Nick Saban on “hooking up with….”- NO Nick Nooo!

    July28/ 2015

    In an upcoming biography… Nick Saban gives his “student-athletes” advice on:

    Hooking Up: “…. never sleep with anyone who has less to lose than you do.”

    The subject itself is somewhat BIZARRE; but, hey, these are unusual times.  Wait ’til you see who Nick uses as an example of: Nick and Terry Saban

    “…. who I might choose if I were to “step out on Miss Terry (Mrs Saban)”.

    Mega OMG !!! Clue: It ain’t Margaret Thatcher, J-Lo, or Beyonce.

    Imagine Recently Rewarded 2-Ring Roy discussing this subject with his youngsters?    The mind reels at that thought.

    Howsa’bout another (former) Alabama coach on this subject – “Coach Gott” ??  Ouch!


    Nick Saban Gives Team Advice on Chasing Women



    • Doug Reply
      4 years ago

      Huh? Hillary? Nick must be an ankle man!

      • BobLee Reply
        4 years ago

        HRC sure does have a pair of’em.

    • SteveK Reply
      4 years ago

      BLEACH !!!!  Waaaaay too early in the morning to deal with this.   🙁

      • BobLee Reply
        4 years ago

        Once the initial shock subsided (several hours); I wondered what Dee Dee Bonner (A.J.McCarron’s Cougar-mamma) thought as she read this?

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