AP: Sports is on a VERY Slippery Slope

Dec 9,’14:  Everyone who is AGAINST Freedom of Speech raise your hand.   How about “finding a cure for breast cancer?  Anyone opposed to THAT?.... How about “9/11”?  Everyone agree that was a huge tragedy?  OK, I see a few IslamoTerrorists out there shaking your heads.  

How about “Ferguson”?  The NFL and now the NBA are sheepishly complicit in giving a voice to Just One Side of a very volatile issue.

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AP: I Agree (??) With The UNC-CH Whinners

Dec 4,’14:  STOP THE PRESSES!   A motley little gaggle of runny-nosed whinny misfit toys are doing their votive candle, locking-arms, aswaying and abeseeching act as generations before them have done so predictably over at The Flagship.  This time, of course, its “Ferguson”.   Next week it will be something else.....  I agree with them... SORT of!

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Ferguson and Barbecue are Two Subjects that....

Dec 2,’14:   The Ferguson Situation and Barbecue.... Two subjects about which EVERYONE, apparently, considers themselves to be an “Expert”.

You’ve expressed your “expert” opinion via social media or in likely heated conversation over the recent holidays.   Your discussion partners had strong “expert” opinions too.  Depending upon the “diversity” of your social circles, they either agreed or disagreed with your considered opinion.

Hopefully no disagreements when either party was holding a carving knife.

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AP: I was NOT in Ferguson. Were You?

Nov 25,’14:  I HAVE actually been to St Louis, probably more often than most of you.  But I’ve never been to its suburb of Ferguson.  I certainly was not there on the night of the Michael Brown incident.   Were you?

Apparently I am THE ONLY ONE who wasn’t an eyewitness to exactly what happened.   Every race baitin’ yahoo and every sniffling media weasel was there apparently.  All the same yahoos and weasels who were in Orlando for Trayvon apparently.  I wasn’t there either.  How do these folks manage to be on-hand for these things.... and always know EXACTLY what happened?  Like Forrest Gump was, I guess.


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AP: WWKCD: Miss Kitty and UNC's Sugar Babes

Nov 21,’14:  Dean Katherine “Kitty” Carmichael was bigger than life to UNC students back in The 60s.   She was “The Church Lady” long before there was Saturday Night Live.   “Kitty” was Dean of Women at UNCCH in the halcyon days of the 60-70s.   I never met her; but I think I would have liked Kitty Carmichael A LOT.

In 1968 Miss Kitty headed a Blue Ribbon Committee to study Visitation – Rules Governing Coeds Visiting In Men’s Dorms.   One rule involved “must keep the dorm room door open wide enough to insert a matchbook”.   A matchbook?  Its 2014, No need for matches because UNC doesn’t allow smoking on campus.  Today we learn that.....

Over 300 Carolina Girls are whoring out as “Sugar Babes” to dirty old men (DOMs) to cover the costs of “going to college”.  Oh My!

Posted: November 21, 2014 at 10:26 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 0 comments
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