The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street and…

    Maple Street
    Agent Pierce
    April13/ 2016

    Maple StreetWhat can one “AgentPierce” doThe Monsters Are Due on Maple Street and I can’t stop them with my one little website.

    NOTE:  I haven’t “commentated” lately.  So pardon the excessive length herein.

    I’m talking about The Great Rest Room Kerfluffle which, of course, is not about public rest rooms at all.


    A rather large pile of horse manure sits in the middle of North Carolina.   Dig all we want, but there is no pony inside thDan Forestat pile.  There is no pony…. and there are no heroes either.   “Lt. Dan” Forest is the closest to “a hero” in all this .

    “Lt Dan” doesn’t have much to work with.

    … a piece of slapped-together-with-duct tape, knee-jerk “midnight legislation” intended to block

    ….an unbelievably outrageous assault on common sense and what shards of human decency still linger in this much-maligned Tar Heel State…. a/k/a that incredibly stoopid Charlotte rest room ordinance flim flamed thru The Great State of Mecklenburg by Mayor Roberts & Her Seven Co-Conspirators.”

    Abortionforcibly extracting babies from a mother’s womb and flushing them down a drain is now a routine surgical procedure performed 1,000s of time each day in America.   If Abortion can become “routine” within a society ….. What’s next?

    Men Marrying Men and Women Marrying Women…. Unsures marrying Unsures….. and/or men and women using the same public restrooms and dressing in the same dressing rooms?”

    Don’t be silly”.  That’ll never happen.”  you might have said as recently as two years ago.  “We’re too civilized and decent a society for THAT to ever happen…. Our elected officials may not be all that sharp; but surely they’ll never be THAT incompetent.”

    We’re not as civilized a society as we thought we were ….. huh?

    World renowned socio-cultural authorities such as Charles Barkley, Bruce Springsteen, Rob Reiner and “Ringo” have proffered their learned opinions.   They are our society’s equivalent of “wise men / elders” circa 2016.  … Has a Kardashian weighed in yet?  Should someone ask one of them?  Which one?  Pick one, they all qualify as “learned authorities”.  A 100,000 twitter followers = “wise tribal elder”.   GULP!

    I checked.  I still have a right to like or dislike high profile public figures and to express my opinion.

    Jennifer RobertsI don’t like anything I have ever read or heard about Mayor Jennifer Roberts of Charlotte.   Charlotte has had some Tim Moorereal “doozies” as Mayors the last decade or so.  What’s with that?  Get Muggsy Bogues or Dale Jr or Bill Diehl for goodness sakes.  Jeeezzz.

    I don’t like House Speaker Tim Moore (R) either from all I’ve read or heard about him and his little group of “cronies”.   Are they REALLY the best “they” got down there?  Say that ain’t so.

    Attorney General Roy Cooper is “a desperate political hack” and a disgrace to both Attorneys and to Generals.  He and Mayor Roberts are BFFs.   That figures.

    I kind of like Pat McCrory “some times”.   Too often Pat seems a day late and “the right word at the right time” short.   Just being “better than Dumplin’ Perdue” is not good enough. …. I do like “Lt. Dan” Forest.  I think “Lt. Dan” is the best of the bunch of what is “leadership” on Jones Street these days.

    I DESPISE McClatchy Corp and their failing newspapers in Raleigh and Charlotte.  Are they a worse gang of lying hypocritical weasels than Jim Goodmon’s goon squad at WRAL?  A toss-up. A pox on both of’em.  Remove a sycophant media from these cultural anarchists and they would shrivel like pouring salt on a slug.

    I know some “gay people”.   Of the “gay people” I do know, I don’t consider any of them to be enemies.  OK, there is this one really scary lesbian.  All that could change when all-out Gender War is declared.   Which may be any day now.

    I am not well-versed in “gender-bending”.   The Nature versus Nurture versus Just To Be Different or To Piss Off My Parents debate about why people choose to “change genders” has been around for centuries.  So have public rest rooms.

    My wife had “a transgender” at her recent 40th class reunion.   Want to make an impact at a 40th high school reunion….. forget hiring a hooker or renting a corvette…. be “Jack” 40 years ago and sashay in as “Jacque” (“Jac-que”).  That will get you noticed.  No clue which restroom “Jacque” used that night.

    I noticed that “Jacque” had a prominent “Adam’s Apple”.  Does “Bruce Jenner” still have an Adam’s Apple”?  ….. there is a lot I don’t know about “transgenders”.  Are there still hermaphrodites?

    Should HB2 that “knee-jerk midnight legislation” have simply dealt with the public rest room and dressing room provisions prior to the April 1 deadline?   That might have helped this a bit.

    The other aspects could have been hashed out over time.  The hurry-up was keeping the perverts out of the “little girls’” rooms, wasn’t it?  Whose whizbang idea was it to write such a wide-ranging law when the “ox in the ditch” was the rest room / dressing room stuff?

    Since private businesses can set up their rest rooms however they please under HB2?  As of today – are the rest rooms at WRAL and at The N&O and CharlObserver “transgender-friendly??   How long ago did that transition occur, if it has occurred at all?

    Same at all Wells Fargo banks and all those other businesses with those oh-so-concerned CEOs who, of course, READ THE LAW….. right?

    The constipated crazies over at UNC-CH are mad at President Spelling for saying she has to obey the law.   President Spelling has been on-board long enough to know the constipated crazies at UNC-CH are both constipated and crazy and always will be regardless of anything anybody ever does about anything.

    There are only about a 100 of’em at most and they don’t “matter”.  Constipated crazies never “matter”.  It is their choice to be irrelevant.   Chancellor Folt enjoys pandering to little gaggles of crazies.  Has Chancellor Folt done ANYTHING worthwhile yet.  If so I missed it.Bill Barber

    Rev. “Bully” Barber has issued an OR ELSE Threat to the NC General Assembly.  “Bully” could probably do some good for a lot of people but he has become a walking, braying “cartoon”…. despite his media cronies   Too bad.

    Lets cut to this chase….

    This is NOT ABOUT REST ROOMS.   Debating the sanctity of “using a public rest room” is simply an absurd premise on a base enough level to grab everyone’s attention…. which it has.

    “The economy”….. “climate change” ….. “foreign policy” …… “fracking” ….. even ISIS et al are abstract and either “boring” or simply outside the “give a damn” bubble of 95% of America.   Who doesn’t have an opinion about “going to the bathroom”?  Everybody “does it” regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, etc.

    Do a “jay-walking” poll on any street corner in America.

    “Are you familiar with and/or ever used a public rest room? ….. 100% Sure.

    Dolts who can’t identify a picture of George Washington or Bill Clinton have “used a public rest room”.  So create a Faux-Crisis About Public Rest Rooms?   Sure, sounds like Fun.

    This is a graphic example of “cultural anarchy”.   A statistically insignificant fringe element disrupts the mainstream because it despises “the mainstream” for a host of real and imagined reasons going back to the kindergarten sandbox.

    Get me the deep background of 1,000 individuals who consider themselves active participants in the LGBTQ movement.  Tag the ones that were quarterbacks, cheerleaders, student body presidents…. the standard BMOC – BGOCs resumes of the 60-70-80s.  You WILL find a few…. damn few.

    LGBTQ–type movements attract “outliers” who are seeking membership in something / anything…. to “matter” in some universe no matter how small.  And to RAGE Against The Machine a/k/a “The Establishment” as they define it!weirdos

    When I see people who have opted for an attention-grabbing abnormal physical appearance employing excessive tattoos, other surgical enhancement and/or non-mainstream clothing choices, I notice them which I figure is what they hoped I would do.   I don’t “bash them” physically or verbally UNLESS they violate my space.  Don’t violate my space.

    I have no problem with “different”.  I am a bit of a “different” in that I was a “round peg” in a square-peg “corporate world” for over a decade.   I never asked “corporate America” to make exception for my “different”.   I simply took “my different” elsewhere and corporate America and I both flourished as a result.  I’m still “different” and quite at peace being so.

    Mondo Cane

    Mondo Cane was a 1962 documentary about cultural aberrations around the world.  It was designed to SHOCK.   60 years later and I still recall the Laplander castrating an adult male reindeer using his teeth.   YOWSA!  He had a knife on his belt.  Why did he opt to bite them off …. or was it a comely Laplander-ette what did the strange deed ??  ….. To this day it is all I know about the inhabitants of “Lapland”.  Bring up “Lapland” at a dinner party and that would be my contribution.   Don’t laugh.  Do you have a Lapland anecdote?

    Again, this was never “about public rest rooms” it is about disrupting mainstream American culture and society. …. a graphic example of “cultural anarchy”.

    Every society throughout history has dealt with cultural anarchists….. “demanding to be accepted by being unacceptable”.

    Create a new religion ….. create a new gender ….. create a new t-shirt or bumper sticker cause …. whatever it takes to get on center-stage and strut.  Hey…. shine that spotlight over here ON US!

    This particular outlier group is especially ruthless and predatory and totally committed to “whatever it takes” to achieve their objective.  …. “We” in the mainstream don’t seem to be as committed.  That doesn’t bode well long term.

    A few months, a year or so from now we will be dealing with some other outrageous all-out assault on common sense, public decency and the greater public good. …. and another one after that.

    If the socio-cultural outliers – the cultural anarchists – do succeed in toppling mainstream society the result will be TOTAL CHAOS…. which, admittedly, can be fun “for about an hour”…. then wholesale panic takes over.  See any episode of The Walking Dead as an example.

    There will be no one to “be the adult”…. to do the mundane “to do list” that keep the trains running on schedule, restocking the shelves and directing traffic.

    There was a classic Twilight Zone episode ….

    The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

    Google it.


    AgentPierce has other commentaries that aren’t this long…


    Agent Pierce
    • Radio_Smuggles Reply
      3 years ago

      The piling on of boycotts and faux outrage is reminiscent of the ice bucket challenge mentality. Everybody wants in on the action. Maybe it’s also an expected/unexpected by-product of a decade or two of participation trophies given to everyone for just being there and told they’re as special as the dude scoring 30 ppg. If my take all seems nonsensical, you’re right. I actually have no clue whatsoever at what has happened to “us.” Being on the 16th or 17th tee box of life doth have it’s advantages. Look on the bright side. If the McClatchey’s and Goodman’s are truly offended maybe they too will close up shop and move out of NC too. Maybe China, Uganda, Iran, or Zimbabwe will take them in and show them some real love for their views.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        3 years ago

        As I note… once “abortion” became “routine” how does one even define “inconceivable”. This time next year we will be battling yet another assault then another …

    • Sandy Bottom Reply
      3 years ago

      Ha!  Despite being a hair over 40, I immediately got the “Maple Street” reference – Thank you netflix and a dislike of current TV programming.  The “Mondo Cane”, not so much.

      Some time back, there was an article in the HuffPo I believe (linked through CPH), where a very accomplished lesbian spoke about how ‘accepted’ being gay/lesbian has become.  Essentially, she talked about it not having as much shock value anymore.  At first, naively, I thought “Wasn’t that the whole point?”  Wasn’t the perceived plight about having equal rights or at least not to be denied true rights because of your sexual orientation?  Then, it finally occurred to me, for the extremists, all the folks that want some sort of hyper attention, the societal craving we so desperately need for “likes” and “thumbs up” and “I support the cause of the year of the week” flag background folks – it seems to be just a teenage rebelliousness shot into overdrive for people.  Have our collective lives become so empty that we are carrying battle flags about bathroom usage?  Yes, there is an obvious behind the scenes battle call for the plebs, but that is a rhetorical question considering the print space allowed to that exact issue since Charlotte enacted their policy.

      People from a variety of demographics are now too quick to jump into a battle because of their “rights” being infringed upon.  Anyone that takes a look around the world can, I would think, easily see the fallacy of that argument.  I was never a good student of history, so how have we become so emotionally immature (there are generalities, but it is across genders, class, race, age, etc.) as a society that all these empty temper tantrums pervade daily life?

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        3 years ago

        Whether one buys into the “Bread & Circus Theory” of societal collapse or any of the assorted other “how we got ourselves in this mess” … for sure WE IS IN A MESS! I wonder if the Greeks, Romans, Babylonians, Atlantians, Persians, Mongols, Egyptians etc etc figured out what doomed them as they circled the drain ???

    • CNR Reply
      3 years ago

      Four of us.

    • Doug Reply
      3 years ago

      Oh, and I think I am going to write in Lt. Dan for Governor…and probably NC Senate too.  That will be my protest vote against those two Goobers currently occupying the seats.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        3 years ago

        Lt Dan is by far the best leader among NC GOP. I think he could have beaten PatMc in a primary.

    • Doug Reply
      3 years ago

      There must be a lot of $$$ associated with this issue.  BullyBarber the Rotund Reverend has now joined up with the LBT123 crowd.  I thought those NAALCP folks would stay away from the issue since it does not help people of their color.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        3 years ago

        Not only that …. the AfAm “church community” is historically anti-LGBT. They overwhelmingly opposed Gay Marriage. I suspect this is a backroom deal that BB concocted on a quid pro quo deal. The LGBT gang promising him their support.

    • rivlax Reply
      3 years ago

      As soon as you mentioned “Mondo Cane,” I thought of the Lapland castration scene. But I remember the castrator as being a very comely Scandinavian girl. Am I remembering this incorrectly?

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        3 years ago

        Now that you mention it …. sort of a Heidi-esque lass. St Pauli Girl-esque. I just wrote the ONLY other human I thought might recall that scene. Now there are three of us.

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