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BobLee is the Internet equivalent of Columbus, Marco Polo, Dan’l Boone and Neil Armstrong - a certified pioneer who went boldly in to new frontiers where even brave men feared to tread.  BobLee was “blogging” before there was “blogging”. 
He appeared out of the cyber fog in the waning days of the 20th century, back in 1998.   That was 1,500 incredibly insightful commentaries ago.  Notebooks were spiral-bound and a mouse was a rodent or a theme park symbol.  As Bill Gates and Steve Jobs amassed their billions, BobLee amassed his world-wide audience.
Sports and Basic Human Goofiness are the fields this Internet Legend plows.  Often compared to the late Lewis Grizzard, Dave Barry, and “that kid in your high school history class that was always asking “how come?” and giving the teacher headaches”.
BobLee’s arsenal of oh-so-descriptive nicknames stick like superglue.  Once applied they never go away.   Just ask Prince Tassel Loafer, BOTBob, and The Butcher of Kenan.  BobLee is a non-partisan jouster at windmills.  The pompous, arrogant and terminally stoopid are not likely to ever go away.... and neither is BobLee.
BobLee posts a new commentary every Monday and his rapid-fire Rimshots every Thursday. 
AgentPierce (aka AP) first appeared on the News&Observer comment boards around 2006.  GangMcClatchy, bleeding red ink like a stuck pig, was desperate to attract “unique views” to its on-line version.  Voila – AP’s edgy comments quickly became a magnet for both friends and foes.  
Love him or Hate him - there are aplenty in both camps - the sight of his familiar avatar turns on the bile faucet with his foes and brings a smile of anticipation to like-minds.  Exactly how he wants it.
Like BobLee, AP’s razor-sharp nicknames, once applied, quickly become part of the common vernacular.  Just ask RobRielleWho..... Barry “The Colonel” Saunders.... Stevie “Whiffenpoof” Ford among others.
AgentPierce expanded to his own website in 2011.  His legions of followers followed and grew.  A Facebook page was next.   “Did you see what AgentPierce said today” can be heard in every Middlesex village and town.
AgentPierce is “right-leaning”.  DUH!  AgentPierce is a hard-core Conservative.  As such he has been called every obscene insult in the liberal handbook and some that aren’t even printable there. Again, that is exactly how he wants it.
AP posts as often as national, state and local geo-political catastrophes dictate.
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