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Nobody cares about all the safe landings.

July 8,’14:   Contrary to the current mantra of the ABC Short-Bus faction, the vast majority of UNC FB & Bkball student-athletes who have matriculated over the past 50+ years did so without “special help" from Deborah, Julius, Wayne, Burgess, Jennifer et al.   They subsequently parlayed said unassisted matriculation into productive contributions to family and community.  That said.....

No one cares how many safe landings occur at RDU Airport.   “Safe landings” are what is expected at RDU and at airports near Tuscaloosa, Tallahassee, Auburn, Columbus, Gainesville etc etc.  It’s the crashes that draw the media spotlight.

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The Good - The Bad - The Crazy SOBs

June 24,’14:   There are a lot of folks caught up in The Great Unpleasantness (TGU) either as Prime Time Players.....  spear carriers....  kinda-naive bystanders... and many many in the bi-partisan Peanut Gallery.

A lot of good people are swirling about in all this, more than we acknowledge and....  Some not so good sneaky sumbitches, with significantly warped institutional ideologies, playing loosey goosey with situational ethics.

Today - for Entertainment Purposes Only - we take an askance glance at these proceedings.....

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Playing The End Game Game

June 23,’14:  We finally got a peek at Investigator Wainstein aka “$900/hour Ken From Washington”.   This leaves Deborah Crowder as the only yet-to-be-seen PrimeTimePlayer in the NeverEndin’ Unpleasantness.   

“$900/hour Ken” expects to turn in his exhaustive report “in the Fall” giving us 3-4 more months of thumb twiddlin’, bitchin’, blamin’, and teeth-grindin’.   Also it keeps me, Dan Kane and “the BusinessWeek guy” in easy column fodder.   Every ill wind blows someone’s sails.

Our recent “Lunch with ....” columns have gone mega-viral resulting in yours truly being summarily insulted by being called......

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On A More Pleasant Subject

June 16,’14:  This is a deep cleansing breath column.   One that does not beat a certain “not dead yet” horse of infamous unpleasantness.   Fear not you fans of unpleasantness, we shall return to our favorite dumpster fire, but not today.

Mid June is either a marvelous buffet of sports viewing.... or a plethora of yawnful banality.   It’s not exactly a “tweener season” but neither is it “must see TV” unless it is to you.   We’ve got The CWS in Omaha, The World Cup in Rio, The Stanley Cup Finals, The US Open in Pinehurst (The Village of .....) and The NBA Finals.

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An InsideCarolina sniper could have.....

June 10,’14:  So I’m sitting at a booth at Breadmen’s on Rosemary Street in Chapel Hill enjoying a very pleasant lunch conversation over a bowl of brunswick stew. Suddenly it occurred to me – a sniper dispatched by InsideCarolina could score some bonus points, and become a hero in some beady eyes, if he knew the two who dats that were sitting there together.

That smart aleck BobLee..... and JAY SMITH !!!   THAT Jay Smith ??  Yep... that notorious UNC History Professor that is “out to destroy UNC Sports”.... if you believe the hyperbole hate spewed by the usual spewers of such drivel.   BobLee and Jay chatted about ships and sails and ceiling wax and "going to college".   Nice guy.  We intend to chat some more ......

Posted: June 10, 2014 at 7:27 PM by SaidWHATMedia | with 29 comments
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