“20 or so pimply-faced hobbits screaming obscenities”

    UNC Protestors
    April22/ 2016

    My SaidWhatMedia amigo – and favorite political pundit of Bre’r Kennel – AgentPierce posted a kick-butt Lalapalooza of a column Thursday night.  As is his custom, he rares back and “let’s it go”…. sending the Kennel-types scurrying for hidey-holes.

    I’m NOT going to LINK the whole column here because I know some of you have delicate sensitivities to anything challenging your “core beliefs”.   Pierce has a tendency to do serious damage to “overly fragile core beliefs”.   I figure those of you clever enough to “appreciate AgentPierce” can figure out how to get over to his website.

    But I am going to share one especially OMG descriptive column-ette gleaned from his current piece.   It doesn’t need context…. and does involve The Infamous UNC BOG …..



    Reposted herein with permission of AgentPierce…. 4/22/16.

    Rhetorical question…. how many “negative tweets” constitute a newsworthy Liberal Backlash ? Surely “a backlash” has to be at least a dozen.   Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker posted a sincere twitter tribute to Prince earlier today.  A “news website” headline screamed – LIBERAL BACKLASH at Scott Walker – there were FOUR snarky tweets …. FOUR!  A handful less a pinky!

    REALLY… it takes more people to play 3 on 3 Hoops at The Y than it does to constitute “a Liberal Backlash”?UNC BOG Protests

    It’s like those monthly MASS PROTESTS at UNC BOG meetings that NEVER have more than 20-or so weak-chinned, pimply-faced hobbits yelling obscenities.

    When “the media” outnumbers “the protestors” it is NOT a newsworthy event IMO.

    For the record, I have it on solid source, that 5-6 of the loudest obscenity-screamers are Jim Goodmon’s WRAL employees covering the event.  Jim, Jim, Jim… shame on you Jim.

    Am I the only one who wonders why “area media” never reports WHO those “obscene little hobbits” are.   Are they even real students or just Franklin Street flotsam ?  Franklin Street has a tradition of accumulating a lot of  just flotsam “majoring in” Life Isn’t Fair and Advanced Woeful Whining.

    NC State does not offer “that unique curriculum”.   Just Duke and UNC-CH locally.  THAT might make for an interesting column….

    “Area media” seems so fascinated by’em, but never tell you anything about them.  How come dat, you reckon ???


    • Eric Reply
      3 years ago

      What I cannot understand is why the Chairman of the BOG continuously lets the meetings be illegally interrupted and yet instructs the police not to arrest these hoodlums! He needs to resign as Chairman and let someone have the job who will put a stop to this. I watched him on TV last week and he looked pathetically weak and indecisive–typical for a Republican these days, I suppose.

      • BobLee Reply
        3 years ago

        FWIW… Lou Bissette is waaaay better than his predecessor “Trainwreck” Fennebresque. The hoodlums (and a blood thirsty media) play by different rules than the BOG. “They” (BOG members) know how frustrated the general public is over all this. IF they go full-bore hard-line on the obscene little hobbits, the media weasels will crucify them for doing so. All the BOG members are well-respected in their hometowns and within their “real jobs”. Being savaged by name by a state-wide media is not a pleasant thought.
        I don’t want to sound like an apologist for them. I wish they would “kick ass and take names” too… but could you or I do that knowing the likely consequences? Tough call.

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