A Comparison of Crazies

    Agent Pierce
    January19/ 2017

    A Comparison of Crazies….

    Since November 8th, I have spent an inordinate amount of time contemplating just how to “do what I do” in The Era of Trump …. a/k/a The Donaldization of America. I have yet to have an AHa Moment to my Donald Trumpdilemma, but tempus fugits so I will simply saddle up and charge into the fray.

    As a Chronicler of Chaos… today and the days to come will offer unprecedented column fodder. Hellfire, I was never lacking column fodder in the pre-Trump Era. The level of pure Liberal Lunacy “back then” was an all-I-could-report buffet. What we are seeing now and are sure to see in the days / weeks / months / years to come will make “those good old days” actually seem to have been “good” (and sane) by comparison.

    Who knew that Liberal Lunatics had such untouched depths of pure insanity yet to be mined?

    FIRST: I had a hard-core goggle-eyed lib ask me recently if I was “all-in” for Trump. To be fair, he only knows me from some Twitter jousting. He sees “all of us” thru the very narrow prism of what/who his handlers tell him we are. He has every one of the Trump is Satan Incarnate lines memorized.

    Frankly…  If I was what he thinks I am I would not like me either.  Think about that…. it’s pretty “deep”.

    I told him I was not “all-in” for anyone about anything. Yes, I voted for Trump and would certainly do so again. I would have voted for any of the 17 candidates head-to-head versus The Wicked Witch of ChapHillary 2paqua.

    In the midst of the current mainstream media TrumpHate-athon against all us brain-dead jugheaded illiterates who voted for him; it is easy to forget the alternative was Hillary Clinton (remember her?) having the SCOTUS as her personal playtoy. If that doesn’t still give you extreme acid reflux you have a short memory.

    Donald Trump is a different breed o’ cat from anything that America has ever seen as POTUS. He is NOT “a politician” PERIOD. “Not being a politician” means he does NOT measure every word, every inflection, every gesture, every grimace before he says/does it. If he runs anything thru a focus group or sticks a finger in the wind to check public opinion, we are not aware of it. As much as “all of us folks” said we were sick & tired of empty suit politicians….

    Were we really ready for the Not A Politician? Some of us probably were not ….. ready. Too late my friends. We got our wish. Grab Ahold and Hang On!

    CraziesSECOND: In my upcoming coverage of The Donaldization of America & The Utter Insanity It Will Wrought Upon Liberals Wherever They Lurk ….  I will constantly remind you that “Crazies” come in all ideologies. We of the Hell No, I’m Not A Liberal persuasion absolutely have our share of pure, certified, card-carrying nut jobs. If you don’t believe that you might be one of’em

    We can debate whether “our crazies” stay on the outer fringe or, like theirs, permeate at least 75% of their general population. We can also debate that 75% is way too low a %.

    As re: Crazies…. Over the past 8 years, you and I have heard about / read about all sorts of pretty far out reports / hearsay / moonbat conspiracy theories related to Barack Hussein Obama a/k/a Barry Sorieto (sp?). From his birth Barry Sorietocertificate… his early years… his family…. his college… his/Michelle’s sexual preferences… his involvement with Alinsky/Ayers anarchists… Jeremiah Wright… George Soros… Valerie Jarrett et al et al et al.

    I can’t tell you how much of all that was pure hokum or pure fact or in-between. I vote for in-between. But I can tell you that…..

    NONE of that ever made the mainstream media…. other than the birth certificate issue. So you and I can recite most of that verbatim but I defy you to find ONE Lib who has ever heard about any of it.

    I was “talking politics” with a life-long Lib/Dem a few weeks ago. He is in total Trump apoplexy and just short of relocating to another hemisphere (who hasn’t considered THAT in the past 8 years?). He was babbling the usual HateTrump-babble they all babble. He stopped to catch his breath mid-babble and I jumped in to ask what he thought of Valerie Jarrett. Crickets…. Huh? He had never heard of her… and he is as smart as any Lib I’ve ever met…. for whatever that means.

    My point is all the crazy crap / and not so crazy crap “our side” spread about “Barry” never received any promotion by “the mainstream media”. ….. BUT, by comparison:

    EVERY ITTY BITTY piece of Trump “crazy crap” gets above-the-fold BREAKING NEWS by “the mainstream media”…. EVERY single wild-ass bull-s**t spew is given automatic credibility(!!).

    THAT my friends is The Difference today, tomorrow and every day that Donald Trump is POTUS.

    There are media-websites devoted to the daily constipated spewings of Michael Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, some old Star Trek nutjob George Takei, etc and every straight-to-video Hollywood whozit that ever sold his/her/its body on Sunset Blvd for an audition.  Those rabid-bat hairballs are credible sources to “the mainstream media”. …. Franklin Graham is NOT.

    OK… I’ve given you enough to chew on and digest. Forward this on to at least a dozen like-minds… and stay tuned for my next one.


    MORE AgentPierce – CLICK

    “All I have in common with a Liberal is a pair of opposable thumbs”

    – AgentPierce / March 2016.

    Agent Pierce
    • tarheelnexile Reply
      3 years ago

      As a Raleigh native and UNC degree holder, I’ve enjoyed reading your squibs in the Plott Hound. I’ve lived in Florida and Texas for the past 25 years having been disgusted by what the developers turned our beautiful capital city into. When you have succeeded in driving all the rust belt refugees back to the scene of their disasters, please let us self-exiled Tar Heels know. Hell! It might even be safe to go back for a visit, but I’m probably too old now to risk the increase in blood pressure if I was to run across (acrost?) one of damnyankees.

      I’m writing to ask that you take on the UNC chancellor and president and expose them for what they are. They have made me ashamed of having matriculated there (Bidness School). In fact, I’m thinking about drumming up a movement to get alumni to return diplomas after using them to clean up after a bowel movement.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        3 years ago

        Squibs ?? I (and BobLee) have been quite adamant in our negative opinions of UNCCH Chancellor “Chihuahua” Folt and will continue to be. As for UNC System Prez “That Bush Woman” Spellings, her actions of late have been surprisingly out of character for what we were led to believe she believed… most disappointing.

    • NCSU68Grad Reply
      3 years ago

      Good message, AP. Well BL you doned him proud.
      However, as good a you are, you were usurped of today’s best line….

      “I hope you are as much fun on that dais as you were on your couch,”. Said one Rick Perry to Al Franken during his confirmation hearings. You can opine and write as much as you will…but the sheer volume of DA statements out there prevails.

      Totally agree that MOST of the vile and dittohead libertards are woefully low on the political IQ scale. They only believe (sometimes read) what the DNC wants them to hear. The Libs are now planning on “hitting Trump square between the eyes with a 2X4”. I seriously doubt that many of them could identify it from a lineup. Their “flock” of Hispanics could. Also doubt that their large minority supporters could since they have passed on working and want free “Obama Feces $tuff”.

      Read a headline….not verified. Obama’s $9+ TRILLION (even Gates and Buffett are measured in Billions, not Trillions) debt translates to $75K per WORKING US TAXPAYER.

      I have a friend that is a retired VA school teacher. Very learned lady, except she is politically sterile. The VA NCEA keep bombarding her, after retirement, with WHOM to vote for. She does NOT have the resources to pay HER FAIR SHARE. She thinks this is a “Fake News Story” and that she and her daughter (family) do NOT really owe this. She comes from a Bank Auditor who was as conservative as anyone you know and would be supporting the Donald today. He fought in WWII and her mother came back to the US with him afterwards. Lordy….does she need help….

      It gonna be a WILD RIDE. Chucky Boy Schummer will NOW be the “Senator NO” and I HOPE that all the political cartoonists remember how they used to lambast for his voting preferences….

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        3 years ago

        Hopefully we won’t have too many Thom Tillis RINOs showing their true colors…

    • Radio_Smuggles Reply
      3 years ago

      Let’s not forget the RNC opposed DT as vigorously as the DNC and it’s minions. Who would be surprised if congressional opposition comes from both sides of the aisle? There is already much congressional handwringing about ACA and other issues DT got elected on. If we didn’t know before, we’ll know shortly of entirely new list of RINO’s once the rubber meets the road. I don’t fear what Trump WILL do but do fear what he won’t do or be allowed to do from an uncooperative legislative body seeking to put the brakes on the Trump phenomenon for the sake of politically driven of checks and balances. He is viewed as much of a threat to many “friends” and foes alike.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        3 years ago

        Thom Tillis formally declared his RINO-ness yesterday.

        • Radio_Smuggles Reply
          3 years ago

          Yet another sheep in sheep’s clothes.

          • Agent Pierce Reply
            3 years ago

            Repubs have a flock of such sheep. 🙁

    • MaryAnn.P.J Reply
      3 years ago

      I love your line “If I was who they say I am, I wouldn’t like me either.” Can I steal that one? When I read all the names they call us I’m always thinking me nor any of my Repub/Cons friends are like that.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        3 years ago

        Can you steal it? Sure… or say “Like AgentPierce says… If I was….”. All those names we all get called are perpetuated, of course, by the msm. I’m still not sure what “a mysoginist (sp)” ?? And I’m quite sure damn few Lib loonies know either. Take out the name-calling and their rants are just a lot of garbled profanity.

    • Robt.K Reply
      3 years ago

      I agree that both sides have “crazies” however one defines “a crazy”; but the Loonie Left have us totally outnumbered …. it’s a Little Big Horn situation and they are the Sioux.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        3 years ago

        Maybe not the best comparison since the outnumbered side didn’t do too well at the Little Big Horn… or The Alamo …. but we sure did on Nov 8th. 🙂

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