Just a Flag…. Just a….. Just…..

    Agent Pierce
    June28/ 2015

    There is this riddle. Q: How do you eat an elephant? ….. A: One bite at a time.

    “An elephant” is used as the example of something very large in this riddle. It is not intended to signify the symbol for The Republican Party (GOP) although in today’s discussion that might be included. A “very large something” can indeed be consumed “bite by bite” with patience over time IF one has “a plan”….  enough small bites over enough time and any civilization can be decimated.

    Over the past two weeks The Confederate Flag” a/k/a “The Stars & Bars has become THE single most universally vilified item in America. Individuals, organizations and major retailers are falling all over each other to vilify and purge “that flag”. A piece of historical memorabilia from one of the 2-3 most significant periods in the 250 or so years that America has existed as a sovereign nation.

    I am NOT a fire-breathing “Save The Stars & Bars” guy. I AM a History Is History and Cannot Be Rewritten to fit political agendas kinda-guy.

    dearnhardtjr….  Dale “Freakin’” Earnhardt Jr is on-board “Get Ridda That Flag”.  WOW!  Who’s next? Rachel Ray?  PeeWee Herman? Wayne Newton?

    This Vilification & Purge occurred within the past two weeks because one deranged (white) person senselessly murdered nine (black) people in Charleston SOUTH CAROLINA. Had this horrible incident occurred in Charleston, West Virginia or in neighboring Southern city Savannah GA; there would still be national outrage at the incident, but NOT towards “that flag”.

    A flag displayed at the South Carolina capitol contains The Stars & Bars. Nothing that we know about the deranged (white) sicko that murdered the nine (black) people in Charleston indicates he was a Civil War “buff”, a re-enactor, or a member of any organization that uses the “Confederate Flag” as its symbol. But the deranged (white) killer IS a resident of South Carolina and committed this crime within the State of South Carolina….. ergo “That Flag” must go says Dale Jr and others.

    If this horrible incident had occurred in Iowa would Wal-Mart stop selling corn?  If in Vermont….. lets outlaw Maple Syrup.  Would those facetiously symbolic reactions promote peace, love and harmony across the “racial divide”?? ….. This technique is known as using absurdity to illustrate the absurd. You get my point?

    The Must Get Rid of “That Flag” Mob is wallowing in its own self-congratulatory self-righteousness. Hey hey ho ho…. are we not “soooo sensitive” and soooo Politically Correct?

    Will removing “that flag” from retail shelves and racetracks and from wherever it was three weeks ago, prevent any white person from killing anyone “of color”?….. What about preventing black guys from killing white people. Ooops, my bad. Can’t discuss that…. or can I?

    DID YOU KNOW….. four years ago a 5-year-old little “white” girl – Allison Griffor – was killed in her home by four black men in a suburb of that same Charleston SOUTH CAROLINA…. LINK ….

    You never heard about Allison Griffor? Where do you get your news?

    Would getting rid of “that flag” five years ago have saved Allison Griffor’s life? Does the Flag Mob care about Allison Griffor? Do “white lives matter” in Obama’s America?

    The deranged white man that killed the nine black people last week should be punished to whatever level the prevailing laws allow. Of course, I feel that same way about black people killing white people too. Oops. My bad AGAIN.

    I do share one commonality with The Obamas. Yes….. neither The Obamas nor I much care about “Blacks killing Blacks”. Barack and Michelle, nor Al, nor BullyBarber nor I profess to giving a damn about that.

    Did you Know….. Twice as many black babies are aborted EACH WEEK in America (average of 8,000/week) than all the “lynching of blacks” on-record in all of American history – 4,000. You didn’t know that? Where do you get your news?

    Recall the Oklahoma (white) college student gunned down by four “joy-riders” “of color” several years ago. Those four cold-blooded killers “of color” were on-record expressing their hatred of “white people”. You forgot about THAT? Huuumm, I ask again, where DO you get your news?

    NOTE:  That Oklahoma cold-bloodied Black-on-White murder was NEVER reported in any major media in the Raleigh-Durham area.

    Want more about Black on White Violence?  Check with my friend Colin Flaherty….. check this website.

    Purging “that flag” will not have a noticeable effect on my life, nor yours probably. I don’t have “that flag” on anything I own. It’s not a conscious thing, I simply don’t. I don’t have any Obama – Biden bumperstickers either.  THAT is a conscious decision.

    The very cordial friendship I have with my next-door neighbor….. a black lady…. will not change as a result of “purging that flag”. My views towards The Obamas, Bully Barber, Malik Zulu Shabazz, Sheila Jackson-Lee, etc will not change either….. nor, I suspect, will their views towards “people like me” change by purging that flag.  Can they despise me any more than they already do?   That Michelle Obama sweats toxic hate from every pore.

    Malik Zulu Shabazz…. Malik WHO?…. Malik Zulu Shabazz? Check out this influential black leader and his recent comments. – LINK – Again, WHERE do you get your news?

    …. You should hear this Shabazz. I tangled with this “piecea work” back during Duke Lacrosse. He is Al Sharpton on Steroids. Nothing about Malik Shabazz EVER appears on Jim Goodmon’s WRAL or in any McClatchey media.

    But…. but….. but AgentPierce. “It’s just a flag”.

    Yep.  I could make a valid argument for its being purged if hired to do so.

    That first time you heard about a Nativity Scene being ordered taken down 15-20 years ago…. that was “just a Nativity Scene”.

    Removing the Ten Commandments from a public building? “Just a plaque on a wall”Silent Sam

    Prayer in schools? Not a big deal. What difference did it make?

    I got $5 that says UNC’s Silent Sam does not survive ‘til Labor Day. He’s “just a statue”.  

    Have you already moved on from “that flag” because of the gay marriage decision?

    Whatever your views on homosexuality and homosexuals, does this Supreme Court decision change those views? It might surprise you that I am likely more “tolerant” on the homosexuality issue than might be assumed.

    Avoiding the usual cliché…. to my knowledge I do not have any homosexual “friends”. I do have a few homosexual “enemies” within the area media. I go days, weeks, months, years not concerning myself with the lifestyles of homosexuals or the lifestyles of heterosexuals either pro or con. Are they violating some Biblical edict by their behavior? ….. I have acquaintances current and former who have and do violate assorted Biblical edicts via their daily behavior.   I confess I am not too good “as my brother’s keeper”.

    Is my daily life going to be markedly changed because of this most recent gay marriage decision??? It is “just a decision about whether people I don’t know can get a marriage license or not.” It “just” affects 2% of the population despite what Hollywood trumpets ad infinitum ……

    So….. “just an old flag” …… “just a gay thing for their 2%” ….. “just a Nativity Scene”.

    I’m sure “they” will stop now. “They” have everything they wanted now. Right?

    “That flag” will be yanked from our history books within a few weeks. Homosexuals will be issued marriage licenses now. Those were the two “issues”….. Right?    “They” will stop their systematic dismantling of every brick in the foundation of America now? Won’t “they”?

    We can go back to following The Kardashians on Twitter and seeing who our favorite team “drafted”……. burp.

    OR….. will “their” Master List simply move on to dismantling the next brick….. “just a ______”

    Remember “We will bury you” laughed in our faces by Nikita Khrushchev over 60 years ago.   Nikita is long gone but the “we” are still out there…. and right on schedule.

    OK Pierce. What are we suppose to do? Let America be systematically destroyed as we wring our hands and say Oh Me, Oh My??

    Electing people to represent “us” who said they “shared our concerns about America” hasn’t turned out too good. Pretty much a waste of time and energy in fact. Those elected officials, for the most part, have capitulated on virtually every issue…. curled up in a fetal position terrified of “assassination by media”.   But, hey. “It was just a flag…. a gay thing…. a Nativity Scene…… ”.

    Short of stockpiling guns and ammo, I really don’t have any other advice today.


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    Agent Pierce
    • Doug Reply
      4 years ago

      Cause, you know, raisin’ Hell about a flag is much more important that solving real problems like in this video  taken is East St. Louis. In da hood

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        Well of course. A NEW AP going up later today re: Trump & Cosby.

    • Tim Reply
      4 years ago

      Sadly, Pat McCrory started all this nonsense in North Carolina with his irresponsible attacks on the NC Sons of Confederate Veterans, who had absolutely nothing to do with the killings in Charleston. Since throwing fuel on the fire, he has said nothing about the desecration of monuments around the state. I know he’s a carpetbagger from Ohio, but his actions are very troubling. He demonstrates a total lack of understanding of NC history and the great work the SCV has done in NC since 1896. He ought to apologize, but he won’t. Too much hubris.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        Pat McCrory has made himself a Governor without a party. He has no support from either side.

    • Charles Reply
      4 years ago

      I was just looking at WTVD’s website and saw the rash of vandalism against all the memorials to the Confederate dead. I often visit courthouses in North Carolina and marvel at the fact that these memorials, statues , etc are still here in the PC world of today.

      I always take a photo when I’m there of the monument. I truly wondered what would happen if some of these fragile little flowers ever actually put down their phone and looked at and read what it was they were leaning against. I don’t have a problem with it, but do these clueless folks know anything about history? I know, rhetorical question.

      Well, looks like the folks who want to rewrite history are now at work-with spray paint.


      But, it occurs to me, and I don’t recall any problems for a century with these monuments be they at UNC, NCSU, South Carolina or Clemson. How did the clueless dolts manage to live and work around them for so long [co-exist!!] without having their delicate sensibilities damaged?

      Ah, I just needed to vent and I could think of nowhere better than AP. Cheers and see you in Charlotte September 3. Go Cocks!

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        “They” will just keep on pushing until someone says “STOP…. That’s Far Enough!”. Certainly no one in the Obama Administration is going to say that.

    • RowdyBlueTarHeeler Reply
      4 years ago

      re: “Short of stockpiling guns and ammo, I really don’t have any other advice today”

      I do have other advice – practice, practice, practice.[with both]

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        My weapon of choice is a short-barrel Mossberg 12 gauge pump “just point and pull the trigger” and anything in the hallway is Toast.

    • Doug Reply
      4 years ago

      Keep it to yourself but you can still purchase “From Dixie With Love” by the Ole Miss Marching Band on iTunes. Apple probably has too many VP’s tripping over themselves to notice. At least we have it until “they” ban it. The band can’t even play it anymore in The Grove. If an alien landed on earth and someone played it they’d like it better than anything Mariah Carey or any of the acts today play or sing. Critics won’t acknowledge this version is actually a medley with The Battle Hymn of the Republic.  Ole Miss Band, From Dixie With Love.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        So its not unlike smuggling Bibles into the Soviet Union…. or Anne Frank hiding in the attic. People wanting to hear “Dixie” must now do so in fear for their well-being. 🙁

    • SlickWillie Reply
      4 years ago

      Actually, AP, the state flag of South Carolina doesn’t include any Confederate flag. You’re probably thinking of Mississippi.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        I understand the semantical differences between the various flags on display.
        The official SC state flag is a secret Islamic message. 🙂

    • Doug Reply
      4 years ago

      Isn’t this how the illiberal left works?  All symbolism over substance.  Let’s get rid of a flag rather than addressing the culture that perpetuates racism and perceived discrimination.  Like your examples above about black crime, you could add the culture of sex vs. family, the emphasis on sports vs. education as a way to get out of the ghetto, the laziness of blaming every obstacle on faux “racism” and several more issues.  Yes, taking down the flag may be a symbol of “enlightenment”, but it will not matter one bit as those determined to be racists will still be racists.  Taking down the flag does not solve one problem or make a difference in the grand scheme of things, blacks will still abandon their kids, kill each other and steal from each other just as often.  Let’s see Bully Barber try to solve some of those problems rather than taking up our time with his Moron Wednesdays and silly Bible studies.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        BullyB will NEVER talk about the “non-existant black family in America” or other systemic problems in Black America. His objective is to build his “army” by promising them “free stuff”. To his credit – Bully knows his market.

    • JMc Reply
      4 years ago

      Excellent and informative and another good column as always. All week, I have been livid at the utter stupidity of people like Dale Earnhardt Jr, Brian France, Niki Haley, and scores of others calling for the Confederate flag to come down. After doing some investigating, I found the Confederate Flag did not come down from the Capital in SC, travel unseen to the church in Charleston, and murder nine people. None of these boneheads have studied the Civil War and think it was all about slavery.  Liberals have rewritten history so bad and the masses are so uniformed, it is absolutely disgusting. 
      I have always been a fan of Dr. Walter Williams who was a professor of economics at George Mason University. He also filled in for Rush Limbaugh when he was on vacation. I am sure you have probably read his writings on the real cause of the Civil War.  Here is the link just in case you have not. http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=20600
      I thoroughly enjoy reading your columns along with your buddy, Bob Lee’s columns.  
      Keep up the good work.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        Thanks JMc… It is a very flammable issue and has been since the first shots were fired at Ft Sumter.

    • Walt-in-Durham Reply
      4 years ago

      Yeah, it’s just a flag. A flag that belongs in a museum. A museum dedicated to slavery, sedition, secession and treason. Because that’s what the confederate flags stand for in history. In modern America, the confederate battle flag stands for segregation and resistance to civil rights.

      Those are not the messages I want my state, or any state to be sending out. Make no mistake, flags flying on state grounds are state speech. Just like symbols on license plates. As such, that speech needs not be in favor of slavery, sedition, secession, treason, segregation or resistance to civil rights. Take down the confederate battle flag. Restore the U.S. flag to its rightful position without the secessionist flag on state grounds.


      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        As I note…. I could argue for either side in this. As with the WBTS, is it a State’s rights or a federal mandate issue? NASCAR and Wal-Mart etc certainly have “the right” to make decisions for their organizations… and expect some degree of blowback. Of course, I believe a wedding cake-baker should be able to turn down business too. We live in very troubling times.

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