How Super Bowl LI “jumped the shark”

Agent Pierce
February01/ 2017

How Super Bowl LI “jumped the shark”

AP NOTE: The term “jumped the shark” came about from a Happy Days episode in one of its last seasons.  The over-the-top plot had Fonzi “jumping over a pool of sharks” on his motorcycle.  It came to mean when a long-running show of any sort simply goes “too far” and loses any credibility with its audience. …. I bet you always wondered about that.  Now you know.  🙂

Last week I put together a Top Ten Questions “the media” will be asking players / coaches during Super Bowl Week. I sent it out to a few friends who have similar audiences to you people.  Son-of-a-bitch if I didn’t “nail it”. Every one of my Top Ten Questions, of course, contained the word “Trump”. Nostradamus

That required no Nostradamian insight on my behalf. The only bunch easier to predict than “the media” are the mindless sheeple who, like Pavlov’s dogs, suck up any swill their trusted news purveyors spoon out to’em.

“Super Bowl Week” has become as much of a stereotyped caricature of itself as any extended event on America’s sports/entertainment cultural calendar. The national frenzy over March Madness is the only comparison I can think of.


REMINDER: My remarks herein should be considered in the context that I admit total contempt for what has come to be known as “The Drive-by Media” (Rush coined that term BTW over 25 years ago… one of many words and phrases ElRushbo has contributed to society. Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsberg is among my personal favorites. I’m sure you have yours). Over the past eight years – and accelerated markedly since Nov 8th – “mainstream sports media” has jumped full-throatedly into the percolating cesspool of “The Drive-bys”.  ESPN has 110% become “MSNBC with jocks” and about to get much worse.

Rather than explain for the umpteenth time what “Drive-by media” signifies, I’m going to leave it to whatever you think it means. I’ve spoken directly to the individual within EIB who coined the term, so I know.

#Duane Thomas

At one of the first 5-6 Super Bowls, Dallas Cowboy RB Duane Thomas – a reclusive eccentric to be kind – was asked “What’s it like to play in The Ultimate Game?” …. A taciturn Thomas dryly replied “If it’s The Ultimate Game why do they play it every year?” SB media has never recovered from that deftly-delivered kick-to-its-crotch over 40 years ago.

Full-time rank&file “sports media” have never been considered the “best & brightest” of human evolution.  Even the pinheaded dweebs in “real news” make fun of those “in the toy department”.  For Super Bowl Week the expanded media ranks swell a 1000-fold. Every “entertainment journalist” i.e Red Carpet sleezebag – tabloid dumpster-diver – Ron Burgundy / Ted Baxter wannabee either procure “credentials” or set-up their van outside “the venues” (i.e. stadium and team hotels and most popular strip clubs in the host city) to cover the festivities.

BaBa WaWa

BaBa WaWa became a caricature of herself back in the 70s with her scintillating “celebrity interviews”…. “Sir Lawrence (Olivier) if you could be a tree, what type of tree would you be?” …. Yeee Haa.

The multitudes of human hairballs carrying tape recorders and cellphone cameras “at The Super Bowl” circa 2017 don’t rise to the level of Ms WaWa on their best days.  ……Which drags us kicking and screaming to “this week @ SB LI”.

ASIDE: Considering the well-documented vapidness of the average board monkey, how many do you think have a clue about Roman numerals? Maybe a dozen?  96% of those same millennial board monkeys think “The Electoral College” is the newest member of The Big 12 replacing Baylor which is about to do a Thelma & Louise as it’s jock-thug rape total has now passed 50 and rising. I digress….

Super Bowl LI = Super Bowl 51 for those among you trying to pronounce “LI”…. “Lee”? … “Lie”?

That SB LI would turn from the get-go into HateTrump LI was not even a “maybe”. It was a dead-solid perfect Lock. Vegas didn’t even post odds on it happening, it was that much of “a sure thing”.

NOTHING that “the mainstream media” / “the drive-bys” / Liberals in general ever do surprises me. I’ve been tracking these pinheads, weasels and brain-dead lemming for several decades. Their behavior is based entirely on three elements – (1) Their ideology is fraudulent …. (2) Their gurus know it’s a fraud …. (3) They disguise that fraud by brainwashing their sheeple (of which there are A LOT. Give’em credit for that) to go ALLCAPS and pour lots of obscenities over whatever they are screaming about at any hour of any given day.

Using “celebrites” and/or “faux celebrities” to lead their obscenity-screaming mobs is effective because Liberalism Is A Religion. Every religion has “deities” or “a Supreme Deity”. Liberalism employs “deities du jour” from sports, movies, TV, music, et al. That a “rapper” or a profane stand-up comedian had political credibility with ANYONE is mind-boggling to anyone with a functioning mind. … I guess I just answered my own question.

If Tom Brady was Curt Schilling-esque – provocatively outspoken on political issues – I would have no problem with it being open-season on him en masse by the drive-bys. But all Tom and Curt have in common is they are both Boston-area sports notables. Other than Tom Brady and Donald Trump are, by mutual admission, “friends”; what ideological base is there to vilify Tom Brady?

Maybe that Tom Brady is (1) very successful in a very high profile glamorous business …. (2) married to a very beautiful, sexy supermodel …. (3) very wealthy as a result of his long term success …. (4) very handsome by any standards …. and last but certainly not least – (5) Tom Brady is VERY White. No question that if Tom Brady did not bear the burden of “being white” his friendship with Donald Trump would be a non-factor… his other attributes notwithstanding.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the ultimate personification package of everything most of us “wish we could be in our wildest dreams” but 99.999% don’t even come close to being. “Jealousy of others” is a non-partisan vice that most mature adults can keep in its proper place while concentrating on our own lives…. and non-mature adults allow to eat them alive.

To my knowledge, Tom Brady has expressed no opinion whatsoever on any aspect of Donald Trump’s campaign or first weeks in office. His high crime in the court of media opinion is “He Is A Friend of Donald Trump”. THAT is where we are in America my friends. Be VERY afraid.

I predict there WILL BE an incident(s) at Super Bowl LI either pre-game, halftime or during the game itself. The incident will be perpetrated by one or more of the acknowledged Trump-Haters that The NFL has, for whatever reasons, contracted to “perform” around the game…. and/or there will be one or several activist nutjobs who will perform some sort of domestic terrorism with a banner or other “HEY LOOK AT US” crap. …. and “the drive-bys” will universally applaud their actions.

Keep in mind my like-minded friends…. When “the drive-bys” and their lemming-esque sheeple scream how much they HATE TRUMP they are saying just as obscenely how much they HATE YOU AND ME.

Make no mistake my like-minded friends…. All of this crap IS PERSONAL with these terminally constipated lunatics.


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  • JD Reply
    1 year ago

    FONZI jumped the shark on a water ski not a motorcycle.

    • Agent Pierce Reply
      1 year ago

      BUT was Fonzi “amphibious” ??

  • NCSU68Grad Reply
    1 year ago

    I have two “Of THAT PERSUASION”, politically speaking friends that I include on a few tirades. JUST to get a reaction….since that is what the MSM does to us. Here is a brief description of them and their reactions…
    Retired Teacher in VA. Attended WFU (had Brian Picoloe) as a Lab Partner who kidded her that the Coke her brought her was laced with Spanish Fly. Maybe she NEVER got over that. Married and divorced my old college roomie….who “DONE her WRONG”. Got a degree and taught elementary for many years. Was given a MACBook and took many classes. Could dutifully fill in all the blanks on the many forms and other Admin Documents….as well as her grades. Took at least 200 hours of “Computer Training”. Does NOT know how to Cut and Paste or Copy. Had to teach her how to do that.
    She commented one night about how GHASTLY it was that the dastardly Police Officer was NOT indicted for taking out Michael Brown. Asked WHY….she formed her opinion from the PBS Evening News. Asked her if she had read the DOJ (Lynch or Holder…?) Witch Hunt Conclusion….OF COURSE NOT…..she learned ALL she needed to KNOW about it from a very UNBIASED source…PUBLIC TV.
    Sent her a copy (from the NYT) of the synopsis of the DOJ inquiry and the decision as to WHY not to indict. She read it and was amazed….NEVER heard that side. She talks tough…NEVER vote for that B person Hillary. YET, her GMail account overflows from the VA Teachers Union (association) touting WHY she, as a Liberterian or Independent, MUST vote Democratic. Almost beyond hope. She NO LONGER cares about Politics and believes the the National Debt is something that will go away….

    Second is a talented musician with a Master’s Degree. Very religious person. Worked with some of the finest talent in the world and was on the staff of a world renowned conductor. He works parttime and has taken up a musical instrument as he was a “voice” major. VERY astute and had a keen sense of humor and logical (he can shingle a roof). He practices his chords with the BBC and CNN and MSNBC on. Reads the crawlers. His wife and daughter, a medical professional, have been brain washed that Bill Clinton is a Celibate Priest and that Donald J. Trump is the most despicable sexual and bigoted person on the planet. They DO have an influence on his life. He wrote me that I needed to listen to MSNBC and CNN and get the REAL truth….and to turn off FOX. He also told me that voting for Trump would deplete my financial resources and there would be pestilence and warts and boils and locust on all those that voted for Trump…that Hillary was the epitome of a modern day Virgin Mary and Mother Teresa….a GOD SEND for America.
    They are both, as we are, God fearing individuals, who support their churches….so we still have a lot in common. There seems to be no magic antidote for their affliction….and they, from time to time, fall victim to scams….which they can ill afford. I suspect that they DO donate to the local and national campaigns as they are a ripe and fertile target….and their donations would be much better placed in their community charities or their churches.
    You and your readers probably know similar folks….seemingly intelligent, but as naive in the REAL world and also the REAL news as a 5 YO….and the Libs call the Trump Voters “Ditto Heads” and anything that ends in “IST”. These people were allowed to breed and produce offsprings. However, one of their children confided in me that she is worried that some day SHE will have to support a parent….

    • Agent Pierce Reply
      1 year ago

      “he can shingle a roof” = money line.

  • Radio_Smuggles Reply
    1 year ago

    There are several zingers in this column worth stealing for use when -you know- that special moment arrives for a precision strike against a dullard regurgitating the latest swilling drivel from some predictable drive-bye goon.

    My only suggestion is on the BaBa WaWa quote. Only one spelling suggestion to capture it perfectly; “Sir Lawrence, if you could be a twee, what type of twee would you be?” Think Sylvester and Tweety Bird. ?

    • Agent Pierce Reply
      1 year ago

      Touche! on BaBa’s infamous lisp. Feel free to “poach” as needed. 🙂

  • Cheri.P.94 Reply
    1 year ago

    Why, all of a sudden, are freakin’ sportswriters self-appointed authorities on socio-political matters? Is anyone giving them credibility…. does anyone care what they think about politics?

    • Agent Pierce Reply
      1 year ago

      Several questions… with several answers.
      Its 2017 and EVERYBODY considers him/her/itself an AUTHORITY on pretty much anything and everything. Ain’t FB and Twitter Wonderful? That your local galoot covering your favorite team (or your rival’s team) thinks he/she has received a vision on how to Straighten out what ails America should not surprise you. As for Sports talk show guys… give’em their own set of “real radio pro” headphones and an open mic and they think they have been annointed as The Antichrist. I’ve met more of that ilk than you can imagine. … what I said about getting no respect from the “real news” media has long been an issue. Now the “real news” media knows as little as the sports guys so the gap no longer exist. The sports guys are not any smarter than they ever were… the “news guys” just got dumber.
      And a lot of’em are smart-ass millennials with attitudes. They are waiting anxiously for all of us to die so they can get to play “adult”. That they cannot spell “personal accountability” hasn’t occurred to them yet and may never. Meanwhile Chelsea Handler and Lebron Janes are their spiritual gurus. I’m not kidding.
      Do I consider myself “an authority”? Nope, I’m just a wise guy with a website with an amazingly accurate track record for predicting human nature. I am not against anyone having an opinion anywhere along any spectrum on any subject. But if I am hired to build and maintain as large an audience as possible for ad rate purposes, my employer might object if I insult / drive-off half of that potential audience. If, however, as in the case of Jim Goodmon and WRAL, the owner has made it public how much he himself despises that 50% of the market, the above does not apply.
      Are there really sheeple out there who give them any credbility? Unfortunately yes there are and those sheeple can vote and can breed. SCARY!

  • Earl.FVille Reply
    1 year ago

    No more calls… we have a winner !! “… think The Electoral College is the new 12th member of the Big 12.” Sadly that is probably true as to how vapidly uneducated these “intellectuals” are.

    • Agent Pierce Reply
      1 year ago

      Alas, our most pathetic public education system has been producing sub-par graduates for well more than a decade…. and will continue doing so. WE NEED VOUCHERS ASAP!

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