ANOTHER Embarrassment for Duke….

    • NCSU68Grad Reply
      4 years ago

      I assume that there is also a handbook, if you are of a certain ethnic persuasion, on how to quickly tie a fake noose.

      The real noose was a work of art in the old west.  The hangman was judged by the symmetry of the knot.  It should have 13 wraps….and there is lore about hearing Willie and Toby sing a chorus or two of “Whiskey for my MEN….Beer for their Hosses…”

      You gotta love the libs at DUKE….will each student also be required to bring their own  pots and pans for a Anti-LaCross rally or march?

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        Prez Brodhead must know his Board’s wishes because they seem to love him. Between Duke, UNC and Wake Forest there seems an on-going competition for Most Outrageous.

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