Former Blue Devil “knocks up” Miss Texas 2010

    September29/ 2015

    Pro athlete “impregnates” _____ is hardly newsworthy.  A day going by WITHOUT “pro athlete impregnates _____” might be newsworthy.   But when impregnatee is a former Miss Texas (2010) that’s worthy of a Quirky.

    Plus, this pro athlete is former Duke Blue Devil one&done Kyrie Irving…. now a Cleveland Cavalier.  

    Kyrie Irving

    Amid all the honors associated with Duke Basketball, we believe Kyrie is THE FIRST of Coach K’s Kids to “knock up” a former Miss USA contestant.

    It’s a matter of personal opinion of course, but IMO, Kyrie’s Baby Mamma is a bit less skanky than Rashad (and Rick Fox’s) gal-pal Khloe Karadashian.  But the skank differential may be too small to measure.

    Whether or not Miss Wilson was wearing her tiara at the time of conception was not reported.


    NBA Star Knocks Up Texas Beauty Queen….

    Kyrie Irving recently spent some naughty time with a Texas beauty queen, and he is apparently going to be a father as a result.

    According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Irving claims he impregnated 2010 Miss Texas USA Andrea Wilson and is asking for a paternity test to confirm it. The documents indicated that Irving and Wilson have been Miss Texas 2010“close” since 2013 but are now separated. Wilson is due in December, which means she and Irving must have been together at some point in the past six months.

    Irving is reportedly looking to pay child support and cover anything his alleged unborn daughter needs, but he wants Wilson to raise the baby in Texas.

    A report from Bossip — one that might be far-fetched — claims that Irving had ideas put into his head after his close friend rapper Chris Brown won his child custody case in Texas. The insinuation is that Brown’s “success” has something to do with why Irving wants Wilson to raise the baby in the Lone Star State.

    The report also claims Irving has not been fair to Doc Rivers’ daughter Callie Rivers, who Irving was recently dating.

    “He is being a total jerk to (Wilson) now and is trying to hide the whole thing from his family and Callie,” an insider told Bossip.

    We recently heard some not-so-good news about Irving and his injury rehab, and now it appears he has some issues going on in his personal life. Welcome to life as an NBA superstar.

    • Zoot Reply
      4 years ago

      I personally would like a chance to knock up a Miss USA contestant.

      • BobLee Reply
        4 years ago

        It likely is not as rare or as difficult as you might imagine. Being an NBA SuperStud Millionaire probably helps but “a pair of nylons and a coupla Hershey bars” might do it too. I don’t think they recruit those gals outta nunnerys.

    • Mayberry Jim Reply
      4 years ago

      No skank differential – they both peg the skankometer.

      • BobLee Reply
        4 years ago

        Qualifying skanks is always a subjective exercise. Both Khloe and Miss Texas should come with a penicillin warning.

    • JD Reply
      4 years ago

      There are so many things I want to say about this situation but I would be arrested by the PC Police.

      • BobLee Reply
        4 years ago

        This has been designated “a Sanctuary Website”. Say whatever you wish.

        • NCSU68Grad Reply
          4 years ago

          You’re liable to end up with MORE IC and PP BM’s than your server can handle.

          What can you say…..the pictures say it all. Hope that Ms. TX and Mr. I Usta B @ Dook work out all their legal issues

          Maybe the Duke AD can check the media guide and the stats and confirm your reporting of a “First Time”

          Chuckle….made my day…..

          • BobLee Reply
            4 years ago

            Unless someone can prove otherwise, I am going with Kyrie IS The First.

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