“BOG Bad Boy” Marty Kotis makes news AGAIN!

    August16/ 2015

    AgentPierce and BobLee are both running this one on our sites as our mutual good buddy – Marty Kotis a/k/a The Dennis The Menace of the UNC BOG is making news AGAIN just “being Marty”.

    Marty’s hometown (Greensboro) failing fishwrapper – The News & Record has aimed it’s editorial pea-shooter at him on numerous occasions…. much to Marty’s delight as this one is.   He proudly sent this latest salvo to us Sunday morning.

    Marty’s high crime oft-repeated is asking questions that others wish he wouldn’t ask.   Whether that be about Triad political shenanigans or about UNC System “everyone in favor say AYE…. moving right along” issues.   Marty’s tends to NOT be a consensus “just go-along kinda guy”.  He actually reads reports and P&L statements !!!   That being a quality I much admire.

    My admiration for “Marty The Menace” is not shared by all his fellow BOGers…. including some of yours truly’s other buddies.   I must have  THE most eclectic bunch o’ buddies on the planet:  Chansky…. Kennel…. Bubba…. Marty….  Norwood…. Holden…. “Bonnie & Clyde” and a few dozen others who are not quite ready to publicly bear the scarlet letter of being a BobLee Buddy.  The complete list would rock a few worlds ‘fer sure!

    NOTE:  Marty’s alleged “support” of Tom “Z. Smith Reynolds’ Bag Man” Ross was actually his disapproval of the ham-fisted manner in which UNC BOG Chair/Dictator “Trainwreck” Fennebresque chose to kneecap “Bag Man” Ross.  We are on-record as sharing Marty’s disapproval of both “Trainwreck”…. and of “Bag Man”.

    Marty’s newly formed Brickyard Fan Club might note his stated disgust at all things Greatly Unpleasant “amid the pines”.

    The N&R’s insinuation that Marty has “political ambitions” is not one I share based upon my numerous conversations with the naughty “Triad Troublemaker”.   I suspect The N&R and I disagree on numerous other issues.



    Marty in the middle: Building a political legacy one brick at a time


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