Will Leitch: Do away with “those pressers”

    Will Leitch
    April12/ 2016

    Will LeitchWill Leitch with SportsOnEarth.com is my “favorite national sportswriter”… and NOT because, yes, Will is also a Cardinals’ fan… which he is.

    Will was one of the founders of Deadspin which is owned by Gawker…. but he left them long before “the Hulk Hogan thing”.  Good thing, huh.  No clue what Will’s “politics” is.  Well, actually I DO have “a clue”.  Since I “like him” that oughta give you a clue too.

    Like me, Will is unencumbered by an editor / publisher’s thumb on his SEND key.  Believe me that makes a big difference in being able to be honest with one’s readers….

    I never read anyone else’s columns before I write mine on a “just happened” event in sports.  Unless their column IS the event.  After I’ve posted mine I will usually see what others are saying about the “whatever it was”.   If it is a national event I will usually check what Will said about it.   We are usually sorta kinda on the same wave length.

    Obviously Will had something to say about Jordan Spieth “on Sunday at The Masters”.   Yes, he draws the obvious comparison to CAM because…. its “obvious”.

    Will questions the need for / value / purpose of these clichéd  “tell us what it felt like when….”.   I agree.  They are universally inane and insult the collective intelligence of everyone involved.

    Tommy John has his “surgery”.  Chase Utley now has his “slide rule”.   Why not CAM / Jordan have their “no more stoopid presser”.

    I will add…. if “they” do do away with’em; I insist “they” also do away with the even more inane….. “sideline rErin Andrewseporterette grabs coach at halftime to ask stoopid question”.    Those are the interview equivalent of “waterboarding” to have to watch /listen to.  I can’t imagine how tedious they are to a coach.   Their only purpose must be to meet some Title IX requirement for reporterettes being on-air.

    Who is the ubiquitous “they” that would have the power to do away with either of these?

    Here’s what Will Leitch says about …….



    Questioning the Utility of a Presser

    Will Leitch Will Leitch
    April 11, 2016


    I’ve got a confession to make to you.

    I am a professional sportswriter, and I’ve interviewed hundreds of athletes in my life. I’ve interviewed athletes for several days over several months, I’ve interviewed athletes as they’ve fallen asleep in the back of an SUV, I’ve interviewed athletes for one minute a day for 15 consecutive days, I’ve even interviewed athletes while doing shots in the back of a Lower East Side bar while said athlete sucked down Mandarin Absolutes and Red Bulls. But here’s something I’ve never done: I’ve never asked a question at a press conference.

    This is a ridiculous confession for a professional sportswriter to make because, in many ways, press conferences are the only time most people see any of their favorite athletes answer questions in the first place. The postgame press conference has become part of sporting lore, where athletes theoretically face the music or, more likely of late, play around with their cute kid. The postgame press conference is such a staple of how we experience sports that you can actually simulate it in a video game.

    I’m not sure I can make a strong argument for the utility of an institution that can be so easily simulated in a video game. There’s even a “heartwarming” question that requests the (fictional) athlete to talk about his connection to a (fictional) childhood friend who (fictionally) died earlier that year. The (fictional) athlete is then instructed to tell a (fictional) anecdote about all the (fictional) good times they had together. The questions have the same cadence, pivots and transitions; they’re Mad Libs questions: simply add in your proper nouns and statistics.

    And I think that’s why I never ask a question. The setting is so artificial, so obviously constructed for dramatic moments — or moments of confrontation, a tripe so warmed over that the video game interview actually has the player frustratingly snap, “Write whatever y’all want!” at the assembled press core — that press conferences are not so much interviews as they are players following their assigned roles. It feels like Kabuki. It feels like everybody’s pretending.



    Quirky News

    • Tom the Wuff Reply
      3 years ago

      You and I have agreed previously that post game interviews (especially with the losers) should be eliminated. Now admittedly IMO, many of the “reporterettes” are eye candy and some of the responses are “shock treats,” but nevertheless stoopid! Let’s stay with 30 For 30 or Tim McCarver’s late night show, which I am sure you must love since McCarver was/is a revered Cardinal! Plus, the Honey Cam does good enough job finding eye candy!

      • BobLee Reply
        3 years ago

        I can’t say I have ever “loved” (or hated) any announcer or any sports figure. I think you and I invest emotions at very different levels when it comes to sports in general. I can’t see any scenario where the “eye candy” reporters are diminished in camera-time. There are forces in place on their behalf much more aggressive than we can be.

    • Doug Reply
      3 years ago

      Sports pressers generally tell us more about us than about “them.” I do admit that I enjoy watching Belichick work the press corps.

      • BobLee Reply
        3 years ago

        I suspect Belichek and Popp would both vote to zap’em.

    • fayettewuf Reply
      3 years ago

      Sports, the pre-game, mid-game interviews with the coaches (down by 4 touchdowns, ‘what are you going to do in the second half?’) and the game after pressers are solely for entertainment. You can sneer at the people who watch them but people watch the post game pressers or they would not be on. I dislike the endless pregame analysis with the keys to the game. The post game stuff is generally entertaining only if you get some enjoyment from watching an athlete or coach you do not like turn on the spit. Yes, the questions are inane. I liked the guy who was asked how his team was out-rebounded in the game and the explained the concept of a rebound in basic terms to the dumbass reporter. The appeal of post game pressers seems come in part from hoping some athlete will do something like Newton did or say something like Serena was apt to.

      • BobLee Reply
        3 years ago

        True all dat. I do appreciate that the Wizards of TV Sports are not targeting “guys like me” with ANYTHING they do. If I was “them” I probably wouldn’t either. As we all learned from the original Planet Of The Apes in that classic final scene on the beach with Miss Liberty poking out of the sand…. In the end The Monkeys Win!

    • 58 Wolf Kennel Reply
      3 years ago

      Goodness gracious, How can I agree with you and Will more on this input. Can’t stand the halftime quote grabs whether male or female. Can’t stand the post game press conferences. Anything to be learned should come after a good night’s sleep. Also don’t like the Cam/Jordan manufactured comparisons as working a little too hard to keep “race” issues alive.
      True confession time, I fell asleep during the Masters’ for about five minutes during the 10-12th hole meltdown by Jordan. It took me another 20 minutes to realize what had happened. I thought it was the advertisement with the duffer chunking two into the water saying “It’s not that hard” and heading out to buy new clubs.
      Too early to get into any Cardinal-Dodger discussion. Pulling for Golden State Wednesday night for their 73rd win. Actually looking forward to the NBA playoffs.
      Enjoyed the State-Wake televised baseball game Monday night. State is coming together in typical Avent fashion. Good discussion with your favorite BOG guy who enjoyed my comment on the ethics of TGU. I gave highest ethical ratings to the country of Nigeria, who with great community needs, turned away a container of Carolina National Champ T-shirts.
      I’ve also enjoyed the full page color ads in your favorite newspaper for 18X36 N&O posters of the “team of the year” for $23.95.
      Justice and ethics are coming!!!

      • BobLee Reply
        3 years ago

        “Post-mortem pressers” only purpose is red meat for board monkeys. The “How did/do you feel when….?” questioners oughta be shot on sight.
        WOW! Glad to hear that “race issues” would go away… If I simply stop mentioning them. NOW you tell me BK! “Your favorite newspaper” and “your favorite local TV station” haven’t gotten that message either. …. Will TGU go away if you stop sending LTTEs to N&O? Assume you will be involved in RWB’s “OR ELSE” Ultimatum to NCGA and PatMc. Stick a feather in your hat so I can pick you out of the raging mini-mob. 🙂
        Cardinals considering bringing #6 off the shelf to loan to Jeremy Hazelbaker for the next five years. 🙂

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