U of Indiana Prez: NO MORE…. Thug-aletes !!

    September08/ 2015

    University of Indiana President “blisters” his athletic staff demanding player misbehavior MUST STOP.  

    As “President of Indiana Univ”, Michael McRobbie is a combination of Tom Ross and Carol Folt and/or Randy Woodson.   The University of Indiana consists of seven campuses across the state with Bloomington being “The Flagship”. 

    All that I know about Michael McRobbie is what you can read here.  I’m sure he has his detractors in Indiana.  Any executive administrator worth his/her salt collects “detractors”.  I have no idea what is political leanings are.  He is a native Australian for what thats worth.

    I cannot image Tom Ross or Carol Folt making the dramatic statements that McRobbie makes here.   Ross and Folt have both shown themselves to look over their shoulder and hold a finger to the wind before saying ANYTHING that might draw criticism.  When push comes to shove…. Fat Cats call the shots!

    OK…. so McRobbie says THIS CRAP MUST STOP!   So???

    Wonder how many of the Hoosier thug-aletes could pick Michael McRobbie out of a police line-up… or even recognize his name.   I’ll wager few…. if any.

    Will Hoosier Fat Cats move to get him “ousted”?   Will Hoosier Fat Cats mumble bromides and curse him under their breath.   Are Hoosier Fat Cats as unconcerned about “thug-aletes” as most Fat Cats have proven they are?



    IU president: Athlete misbehavior embarrasses university



    BLOOMINGTON — Indiana University President Michael McRobbie issued a blistering warning Tuesday to members of his athletic department staff, telling them player misbehavior had to stop.

    McRobbie’s stern admonishment came during remarks at the department’s annual all-staff meeting, at which the president often shares his thoughts on the academic year ahead. Departing from his usual position as supportive but passive when it comes to athletics, McRobbie didn’t mince words when discussing the recent spate of off-the-field incidents that have made unwanted headlines in Bloomington.

    First he praised a recent major IU discovery in the field of paleobotany: “This is the sort of world-class achievement by our researchers with which I want to see Indiana University associated.”

    Then he jolted the room.

    “What I do not want to see is any more stories of repeated student misbehavior. They embarrass the university, they embarrass all of you in Athletics, and they are a complete distraction from our primary role as an educational institution,” McRobbie said. “This misbehavior simply has to stop.”

    The university released McRobbie’s remarks Wednesday, after athletic director Fred Glass’ annual football kickoff news conference was overrun by questions about off-the-field incidents that have damaged his department’s image.

    Glass said he welcomed McRobbie’s message.

    “Coincidentally, fortuitously, we had our annual all-staff meeting in this room about this time yesterday,” Glass said, speaking from Memorial Stadium’s Henke Hall of Champions. “(IU President Michael McRobbie) annually comes and brings his message to the staff, and he took that opportunity, very appropriately and forthrightly, to express his expectations about student-athlete behavior. That was to our entire … staff, from top to bottom.”

    Asked whether saying McRobbie “read the riot act” during his address at the all-staff meeting would adequately characterize his comments, Glass responded: “Yes.”

    The questions followed Monday’s news that two IU men’s basketball players, sophomore Emmitt Holt and freshman Thomas Bryant, were cited for illegal possession of alcohol at a convenience store just up 17th Street from Assembly Hall. The citations are the latest in a long string of public off-the-court problems that have plagued the program, starting with Hanner Mosquera-Perea‘s OWI arrest in February 2014.

    IU Insider Zach Osterman joins Matt Glenesk to talk about the 11th off-court incident in less than two years for IU men’s basketball team. (Clark Wade / The Star)

    This summer, star safety Antonio Allen, arguably the football team’s top returning defensive player, was arrested on a host of drug-related charges. Allen was dismissed from the program and has since enrolled at Indiana State and joined the Sycamores.

    McRobbie’s involvement now speaks volumes, suggesting the issue is front and center in the offices of Bryan Hall, the central hub of the university’s administration.

    “I expect all of you to ensure that my message is heard loud and clear by all student-athletes,” he said according to the excerpts. “I have stressed repeatedly that our student-athletes are first and foremost students! Our ultimate goal is to help them obtain a degree that will prepare them for career and life success.

    “We owe this to them.”

    Glass has been vocal in the past year about taking a hands-on role in athlete behavior and discipline. Asked specifically about the most recent incident involving men’s basketball, Glass declined to elaborate or speculate on any potential punishment, beyond saying he is giving it “the serious and sober attention it deserves.”

    “I don’t really have anything to add to the statement we put out earlier this week,” Glass said, referring to IU’s two-sentence news release Monday. “We’ll have more on that later.”

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    Addressing the Allen arrest publicly for the first time, Glass expressed confidence in football coach Kevin Wilson’s assertion that Allen’s behavior was isolated and not indicative of a larger issue involving other members of Wilson’s program.

    Indiana has not dismissed any other players for reasons related to Allen’s crimes, to public knowledge. Glass said that he didn’t “know for sure” but that he believed Allen lived in a single apartment.

    “We took a comprehensive review of where that all is, across the whole team,” Glass said. “Without getting into details of that, I think we’re confident to state, as Kevin did, that we think that’s an isolated incident with Antonio.”

    Glass’ preseason news conference is an annual event used to announce changes and enhancements to IU’s football game day experience. Wednesday’s revealed plans to honor IU’s undefeated 1945 football team, improved concussion protocols and arena safety, altered pyrotechnics at Memorial Stadium and even the addition of the Chocolate Moose — a popular Bloomington ice cream shop — to the stadium’s concession offerings.

    Like IU’s landmark research find, and so many things in Bloomington recently, it was overshadowed.

    Follow Star reporter Zach Osterman on Twitter: @ZachOsterman.

    Excerpts From:

    IU Athletics All-Staff Meeting

    Remarks of Michael A. McRobbie


    Indiana University

    North End Zone

    Henke Hall of Champions

    Tuesday, August 25, 2015



    I expect that all of you will have noticed the announcement last week of a brilliant scientific result in paleobotany by an outstanding team of scientists led by Dr. David Dilcher of IU’s Department of Geological Sciences, where they seem to have identified the earliest form of ancient flowering plant life that emerged about 130 million years ago. This finding was published in one of the world’s most prestigious scientific publications, the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences. 

    This epochal result was applauded prominently in the media all over the world.

    This is the sort of world-class achievement by our researchers with which I want to see Indiana University associated. I want to see the world-class accomplishments of our faculty and students celebrated, as well as the accomplishments of our student-athletes.

    What I do not want to see is any more stories of repeated student misbehavior.

    They embarrass the university, they embarrass all of you in Athletics, and they are a complete distraction from our primary role as an educational institution.

    This misbehavior simply has to stop.

    I expect all of you to ensure that my message is heard loud and clear by all student athletes.

    I have stressed repeatedly that our student-athletes are first and foremost students!

    Our ultimate goal is to help them obtain a degree that will prepare them for career and life success.

    We owe this to them.


    As Hoosiers, we want to win—but win the right way, and with student athletes we can be proud of.

    We expect our student-athletes to win with good sportsmanship but without sacrificing their education and without shortcuts.

    As always—compliance with all NCAA, Big Ten, and Indiana University rules and policies by all coaches, student-athletes, and staff is crucial, and we will remain vigilant at every level to ensure we follow the rules.

    As I have said to this group on numerous occasions, the love of sport must never sacrifice integrity.

    Our student-athletes act as role models for students across campus and representatives of IU to the world beyond. They should embody Hoosier values of hard work, dignity, and respect.

    All of us must play by the rules, whether those of the law or those of the game, whether we agree with the call or not, whether competition brings victory or defeat.

    • kypackman Reply
      4 years ago

      My son is a student-athlete at IU. He says when a FB or BB player gets in trouble they really crack down… on the swim team 😉

      • BobLee Reply
        4 years ago

        That’s a version of “throw a walk-on under the bus”. “Everybody Does It” 🙂

    • NCSU68Grad Reply
      4 years ago

      Interesting column and comments from the head knocker. Did he hire the AD or was involved in the hiring of the HC’s? I haven’t a clue. But the tone and tenor of the comments reminded me of those SCATHING labor day speeches that the 2016 Hopefuls leveled at President Obama. They quoted fact and figures and pointed to the dismal state of affairs of the American Worker…..along with their abysmal wages. WOW, that was really far drastic and far out for the likes of Trump and Carson..

      OPPS…..it were Hillary, Ben and good ole JOE. THEY lambasted the sorry state of affairs…..and pledge to CORRECT IT and FIX ALL THE BUNGLING and the PROBLEMS. Trouble is…..they forgot to mention President Obama’s regime (and their roles in or around it) when they were spouting off.

      I am CERTAINLY no fan of Thug-A-Letes and we did have a couple….but the Marine and the current occupant of the HFC’s office in the Murphy Center have reduced (NOT eliminated) the issues…..as has Gott.

      BUT, I doubt that IU will be recruiting the FSU “rejects” and that is really good news.

      I also like the approach about tuition. Our current esteemed BOG needs to take a lesson here. What is really frustrating (and despicable if you like) is the fact that each time the GUBBERMINT loosens the Student Aid purse strings or lowers the interest rate or some “GUY from ITT Online Tech) goes on TV, some poor (not economically astute) student signs on the dotted line and ends up further, like the American People, in debt.

      Thanks for posting the article. The comments about both IU and PU are great…..just hope that IUPUI (figure it out) does NOT field a formidable team when the WP BB invites them to the PNC for a Cupcake tasting….I think that I might be busted for uttering expletives when I typed IUPUI…..It may require a transgender assignment of the PNC lavatories…..

      • BobLee Reply
        4 years ago

        Purdue’s Prez Mitch Daniels is THE BEST (Only) Conservative Univ Prez…. on Earth.

    • Walt-in-Durham Reply
      4 years ago

      President McRobbie is one of the good guys in big college administration. Indiana University, my law school alma mater, is fortunate to have him. In fact Indiana is fortunate to have two great university presidents. Mitch Daniels at Purdue is leading the university world by holding the line on tuition. No increases in tuition at Purdue last year, this year and he’s planning on no increase next year.


      • BobLee Reply
        4 years ago

        And where did NCSU’s highly-respected Randy Woodson come from? ….. Purdue.
        Wonder what political ideology Mitch Daniels embraces ??? …. Not one of Kennel’s side. 🙂

    • Doug Reply
      4 years ago

      Pretty soon he’ll be seeking a job at to Ivy Tech Community College in Kokomo if he’s lucky.

      • BobLee Reply
        4 years ago

        A possibility for sure. …. sigh.

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