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Jeter & Jameis: Enigmas–Harbingers–Role Models

Sept 25,’14:  I prefer my eggs “over light”, my music “country” and my sports heroes “good guys”.   There are plenty of choices in these, and every, category.  I make no apologies for my choices.

The sports spotlight this past week has been on two very high profile “J” athletes..... Jameis and Jeter.   One is 20, the other 40.   The “20” has chosen to tattoo himself as a braying, cock-eyed cap wearing, serial misbehaving jackass.   The “40” walks off the biggest brightest stage in all of sports as an Icon for “consistently doing very well while doing right”.... and for dating supermodels.

The former is likely not as bad-to-the-bone as everyone outside SeminoleNation is convinced he is.   The latter is likely not as saintly as the endless tributes would have us believe.   Regardless, that two such opposite images are front & center side-by-side makes fascinating column fodder.

Posted: September 25, 2014 at 12:19 PM by SaidWHATMedia | with 13 comments

But other than THAT, Mrs Kenan....

Sept 22,’14:  But other than THAT, Mrs Kenan; how was your trip to Greenville? ..... As compared to (1) Honest Abe’s evening at Ford’s Theater and/or (2) George Custer’s picnic on The Little Big Horn ??

Viewed in the context of a Post Marvin’s Tweet historical perspective.... Tru Blues  would not have been surprised to see Shane Carden revealed as Dan Kane’s even-more-evil twin.   I swaney.... one of those blitzing ECU LBs was a dead-ringer for Fats Thomas.   It was that sort of afternoon as The Fighting Fedorians cooperated in helping their horrified fans almost forget LAST YEAR’s butt whuppin by the purple-clad Ruff-ians.

Can you recall an impacted wisdom tooth from a year ago while trying to pass a kidney stone the size of a grapefruit?  I mean really!

Posted: September 21, 2014 at 8:32 PM by SaidWHATMedia | with 27 comments | Tagged as: TGU

Could "The Tooz" Date Your Sister?

Sept 17,’14:  We were coming off a 9-1-1 Big 8 Championship season (including a 13-3 Orange Bowl loss to Penn State coached by a young up-and-comer named Paterno).  The following Spring a fearsome man-child transferred in from Ft Scott JC.

He stood 6’8” weighing 280 with a 32” waist.   Whoa!  There were rumors he had been a mafia bodyguard in Milwaukee where he also had, supposedly, done “porn”.  His name was John “The Tooz” Matuszak.   Not one member of that Missouri football team would have wanted “The Tooz” to date his sister.

The “Don't date my sister/daughter” Rule, spoken or unspoken, exists in every locker room in America.  The players KNOW who the scariest crazies are among’em.

Posted: September 17, 2014 at 9:58 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 16 comments

Burdened by an Abby Normal Brain

Sept 15,’14:  Last week we used “Airplane”.  Today we go to yet another cinema cult classic – "Young Frankenstein" – for Marty Feldman’s pilfering of Abby Normal’s brain.  

After more than a few years of NOT being surprised by (or agreeing with) my fellow humans’ reactions to much of anything, I have decided it is My Problem.  My brain is Abby Normal.  Maybe some of you share my burden.  Maybe your brain is Abby Normal too.   It is not a matter of smarter or dumber, but rather “a keener perception of the obvious”.

We begin “at The Wally” or more aptly NOT “at The Wally”.

Posted: September 15, 2014 at 9:12 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 16 comments

AP: Videos! So America needs Videos in order to....

Sept 12,’14:   The American IQ is sinking faster and farther than an anvil tossed into The Mariana’s Trench.  We as a collective nation apparently need “a video” to grasp the concept of a man beating up a woman.  

There are few acts of humankind more brutally savage and uncomplicated than a man using his fists to beat up a woman.  “Why” might justify a library of psychological treatises.  The act itself is as mechanically uncomplex as it can be.  It predates the wheel and fire.

It is 2014.  High profile powerful executives can say “Oh, NOW I ‘get’ the concept of what he (Ray Rice) did”.    America needed a “video” to grasp that concept.   OK America.... grasp THIS ONE.

Posted: September 12, 2014 at 9:13 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 0 comments

"Roger Roger"

Sept 10,’14:  One of a plethora of classic lines from “Airplane”.... I miss Leslie Nielsen.

There are certain jobs that come with a “hate – hate” relationship between the job-holder and the general public:  School Superintendent, City Manager, Major College AD, Manager of the Yankees (Not named Joe Torre) and Commissioner of any pro sports league.   That last one is the only one that comes with a mega-million $$$$ salary.

“We” look at those office-holders and marvel at their ability to consistently (from our perspective) “screw-up one-car funerals”.... while projecting personas of incredible smugness.   “Smug” is never a good persona to project.   Roger Goodell is the poster boy for “Smug”.

Posted: September 10, 2014 at 8:33 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 23 comments

Does Your School Have a Ray Donovan... yet?

Sept 8,’14:  Ray Donovan (Showtime) is “a fixer”...... “a cleaner”.   One of your key employees or clients finds him/herself in a helluva mess, you call Ray.  Ray “fixes the problem”.   You don’t wanna know how he does it, just that “it’s fixed”.   Before Ray there was “Nico” on Necessary Roughness.

If your school is recruiting The Top 100 you are stockpiling loose hand grenades.  KABOOMS are not “maybes”.  KABOOMS are “whens”.   “When” then you better have “a Ray Donovan” on retainer and on speed dial.

NOT “at my school”.  YES, “at your school”.

Posted: September 08, 2014 at 10:11 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 15 comments | Tagged as: TGU

AP: "Those Failing McClatchy Newspapers"

Sept 7,’14:  OK you self-righteous, self-absorbed pointy-headed jackasses, two can play this stoopid little game. 

The “suits” at “the failing McClatchy newspaper in Charlotte” have decreed that they will no longer mention a certain Washington NFL team by its team name.  That “R-word”. ..... That is “news” on a level of the latest “bucket challenge” is news.    Yawn... snort.... burp.


Posted: September 07, 2014 at 10:35 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 0 comments
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