Gratuitous Pics of Joey Heatherton

    Joey Heatherton Mattress
    June25/ 2015

    Totally gratuitously prurient pictures of Joey Heatherton.

    Joey’s reign as a B-list Hollywood nymphet / sex kitten was “the mid-late 60s” which, coincidentally paralleled my own post puberty era.  By the mid 70s, following an ill-fated marriage to Dallas Cowboy Lance Rentzel (highlighted by an “exposed himself” arrest of Rentzel) Joey’s final Hurrah was probably “those unforgettable Serta commercials”.

    The 90s and subsequent New Millenium have not been especially kind to Joey as you might imagine…. Nymphets do not, alas, tend to age very well.  But we do still have memories of “those Serta commercials”. ….. sigh.

    PS:  AND A BONUS…. The Ms Galore and James Bond in the hayloft scene. – LINK.



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