection. :-)

I am planning another Johnny column very soon and will need your special on-the-scene comments.
9/3/2013 2:14:13 PM

OMG. The immortal beat me to the punch! What Doeren said had hidden context, and quite frankly, easy to understand the message. You'll note that he did say down the line. However, I have never sat in my seat, anyway, choosing to roam the concrete sidelines instead.

I always tipple at half, and I rarely miss the 2nd half snap. In close ones, I do not dawdle, and I catch the kickoff. That's pretty much the same for all C-F spectators.

Ol' Mac, whom I agree with in 90 percentile range, is one of few Wolfcrackers that seem to take umbrage with the statements. I'm somewhat surprised. It's water off a duck's a**.

BL: OF COURSE IT IS "water off....".... and upon such a "solid" foundation was the Internet built and is sustained.

FWIW.... Just reported that Frank Weedon has passed away. Good guy.... VERY passionate Wuff in his prime!
9/3/2013 1:55:09 PM

58 Wolf Kennel
Obviously the season is afield ! Can't help myself from commenting on your blog, but can stop from commenting on your commenters. Here's some simple engineering logic comments:
1. Coach DD's comments were strategic and long term rather than tactical bashing. Debbie told me Friday night she was worried about the attendance for this TV dictated game time because she had half sold Doeren on coming based on the "game-day" experience.
2. The 54,000 were real and most all sat in that blistering sun at some point (except for the Vaughn Tower folks). Did you know that Vaughn was a Nuclear Engineer?
3. Tickets for the opener were $40. For the game this coming Saturday night against Richmond they're $35. There were Labor Day special yesterday to even get them for $25.
4. People go, or do not go, to games based on their interest. Some go to socialize, others to eat. I go a game to watch. Sorta' like BobLee does for baseball.
5. DownEast BobLee has one problem. He should have gone to NC State. His writing would have taken care of itself 'cause he's a "Natural". His politics would have been right in line. And he could have been both interested in and proud of the team he was pulling for.
6. All that being said, I left the game with 30 seconds to go because the family was waiting for me at the car - with towels : >)))

BL: Good info BK!

I doubt DD's comment was "strategic" but am certain that its impact will only be momentary at best. Except for rival loonies who NEVER forget such stuff.

Fan bases are like water. They invariably "seek their own level". A little "engineering lingo" :-).
9/3/2013 11:52:05 AM

How times have changed! When I started my freshman year in the southern part of heaven, coming from football crazy Louisiana, I was shocked to learn that football was just something to do to kill time until the "real" sport season--men's basketball--commenced.

My first 2 years (67-68, 69-69) saw mighty Tulane thrash the 'Heels a combined 72-14. The stands were never full at any point, by halftime they were virtually empty and we could move down to seats so close to the field that we could and did toss peanuts to the players. The marching band couldn't form a straight line even with the help of the stripes on the field.
But we had a ball! Smuggled in our booze, bought some soft drinks and enjoyed the company of the friends wiht whom we came or whom we met when we got to the lower seats, while now and then glancing at the field. Tried to avoid looking at the scoreboard except to see how much time was left in the games.
Speaking of lunatic fan bases, I have to put LSU's at or near the very top. As some pundit put it, they stand foursquare behind the head coach, win, win or win.
Never cared much for Lou Holtz, but did think a bit more highly of him after learning that he was offered the LSU job but turned it down eventually, telling the BOS: "If you don't like Charlie McClendon, you aren't going to like me."
Cheers, BobLee.

BL: How did we ever get along in a pre-Jumbotron world ???
9/3/2013 11:30:33 AM

Coach Dave may have over reached a bit in this particular instance, no doubt, it was an extremely uncomfortable day. On the other hand, the normal pattern at Carter Finley has been one where many of the fans seem irresistibly drawn to the parking lot during halftime/3rd Qtr. leaving the stands noticeably empty and understandably irritating to the coaches and players. I call 'em the "Tinklers and Tipplers " and, as a fan who finds it puzzling as to why such a ritual is necessary regardless of weather or game times, it seems absurdly ridiculous and embarrassing to the team.....not to mention the hypocrisy of a fan base that likes to refer to the aluminum fans at Kenan.

BL: Raging hypocrisy between rival fan bases is as old as Athens vs Sparta.

I'd love to see Frau try to change that policy. :-) ..... Bobby's life would get miserable REALLY quick.
9/3/2013 11:08:18 AM

Old MacDonald
What possible difference does it make to "D squared" or Ms. Yow how many people leave early? We all paid ~$50 a ticket plus the cost of LTRs. All the seats were/are sold. Why on earth are we, as paying customers (who have been paying for a pretty crappy product) subjected to anything but a big "thank you" for showing up at a noonish kickoff in August against a "whoozit" opponent? The West side folks were in the shade from the 2nd quarter on -- those of us on the East side and in the endzones were in some pretty brutal conditions.

On what planet is it acceptable customer service to behave the way the State administration is behaving?

BL: 1st.... it was simply a not-thought-out-very-well "blurt" by a Wuff rookie coach. Likely quickly regretted.

I assume YOU do know who that "Wuff Immortal" was that invited me to join him. Your favorite "Wuff Immortal". :-)
9/3/2013 10:09:27 AM

Emmette Taylor
Bob, in no way do I hate Fedora. Far too old not to realize prejudices found in each camp. Little disappointed you did not realize the difference that I tried to point out between the 2 coaches in their responses.That's all, no more, no less.Keep up your good work.

BL: Emmette, I am familiar enuff w/ your comments to understand your reasoned-adult POV. No problem. :-)

My reply was aimed more at the pig-eyed goobers in your lunatic fringe who, like all lunatic fringers everywhere, immediately FIRE BACK to any perceived slight to "our team... coach.... AD.... mascot... uniform.... stadium setting... etc.
9/3/2013 9:54:22 AM

mr poon
Catfish,Lewis's beloved black lab died before Lewis and he wrote a very tear jerking column about him which is worth looking up.Lewis married his life's love Debra, who cared for him prior to his 4th and final operation,4 days prior to his operation and death,Mar. 1994.
I wonder why an actor has not played Lewis in one man shows like they have of Mark Twain.I think it would be a great hit.

BL: There IS a guy who "does Lewis" in concert. I've seen his videos and he "nail's him". He has Debra's full approval.
9/3/2013 9:38:32 AM

I remember one game experience differently on a bitter cold November in 2011 when State knocked off it's arch rival--My Nigerian friend, a former All-American State soccer player and I gave up frigid fifty-yard line seats in the shadows of the press box to find a more pleasant 2nd-half game experience-- in front of a flat screen HD at Mitch's over a couple of hot bowls of chili......

I also remember as a Broughton High student hustling Coca Colas and Sprites on a blistering opening day (October 8, 1966) at Carter trying to sell off the icy cups before they turned to water......Back in the days when the guys wore coats and ties and ladies wore sun dresses.......Sat and watched with a half-empty tray as Steve Spurrier, on his way to winning the Heisman, led Florida to a 17-10 win during that '66 season......My employer had a word with me about that......Those hot, muggy early season afternoon games were murder.....I think I made .25/tray--not sure considering inflation how that measures up to Coach Dave's 2,000,000.00/season...... :-)
From Pattaya

BL: All that was before us Eeeeevil Republicans created GLOBAL WARMING of course.

Back in my day.... EVERY Kenan game started at 1:00 PM and it was navy blazers REQUIRED.
9/3/2013 9:30:23 AM

mr poon
I met Lewis through a friend of mine who was a fraternity brother of Lewis at U.of GA.We drank gallons of vodka and had just a good ol time in the North Georgia mtns and around Highlands,NC and Harrison's-a bar and hangout on Peachtree st-was hq central.Loaded with celebrities,rich young studs and beautiful Georgia peaches.Ted Turner had what I consider the finest show on TV from Harrison's with Paul Hornung,The Dutchman,Norm Van Brocklin,myself and others just drinking and bsing about the coming football games,women and life in general.All live and not censored.Lewis was there frequently and everytime he walked through the door you knew the party was just starting.I was having a complete physical at Emory Hosp and the last test was a tread mill.The Doc who operated on Lewis came in to conduct the test and I knew Lewis was just operated on that morning by him and I asked how it went.He said very sadly,he didn't make it.I later learned that he would have been brain damaged if he had survived.Lewis didn't live long but boy did he live.Half his ashes are on the 50 yd line of the U. of Ga. stadium.The college and team he loved with all of what remained of his heart.There are tons of funny anecdotes and stories but I think this column on a website his wife keeps up states it best:
Based on his late mother’s habitual last words in every conversation. In it he wrote, “My mother’s words were so simple. Be sweet. But we aren't sweet. We don’t honor sweet. We don’t even like sweet. Sweet is weak. Respect me or I’ll shoot you. Sweet is weak. No. No. Be sweet. Be kind and gentle. Be tolerant. Be forgiving and slow to anger. Be tender and able to cry. Be kind to old people and dogs. Be loving. Share. Don’t pout. Don’t be so loud. Hold a puppy. Kiss a hand. Put your arms around a frightened child. Make an outstanding play and then don’t do the King Tut Butt Strut to point to the inadequacies of the vanquished. Be sweet. The wonders that might do. The wonders that just might do. I can still hear you, Mama.”
They sang “Precious Memories” at his funeral, like he wanted.

BL: I believe his final totals were Four heart surgeries and Five ex-wives or vice versa.

Did "Catfish" out live him?

He's now been gone about 16 years.... YIKES!
9/3/2013 9:23:58 AM

Yep, I wish he hadn't said it....but I don't think I would say he "lashed out". The East stands are brutal for hot afternoon games....I sat there from 1968-1972...After graduation I opted for the West side and have never looked back ! My LTRs are usually in the Vaughn Tower shade by 1:00 or so. I almost always stay until the end, but when I do choose to leave early (I remember a couple driving rain storms !) I don't feel that I have let my alma mater down ! This gets a lot of play among the lunatics, but methinks it's a tempest in a teapot and will soon go away as there are clearly more important things for Dave to worry about !

BL: I betcha that Bobby Purcell has already discussed this "hiccup" with Dave; and Life in WuffWorld will move right along.

Anything is better than talking about Johnny Manziel.
9/3/2013 9:06:56 AM

BobLee's Crazy Cuzzin
Here I go again. This is the first time in my life I have not sent money to UNC for football tickets. For numerous reasons, first being – I cannot get anyone to go with me !

2nd, I don’t like driving back home at night.

3rd, is a bit more obscure. Complicated reasoning – those sunny North Side seats are made more hotter because – my reasoning here – enclosing the end zones has cut off any cross ventilation. That is NOT silly reasoning. I have sat in the sun, on aluminum seats (on a cushion) for 80 some years, no problem – put on sun blocker, wear a visor (hats are too hot), get a tall cup of ICE, no water yet, and sit still. Expect heat, hell it’s still summer out there. Air conditioning has spoiled these people. What a bunch of wimps. MLD

BL: "Only Mad Dogs and Englishmen go to games and sit in the midday sun!" Which are you?
9/3/2013 9:06:54 AM

The simple truth is that at "real" football schools, the stands never empty until the clock says 00:00. Those stands at the State game were NEVER full. Plus, the policy of letting people out at halftime to knock back a few shooters is insane. Is there any other stadium that allows that?

BL: ECU still does I believe. I'm sure there are others but it is a disappearing trend for sure.

State and UNC game attendance figures are pretty darn similar over the past 15-20 years.... despite both sides claim that "those a**h***s lie".
9/3/2013 8:56:47 AM

Emmette Taylor
Bob, was at the NCS game on the East side and stayed until the last play. My LTR seats that I gave up 2 years ago were top row, lower deck, so sun was not a problem. This time we were in the sun but got nice breeze most of the day. Sorry Coach Dave stepped up early but at least he has guts. Suggest you check out the Hat whose comments on dirty clip bordered on ridiculous. Matter handled internally like all personal fouls? His comments make it sound like he needs to get some guts. jmho

BL: Hatred of "yall's coach" is, like The Masters, "a tradition like no other".

"Our coach" is "misunderstood". "Yall's is "PURE EVILLLLL". :-)
9/3/2013 8:45:49 AM

The East side of C-F and the North side of Kenan are the same.... UNBEARABLE for early afternoon games in September.

BL: I have a 84 y/o cuzzin who endured her 50 yrd line North side seats for 60+ years. Finally said "Enough" last year ago.

I turned down her "invites" too.
9/3/2013 8:24:47 AM

Frank LinStreet
Isn't "having sex with a billy goat" pretty normal for Wolfpackers"?

BL: I had no choice with what Lewis Grizzard said. BTW.... the late Lewis has to be unhappy with his beloved "Dawgs" this week.

Mark Richt lives on "the hot seat".
9/3/2013 7:59:56 AM

At the risk of being pedantic, Lewis' punchline was "damn, brother! I don't think I would have told that...". I used the joke often in boring environmental presentations to "zing" a plant manager who was heckling me as the cost of compliance was hurting his bonus.
And the creature on question was a generic "goat".
Fortunately our LTR's are, after I moved them, onthe West side. It was warm. We did stay the entire game. Many in our party were timing the Vaughn Tower shadow velocity and calculating its ETA for our seats.
Coach D or Brother Dave as lLewis would have called him did get caught up in the passion of the moment. Our peril is being a bit too mediocre. When we used to play William & Mary in an opener, we would play her (contract did not allow William to participate) and it would be an evening trist.
But we improved and now our games are "Broadcast Quality" but we are not ready for prime time as the orange clad hooligan's are.
Now did little Johnny diddle with our schedule? Who knows.
The fact that the audio diddlers kicked up the volume by a couple of orders of magnitude and also got a deal on some rap music rights probably had more of an influence on fan's departures than old Sol.
Am suggesting to AD Yow that we relocate the home side for a 94 dF mid day game
Brother Dave and his followers will THEN understand and also see more Red as the West stands did not have a massive Exodus.
Brother Larry's infamous remark about the Thursday night excursion ( which many of the faithful that went left early due to the heat and the score and not the lightning) was classic. "At least we now have an indicator of what we need to improve on....."

BL: "Diddling with Wolfpackers" is the part of his job that Little Johnny does for free. He gets his $1.8 Mill for the rest of the paper shuffling crap.
9/3/2013 7:56:55 AM

Had dinner with a bunch of Tar Heel buddies on Sunday night. One of the attendees had been part of a focus group put together by the Rams Club and Athletic Department on "how to improve the game day experience."
It was obvious to everyone there that in this day and age, if your "experience" is limited to sitting in the hot sun to see the game you can see better from your couch, your alma mater needs to retool, and quickly. Perhaps the better question to ask is "How did State get 54,000 people there to watch La. Tech?" The answer may offend the Gil Thorp fans out there, but "it ain't all about the football".

BL: Maybe 40,000 of'em were old friends of Skip Holtz ??

HDTV will win.... unless its THE BIG RIVAL on a 65 degree sunny day in late October.
9/3/2013 7:45:54 AM

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