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Thank You Greg Little.... and Jennifer too.

Sept 6;’13:  Am I not the luckiest Internet Legend there’s ever been.  First Coach Dave’s lash-out (?); and now Greg & JennTheTutor save me AGAIN from having to write about JohnnyThePunk.   At this rate, maybe I’ll never have to..... Yippee.

Following up on Coach Dave’s “lash out”...... if there is ANYTHING easier in this world than sending a certain faction of WuffWorld (and you know who you are.... hehehehe) into deep space, I can’t imagine what it might be.   Waaaay easier than shooting fish in a barrel while falling off a log.

Imply anything that calls into question their self-image as THE pre-imminent fan base in West Raleigh and their wuffy heads start exploding.... Pop, Pop, Pop.

Who says they are “THE pre-imminent fan base in........”?  They do.  “They” being “a certain faction of Wuff World”, NOT the fully-functioning adult Wuffs with the two opposable thumbs.  Those folks are just fine.   Great folks actually.  It’s the cross-eyed goobers deep in the basement of Wm Neal Reynolds Coliseum that are such fun to poke with a stick.   So fun and soooo predictable.

The Coach Dave & Frau comments about Wuff 2nd half loyalty was, according to The Immortal, a carefully conceived strategy.   The Immortal has a burlap sack full of such amazing theories.   His one on TA McLendon having a 3rd knee is one of my faves.  And the one where Carolina had 46 men on the field blocking for Gio’s punt return is a good one too.  I digress.....

Strategy or not..... two separate issues are in play – (1) The Pass-Out Policy..... and (2) Staying around until 00:00 regardless of game situation or opponent or acts of God or .......   

Three years ago – State w/ Russell at QB versus FlaState at The Carter (at night).   We were Lobo & Angel’s guests at a RV with an assortment of reasonably sane Wuffs.  One of whom admitted once having had sex with a domesticated farm animal..... keeping that urban legend alive.    We were in RV City next to Wuff Mountain.

We all poured out at the half for F&B.   The wimmenfolk had had their fill of outdoor Football so they all settled in the a/c-comfy RV village with 4-5 big screen HDs all around us.   Someone needed to chaperone the gals so I volunteered.   The Wuff-boys straggled back inside Carter about mid-way the 3rd Qrt.   Russell led a miracle comeback which I watched in a cool RV while eating ribs and pimento cheese and little cinnamon things.

EVERY Wuff game I’ve ever been invited to (except that one time with The Immortal) has been similar.  Every normal Wuff I know seems very happy with the arrangement.   I assume the cross-eyed goober faction is too; if “being happy” is even in the their knotted-up DNA.   That has never been proven.

Just for fun, I hope Frau and Dave try to do away with the Pass-Out Policy.   Frau might want to wait til Dave wins an ACC ring or two or three before she tries it.   Bobby Purcell’s phone and email will melt-down.    Much worse than the LTR / PSL whatever scam.

Wendell and the Mega-Wuffs don’t care.  They are all comfy in their rock-star suites up on top of Vaughan Towers but the rank & file would revolt.   I’d pay cash money for a front row seat at a for-real Storm The Case Building Riot.

When Dave’s Wuffs play Big Boy Colleges, the Lupine Loyalists will stay as long as the game is competitive and weather conditions are generally tolerable..... rain, heat, cold, et al.  Fan bases are like “water”, all seek their own level of behavior.  Trying to manipulate them with “strategic” suggestions serve only to provide guys like me with column fodder.


So Greg Little did blah blah blah.... $20,000..... blah blah..... and JenniferTheNever-SeenTutor was his bag-girl among other things?   

If there is anyone not named Baddour (or Thorp) that is shocked by this breaking news, I don’t know’em.  I know a LOT of people.  Even Steve Logan "knew".

Ted Bundy killed, what, 20-some coeds?  He could only be executed once.  Little and his fellow Blake-Bunch were all thrown off Butch’s Dream Team.   Butch was fired in humiliating fashion..... and Little Dickie got a bunch of stoopid plaques and a study hall named for him – The That Damn Dickie Baddour Study Hall – on the 3rd floor of The Blue Zone.  Actions had consequences.

If Institutional Control is defined as did the nitwit AD or the terminally naïve Chancellor have a freakin’ clue?  then there was indeed a lack of it”

The Now-Gone Chancellor also didn’t know “if a football is inflated or stuffed” or have an opinion on abolishing the designated hitter.   I’m pretty sure he still doesn’t.

Did The Butcher of Kenan Know?   Jon Sasser will tell us “Butch didn’t know nuthin..... including who John Blake was......” or Choo Choo for that matter.  Butcher did exactly what BOTBob & Buddies hired him to do.....   The N&O has STILL not interviewed BOTBob, but after three years who's still counting.  Me.

Alas.  No one has ever found JenniferTheNeverSeenTutor or “Deborah”..... or DB Cooper or Amelia Earhart.   USAToday reports that Jennifer is now married, but apparently no wedding photographer has been identified. 

Governor Jim Martin didn’t talk to Roy “because _______” .   I’m sorry.   Discussing that “because” always gets me giggling uncontrollably. ..... hehehehehe.

If the NCAA goons want to come back, their old rooms at the Eastgate Holiday Inn are still available.   And, of course, Fats can set’em all up with “rides” during their stay. ....... whatever.

JFK has been dead fifty years yet a “single bullet theory” cult still exists.   For three + years, that earlier referenced faction of quite obsessed wuffs continues to wake up every single morning consumed with “bringing down UNCheats”.   That passion has filled a sizable void in their lives.   Every ill wind truly does blow some one’s sails.  

Had Young Marvin never tweeted, might those impassioned ABC “Seekers of Justice” have discovered a cure for carpal tunnel..... or how to DVR more than two shows at once?  I guess we will never know, will we?

Incidentally.... Young Marvin has been cut by the Giants.  His NFL career Hi-Lite may be slamming Mark Sanchez two weeks ago.  Neither The Bloods nor The Crips have expressed interest as of 7 AM Friday.  But Marv's place in UNC history is permanently etched.


Our Good Sports show guests this Saturday (10:30 AM) will be:.......TAA DAAA!

"The Fabulous Comparato Twins"
Nicole & Paige.

It was exactly one year ago in Kenan’s Choo Choo Lounge that The Legend of The Fabulous Comparato Twins was born.   We invite you to join Art and Ron and I on WCHL 97.9 FM at 10:30 AM to celebrate with The Fabs.   Then stick around for a game against Middle SomethingOrOther in a likely very hot Kenan Memorial Stadium.   The Fabs and yours truly will be chillin' in The Choo Choo.

OMG.... The Immortal has just invited me to The Carter for the Richmond game.   He promises to provide me with an air-cooled Kevlar vest.   I’ll probably need it!

Life Is Good!

AgentPierce on..... UNC Loonies vote to "Bring Back The Speaker Ban Law" !!!


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Posted: September 06, 2013 at 12:47 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 13 comments | Tagged as: TGU

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Well I am enjoying this as much as anyone that likes to watch the bully get what they deserve. Problem is the bully is not getting what they deserve completely. The N&O and USA Today and a few others are keeping the press side rolling and with very little effort from what I can tell. This stuff just seems to keep coming out and writing itself. The real question is when is the NCAA going to pretend not to notice any longer. I am still dismayed that the Penn State law suit was dismissed or was it dropped? Either way I think that they had a valid argument against the NCAA. I bring this up because UNC wrote the power point on how to get away with this. Every school that has been cheating by letting student athletes take fake classes immediately a few years ago opened those classes to all students and encouraged them to enroll. Would only take a few frat/sorority parties where someone mentions the new easy classes and the whole college would be signing up for those classes. I am sure the Jennifer Wiley types attend a frat/sorority party here and there while assisting students? And if the NCAA does come a visiting... well no big deal. They let UNC do it so the precedent has been set. Then again the NCAA never does anything when it comes to dealing out punishment with any basis of fairness or by some sort of manual for these types of things, but if they hit someone else with penalties harsher than what UNC received then a law suit should be forth coming I would think. I actually think this had something to do with Maryland leaving the ACC, even with all the other issues they have. Surely Maryland would have brought in more money with more wins in Basketball and Football against an in conference foe.. but the ACC commissioner and the UNC faculty was making sure for decades that UNC kept a high level of recruits eligible through a well crafted scam. Well crafted in that many have been pointing to this scam for decades, but it was ignored. So I guess it is not hard to believe it is being swept under the rug now. I mean no one is magic. How else could a college have the low academic standards that UNC recruits had and never have even one academic casualty of any kind? And then brag about it!

But the last comment I have is about Jennifer Wiley. I guess she thinks that she is protected on high forever and ever. She does not realize how big business works and that is what this is … big business. One crack in her armor appears and she has to let some information out and then all the support will disappear that day. If she has stood up to the authorities and not cut a deal then they will not be so willing to cut a deal at that time. Then her and her husband will be left holding the bag to defend her and have to find an attorney that they can afford. Does she realize that if this keeps moving forward that UNC will expect her to do jail time if required? But then I am sure that UNC is ready to hand over hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep her quiet if she will do jail time. Heck then she can teach while she is in jail I guess. Maybe even recruit some athletes for UNC when their time is up?

BL: I appreciate your frustration that UNC has not been "taken down" to the extreme you believe appropriate. If institutions were reversed, so would be POVs on all this.

I'm fine with however all this shakes out. "Tear down the rafters" or whatever....

I do chuckle when I read these labyrinthian conspiracies of how "sinister UNC power brokers" have manipulated all of this. I WISH UNC fat cats and admins WERE that smart. I know most of'em. Trust me.... they ain't all that clever.
9/9/2013 9:08:22 AM

BL - Thanks for the Friday entertainment. Some questions however. Should sane people buy into the notion that Big Marv and Gregory the Little were the only playas using the Wiley House of Tudor as an ATM? And why as Joe the Cheshire Cat been so interested in providing high dollar legal services for Ms Wiley for three long years now? Is it simply the goodness of his heart?

BL: I've never known anyone who can explain Joe C's involvement. ?????

Not too many "sane people" involved in this mess as spectators or participants.
9/6/2013 7:18:57 PM

I can't believe how hard it is to shake that Greg Little stuff off those tar feet thing you know someone will accuse him of having played on the basketball team and then what......?


BL: Greg is "genital Herpes".... the gift that keeps on giving.
9/6/2013 2:30:04 PM

So THE Marvin Austin's glorious career ends without ever playng in a "for real" NFL game? Didn't he miss all of last season with an injury? How long before Big Marv is totally broke, feeling like the world has done him wrong since he is not rich for life and may have to look for a "for real" job, decides he has a story to tell/sell, writes a tell-all (with a little help of course), makes a few grand, and is totally broke again within a few weeks? It's going to happen. Maybe he will set up a table outside of The Carter and autograph copies during the 2nd half of NCSU football games.

BL: That is an easy assumption... HOWEVER Marvin did/does have a certain "leadership vibe" going for him. He was THE Leader in that 2009 UNC Lockerroom for sure.

His NFL career may be kaput but he could transition into rap or "party-planning w/ Fats" or other such scams among the AfAm community.
9/6/2013 2:01:41 PM

I have emailed you several photos of notorious female spies.... Mata Hari, etc. These ladies chose a very dangerous career path where invisibility is an asset. Yet within seconds of initiating a Google search their images appear.

How has one of the central figures in the most damaging chapter in the nearly 225 year history of the esteemed University of North Carolina managed to remain unseen?

Who is the authority figure that holds such sway over all media outlets that have covered the scandal, that mandates an embargo on Ms. Jennifer Wiley’s photograph? The News & Observer, WRAL, TWC14, Daily Tar Heel, Vilcom’s Chapelboro, USA Today, SI, ESPN, TMZ…all void of any images of the scandalous tutor.

What has motivated or deterred the media from seeking a photograph of Ms. Wiley? Dickie, Holden, BOT Bob, Butch, Blanchard, Julius, Crowder, Kupec, Butch’s qb son, all the players, the voided wins…all gone from the campus.

Joe Cheshire must be one super powerful defense attorney…wonder how much he is charging Ms. Wiley for this legal aid? Why would he spend his time on her case? Is he so omnipotent that he has scared the media from publishing her photo?

She unfairly helped student athletes with their class work. She was the bag lady for Greg Little’s agent payments. She is the linchpin in this entire calamity. What does she look like?

At a minimum in the old days either Jeff MacNelly or John Branch would have drawn a likeness of her for the readers…very strange, odd happenings.

BL: My legal insiders are confident Seersucker Joe is NOT cutting her "a deal". Joe don't give it away.

"What Does Jennifer Wiley Look Like?" IS indeed the #1 lingering mystery of all this. Only because she has never been revealed.

Its 2013.... how can ANYONE hide from 1,000,000 cell phone cameras?
9/6/2013 12:56:39 PM

If I was awake enough to comprehend while reading an article in the Daily Reflector this morning, Ms. Wiley’s (wonder if she is related to the Wiley of Ernest T. Bass fame?) attorney is Joe Chesire V.

Also heard a rumor she was working at an elementary school in Derm. (This came up in talking to a fellow Carolina alum when I said I didn’t think Jennifer Wiley was a real person……) I don’t know Chesire’s hourly rate for a couple of reasons: I know he is out of a CPA’s price range.

Given the N&O and WRAL have been on the teacher pay issue lately, I know teachers are not paid what they are worth. So, how does an elementary school employee afford Joe Chesire? Pro Bono? Or is she getting Fed Ex envelopes filled with cash?

BL: MANY have pondered that question. "Seersucker Joe" has indeed been Jenn's legal mouthpiece from Day One and Ol' Joe ain't cheap.

Joe was co-counsel for Duke Lacrosse kids w/ Wade Smith.... and also reps Kinston bad-boy Stephen LaRoque.

Jenn Daddy is, I think, a Charlotte minister. No clue on deepness of pockets of family.

Not sure Jenn still teaches in Derm. USAToday reports she has married. Not confirmed.

Not much is known re: Ms Wiley..... "a woman of mystery" for sure.
9/6/2013 11:13:28 AM

Cow College and ram mascot. Female chancellor and female AD. Black rosters and white audiences. How much more divirsified can your columns get? Even talk of animal husbandry.

How much more can come out before folks colored blue will realize what a sleaze the Davis admin. was? Tweets and graft.

Its a wonderment how you work it all together.

BL: The Butchie Fan Club now meets in a phone booth in Carrboro.

"Wonderment" is my specialty.
9/6/2013 8:56:44 AM

Young Dave has probably not spent much time "down heyuh", so his appreciation of the hot August Sun may not yet be fulfilled.

The mild summer probably fooled him, too.

Alas, he will learn in time that North Carolina heat and humidity can be a trifle.

UNC athletics still provides Christmas every week for those seeking entertainment from two loonie-toon fan bases.

A Texas cage death match between the free side Tar Pit and Pack Pride folks at the Sorrell Road Landfill, refereed by Dook and EZU fans. The winner or survivors get all the Accutane and Groupons for CiCi's Pizza they can carry off.
Truly, you will never run out of material with these folks around.

BL: Fan goobers are like Claxton Fruit Cakes. They are indestructible.

Maybe use Billy Barber as special ref for that cage match?
9/6/2013 8:55:58 AM

Kevlar vest my foot, I was thinking a bulls eye target vest. You are getting some great mileage out of this football season start.

Still funny, and I even enjoyed the AP rant.

Look forward to seeing you Saturday afternoon late.


BL: Hopefully those drunk nitwits four rows down from you have been deported... or fed into a wood chipper.
9/6/2013 8:49:22 AM

I hope young Marvin saved some of his paychecks, but I bet not. As for good guys still in the NFL how about that Peyton dude??? He lit up the Ravens D. If there had been the red light in the end zone like there is in the hockey net the Ravens D would have been getting a sunburn from it.
On a differing subject are you enjoying this season of Suits as much as I am?

BL: Some of the legal stuff on Suits loses me but "yes" Harvey (& Donna) ROCK!

Maybe Marv & Blake can open a party-planning service with Fats.
9/6/2013 8:26:55 AM

Claude Kennedy
Your column brings laughable tears to my eyes.
Ivey said to say "hello".
My best,

BL: Talk about "Legends" !! George Ivey transcends legendary. Only Horace Mewborn even comes close.
9/6/2013 8:25:47 AM

I do love it when you are firing on all cylinders.... like today!

BL: Like a celebrity chef.... I'm only as good as my ingredients. GIGO.
9/6/2013 8:10:47 AM

I would not worry about the Kevlar vest being air fact, I would not worry about even needing the Kevlar or the Carbon Fiber staves, unless you are Madonna and Lady GaGa trying to prevent Furniture Disease and look like Milie Cyrus..

The WP nation knows that ye speaketh the truth, yea, verily, and know you are funnin' about having Carnal Knowledge of a domesticated animal....
To Paraphrase an old Lewis Grizzard joke, Do you know what you get when you breed a Die Hard UNC fan with a Billie Goat? Well First and Foremost...a Billie Goat is a MALE, so Nothing would be the answer. Second, assuming it is a Nanny Goat, then Nothing is the answer also....because the there are some things that even a Nanny Goat will not do....RIMSHOT!
The temps will be mild for the UNC kickoff at high noon as well as for the Richmond Spiders.
As to the Column....Coach D's comments were taken more out of context than John McCain's inability to use a PC. Old Johnny boy DOES know how to play poker on his iPhone. All is well in WolfLand. Audio/Video techs are working on the sound and there is a movement afoot to upgrade the Free (with drink purchase) Stadium cups to the original 20 Oz. size. These two items, well add in the heavy emphasis on Rap music were hotter topics than Coach D's remarks.
Meanwhile....Right now, Chancellor Carol should pull an LBJ and confiscate ALL the Butch, Dean and Roy records and put them in the UNC equivalent of the "National Archives" in a 100 Year, Nuclear Protected Vault....
However, I suspect that the descendants of some of the BM's will be there when the clock counts down....probably because their inheritance is dependent upon such.
Have a good game, whether you watch the Red and White or the Blue and White.

BL: UNCNation went thru "The Great Pre-Game Music Debate" over 15 years ago. Some of the wounds have yet to heal. It was nasty.

A 90% black roster and a 98% white audience have different musical preferences - WHO KNEW ??
9/6/2013 6:56:55 AM

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