The NFL’s PRO BOWL…. yawn.

    Pro Bowl
    January29/ 2016

    There NOTHING that all sports fans will agree on!   Nothing…. designated hitter  /  length of shorts  /  3-point line  /  full-time referees /  OverTime  / Who is on CFP panel …. NOTHING.   But if there WAS something it might be that …..

    NOBODY Gives a ^&%# about The Pro Bowl.

    Pro Bowl

    Players don’t like it.  Fans don’t like or care about it.   If Fans / Viewers don’t care then ESPN and sponsors don’t care…. HEY ROGER – Get Rid Of The Damn Thing.

    Pick All-Pro Teams of course and being selected All-Pro should be an honor and a way to measure the best players at every position.   Give every All Pro a Free Week’s Vacation for him and his family in Hawaii…. Whatever…. but lets deep-six this stoopid event.

    But just because MLB – NBA – NHL seasons allow for a mid-season All Star Game does not mean The NFL needs to keep this stoopid “tradition” going.

    I haven’t watched one minute of a Pro Bowl since a Manning was in The NFL and probably way before then…. so if Roger wants to keep it going I REALLY DON”T CARE …. but show some good sense and DO AWAY WITH IT.



    Report: NFL players ‘despise’ Pro Bowl, want it to go away

    Written by Jesse Reed

    Perhaps NFL fans aren’t the only ones who can’t stand the Pro Bowl these days.

    According to Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report, players are purposefully avoiding the game as a means to send a message to the league that the Pro Bowl simply needs to die.

    A prominent NFL agent, speaking with Freeman, spelled it out:

    “Players despise the game now more than ever in all the time I’ve been around the NFL,” he said. “They see it as not only a waste of time, but a detriment to their recovery process.”

    This year’s Pro Bowl saw more players decline the “honor” of attending than we’ve ever seen before. In total, 47 players bowed out for various reasons, some much more valid than others.

    Obviously injuries are a concern, and they always have been. But far too often these days players are choosing not to attend the Pro Bowl for personal reasons, like Philip Rivers, who isn’t attending for the second straight year:

    “It’s a school week for his family, and he and wife Tiffany welcomed their sixth daughter and eighth child in October,” wrote Michael Gehlken of the San Diego Union-Tribune. “Plenty of work around the house is to be done…”

    We all know Rivers is a family man, but choosing housework over a trip to Hawaii is almost a blasphemous statement to most of us.

    In addition to the lack of interest from players, television ratings dipped significantly last year, despite the NFL’s attempt to spice things up with the “Team Irvin” and “Team Sanders” fantasy draft format.

    The league would be smart to completely revamp how it approaches the entire thing. Perhaps a full-blown game isn’t what’s needed any more to honor those who were voted in.

    At this point, it’s clear that interest in this game is at an all-time low. Players and fans find it more meaningless than ever. Perhaps it really is time to let the thing die.
    NFL Pro Bowl


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    • Doug Reply
      4 years ago

      Please tell Miss Blondie that Mamamel is so hooked on Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries that I was unable to watch one minute of the Pro Bowl. ?

      • BobLee Reply
        4 years ago

        EVERYONE gets hooked on Miss Fisher… 🙂

    • RC Reply
      4 years ago

      Don’t think I have ever agreed with your more! It is a complete waste.

      • BobLee Reply
        4 years ago

        I’m not passionate about this because it is soooo irrelevant to my Life. “They” can have three of’em; who cares; but the whole concept of a post-season “All-Star” Game became bogus 10+ years ago. I’m fine with All-Pro selection shows like ESPN does for College FB; but a “farce” of a game is just STOOPID.

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