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    June14/ 2016

    A heckuva lot has been going on around here…. and a heckuva lot more is coming!  So it is appropriate to officially rename our always popular “RimShots” potpourri columns as….   But Wait… There’s More!  So, we have.  These bunch o’ stuff columns are always popular so we really should do them more often…. So, we plan to. …. ALSO lots more incredibly insightful columns on lots more than just stoopid sports drivel.

    Website Maintenance

    The most important change is what you better NOT see…. those %@^%# Virus Warnings.   Yuck…. Patooie!  Thanks to TomTheWuff, I met some outstanding Tech Support Guys who specialize in site security as well as offer hosting and design support.  This site and AgentPierce’s too (just for you Kennel) has been scrubbed and power washed down to the bone.  If any of you DO get any sort of Virus Warning now…. let us know immediately with as much info as possible.

    While it makes a good story and Lord knows we love “a good story”; we were NOT deliberately hacked for any opinions we espoused…. or by any “Dickie” we might slice ‘n dice around here.  Likely just some geeky nerd in a warehouse in Mumbai or Shanghai who, like The Butcher, has no clue “who is John Blake?”.

    In addition to the new, albeit unseen, site security fortifications, we are also planning several site redesigns all intended to simplify your visiting and viewing pleasure.  Making this site adaptable to all platforms is essential.  A “platform” means smartphone – pad – laptop – desktop.  Those redesigns will be unveiled over the next several weeks.

    OK…. enough tech-talk.  Lets get back to Saving Western Civilization by (1) stomping board monkeys; and (2) shining the all-seeing Light of Truth on all the crap you get elsewhere….

    But Wait… There’s More!


    So I’m watching Dirty Harry and…. AMC was running a Dirty Harry-athon yesterday.  Like many of you, I’ve seen all “The Harrys” Dirty Harrydozens of times.  NOT as often as RoadHouse of course or “The Rambos”. …. The Original DH is the one with Scorpio the sadistic serial killer (who was NOT a Muslim FWIW).  In an early sequence Harry comes upon “a 211 in progress” at a bank.  With “the most powerful handgun made” he takes out the two bad guys (both were “black” which shows how long ago DH was made, huh).  As Harry walks across the street to the carnage, he walks past a movie theater.  The marquee of the theater displays Play Misty For Me.   I had never caught that before.  ….. other than “Albert” how many of you see the irony of that?  I felt like it was a private joke between me and Clint.

    But Wait… There’s More!


    Bubba CunninghamJeremy Foley – long time Florida AD – is retiring…. this is pure conjecture on my part with no reason to imagine it has crossed anyone else’s mind…. but if I was UF I would strongly consider UNC-CH’s Richard “Bubba” Cunningham to replace Foley.  “Bubba” is a first- class administrator who does not seek the spotlight for himself but prefers “keeping the trains running on time” and managing the pesky administrative details.  IMO, Bubba deserves better than the ooey gooey yucky septic spill he walked into “just south of Franklin Street” six years ago.

    “Gainesville” is one of the Top Five AD gigs in America.  Bubba could get “a mill plus” and return to his home state “for Life”.  Again, just My Opinion.

    But Wait… There’s More!


    Baylor Fat Cats want Art Briles back…. who didn’t see this coming?  Several REALLY Deep Pocketed Fat Cats who like to tFat Catshink “they” run Baylor are already plotting and scheming to bring Art Briles back after a one-year suspension.  Every Power Five school has “these guys” but in Texas everything, especially “Cats”, are Bigger and Fatter and have mucho deeper pockets.   These are the 2016 version of the infamous Beverly Drive Mafia that got SMU its Death Penalty back in the 80s.   If $$$$ talks these “don’t you know who I am” jackasses are screaming.  Most of these guys are “oil and gas moguls”.

    The interim Baylor admins are, of course, saying “it ain’t agonna happen” – i.e. bringing Briles back – but don’t bet against it.  So a handful of coeds “took one for the team”?  Whats the big deal?  What IS A Big Deal is Baylor remaining a Top Ten Program, at least to these FatCats. …. sigh, sob, sniff.

    Hey BobLee, are these Baylor’s version of UNC’s Infamous BOT3?  Yep, pretty much.  You may recall, UNC’s BOT3 lobbied Holden to keep The Butcher eight months after Holden had determined he had to go.  That Bye Bye Butch finally came in July just before the season was because The BOT3 (who had hired Butch) had lost enough of their influence for Holden to do what needed doing.

    But Wait… There’s More!


    Nashville is moving to CMT…. Gee a prime time soap opera about “Nashville” and Country Music is moving from ABC to CMT.  CMT stands for Country Music Television.   Seems like a perfect fit.  Nashville The Series was popular at our house for the past five years although this past season “jumped the shark” with waaaaay too much ANGST in every storyline.   The show had been cancelled by ABC Nashvillefollowing this just concluded season several weeks ago… and assumed to be “toe-tagged”.  It ended with “Avery” on the tarmac waiting for “Juliette Barnes” to return from The Oscars.   “Avery” is told “Miss Barnes plane has disappeared from radar”…. i.e. crashed.  OH NO!  ….. “Rayna and Deacon” had resolved their latest family tragedy…. “Will” had a gay guy kiss…. Hopefully dopey “Layla” is gone for good.  …. No word on how many of the cast will join the revived show on CMT.  It is not MUST SEE TV but if you like such things, check it out when it starts up again.   Speaking of MUST SEE TV…. Ray Donovan’s new season begins next month.

    But Wait… There’s More!


    CWSIt’s Omaha Time again…. It’s CWS season !!!  The Final Eight in Omaha have been decided.  The best chances for local teams – NCState and ECU – did not survive the Regionals and Super Regionals.  I doubt I’ll watch as I have in the past without any local teams.  But “Omaha” is still “the best sports week in college sports” ….

    But Wait… There’s More!


    Altha Cravey

    That “scary messianic crone”…..  In the Awesome Advice To Margaret Spellings column I introduced you to Altha Cravey – the latest in a very long line of Demonic Divas of Franklin Street.   This delightful (??) pieca work is leading the current coven o’ crazies “over yonder”.  Well…. that column reached “Altha” and her gang of quite angry multi-genders, snowflakes and constipated Woodstock leftovers.  “They” snorted and sneered and roasted yours truly in their little Twitter clubhouse.  …. Aaahhh the Joy of being a social media celebrity.

    But Wait… There’s More!


    Well, not really. Thats about IT for now.  AgentPierce has added a new feature over on his site – His Top Five Favorite Columnists.  But AP’s operates a pretty hot kitchen…. and some of you can’t handle “the heat”.  We understand.

    Now back to work on those website redesigns….



    • underthelongineclock Reply
      3 years ago

      I have to disagree on the atmosphere in Omaha. Keith LeClair used an “Omaha 1004 miles” sign on his batting cage at Western Carolina as part of his recruiting speel. He never made it. I finally went a couple of years ago when State played and was horribly disappointed by more than the Wolfpack’s loses. Repeatedly in tight games you would have some kid on the mound preparing to deliver the biggest pitch in his life only to have the game stopped for a beach ball in the outfield. He would turn around, watch, then try to recompose himself sometimes to have the same travesty repeated before he could throw. I know the beachballs in the bleachers are a tradition there but that tradition sux.

      • BobLee Reply
        3 years ago

        Omaha does seem to be Baseball Mardi Gras in many ways.

    • JDanWuff Reply
      3 years ago

      Great read. Love the variety!
      By the way, Jessica Walters still gives me nightmares. Scary movie.

      • BobLee Reply
        3 years ago

        She held up well well into her 60s.

    • NCSU68Grad Reply
      3 years ago

      As John Travolta said to Gabe Kaplan (Kotter), Welcome Back.

      Glad that your domain is now sterile and user friendly again…..that ugly “Your PC is infected and Professor Harold Geek’s here to fix it…” pop-up is a real downer. Ransome ware, like Hillary’s email mess, is nothing to be taken lightly.

      DH carried a S&W Mod 629. That is a Model 29 frame and the 6 indicated that it was Stainless Steel (not to be confused with the nickel plated pieces that the rap stars and pool hall hustlers carry and polish in their videos and their YouTube postings). It was a caliber .44 Magnum, which USED to be, the most powerful handgun cartridge in the world. Some rifles and carbines were also chambered for it. I have the same S&W Mod 629 and it has a deer rack commemorating it’s accuracy and knock down power….plus a carbine and also a “single shooter” chambered in the favorite DH caliber.

      Interesting….only one LITTLE tease about the current events that caused Jimmy G to summon Leyla (I speak Espanol) Santiago out of a deep slumber and she grabbed her Northface pack and loaded up in a Sat Truck and headed south. She arrived in Orlando around 9:00 and found that the Sat Trucks were double parked around “The Pulse” and had to set up her own little “Live and ON THE SCENE” gig from about 2 blocks away. Sort of like covering the Rolling Stones gig at CF from Harrelson Hall. BUT, WRAL is there….and Bryan Mims was sent out to troll the LGBT? gang for a response.

      This was a MASS murder, regardless of any leanings that anyone has. It was also a pre-planned Islamic Terrorist (Radical, I say RADICAL) on the USofA. Hillary is calling for more gun control and also trying to keep the fact that her State Dept was involved and blocked the investigation of the Radical Mosque that the lad attended. Obama is denouncing anyone that DARES use Islam (Muslim) and Radical in the same century….

      Ah, YES….the beat doth go on. The Thump, Thump of the Trump Drum is louder and the followers are increasing in number….at at rate only rivaling the increase in Gun Permits when Obama rattles his “Non-Violent….non Gunpowder Projectile charged” Saber of Good and Just.

      Keep the techies on their toes…..another attack, as will be another ISIS USA attack, will be just around the corner.

      Back to Emerald Isle’s beaches and also kayaking the ICW….

      Summer is great…

      • BobLee Reply
        3 years ago

        Blondie and I just booked a mid-September trip just up Atlantic Beach at Pine Knoll Shores. I’m letting Pierce discuss the latest WRAL “DID WHAT!”. He LOVES that stuff.

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