Coach Calipari, on second thought…. “let’s not”.

    John Calipari
    September09/ 2015

    John Calipari’s triumphant return to Memphis as a Hall of Famer got kiboshed “upon reflection” by Memphis U’s President Dr. M. David Rudd.

    I am impressed here not by the on-again off-again re-un-invite to the Rascally Coach Cal; but rather by the “It was My Fault” public mea culpa by Dr. Rudd.   Yes, it was a “curious” decision to ever consider Memphis “honoring” Calipari; but that Dr. Rudd upon realizing his Dr David Rudderror in judgement, accepts full accountability for said “curious decision” is IMO Quite Admirable in today’s world.   Kudos to You David Rudd.

    A University Admin (or politician or head coach) who will actually admit his/her mistakes is rarer than one who would invite “El Rushbo” to deliver a commencement speech.

    Now having said that…. is the Cal-hate expressed by U Memphis fans because Cal “did what he did” in the Derrick Rose Scandal or “that he deserted Memphis for Kentucky”.   I suspect he (Calipari) would be Elvis-esque in his status around Memphis had he stayed and “did what he’s done at Kentucky at Memphis”…. so long as he managed to “get away with it”.

    They hate Cal in Memphis more for what he did NOT do (i.e. “stay” and build a dynasty) than for what he did DO…. i.e. resorted to nefarious means to bring Derrick Rose to Memphis.

    RendezvousI could be wrong…. but I’ll bet a rack of ribs at The Rendezvous that I’m not.


    OK…. feel free to let loose with all sorts of “hey, lets rename Kenan Stadium “Butch’s House” or maybe the floor in Dean’s Dome be “Crowder Court” …..


    Memphis President Says School Will Not Honor John Calipari, Apologizes For “Embarrassment”

    Earlier this week, the University of Memphis announced it would be honoring former men’s basketball coach John Calipari in late December. Calipari, who coached the Tigers from 2000-09, is getting inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame this week.

    The Tigers honoring Calipari is something that will no longer be happening, though.

    This evening, University of Memphis President Dr. M. David Rudd announced Memphis will not honor Calipari. He apologized for the “embarrassment” and “genuine distress” created by the issue of honoring the former coach.

    Memphis letter

    Memphis fans were quite upset when it was announced their school was set to honor Calipari, who had a successful but conflicted run with the Tigers. Memphis made the Final Four in 2008, but the appearance was vacated by the NCAA due to the Derrick Rose SAT scandal.

    Many Tigers’ fans are still upset with Calipari, who now leads Kentucky, and his departure from the program.

    • NCSU68Grad Reply
      4 years ago

      STOP the router……BK and I agree. YES, the PP’ers were obsessed with hiring the new kid on the block. Lee, I KNOW BB, Fowler was not exactly endowed with common sense and was several Peter Principle Level above his incompetence…..

      Maybe he was suffering from the Mack/Steve early symptoms. Who knows. We finally got through it all, but with scars, and folks of the caliber of Dr. Yow and Dr. Woodson are in charge.

      For all of the concerns about the personal, marital issues of our coaches, they do tend to focus on having “student” athletes…..and not the best money can buy.

      We may not keep Coach Doeren forever, but so far, he seems to be the best choice of how to “do it right”.

      OK, back to the column. I am going to personally write Johnny F (BOG fame) and suggest that he removed Dr. Woodson’s name from the top of the list and put Dr. M. David Rudd there. It is a rare occurrence when common sense and wisdom is associated with anyone that has a Dr. before their name. That also includes the medical as well as academic professions.

      Thanks for bringing this up….

      • BobLee Reply
        4 years ago

        Be careful when you start bragging about “recruiting ‘our kinda good kids'”. ‘Dem words tend to come back to haunt dem what boast’em. … Dr Rudd seems a good’un but he never should have suggested honoring Cal.

    • 58 Wolf Kennel Reply
      4 years ago

      President with GUTS. I’m sure there were some strong inputs to him as well before his mea culpa. Just think, if there had not been an influx of Fed-X money some 10 years ago, Cal could have been flown to NC State. I was well satisfied at that time that NC State was looking big, but not with Cal as our target. I believe Debbie Yow has fully righted the NC State ship with Coach Gottfried whom she had known since their early mutual days at Oral Roberts University.

      • BobLee Reply
        4 years ago

        Did Oral ever “lay on his hands” to Debbie or Gott? …. That other Popular Wuff Possibility in so many coach searches – Rick Barnes – turned out to not be “clean” too. Wasn’t Phil Jackson a regular on several of those PPride “short lists” too?

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