Did UNC’s C.B. McGrath really say…

    C.B. McGrath
    May20/ 2016

    Did Ol’ Roy Assistant C.B. McGrath actually “tweet” Duke with some snarky…

    “Nahh nahh nahh when’s the last time you won an ACC title?”

    I can’t find it now.  I know I saw it somewhere yesterday but now it’s gone ???  Was it a HOAX?

    Apparently upset that Duke signed ANOTHER Solid Gold / Platinum One&Done Blue-Chipper…. the 13-year UNC Assistant’s angst got the better of him.

    C.B. McGrathFiguring “I’ll show’em by golly” C.B. apparently snarked out a “TAKE THAT…. SO THERE!” implying that ACC Titles are more better than National Championships… which Duke, of course, won as recently as a year ago.

    As a long-time observer of such “board monkey-ish” behavior, it seems to me that C.B. should leave such irrational behavior to his boss.   Ain’t no body better at blurting out dopey crap than Ol’ Roy. … not that ORW has a clue “how to tweet”.

    Both Duke and UNC-CH are at the tip-top of the Big Time College Basketball Pyramid.  Leave that sort of “dopey crap” to the also-rans.

    PLUS…. Such “dopey crap” doesn’t exactly help UNC’s image which ain’t exactly “pristine” these days….

    If anyone finds the link to that C.B. blurt, pass it on please.


    • Cabcash Reply
      3 years ago

      Guessin’ you’ve seen it by now but here’s the link. CB in full-on “BMM” (Board Monkey Mode…)


      • BobLee Reply
        3 years ago

        Any coach or admin who “goes on Social Media” is a pure fool. I’m sure CB scored a few points with the hard-wired Holocaust Deniers which was probably his purpose. A true Disciple of Roy.

    • 58 wolf kennel Reply
      3 years ago

      What a wonderful lunch with you and Price Albert. He truly is something special and much more “with it” than any BobLee culture foil. Really enjoying his book. Great talk that afternoon with Bucky Waters who would fully agree today’s blog subject.
      Also enjoyed last evening at the Doak even though the N&O conveniently went to press before the good 6:00pm game results were printed. Would you like to go to the 6:30 game tonight (Friday) or the 1:00 game Saturday? Can guarantee you some good blog material such as when I “Released the Copperheads” on the umps in the 6th inning last night. Also your new conservative friend Tom Shipman will be there in spades as well as Republican Party spokesman Dallas Woodhouse who is a friend. We could roll around in the aisle for a minute to give you cannon fodder.
      Did you hear about Coach Avent calling Coach Fox after the Copperhead incident last werk asking how long it had taken Fox’s wife to heal after she had been similarly bitten two years ago. Avent bought it hook/line/sinker when Fox said “about two months” ?

      • BobLee Reply
        3 years ago

        I’m no fan of Dallas Woodhouse but not at all surprised that you are. You have my permission to hit him with a bat. …. will pass on Doak invite… dinner at Angus Barn tonight. Interesting that of UNC’s Big Three sports, Baseball has been the one to have a disappointing season. Go figure! … I saw Bucky yesterday using ski poles to get around. He wished he had been “a fly on the wall” at The Lunch.

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