“Crazy” Doesn’t Mean “Stupid”

    Agent Pierce
    February27/ 2017

    “Crazy” Doesn’t Mean “Stupid”

    PREFACE:  I do not consider myself to be Republican / Conservative / Libertarian / Neo-Con / Alt-Right (?) / or “a crazy right-winger”. I am simply Very Very Anti-Liberal. Feel free to add extra “Verys” in front of “Anti-Liberal”. If we share that, we are of “like minds”.

    I voted for Donald Trump on Nov 8th… employing the “lesser of two evils” option. Absolutely nothing has happened since Nov 8th to cause me to regret that decision in any way.  If anything, I am more certain than ever that “someone like Donald Trump” is the only hope to at least slow down America’s inevitable descent into the Abyss of Defunct Civilizations.

    The HateTrump mobs HATE US… You & Me.  They would hate us just as much if Hillary Clinton had won.  It is NOT “a Trump thing”.  It is a Liberal thing.


    “Crazy” doesn’t (necessarily) mean “Stupid”.

    Supporters of President Trump make several critical errors in evaluating it’s bitterest enemy – The American Left. I consider The American Left a/k/a “Liberals” to be a far more dangerous threat to “America” than Islamo-terrorism…. Russia…. Climate Change…. Et al. That is not to discount these other “threats” but rather to emphasize the far more imminent threat from “Liberals”. Lib Dems

    “We” see and hear incredibly bizarre rantings and ragings from so-called “liberal spokesmen” / Hard-core Hate-Trumpers be they elected Democrats, Hollywood B-listers, your no-count 3rd cousin or “that nitwit in Accounts Receivable with terminal psoriasis”.  It is convenient to immediately discount all of the above as “those crazy SOBs are stupid”.

    In some cases, depending upon your definitions, that dual label may indeed be accurate. I do NOT believe it is accurate when applied to the leadership of the American Left. They may well be “crazy” i.e. “insane”. History is littered with beaucoups of clinically insane demagogues and warlords and El Presidentes and Fuhrers and all manner of self-appointed messiahs. But these “crazy/insane” do not gain power and influence by being “stupid”.

    Keeping the African-American population “on the Welfare Plantation” over the past 50 years since the Civil Rights Act was no accident.  Yoked to a minimal subsistence existence “they” are guaranteed to breed Democrat voters addicted to an entitlement mentality.  “Stupid people” would not have manipulated that so successfully.

    They share a special skill of understanding how to manipulate large numbers of pliable “sheeple”. They study other demagogues and false messiahs down thru history and their manipulation techniques. The successful manipulation of “sheeple” defies time and technology.

    NOTE:  The most popular assumed identity in insane asylums has always been Napoleon.  Assuming America survives several more decades, faux Napoleon may one day be replaced by faux Barack Obama.

    “Sheeple” are likewise not necessarily stupid but rather a combination of naïve, lazy and laboring under the delusion they are not only “not stupid” but incredibly intelligent. Self-delusions of personal intelligence is the first “tell” that con-men look for when running “get-rich-quick” scams…. and/or getting elected. The easiest to “con” are the ones convinced they, due to their intellectual delusions, cannot be conned”.

    The leaders of The American Left – Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Warren, Shumer, et al – are loud, provocative and quite over-the-top personalities.  All that plays quite well to an easily led knee-jerking constituency. Their profane bombasts may seem silly and clownish to “us” but have always worked well with their “sheeple”.Barber 4

    There is no better example than Rev. William “Bully” Barber and his Hoot & Hate sideshows. Every element of these carnival acts is scripted “stagecraft” of which Barber is a Master. What seems ridiculous to you and me is mesmerizing to “Bully’s peeps”. Barber’s ridiculous “…at least 80,000 maybe more” attendance BS is soooo outlandish to defy logic…. But Bully’s peeps suck it up. “Bully” Barber is NOT stupid by any definition.

    How do the “sheeple” get this idea that they are so intellectually superior to their ideological opponents? Their demagogues tell them they are. Simply by joining their profane mobs one gains a minimum of 30 IQ points. Such a deal. For an extra $10 they get a tattoo with their revised IQ score.

    When we read absurd bombasts by so-called “celebrities”, we sit back confidently and snort “no one cares what those idiots say”. Not true…. Those absurd bloviations are never intended for us. They are ideological nourishment for the liberal mobs…. and they ARE effective. That former Star Trek buffoon –George Takei – is my personal “favorite”.


    But AgentPierce:  Don’t liberals say pretty much all the same you’ve just said about “us”?

    FWIW:  I’ve certainly met some “right-wingers” on Facebook/Twitter that would qualify.  Haven’t you?  Are you concerned about what liberals say about you?  Are you one of those sensitive souls who “feels bad” about UNFriending a Jackass Liberal on Facebook?  HIT DELETE…. you will feel better immediately.  I promise.

    Consider those rank & file liberals who are romping and stomping and yelling obscenities on a street corner …. they are programmed like Tickle Me Elmo dolls to regurgitate a short list of insults over and over.

    All that those rabid he/she/ he>she/she<he/ its know about Donald Trump is from that private conversation with Billy Bush in 2005. It amounts to a 140-character tweet worth of material.

    Once they do “p****-grabber” and “made fun of a retarded guy” they are out of ammo and just start screaming obscenities.

    We’ll get into this and other fascinating aspects of this glorious mess in future commentaries.

    Stay vigilant my friends and DLTBGYD. ….. Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down.

    MORE AgentPierce HERE…. LINK


    Agent Pierce
    • myowngrandpaw Reply
      3 years ago

      I am not as scared of these guys as I am of Tillis and Burr. They have “progressively” become more liberal. Now that the dog has caught the car(house, senate, presidency), Burr and Tillis are folding like tents towards liberal thinking.
      Any chance you can loop youtube videos of Tillis and Burr promising REPEAL and not Obamacare “lite”?

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        3 years ago

        Tillis / Burr are “not as bad as” McCain / Graham is about as much as I can say on their behalf. Many Repub / RINOs realize that “draining the swamp” means THEM too. They are all part of the status quo that Trump threatens.

        • Radio_Smuggles Reply
          3 years ago

          It’s doubtful Burr cares what DT or anyone else thinks since he’s already announced he won’t run again. The former appliance salesman has done little to distinguish himself imo.

    • NCSU68Grad Reply
      3 years ago


      Your piece was very timely….and ahead of the curve. I watched, totally mesmerized, the State of the Union address night. After a few minutes, I started “People Watching” and listening a bit less. It was the most bizarre (and downright comical) performance that I have witnessed in a LONG time….perhaps ever.

      The LEFT did not know whether to Defecate or be Sight Challenged. They BOOED the Keystone Decision….yet applauded (and several of them stood UP) when he said that it would be BUILT WITH US PRODUCED STEEL.

      I really WONDER about keeping voters on the plantation when you say that you do NOT support your local police. That little “SIT and FROWN” outburst was, to me, particularly telling.

      Later on, it seemed like they were having trouble with their “playbook” or perhaps their “Reaction” App got knocked off the Internet by the Amazon fiasco yesterday. They broke into factions….and would look around to see WHO was standing. They were, in my opinion, TOTALLY caught off guard.

      Having read a LOT of PRO and CON this morning, I am reminded of Don McClean’s “Good Bye, Miss American Pie….”. There is a phrase in it….”The day the MUSIC DIED….”. I think that you can paraphrase that one….at least for a few fleeting days or maybe months…..”The Night that the Democrats died….”.

      I did my usual “Month End Net Worth” accounting this morning. I changed my mix BEFORE the election as I figured that HRC would win and that Yellin would pull all her “Rate Increases” out of hibernation….and did not want to get caught in a collapse.

      Fortunately, I am always bullish (it is a trait of an optimist) and only tucked a little away. THEN, on November 8, around 10:30, I smuggly told the DW…..SEE….that WAS a good move as the DJI Futures were tanking and the global markets were in an even MORE rancid state of turmoil than usual.

      BUT, later on in December, I started restructuring….a little at a time. I am WELL pleased (as is Buffett) with how the market is moving. And, to top it off, Soros HEDGED and is taking a small, but well deserved, bath.

      This morning the CNN poll said that 70% were MORE optimistic after last night’s speech. That is monumental. Today, the Dow just crossed into the 21,000 territory….briefly….but it portends good things.

      Your column was a precursor to that. And watching (I later started to follow the online script) the reaction of the Left was one of the most entertaining events that I have EVER seen….perhaps an alltime high. We witnessed, I think, a bigger meltdown than Chernobyl or the Japanese reactors…..

      Perhaps it should be labeled as “The Trump Syndrome” as in the Greenies name for the ultimate meltdown where there is a hole all the way through the earth and we can wave at our Chinese friends….The China Syndrome….

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        3 years ago

        All of “them” that hated “us” (thru Trump) before last night, still hate “us”. What last night did – IMO – was fortify “our” resolve that he – DT – can indeed “change things” and at least partially “drain the swamp”. “The media” will change the narrative as far away from last night as quickly as they can. They will try to refocus on “what he said to Billy Bush in 2005”. Thats all they got.

    • Ruth.J Reply
      3 years ago

      You are absolutely right about “all they (screaming HateTrumpers) know is “the Billy Bush crap from 2005”. I guess their handlers figure thats about all they can comprehend.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        3 years ago

        It is a simple uncomplicated strategy with “their media” carrying their water for them. Even “Elmo” has more messages than these rabid bats.

    • Radio_Smuggles Reply
      3 years ago

      My main concern about the current administration is not will they go too far but they will not go far enough. The bad news is that the majority members in Congress don’t seem to understand what happened on Nov 8. They are not acting with a sense of urgency and that is concerning. Never in my lifetime has a candidate promised things in an election and actually is trying to deliver on those promises. I’m still not convinced that Republicans are all that happy about the opportunity and I think the Democrats know this too. Will Trump be a one hit wonder due to his own party who never really embraced him in the first place?

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        3 years ago

        The “swamp” we elected DT to drain contains A LOT of “fat & happy Repubs” who really really like “the status quo”. DT is “The Maytag Repairman” i.e. “very lonely” inside the beltway.

    • Doug Reply
      3 years ago

      I agree with the above except:” “Bully” Barber is NOT stupid by any definition.”. I have a good friend who attended school with the guy in Plymouth NC. He let me know that Bully is far from the brightest bulb in the pack. Now that does not mean he does not know how to manipulate his sheeple, you do not have to be all that brilliant to do so as you outline above.

      The only way Bully got to where he is was by racial quota’s at Duke, and his Soros like benefactor in Jim Goodmon. I find it interesting that we never heard much about the guy before the Moron Monday thing got started. That must be when the Soros/Goodmon cash began rolling in.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        3 years ago

        During the 80s Duke Seminary went whole-hog recruiting “black activists” for their Divinity Program. Barber and Ben Chavis got in thru that. Yes, Jim Goodmon IS his sugar daddy and has been for 10+ years. “Bully” has honed his corporate intimidation skills well as Jesse Jackson taught him. He uses his physical presence to intimidate also. We all use whatever tools we have at our disposal.

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