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College Football Attendance continues to fall ..... .....

The Life & Times of The Yankee Called "Yogi".... ..

This week's NASCAR race in Kansas is the Spongebob Squarepants 400 !!!  Somewhere Dale Sr, The Pettys, Junior Johnson, Fireball Roberts, and Bobby Allison are weeping..... ....

Russell's new sweetie is "all giggly" about their relationship - .....

About Tom Brady.... before Giselle there was Blue Blood Beauty Bridget Moynahan (and a baby)... ..

Lots of awards coming for Justified cast....

Great Article about (Not) Popularity of Boxing and Horse Racing... ...

How Mel Gibson became the original Mad Max ...... ....

Lawrence Taylor's son gets 30 years for statutory rape .... ...

OMG!  Yadier Molina has forgotten how "to frame" ....

The Over-priced Hotel mini-bar.... End Of An Era ..... ...

Sports Pickle's satirical look at Tim Duncan's career...  ....

A GREAT ARTICLE about C.J. Box, Joe Pickett & Nate Romanowski !!!!....

Scandal Reveals Two Separate Cultures at UNC-CH .....

America's Best Regional Fast Food Chains .....

Bruce Jenner.... 17,000,000 tuned in curious to see his/her genital renovation.....  

Raleigh's Angus Barn is 36th highest grossing restaurant in A

Is "Beckett" Leaving CASTLE ???... .

Erin Andrews' BoyFriend Arrested on Cocaine Charge .... 

Justified's Boyd & Raylan & Elmore Leonard...

"Pretty Woman" - The Movie Classic was supposed to be about 

Herb Sendek OUT at ArizSt.... Is Jeff Capel IN ?? ...... 

Is Matt Harvey - "The Best Pitcher in Baseball"

What Happened to hand-written Thank You notes ???....

Kentucky DOESN'T PRETEND "School Matters" ....

CharlotteObserv confirms BobLee's Theory re: ACC Hate Profiling -    This Duke team "is Likable" !!

 Another ACC Coach in BIG TROUBLE -  Rick Pitinio uses "m" word

Frau & Gott's Gameplan for Wuff BkB Success .... 

Stephen A. "Brothers concerned about Chip Kelly" 

It's called a Nappy Taper !!!

Circus Phasing Out Elephants !!!

Sweet Briar College Closes

Are You Ready for House Of Cards Season 3 ??

When A Superstar DNPs ..... :-(

"Diners" are a booming restaurant sector.   :-)

Feb 26,'15:  Art Chansky disses Royz Boyx !!!

Behind The Scenes of WWE -
..... READ MORE .

Superstar comments on LL Scandal

Feb 14,'15:  Long interview w/ Mark Cuban
 .....  READ MORE .

Feb 7,'15:  Bruce / Belinda Jenner Causes Traffic Fatality
..... READ MORE .

Feb 7,'15:  Sports Pickle's Parody of the Nat Lttr of Intent


Feb 6,'15:  It does NOT "take a village".  Just people being nice.
......  READ MORE .

Feb 6,'15:  Rece Davis To Replace Fowler on CFGD
WHOA!!  Rece Davis replacing Chris Fowler as host of "GAMEDAY" !!  Davis is fine and will do well, I just hate to see ANY changes on Gameday. ..... READ MORE .

Feb 1,'15:  "Mary & Jay" latest TV Interview
BobLee Friends "Mary & Jay" are interviewed "in depth" by local NBC affiliate and name additional UNC Depts as "eligibility majors"...... READ MORE .

Feb 1,'15:  Josh Hamilton's Wife on Reality Show
Angel's Josh Hamilton's wife to become a regular on Real Housewives of Orange County.  Does she really need more High Drama in her life ?? ..... READ MORE .

Jan 30,'15:  "I was given $40-50K while at Univ Tennessee" !!!
Houston Texans RB Arian Foster says he received $40-50K while a "student-athlete" at Univ of Tennessee under Fullmer (& Cutcliffe). ..... READ MORE .

Stews from Around The World
Give me a big bowl and a spoon and I'm a happy diner.  A lifetime of "stews" is my kinda eating ..... READ MORE .

Jan 20,'15:  Alexander Julian & UNC Basketball - The Back Story.
The real story behind the legend of Alexander Julian designing UNC basketball unis. .....  READ MORE .

Jan 20,'15:  Bodybuilder killed by Train, "never took a nap" ??
Smashed Greg Pitt was a bodybuilding icon who, its said, "never took a nap".  Am I the only one who finds that disconcerting? ....... READ MORE

Jan 19,'15:  Bud Selig proclaims:  St Louis = Best Baseball City !!
MLB Commish proclaims St Louis - THE BEST.  29 other cities have extra reason to not like MLB Commish........  READ MORE .

Jan 19,'15: Inventor of Instant Replay Dies !!!
Tony Verna invented Instant Replay in Dec 1963.  Lindsey Nelson was the first to use it.  Tony Verna died today in Palm Springs.   Wonder who invented the yellow 1st down line ?? ..... READ MORE .

Jan 19,'15:  IT'S OFFICIAL:  Chizik Hired As UNC DC !!
Let the hootin' & hollerin' commence!  The Vetting Is Over - Gene Chizik is "amid the lofty pines".  Can "rivers of blood" be far behind?...... READ MORE !

Jan 19,'15:  Whats ahead for Justified ??
This is the final season for Justified.  It will be A Showdown between Raylan & Boyd with, of course, Ava caught in the middle.  Maybe Dewey Crowe too. ..... Read More .

Jan 18,15:  American Sniper Breaking Box Office Records !!
You just know the hate-the-military crowd is constipated about American Sniper breaking box office records. .... READ MORE .

Jan 17,'15:  "Guntry Clubs"  VIP Clubs for Gun / Shooting Enthusiasts!
Really cool article about the latest trend in exclusive clubs for affluent afficianados of Guns & Shooting.  Not your old idea of "a shooting range".  Why didn't I think of that ??  ..... READ MORE .

Jan 16,'15:  SMU / Larry Brown under NCAA investigations .... Uh Oh!
Curiosity about how Larry Brown turned-around SMU BBall so quickly might be answered.  The peripatetic HoF coach has "several" NCAA recruiting concerns.  NCAA investigations are nothing new for the well-traveled UNC alum.  LB "ALMOST" got the call from UNC when Roy stayed at KU .... READ MORE .

Jan 16,'15:  BobLee's Buddy Art Chansky disses NCState fans
Always eager to incite rival fans, the inimitably infamous "That Damn" Art Chansky gigs Pack People for their less than raucous turn-out at the most recent thumping by Roys Boyz. ..... READ MORE .

Jan 14,'15:  UNC Fats Cats "assemble War Chest" to fight TGU ...
UNC's BlueZoneBunch - Fat Cats - have assembled a sizable "war chest" to hire Big Buck Law Firm to fight any further sanctions from Great Unpleasantness (and pay Chizik ????).  Not to worry "they say", its not tax-payer dollars.  ....READ MORE.

Jan 13,'15:  "White People shower too often":  View host says.....
Showering daily is an "ethnic thing" says View Hispanic dingbat.  Something stoopid on The View - How often have we said THAT?    ....  READ MORE.

Jan 13,'15:  UNC Coach "under fire" over Sexual assault stance....
Which is Worse - Being Sexually Assaulted OR Being Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault ?? At UNCCH, the latter is a non-issue apparently.  "She Said" is all that matters in Carol Folt's Opinion. ..... READ MORE.

Jan 13,'15:  MEAN TWEETS In Pre-Game Show
If you missed this MEAN TWEETS segment in last night's Pre-Game, its worth watching.  Some pretty amazing comments and retorts.  WARNING:  It's R-rated.  ..... READ MORE.

Jan 12,'15:  The Myth of Old Eskimos on Ice Floes
Alas, the legend of Old Eskimos being put on an ice floe and set adrift to die has not happened since 1939, that we know of.  But then how would we know??? .....    READ MORE.


Jan 12,'15:  John Fox and Entire Staff FIRED in Denver
The ENTIRE Coaching Staff of The Broncos was fired Monday.  Does that include the Hottie on the Horse AND the guy wearing the barrel ???  How about Steve Antonopoulus ??  Chill Elway!...... READ MORE.

Jan 12,'15:  "Players To Be Named Later" who stick around In The MLB Show
A complilation of "Everymen" who carved out solid 10+ years careers in the Major Leagues without ever being All Stars or household names.  A tribute to utility men and "players to be named later".  .... READ MORE.

Jan 12,'15:  Top 100 Stadium Experiences in America.... Controversial? Sure
Camden Yards in Baltimore is #1.  BUT BUT Whatabout (fill in your team's stadium). Why Not Cameron, DDome, etc ??? Read the criteria before blaspheming this report.   DBAP in #1 in NC. .....  READ MORE.

Jan 11,'15:  Oh Boy!  Obama White House to get involved in College Sports - YEE HA!
If things weren't bad enough - The Obama White House will host A Summit On College Sports this week. The only bureaucratic circus worse than the NCAA.  Oh well.... lots of column fodder foolishness for sure coming out of this...   READ MORE.

Jan 11,'15:  Allstate's Mr Mayhem died.... then was revived but...
Dean Winters - "Mr Mayhem" for Allstate - got that gig while he was dying from a gangrene infection that ended up cosing him digits.  That would never happen to The Dos Equis man.  Ganfrene is afraid of him. .... READ MORE.

Jan 11,'15:  The NFL Without Dick LeBeau !!!!
Say it ain't so George Halas.  After 56 years as player / coach, Steelers DefCoor Dick LeBeau is exiting The Rooneys' employ.  Mike Tomlin wants to go with a youth movement w/ players and coaches.  I've never known a LeBeau-less NFL. .... READ MORE.

Jan 10,'15:  "SHARK TANK".... Inside poop from FuBu's Daymond John
Great inside look at SHARK TANK the popular entrepeneur / investor reality show from "Shark" Daymond John.  "Mark Cuban could buy/sell all the rest of us.... Barbara Cochrane is insane" .... READ MORE.

Jan 10,15:  C.J. Box = BobLee's Very Most Favorite Author

"Favorite authors" is a very personal matter.... like favorite anythings.  BobLee has many favorites; but CJ Box is always on "the short list".  The adventures of Wyoming Game Warden Joe Pickett and his sidekick Nate Romanowski (aka "The Master Falconer") are "must reads" ..... READ MORE.

Jan 10,'15:  Latest Neeson movie Taken 3 taken to task.... "It's Awful"

The tri-uel in the latest Liam Neeson "particular set of skills" badass action movie franchise gets panned unmercifully by movie critics.  "The only thing taken is 112 minutes out of your life......"  OUCH! .... READ MORE .

Jan 10,'15:  What AgentPierce said the Media said Rush Said about.....

AP's great bit about how Rush's media enemies have always been, and always will be, his strongest promotersThey can't help themselves.  "Who should be the first lesbian midget James Bond?" .  ..... READ MORE.

Jan 10,'15:  Stuart Scott's "style"

A special look into the impact of Stuart Scott's unique sports reporting style and his critics.  "Butta", "Wu Tang Clan on steroids" .... READ MORE.

Jan 9,'15:  Five MLB Teams that need new Uniforms
Unless Larry Fedora's recruits, MLB teams don't have to appease 17 y/o fashion tastes.  Here are suggestions for new uni designs for 5 MLB clubs.  None involve black helmets. I like the Padres going back to Brown. Should the Braves drop the tomahawk ?? ..... READ MORE.

Jan 9,'15:  Krazy Karl's Last KABOOM..... Hess' Last Hurrah
The ever-tempestuous ACC Ref Karl Hess finally learned how far was "too far".  Karl Hess and the ACC formally parted company today.  This short-tempered nutjob's last nutty job was insulting a former Chair of the Wake Forest BOT.  Hess had been reduced to a punch line several years ago.  Knee-jerking nutjobs make my job easier so I will miss Krazy Ol' Karl.  ..... READ MORE.

Jan 9,'15:  Diners, Drive-ins & Dives w/ Guy Fieri
Behind the scenes of Triple D.  Not as much a "must watch" as it was 4-5 years ago but still a great touchstone to "real people" in America.  Fieri seems like a genuine Guy you'd like to know. .... READ MORE.

Jan 8,'15:  The New York Life ACC Tournament - YIKES!
Now he's REALLY gone and done it.  Swoffy (aka The Anti-Christ) has sold THE ACC Tourney to a soulless corporate godzilla in Freakin' New York City.  Somewhere CD Chesley weeps.  "Sail with The Pilot at the wheel...." sob, sigh"..... READ MORE.

Jan 8,'15:  Michael Sam Is Engaged !!!

First Openly Gay NFL Draftee announces his engagement to his Mizzou "fiancee" - the mafia grandson guy.  No word on venue or Honeymoon plans.  Can guests sit on "the groom's side" or "the other groom's side".  So many questions??  ...... READ MORE!

Jan 8,'15:  More on Why Football is A TV Sport...

Another conclusive essay on why Football (NFL & College) has become a TV sport rather than a stadium spectator-sport...... So what... I'm fine with it "on giant sound stages". ..... READ MORE.

Jan 8,'15:  JETHRO PUGH Dies.... :-( 
"Willie - Lilly - Jethro  & George" - Cowboys' Doomsday Defense of the 60s.  I met Jethro Pugh thru a mutual Dallas friend in the 80s.  This weekend is the anniversary of The Ice Bowl in Lambeau.  Jethro  was an Elizabeth City State alum.  Great guy! RIP Jethro ..... READ MORE.

Jan 8,'15:  .... compares Chris Christie to Nelson Mandela ??? 
Whether one thinks Mandela is over-rated or not, he definitely beats NJ Gov Christie in every category except maybe gross tonnage.  Everything about Jerry Jones is just a bit too much - EXCEPT his cheerleaders.  They're the BEST!. .... READ MORE.

Jan 7,'15:  Ref Karl Hess Slurs WFU Trustee....
Ever Controversial ACC BB Ref Karl "Rabbit Ears" Hess is in trouble AGAIN.  Krazy Karl "hurled a slur" at a former chair of the WFU BOT which is better than "hurling a chair" but is incredibly STOOPID even for Hess.  Come on Swofford, pull the plug on this nutjob...... READ MORE

Jan 7,'15: Schilling: ".... because I'm a Republican" ?? ... No Curt!
Curt Schilling stuck a bloody sock in his mouth today, claiming he did not get enough Hall of Fame votes "because I'm a Republican." Curt further noted that John Smoltz DID get in "being a Democrat".  WRONG both ways, Curt.  You goober..... READ MORE.

Jan 7,'15:  Rocky Mount / UNC's Danny Talbott.... Cancer
This one gets personal for me.  I've known Danny Talbott since 1965.  He is a real "Chip Hilton" sports hero straight out of a Gil Thorp comic strip.  Plus, he's been "a True Rocky Mount guy" his whole life.  Now Danny and Myrlene and fighting for his Life against cancer.  I REALLY HATE Cancer..... READ MORE.

Jan 6,'16:  NASCAR Hall Of Fame = "A Money Pit"
What was SUPPOSE to be a REALLY BIG TRAFFIC & PROFIT Generator for Charlotte / Mecklenburg has been anything BUT.   The NASCAR Hall Of Fame has turned into a low attended giant money pit.  Gee, how often do we see THAT with these tax-payer funded facilities?  We see it A LOT  ..... READ MORE.

Jan 6,'15:  The Vetting of Gene Chizik....
Whoa, lets slow down here say UNC-CH Administrators Before we HIRE GENE CHIZIK !!!  "We don't want ourselves another John Blake Mess, do we?   UNC Admins are indeed "vetting" the baggage-totin' former Auburn Head Coach.   My pal Art Chansky w/ breaks the news of The Chizik Vetting Process.  -  READ MORE.


Jan 6,'15:  Wolfpack Basketballer Arrested!
Terry Henderson, an NC State basketball transfer, was arrested Mon AM for "discharging a firearm".   Wuff apologists argue that a pellet gun is "not really a firearm".  UNC Loonies are calling for THE DEATH PENALTY for Wolfpack.  John Swofford has called out The National Guard and locked-down The Brickyard. .... READ MORE.


FOR MORE NEWS.... w/ a "Right-leaning" perspectiveCheck out AgentPierce.

Jan 5,'15:  Bess Myerson Dies....
REALLY bad week for dying Celebrities !!!  Bess Myerson - Miss America 1945 - "First Jewish Miss America".  She was 90.  I recall her as the Vanna White of the 60s - a Game Show Girl.   At the rate we'll have our 2015 quota of dead celebrities filled by St Patrick's Day. ....  READ MORE.

Jan 5,'15:  The Latest Viagra Hottie....
Her name is Kelly King aka “That Latest Viagra Hottie”.  She is “that brunette in the blue negligee” in the latest Viagra soft-porn ad aka "the Cuddle-up Ad".  Not the earlier blond by the sea – that was Linette Beaumont.   Using sexy middle-aged women wearing lingerie near water cooing the virtues of ED pills.   Oh Me.... Oh My! – READ MORE

Jan 4,'14:  Oklahoma Outlawing Hoodies??....
Oklahoma considering $500 Fine for wearing "a Hoodie".  Expect SCREAMS of "Racist" of course.  THE IRONY = laws against clothing that conceals identity came into being because of "da KLAN" and their hooded robes.  Now hoodies are synonymous with "misdirected urban youth of the AfAm persuasion".   In the ever-changing world of urban street fashion, "hoodies" are the headwear of choice for wayward AfAm males.  AgentPierce will LOVE this story.  :-) -  READ MORE.

Jan 4,'14:  ESPN's Stuart Scott Dies....
ESPN's Stuart Scott died this morning after a long bout with cancer.  Met him in passing a few times, but did not "know him".  Loved his catch phrases.  He will be missed. "Sports" is silly - Cancer is serious ..... READ MORE.

Jan 3,'15:  Dickie Baddour gets "Bonus $$$"....  
N&O discloses former UNC AD "Call Me Dickie" Baddour's mega-pension "bonuses".
  "It was a terrific bonus plan.  I believe I earned each of the bonuses on the field.... and in the classroom!!!" said Baddour.   Wonder if Dickie believes Julius Nyang'oro and Deborah Crowder earned every penny of theirs too? Julius & Deborah WHO ????  ..... READ MORE

Jan 3,'15:  Meet Larry Culpepper....
"Larry Culpepper" aka "The Dr Pepper Guy" aka James Michael Connor ..... Think you've seen "Larry" a lot this week?  You have.... "Larry" - "Flo" - "Rob Lowe" & "Lily".... oh, and "Mr Mayhem" too.  Meet "Larry Culpepper".  Does Larry remind you of a goofy uncle?  READ MORE

Jan 3,'15:  Marcus Mariota is A Christian....
Heisman Trophy Winner Marcus Mariota is a longtime active member of The Fello
wship of Christian Athletes (FCA).   Here's an interview in which Mariota discusses his active Christian faith. ......  Mariota, who was introduced to FCA while in high school and became more involved in college, said that he strives to go "all in" for Christ and his team. ..... READ MORE 


Dec 29,'14:  Does Nick Saban Tweet??....
Does Alabama Football CEO Nick Saban "tweet"? ..... or "text" ..... or "email" ..... or "google?  Haven't you always wondered?  Sure you have.  It's your lucky day.... Coach Saban interviewed about his social media skills.  ......   READ MORE

 Dec 27,'14: Too Many Goofy Bowl Games....
Is there no limit to all the goofy bowl games with goofy sponsors in backwater burgs between mediocre college football teams?  Apparently NOT if ESPN has anything to say about it.   No one cares about on-site spectators.... just live programming for ESPN......  READ MORE.

Dec 14,'14: Meet Lily The AT&T Girl....
Lily "The AT&T Girl" is from Uzbekistan.   Who Knew ???  Milana Vayntrub.  Wonder whats its like to become a "commercial celebrity"?  Does "Lily" know "The Dos Equis Man" - does she know "Flo" - howsabout "All the Rob Lowes".  If "Lily" gets paid each time one of her commercials run she is a very wealthy Uzbeck.  .....   READ MORE

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