“Stephen A” Insults UNC’s Yankee

    Stephen A Smith ESPN
    September23/ 2015

    Andrew MillerOh Boy!! …. the ever-quotably controversial bombastic Stephen A. Smith done done IT now – he demonstrated his collossal ignorance by insulting former UNC pitcher / now Yankee closer Andrew Miller.   The immediate blowback from Stephen A-haters was intense.

    UNC alum / ESPN CEO John Skipper (UNC75) has NOT dropped the hammer YET but could this put Stephen A among the 300 ESPNers about to be canned ??



    Stephen A. Smith ripped on Twitter over ignorant baseball tweet


    For the second time in three days, Stephen A. Smith’s poor use of Twitter is making headlines. On Sunday it was his tweet about Jay Cutler that got him in trouble. On Tuesday it was a tweet about the Yankees showing his embarrassingly little knowledge of the team that led to the backlash.

    Andrew Miller, who has been lights out as the Yankees’ closer all season, gave up a solo home run with one out in the ninth to Dioner Navarro that tied the game with Toronto at 3-3. Miller then loaded up the bases before striking out Josh Donaldson to get out of the jam. The home run led to this tweet from Smith:

    Boy do I miss Mariano Rivera. Some Yankee Non-Closer just gave up a solo shot in the bottom of the night, allowing the Blue Jays to tie 3-3.


    That “Some Yankee Non-Closer” would be Miller, who is the Yankees’ closer (and former Mike Fox Moochie), and who is now 34/36 (94 percent) on save chances this season. That is a higher success rate than Mariano Rivera had in all but two of his 13 seasons as Yankees closer since the blown saves stat began being kept in 2002.

    So not only did Smith not know Miller’s name, nor did he realize he was the team’s closer, but he was also clueless about how good Miller has been all year. (or that he is a former UNC baseballer)

    Luckily there are plenty of sports fans who aren’t as ignorant as Smith when it comes to the Yankees, and they were quick to point out how mistaken the commentator was. Even Hall of Famer Jim Palmer had to tell Smith how wrong he was.

    Below are some of the other outstanding responses Smith’s pathetic tweet elicited.





    • Paul Reply
      4 years ago

      “Everyone on the Internets is an expert on everything.” – Abraham Lincoln

      • BobLee Reply
        4 years ago

        Abe also warns that many of the quotes attributed to him “on the Internet” are not true. 🙂

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