Call Them Liberaces ??

    Agent Pierce
    June08/ 2015

    There is so much in Life I just don’t know.   From selecting a proper wine w/ Brunswick stew to how to play the harmonica…..   The list is long and varied.   High on my list is The How Comes of Homosexuality.   “It” being all the rage these days, I need to learn.

    NOTE:  Will the following comments be labeled HOMOPHOBIC… or worse?  (Is there a worse?)  Certainly, but I already get that by acknowledging I don’t like liberals.  I am admittedly LibePhobic.   As such, I’m quite use to gratuitous name-calling.

    Over the past week or so one of the top stories NIBCJ -Not Involving Bruce Caitlyn Jenner; involved two members of the Women’s National Basketball Association – WNBA.

    Several weeks ago these two female people were “married” in a much-publicized media-spectacular on a beach somewhere. A beach in a state where “gay marriage” is “legal”.   It wasn’t North Carolina.

    One wore a traditional wedding gown.  The other one wore dreadlocks, a “man’s suit” and tennis shoes.   How did they determine who would wear the dress? Not that it is any of my business.  Just curious.


    The coverage of the event included declarations from both female people of their deep love and affection one for the other.  Alas, the depth of their avowed love was apparently not as deep as they professed.

    Last week…. about ten days into their life as a married couple…. the one that wore the wedding dress announced she was pregnant.   The “how did they do that” details were not included in the story; but, to be fair, the mechanics of such usually are not necessary.

    My first thought was that this had to somehow dovetail with THE #1 Story in America – the aforementioned Bruce / Caitlyn Saga.   Had this been Bruce’s Last Hurrah before “snip snip” – Heeeere’s Caitlyn?

    A mere 24 hours after the “I’m pregnant” announcement which was about a week after the “exchanging of loving vows”; the tall one in the dreadlocks, man’s suit and tennis shoes announced she (?) was filing for dissolution / annulment of the afore-noted nuptials.

    THAT dominated the news cycle until 24 hours later when the “I’m pregnant” one (who had worn the wedding dress) announced she had decided she “was not a Lesbian”.   She had sorta thought she “might be” one (a Lesbian) but finally decided she was not one. ????   Oh, her name is “Glory”.  There is probably another story behind that, don’t you suppose?

    The tall dreadlocked one in the suit and tennis shoes had created quite a controversy at Baylor where she was The #1 College Women’s player for several years…. being a foot taller than everyone else contributed to her dominance.   When she(?) left Baylor she blasted her college coach and “Baylor” for telling her “don’t tell anyone you are a Lesbian” for the duration of her college career.

    She(?) had “become a Lesbian” in high school and Baylor knew she “was one” but thought it best she not tell anyone since Baylor touts its Baptist affiliation and that might get “awkward”.   Ya think?

    Is Lesbian always capitalized or never capitalized except if it’s the first word in a sentence.    Why do female homosexuals get a specific designation from the annals of Greek sappho_compmythology (female inhabitants on the Isle of Lesbos who serve the goddess Sappho) but male homosexual have to be content with just “being gay” which isn’t capitalized as far as I know.

    …. Why not pick a single proper noun as the male equivalent of Lesbian?  I propose “Liberace”.

    … Lee Liberace was quite a showbiz phenomenon in the 50s renown as a piano virtuoso and for his over-the-top flamboyance.    His “brother George” carried his candelabra.   I think there is a museum / shrine to Liberace somewhere in Las Vegas.  Before Liberace became “liberaceLiberace” his stage name was Walter Busterkeys.   Who knew?

    His TV show came on between Bishop Sheen and Queen For A Day.   NO, I am NOT making that up.  It was very popular with “blue hairs” and “your aunt”.

    It was later officially acknowledged that Liberace was indeed of the overt homosexual persuasion.  That did not bother anyone back in those days.  Pretty much everyone knew it.  As opposed to Rock Hudson’s “outing” which many people still can’t compute.

    What better way to honor one of, if not THE, first openly gay celebrity in America?  And the first six letters of both Liberace and Liberal are LIBERA which is Latin for “Free”.  Coincidence?  I think not.

    That both Liberace and Lesbian (and Liberal) all start with an “L” would be a nice coincidence too.   It would also make it simple for LQGBT…. that ACLU-type militant group for “anything not-hetero”.   How might one go about getting “Liberace” as the official term for a homosexual man?   If you have a better term, I’m not sold on Liberace.  Lets hear yours.

    “The pregnant one who had wore the wedding dress” decides she really is “not a Lesbian”.   What exactly does that mean?

    Is it like “not being a Rotarian” or “not being amphibious”? …. Is there a form one fills out…. an initiation rite (go thru rush?)….. an application fee….. dues….. a lapel pin….. a bumpersticker….. a tattoo?

    Does one apply to “be a Lesbian” and wait for Congratulations, You Are Now A Lesbian to arrive in the mail?  Are selfies submitted with the application?

    Will the annulling duo be returning all the fondue pots, teakwood salad sets, and other Crate&Barrel and Williams Sonoma stuff they got from friends and family just a few weeks ago?   What is the etiquette for annulling a Lesbian / Not A Lesbian nuptial?   If the “not one anymore” is pregnant, does that alter the etiquette dynamics?

    Did the not-so-happy-now couple have pre-marital relations?  Was their wedding night / honeymoon the “lustful fireworks” one normally associates with such an occasion?  Basically did they “do it”?   Did “the one in dreadlocks from Baylor” ever sense her “partner” was not really into “it”? ….. Again, I simply don’t understand any of this.

    What is the Official definition of “a Lesbian” or “a Liberace” if my idea is accepted?   I do understand all the orifices and appendages of the human body and the “nuts & bolts” of the myriad of possibilities of what could go where if so desired.

    If one got significantly inebriated and abundantly curious at the same time and explored less traditional possibilities of all those orifices and appendages…. would the next morning one wake up and “be a ________”….. or is there a waiting period or minimum number of times one “does it that way” to “be one”?   Does one submit “references” to confirm who one did what with?

    Don’t act like you have never thought about this?   I don’t mean the “inebriated and curious” part but rather the “how one officially becomes one” part.

    Assuming the “marriage” is annulled, does “the pregnant one” a/k/a “Glory” also get her Lesbianism annulled too?   Does she have to pay a fee for that?  Is there a Global Clearinghouse for Lesbians…. a Master Data Base?

    If Glory (?) decides next week “maybe I really am one after all” can she request reinstatement?   Does she get thrown out of the WNBA for “not being one”?

    I’m sure this column will offend someone.  Everything offends someone these days.  Will UNC Chancellor Folt wear a “Don’t Read AgentPierce” lapel ribbon?  I hope not.

    How do I learn unless I ask questions?   If any of you can help with my edification on these matters I would appreciate it.


    Agent Pierce
    • Doug Reply
      4 years ago

      They really need to do something like issuing a card.  You know there are a lot of people out there saying they are homosexuals just because it is trendy.  My son in middle school and wife who taught at middle school say there are a lot of kids “trying it out” because being a Uranian is somehow considered cool now.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        My sources at UNC report there are a lot of faux-gays over there too. Its the “trendy thing to do” or to appear to be; and who doesn’t want to be trendy !!!

    • Bobby Poon Reply
      4 years ago

      In one sense I am perplexed about all the cultural uproar a 65 yr old Bruce Jenner has caused claiming he is now a woman,even though he is keeping his wedding tackle.At 6’3″ and still quite fit it would be quite a woman.Might possibly pass the Army Ranger training which,to this point, no woman has yet been able to accomplish.And at 65 an extraordinary accomplishment.For you to write this column in the cultural environment we now find ourselves takes real courage.Even the highly venerated Snoop Dog found himself on the wrong side of the divide and was roundly scolded by the MSM and cultural elite for his remarks about Jenner’s’ transformation’ and quickly apologized.I am reminded of the boot on the human face in the great novel demanding we conform.I think,being totally pessimistic,believe it is for the money.He sees the big bucks the Kardashians(his step daughters) make and wants to out do them and cash in.He is an astute businessman worth over $100M and now has reportedly signed contracts worth over $500M.ESPN is paying him $4M for an interview.How many men do you know who would put on a dress and wig for much less than that?He is laughing at all of us.And he is a republican.Very smart.And rich.

      On another more somber note.Europe is in a real death spiral.Its population is declining fast.The only one that is increasing is France and that is because of all the Muslim immigrants.The dominant name for new babies in France is Mohammed.Germany is predicted to decline from 80M to 67m by 2060 and even now some rural towns sewer systems are failing for lack of use.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        There is a fine line between courage and foolhardy. …”the highly venerated Snoop Dog” – a phrase the Founding Fathers never once uttered I am certain. 🙂

        … Humanity’s slippery slope seems forever being greased by mankind’s naivete and ignorance.

    • Carl Sagan Reply
      4 years ago


      I gotta know. Are there Iranian Uranians? If so, are they secular humanists or merely astute astrologers of the supernova?  How do you know when they have approached critical mass?  Strike that, or not.  Do they worship the full moon or strictly adhere to the premise that the sun don’t shine behind the shadow of one like Beyoncé or the Reverend Barber.  Does UNC have a curriculum in Urania? Is it SACS accredited?  Are the sheepskins argyle? Yours has been such a thought provoking column. I wonder if Roy knew about Urania Studies.  Maybe the BOT can conduct a study with a nice taxpayer subsidy and erect a statue or something else on campus.  It is after all Department of Defense LGBT Pride Month.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        Billions and Billions of possibilities here Carl. I’m sure ORW is a lay authority on such matters.

    • Yogi Reply
      4 years ago

      When I first saw the reference to Uranians my knee jerk was was “Ruh Roh, Uranus, this is WAYYYYY over the top”.  Of course I was either misguided or mistaken or both, and that’s a good thing.  Most of this post concerned things I did not care to “reckon with” anyway.  But like watching a train wreck I stuck around until the very end.  Of course that’s where Uranus came screaming in from stage left (pun intended).  Shaking my head.  AP, AP, AP, what can I say?

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        We do strive to educate one another here. 🙂

    • NCSU68Grad Reply
      4 years ago

      Had not read that “GLORY” had decided that she was NOT of the Lesbo persuasion.<P>

      Maybe she discovered that during some inebriated session where the WHOLE thing was self evident?

      This does answer, I believe, the question I posed when the subject was merely a “Quirky News Story”.  T’would appear that Natural fertilization was the preferred method rather than the old….”Quick, get the Turkey Baster….he’s finished”<P>

      I sincerely DO hope that Britney finds a meaningful relationship and does not harbor baleful feelings towards Glory. <P>

      And those of us that follow the daily doings of TGU think that UNC done got a PR problem.  The NCAA and UNC are looking at the WNBA and saying….Thank GOD this happened….maybe it will get above the fold coverage and we can quietly bury TGU…”<P>

      AP, I do NOT think that you are in mortal danger, but you might want to purchase one of cutesy little LED lights and one of those oversized dentist’s mirror to check the bottom of the Benz….can’t be too careful….Don’t ‘Cha Know?”<P>

      I can NOT in clear conscience ask WHEN the Rev BB will be commenting on this little escapade….and also the audacity of the NC RP to elect a person of COLOR to the Head Knocker’s office.  I guess the new lad was a ringer (and I did NOT say DEAD) for Clarence Thomas and will compared to him from now on…

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        I’m fine with Mr Harnett’s selection. Alas, the NCGOP is quite discombobulated to the degree it could be the NCDems.

        I can only imagine what the future holds for Glory and BG….

    • BigAlSouth Reply
      4 years ago

      I’m curious. In legal school I learned that a marriage had to be “consummated” in order for the marriage to survive an annulment action.

      Can somebody explain same-sex “consummation” to me?

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        You have entered a realm of the law that is quite above my pay grade. I am not the “someone” to do explain that.

    • MarthaW Reply
      4 years ago

      “sufficiently inebriated and abundantly curious” …. that is a very dangerous combination to be in for sure.  Waking up and “being a lesbian” might not even be the worst possibility.   I WILL be using that line by the way.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        Is it the inebriation or the curiosity that might create the most regrettable outcome? Or are both required for the maximum results?

    • Rimshots .....06/08/15 - BobLee Says Reply
      4 years ago

      […] …..  Speaking of Women’s Sports….. I really hate to promote AgentPierce AGAIN but his current piece – “Call Them Liberaces” – that went up Monday afternoon is either gonna make the boy a Freakin’ Legend or get his provocative self car-bombed.   At my suggestion, he’s taking applications for a food-taster.  …… I can’t describe his Liberace column.   You really have to decide for yourself…. IF YOU DARE! ….. Link To Liberace. […]

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        Well whattayaknow…. I get another Lookee Lookee From The Legend himself. Words fail me in appreciation.

    • Busterkeys Reply
      4 years ago

      Actually, Agent Pierce, male homosexuals did have a capitalized classical name in the 19th century. They were called, believe it or not, “Uranians,” but it didn’t catch on. Here’s the definition, from the on-line glbtq encyclopedia:

      The term Uranian derives from Plato’s Symposium, in which Pausanias distinguishes between Heavenly Aphrodite (Aphrodite Urania) and Common Aphrodite (Aphrodite Pandeumia). According to Pausanias, men who are inspired by Heavenly Love “are attracted towards the male sex, and value it as being naturally the stronger and more intelligent . . . their intention is to form a lasting attachment and partnership for life.” The term Urning (derived from Urania) was popularized throughout Europe by the Austrian legal official Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825-1895), who argued that the love of some men for other men was inborn and therefore natural and unblameworthy. Ulrichs’ term was adapted in England as Uranian and was used at first to embrace all homosexuals. More narrowly, it was used to designate an elitist movement in English poetry dating from the close of the Victorian era to about 1930 that celebrated love for adolescent boys.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        Thanks. I did not know that and I’m pretty good on my Greek / Roman stuff. My acceptance of non-traditional lifestyles stops considerably short of the NAMBLA bunch. I’m sure you know about them.

        I still think Liberaces has more topical rekevance than Uranians but who am I to say.

    • Mayberry Jim Reply
      4 years ago

      Spilled my pop. drooling on keyboard, ROFLOL, etc.  Funniest thing I’ve ever read.  Well today at least.  You’ll have to go some to top this.


      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, there was a bit of intended humor in this one along with a sincere thirst for knowledge. As I always say…. I don’t need to make stuff up… just read the news. 🙂

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