HUGE NEWS re: The Dean Dome….

    UNC Basketball
    March04/ 2016

    BREAKING NEWS!!! Re: Dean Dome Locker Room

    Just Reported by (one of) my UNC BOG Insiders…. Today (Friday 3/4),

    The UNC Board of Governors approved:


    Bling Upgrading of The Dean Dome Locker Rooms.

    What is the difference between $3,000,000 of recruiting Bling… and $4,000,000 worth? …. heated toilet seats??  …. padded coat hangars?? …. Beyonce & Rihanna posters on the ceiling (like the Sistine Chapel) ?? …. ergonomic stools ??  

    What do YOU think?

    Yes… blah blah blah …. it will all be financed by Lower Level FatCat $$$$, of course, but still requires BOG Approval as do similar NCSU projects. But THAT is NOT THE BIG NEWS…..  The Fancy Plans, as submitted, makes no mention of ____!   Oh come on, you know what’s coming …..

    There was No Mention Of:


    Charging Stations

    $4,000,000 worth of upgrades…. and no mention of Charging Stations!

    How “fancy” can it be without “a lotta charging stations” ???

    My BOG Guy was beside himself laughing as he was telling me. He said he had to control his giggling as the proposal was being submitted. He caught the eyes of my other “insiders” and they were all thinking the same thing…..

    “BobLee is gonna LOVE this…..!”

    Somedays it is just Soooooo Good To Be Me!


    • Blue Ridge Flash Reply
      4 years ago

      Does this mean the appropriation from the North Carolina State budget will cease to be provided to fund operations at the Dean Dome?

      • BobLee Reply
        4 years ago

        No. That $1,000,000/year stays in effect until The Old Well runs true… or Dickie’s pension gets revoked. Neither of which is happening any time soon. …. THAT is generally referred to as The Skipper Scam after #1 Dean Dome FatCat – “Skippa” Bowles.

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