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AP: Bejeebers Fear Richard Sherman and......

Jan 22;’14:   The image burned retinas from coast-to-coast and on all the ships-at-sea.  A rabid pit bull..... with dreadlocks.... being interviewed by sideline diva Erin Andrews.  Casual sports fans who only pay attention during the playoffs – Meet Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman.

Thumb back just a month thru media firestorm history – Another image burned thru retinas ..... a crazed pentacostal Hillbilly in camo, named Phil Robertson, being interviewed in GQ magazine.  To those unfamiliar with Duck Dynasty, memories of Ned Beatty squealing like a pig in Deliverance sent them scurrying into their panic rooms.

The quintessential jock gangsta thug and and every pin-headed liberal view of a right-wing crazy.  Is that who Richard Sherman & Phil Robertson really are? No. ... READ MORE!
Posted: January 24, 2014 at 12:22 PM by SaidWHATMedia | with 0 comments

AP: FoxNews' Newest FoxyLady Kicks Butt

Jan 20,’14:  Every living Conservative has heard the taunts and jibes from goggle-eyed spittle-spewing radical left-wing lunatics that ...... “FoxNews is totally bogus because...... their female reporters and show hosts are “just” fluffy pretty leggy blah blah blah.” ?? Huh?

Now along comes Lea Gabrielle..... “just another FoxFoxyLady” who is (1) an Annapolis graduate..... (2) a Navy F-18 carrier pilot flying combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.   Compare THAT with the resumes of Jim Goodmon’s dumpster divers or McClatchy’s gang of feckless weasels.... READ MORE!
Posted: January 22, 2014 at 9:52 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 0 comments

Regardless, You Are Going To Believe.....

Jan 20,’14:  The comparison began with “in the past ten years” but immediately elevated to “in our lifetime”..... I was asking two veteran Triangle-area media celebrities to rank The Great Unpleasantness aka “One small tweet for Marvin, one giant mess for ......”.  We were in accord as to (1) its time capsule worthiness and (2) to the reality that – Regardless, you are going to believe what YOU want to believe PERIOD.......

This website reaches a full spectrum audience extending from the most die-hard Carolina Way-faring Dean disciple to his/her most blood thirsty, rafter-hating ABC doppleganger..... and a large number of very curious brake-tapping rubberneckers fascinated by the Monty Python-esque chaos that keeps pouring outta this trainwreck like circus clowns out of one little car.  So when we say “YOU are going to believe.....” we do mean YOU......
Posted: January 20, 2014 at 7:32 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 31 comments

Royz Boyz Kent Reed ???

Jan 12,’14:  I’ve never met any of Roy Williams’ players or Mary Willingham.  I have never challenged any of them to speed SUDOKU, Scrabble or JEOPARDY.  I have no grandchildren for them to be left in charge of.  My first hand knowledge of their acumen at reading, ‘riting or arithmetic is, like yours, “don't know”.  

Mary Willingham says some of Roy’s players have had no more than 4th grade reading skills.  Roy counters that by saying they are all “good kids”???   Is the ability to read at the 5th grade and above level and “being good” mutually exclusive?

This is all deliciously bizarre.   Those folks who said, rather adamantly as I recall, that this was “all over” with the parking tickets revelation three years ago really look pretty silly now , don’t they? ........ For those ABCers who waited not so patiently for “all this” sludge to reach UNC Basketball, their impatience has been rewarded.

Rev up ‘dem bull dozers Zeke, and point’em towards those dang rafters.  Yeeeee Ha!.....
Posted: January 13, 2014 at 8:40 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 48 comments

.... and down the stretch they come!

Jan 8,’13:  That familiar racetrack call applies to Football for this season.  “...... down the stretch it comes” with only the NFL playoffs left on the buffet line.  I get a bit of anxiety this time each year.  As hypocritically corrupt and culturally insane as the sport truly is I ENJOY THE HECK outta watching it on my HD flat-screen.

Did you know..... that incredible FSU v Auburn game was THE FIRST BCS Championship in which BOTH starting QBs have been directly linked to suspected criminal activity?  Winston for the well publicized alleged rape and Nick Marshall for “stealing” while at Georgia.    ...... OK, but other than THAT Mrs Lincoln.....
Posted: January 08, 2014 at 4:09 PM by SaidWHATMedia | with 15 comments

AP: BusinessWeek (and Bernie) on UNC-CH Mess

  Jan 4, ’14:   I usually leave that ooey-gooey malingering mess over at UNC-CH to BobLee.  He knows that turf much better than I do.  But within the past week both the New York Times and BusinessWeek have weighed in..... AND THEN my like-minded pal Bernie Reeves “went Buford Pusser” on the whole shebang.

When BR was done, Franklin Street looked like Main Street in Nagasaki in August 1945.   You do not want to miss this one.....
Posted: January 04, 2014 at 8:03 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 3 comments


Jan 4,’14:  One may have numerous spouses, children, jobs, cars and cell phones in one’s life; but only one Hometown.   Endearing / enduring memories of “my hometown” go with you wherever Life takes you.  I have always been quite proud of mine.  Good thing ‘cause we are forever linked.

Thursday night Blondie & I went “there”.  “There” being Kinston, North Carolina.  Home of “pure artesian well water”..... Charles “Amphibious” Shackleford..... assorted less infamous but much more accomplished athletes..... and THE #1 “pee-stop” between The Triangle and “da Beach”.

Our destination was The Chef & The Farmer Restaurant.   GREAT CAESAR’S GHOST! What’s a “world class eatery” doing IN KINSTON ??....
Posted: January 03, 2014 at 3:40 PM by SaidWHATMedia | with 20 comments

Bowled Over

Jan 2,’14:  For well over a decade I have stood upon this cyber street corner and beseeched you all to come to your senses before it is too late.  I have warned that our great nation will one day simply sink under the weight of (1) too many bowl games..... (2) too many Progressive Insurance commercials.... and (3) waaay too much concern for “what color best attracts semi-literate 17 y/os”.   

The only result of all that beseechment is a NYTimes article this week predicting that Uncle Julius may soon emerge from “his cone of silence” – Uh oh!.....
Posted: January 02, 2014 at 9:47 AM by SaidWHATMedia | with 8 comments
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