Duke “Snowflakes” on The Warpath !!

    Duke Snowflakes
    Agent Pierce
    April04/ 2016

    Duke may be off the sports page these days but that isn’t stopping West Derm’s notorious Gothic insane asylum from “making news”.  Mike Krzyzewski isn’t yelling at poor little Ducks any longer.

    This time it’s a handful of quite constipated “snowflakes” shutting down the school’s Administration Office.  Yeee-HA!

    Duke Protest

    NOTE:  “Snowflakes” is the new term to describe the latest “fad” sweeping across the academic campi of America.  These oh-so-fragile aggrieved little munchkins can come in all shapes, sizes, genders (lots and lots of “genders) and ideologies.   What they all have in common is a complete lack of “common sense” and maturity… and a GREATLY exaggerated sense of self-importance.

    In many cases they aren’t even enrolled students at the institutions they are attacking but rather itinerant anarchists-wannabees who are “majoring” in whining and self-annointed “victimhood”.  They give new meaning to the term “pathetic”.

    The only purpose for “snowflakes” existence is for the rest of us to look at’em and be soooo thankful “they aren’t ours”.   If they ARE “yours” then hopefully you were better at other things because you were a total failure as a parent.

    It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s giant state-supported “institutions” or snooty private schools like Duke and Emory…. when a handful of “snowflakes” decide to “make news” they simply notify the local media.  The info-fluffies and satellite trucks arrive  on the scene and the poor aggrieved little “snowflakes” get to star in their very own film noir…. pretending to “matter”.

    This latest one is at Duke…. home of Duke Lacrosse Scandal and the Gang of 88 pot-bangers.  Surely you remember all that silliness.Duke Broadhead

    Duke and it’s ringmaster – Richard Brodhead (of Duke Lacrosse infamy) – has provided a nutritionally rich environment for “aggrieved little snowflakes” to grow and attract undue attention.  Alas, like raising pit bulls and rattlesnakes…. at some point they WILL turn on you and bite the hand that fed them.

    This current OMG Embarrassment for Prez Brodhead & Company involves an “alleged” incident some months ago in which one of Brodhead’s executive staff – Tallman Trask III – (yes, that’s his real name!) “allegedly” used THE “N WORD” in an altercation with a parking attendant of the AfAm persuasion.

    Who knows if he did or not.  A Duke administrator for over 20 years – Tallman Trask III – likely did NOT “use THE N WORD but it is his word versus the aggrieved snowflake so he is probably “toast”.  One fine career down the toilet.

    Given the choice of blowing off the aggrieved snowflakes or standing by a very loyal senior staffer, Brodhead will likely throw the senior staffer under the bus if Brodhead’s history is any indication.

    The handful of aggrieved snowflakes also want dramatic increases in campus minimum wages and a lengthy list of other stoopid crap …. because they know Brodhead will probably give them whatever they want.   After all there are SEVEN of them and only one President Richard Brodhead who makes well in excess of $1,000,000/year to be Ringmaster at Circus de’ Duke.

    Here’s the story of this latest foolishness.   Keep in mind that It Is At Duke… so it really doesn’t matter to any of us “in the Real World”.   But it is always fun to hear about such ridiculum, isn’t it?



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    Agent Pierce
    • radio_Smuggles Reply
      3 years ago

      This portion of the statement from Trask might be the beginning of the end for him. In addition to the fender bender, one of his biggest problems might be that he has a few too many Roman Numerals in his name to ever be believed in today’s climate. Classic Uh Oh!!  “I recognize that my conduct fell short of the civility and respectful conduct each member of this community owes to every other.”

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        3 years ago

        Never heard of the guy before this. My “deep inside Duke guy” says he (Trask) is a fine fellow… too bad. Brodhead will throw him under the bus. Brodhead is a arrogant jackass.

    • NCSU68Grad Reply
      3 years ago

      OK, this is PROBABLY not the MSM’s number one topic this AM.  Something about a lucky shot that ranks up there with Lo’s DUNK (OK, Whitt STILL says it was a GREAT Pass and wants an Assist for it).  THAT, to the very day, happened 33 years ago in the PITT….against a Houston Team.  I am SURE that folks will be telling us the irony of the two games….that Jay Wright’s assistant went to the same high school that Terry Gannon’s mom went to.<p>

      Meanwhile, back in Durham, please NOTE my “handle”.  I was in Raleigh in 1968 when Dr. King was assassinated.  I remember the 10 day lock down of the city.<p>

      NOW HERE is some REAL irony for you.  Dr. King was assassinated on April 4, 1968.  UNC’s ORW third ring hopes were ALSO assassinated on April 4, 2016….as was NCSU Assassinating the Houston Phi Slamma Jamma crew on April 4, 1983.  Moral….beware of the quads of April.<p>

      NOW, the real irony begins….We LIVED through this.  I actually, foolishly, went downtown on Thursday night to look at the fires and a cop chased us out as the firemen were pinned down by sniper fire while trying to save the black community’s infrastructure.<p>

      The city was on a total lock down for 10 days.  It ended on Sunday, April 14.  I was working a weekend shift at WRAL.  Many of the reporters and also the activated National Guardsmen were in and out.  The Governor lifted the curfew….and the NG troops were allowed to go home……EXCEPT locally.  This happened mid to late afternoon.<p>

      JUST as the troops were going to leave their HQ, they were put on HOLD.  It seems that the “pre-historic” snowflakes at Duke were involved with an ever popular SIT IN.  I can NOT honestly remember if it was the President’s Office or perhaps they were camped on the President’s palatial lawn and disrupting his croquet game.<p>

      BUT, they would NOT MOVE.  So, the Gov and whoever was the Head Knocker at Duke activated the NG and they were loading into trucks, WITH M-1 & M-14’s and REAL AMMO, and headed to Duke to disperse the rowdies.  NOW, recall, that a SIMILAR situation happened at Kent State.  ALSO recall that the NG had been deployed and patrolling for over 10 days with a 12 on and 12 off shift.  I talked one of the reporters and he said that FINALLY reason had been reached with the “hippies” (er, Snowflakes) and that as tired and frustrated as the NG was, a tragedy had probably been averted.<p>

      SO, a little trivia, a little history and a little irony for you.  Today, the media will cover the Snowflakes noon presser.  I wonder if ANY of the BHM teachers know this or teach it….

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