OMG! The Sky Did (not) Fall Yesterday.

    Sky Falling
    Agent Pierce
    October24/ 2015

    Margaret SpellingsYesterday (Friday) as we specifically predicted here… Margaret Spellings, a/k/a “that Bush Woman”, was unanimously selected as the next President of The UNC System.




    Sky FellYesterday (Friday) as we specifically predicted here… the Knee-jerk Journo-Weasels R Us went into full rabid bat crazy mode declaring The UNC System to be beyond saving.  The Evil Deed ‘tis Done – The Right-Wing Satan Has Triumphed – Higher Education In NC Is Doooomed.



    Liberal crying

    Yesterday (Friday) as we specifically predicted here… every pickle-headed pinhead, card-carrying lunatic, and self-righteous rabid radical nutcase within a mile of The Old Well, fueled on media BS, went running hither and fro to find a Journo-Weasel with a camera crew to weep and moan and hopefully make the b-roll video for the 6:00 o’clock news.  Ya ever notice it’s always the same woeful tremblechins that the media picks to sell their biased reporting?  They have’em on speed dial.



    There are supposedly 16 (or 17) campuses within The UNC System…. but not really.   In reality it has been:

    UNC-Chapel Hill & The 15 or 16 Irrelevant Dwarfs.

    The issue with the total number within “the System” has to do with something called The NC School of Math & Science.   The NC SMS doesn’t have a football or basketball team or even an indoor practice facility….. or even one “banner” so it is pretty much a trivia question.

    The UNC System, as we know it today, has been around since 1971.   Kindly Ol’ Bill Friday was “the Moses / George Washington” that is credited with gathering all these campuses together into one “system”.

    The concept of “strength in numbers” and “working together for all of our mutual betterment… and for the betterment of ALL the citizens on ‘this great state’” sounded good…. but, alas, as with most “concepts that sound good” …… there was a quite arrogant “fly in the ointment” catch.

    That “fly” was then and always has been –  The University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill ….a/k/a “Carolina ….a/k/a “The Flagship”.   “It / They” provided a physical home for “The System” adjacent to its Chapel Hill campus.    “It / They” proceeded to rig the UNC Board of Governors so It – UNCCH – would forever have a Super Majority of “it’s alumni” controlling the on-going administration of The System and it’s multi-billion $$$ budget.

    Ergo…. UNC@Chapel Hill got first dibs on ….. pretty much everything.  At least everything it ever wanted in budget gluttony.

    Think of the UNC System budget as a Family Thanksgiving Dinner.   UNC@Chapel Hill got to sit down and “help itself” for 30-minutes before the rest of the UNC System family was even allowed to enter the dining room.

    Those other 15-16 members never got a drumstick or those little marshmallows in the sweet potatoes…. and never even knew there had been pecan pies for dessert.  Those “15 system step-children” got “table scraps” and were expected to be eternally grateful just to get those.

    That NC State or AppState or ECU even have indoor plumbing much less WiFi and on-campus Taco Bells are a tribute to their own perseverance in spite of “The Chapel Hill gang” thing.

    If you’ve always “suspected” this was the case.  It was worse than you suspected.

    …. THESE are the insane clowns screeching and squawling about Margaret Spellings as President.

    At its height(?) 15-20 years ago….. among the 32 members of The UNC Board of Governors…. 26 of its sitting members had undergraduate and/or graduate degrees “from Chapel Hill”.   26 out of 32 !!!   The phrase “drunk on Carolina Way Kool-Aid” was coined for this klatch of self-righteous dilettantes.

    A MAJOR concern expressed yesterday was that The President of The UNC System overseeing 16 campuses and multi-billion $$$$ budget and 10,000 of employees…. now makes a higher salary than the Defensive Coordinator of the UNC Football team.   Say it ain’t so Dickie Baddour !!!!

    Oh… speaking of “Dickie”.  Tom Ross, according to “the media” is near’bout as much a saint as Saintly Dean Smith.  At the height of the everlasting UNC Athletic/Academic Scandal, “Saint” Tom Ross wanted to appoint “Clueless Dickie” as System-wide Director of Athletics !!!  Think about THAT as you cry about “poor ol’ Tom getting canned….”

    FACT CHECK:  Both Tom “Z. Smith” Ross and Gene Chizik make give/take $650,000.   President Spellings will make $770,000.  So, yes, she does make more than UNC’s Defensive Coordinator.  But…. relax Ol’ Roy still makes over $2,000,000 MORE than she does.   Good “junk dealers” are expensive these days.

    That’s how it was from 1971 until about five years ago.  When the political landscape shifted in NC, so did the iron-fisted domination of The UNC System.   There ARE still more members “with connections to UNCCH” than with any other single member institution…. but “they” no longer have a Super Majority.

    For the record, well over 50% of The System member schools have ZERO “representatives” on The BOG.  If an institution has not produced ANY alumni capable of representing said institution on The Board of Governors…. it is time to reclassify that “college” as a community college at best and move on.

    This current BOG – much-maligned by those afore-mentioned knee-jerk Journo-weasels – is MUCH MUCH more well-rounded in its overall demographics than at ANY TIME in the over 40 years that a UNC Board of Governors has existed.

    When UNC@Chapel Hill had Total control over The BOG coincided with Democrats having Total control over The NC General Assembly.   The Journo-weasels don’t tell you THAT because it refutes their whole agenda to totally discredit the current board.

    Those 32 BOG members for the first 40 years of The System bought their prestigious seats via fat checks to the Democratic legislators who controlled who got appointed.

    NOTE:  Yes… that sort of “how it is done these days” is not dissimilar…. but the Journo Weasels never tell you “how it was done” for the first 40+ years.  As flawed as the system still is…. and It Is still flawed…. it is much LESS SO now than in the previous 40 years.

    The Left-wing Journo-Weasels who control the major state-wide media outlets – McClatchy’s failing newspapers, Jim Goodmon’s WRAL, etc –  will never give out those facts.   They are only interested in discrediting the current board and the current political majority in North Carolina….. and they (the journo-weasels) will do /write / say ANYTHING towards that objective.  ANYTHING!

    But But But AgentPierce…. “That Bush Woman” advocated for No Child Left Behind !!  Wasn’t that an evil conspiracy to force all HOMO-sexuals to be impounded in a fenced-in compound in Appalachia or some such? 

    Chill.  I have checked with my BOG pals.  There is no plan whatsoever for the UNC BOG to assume total control of ALL Education K-grave in NC.  Neither “No Child ….” nor its evil left-wing cuzzin “Common Core”… nor even “Vouchers”  is going to be within their pervue. …. PLUS “that compound in Appalachia” was NEVER going to be fenced-in.  Simply another of many journo-weasel lies.

    Fueling the sad sack left-wing lunatics at UNC-CH to weep and moan and wail on-cue and on-camera is easier than falling off the proverbial log.   Those whack-a-doodles live to weep and wail and whine.   It is Who they are.  It is What they do.

    The media will REALLY play up this ridiculously trumped-up “she’s a homophobe” charge because the LGQBT gang screams louder obscenities than the other garden-variety nutjobs and are generally more ruthlessly vicious in their personal attacks.   Again… stoopid; but – hey – Who they are and What they do.

    In the days – weeks – months to come “this agenda-driven media” will be relentless in its attacks to undermine and discredit President Margaret Spellings and everything she does or says.

    If you fall prey to their lies and distortions – they win.   If you simply “consider the source” of the lies and distortions, you will realize Margaret Spellings is NOT the Eeeeevil Witch she is already being portrayed as.

    Give her a chance…. a few weeks ….. a few months or so.   If Margaret Spellings cannot overcome these pathetic little weasels and their brazen tactics…. then she was not “up to the task”.

    Certainly we will be providing a perspective here – and our pals at Carolina Plott Hound – that you definitely will not get from “the journo-weasels”.

    Q:  What about the weeping and wailing from the Insane Clown Posse?   insane clowns

    A:  95% of those insane clowns are from UNC @ Chapel Hill.   3% will be from UNC-Wilmington.  The other 2% spread out across the 14 campuses.  Every college campus should have a few insane clowns.

    The other 14-15 campuses are too busy “trying to provide a solid education to their students” to make fools of themselves with idiotic histrionics.

    Except at UNC@CH where “idiotic histrionics” is the legendary “Carolina Way”.

    Stay tuned …. LOTS more to come.


    Agent Pierce
    • oldwuf vet Reply
      4 years ago

      Your comparison to W’s situation is spot on. That compassionate conservative stuff is crap. Clean house. She could also look at our Governor’s more recent experience. Those deeply entrenched state guvment appointees are deadly to your agenda. Goodness knows the other side would; and make no excuses. Heck, they would destroy your reputation first, just ask the WH travel office folks.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        Indeed both Dubyah and PatMcC made serious errors by not cleaning house in key departments. It seems to be a curse with Conservs that keeps being repeated. I’m sure Spellings will bring in a few of “her people” but she’d be wise IMO to clean out 60% of the current GenAdmin staff. They have been / will be poisoned to her before she ever takes over.

    • Bob Johnson Reply
      4 years ago

      The really big change she should push for if she wants to take full control would be to rename the system to eliminate the confusion between the system and UNCCH.  This would also serve notice to the UNCCH people that they have to share with the rest of the schools more equitably.

      For example, in Florida, they have the State University System of Florida.  In PA, it’s the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.


      Personally, I think it should be called the North Carolina State University System, just to balance out the last 20 years. 🙂

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        Two BIGGER changes are (1) Relocate the HQ out of Chapel Hill to RTP. And (2) Relocate the Prez’ manse out of Chapel Hill. Both physical facilities are old with considerable deferred maintenance. Moving the HQ to RTP (NOT to Centennial Campus; and NOT to Downtown Raleigh’s Gov Complex) would be #1.
        I cannot stress enough the stranglehold that the UNCCH gang has had on “The System” since its inception. It is borderline criminal.

    • Bob Reply
      4 years ago

      Mr. Ross always used the singular “university” when he addressed the media. It’s as if the other 16 campuses didn’t exist.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        “Freudian slip” no doubt. 🙂
        Erskine Bowles, despite his family’s long close association with UNCCH, was probably LESS Chapel Hill-centric than any UNC Prez EVER. I’m pretty certain Ms Spelling will NOT BE too.

    • Wise Sage Reply
      4 years ago

      The Chapel Hillians should be slow to criticize the selection of Ms. Spellings.  Her connections to Federal career administrative people might come in handy if one day soon one of the institutions currently in trouble for other things  get nailed for Pell Grant fraud.  You never know what might happen  🙂





      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        Well, there is that. Pres Spellings will be responsible for 17 campuses, not just one. A fact often lost in the discussion.

    • NCSU68Grad Reply
      4 years ago


      Despite my BEST efforts and research… have pretty well summed it up.  Your column ought to be handed out at the ensuing Moral Majority rallies that well be staged specifically against Mrs. Spellings.  She, for the record, was a divorcee and remarried….and then accepted her husband’s last name.  Obviously not going back to her maiden name is considered a “dominated female”.  OPPS….I think Hill went by Rodham for years and then finally was HRC….but now is only Mrs. Clinton (in name only….others such as Monica have to get the dirty jobs done).

      It is ALSO fascinating when you read the comments how many of them are copies (no originality) of what was written back in 2004.   Some of the sites use the SHRUB name and such….and that is a predominate theme.  Too lazy to actually express themselves.

      The winner of this WHOLE fiasco (other than the BOG for having a REAL president and also the impending departure of Johnny F) is Cherie K. Berry.  Mrs. Berry has been the target of the N&O’s Randy Mandy for several years.  Maybe Randy was rebuffed by Mrs. Berry?  Maybe Randy wants her picture in all the elevators?  Maybe Randy has OD’ed on the DNC Koolaid and was promised a high level “Communications” job in Mr. Meeker’s new regime at DoL?  I DO notice that many of the folks that were the “Expose” reporters for WRAL NOW have such jobs….

      It should also be noted that Mrs. Spelling was NOT a campus radical.  She worked during HS at an Ace Hardware to purchase a car.  She got her Real Estate License to assist with paying for her college expenses at the University of Houston.  The fact that she did not wear flowers in her hair and participated in the Hippie Life Style obviously says that she is NOT qualified to be a College Administrator.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        I’m still in SHOCK that a Univ System Prez would EVER command a higher salary than a Defensive Coordinator. ’68… how did we as a state/nation get our priorities so askew ??? Whats next??? … an Army general making more than a LibArts tenured prof ??? STOP THE MADNESS!! 🙂

    • robedixon Reply
      4 years ago

      Having lead, been a participant in, and counseled several institutions that had an imbedded culture that needed a change agent I was frankly impressed with Ms. Spellings handling of the newshounds yesterday who tried to work her over.  I expect she will allow several months to go by in her tenure observing how things are done now and deciding where changes need to be made and which ones to keep if she is a real life change agent.  Then she will make a first big move that will bring absolute terror to the faculty squirrels and the media.  That will be the moment to see if she is the real deal change agent as the long knives will come out and the BOG will have to stand up for her move. So I would expect around the Fall of 2016 we will know where this is going.  I remain hopeful.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        4 years ago

        Thats pretty much how REAL executive managers manage. She has dealt with the REAL NASTIES in the Washington Press Corps et al. These local insane yokels will be a pieca cake. … First order of business is weeding out the traitors within the UNC Gen Admin staff. A “conservative estimate” is 60% of’em will be out to sabotage her from Day One. …. I would line’em all up… have’em count off by threes… and then fire all the twos. If George W had done that with The State Dept he would have been more successful.
        We will get into the nuts & bolts stuff in columns to come.

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