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Braggin' Rites

The Irreverent
Commentaries of BobLee

(2003; 95 pages) .... $10.00 ea

BobLee casts his awesome shadow over yet another media form … the Printed Page, in a for real book with pages and everything … who'd a thunk it?  John Grisham, Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, Clive Cussler et al … the party's over …

The first ever BobLee Anthology contains ....28 Classics ...the Golden Oldies PLUS ...a few Brand Newbees never read by even the most loyal BobLee fans.

Enjoy BobLee's
Nationally-Acclaimed Website

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Make sure to include your autographing instructions and BobLee will personally sign it.


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Each one is $10.00 each (plus shipping) if ordered individually

Order any two for $16.00 (plus shipping) ... indicate which two (duh!)

Order ALL THREE for $22.00 (plus shipping)

Shipping is $4.00 for up to three items. No Plastic. But we accept personal checks or cash.

Yes, BobLee will autography everything you order. Indicate if the item is for a gift and name of giftee.

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