BobLee’s Road to Raleigh Experience

    Paul Damascus
    March06/ 2017

    BobLee’s Road to Raleigh Experience

    It is among King James’ signature events, that do not involve a flood, a whale, a manger or a crown of throwns.   Saul of Tarsus was traveling on the road to Damascus when he was struck blind and dumb by Jesus. When he came to, he was the Apostle PAUL!!

    This past Sunday, yours truly had a Road to Raleigh experience. However, maybe not as historic.

    Sunday I had a lunch in Chapel Hill at the Weathervane.   It was a board meeting of the International Society of Really Dumb Things Jocks and Coaches Say.  I am a founding member of this society. No surprise, huh?

    The meeting was, of course, called to deal with “the ceiling is the roof” comment as uttered by His Airness to a global audience Saturday night.    This was courtesy of ESPN CEO, John Skipper (UNC-75).     (What would THAT recruiting commercial have cost UNC if they had to pay, which of course, they did not.)

    The question to the committee was: Does “The celling is the roof” merit “Amphibious” status?   It was unanimously voted that it does!

    Our cracker jack researchers have since learned that the “ceiling is the roof” is a misinterpretation of the old Swahili saying: “The sky is the limit”.

    Enough about Michael, let’s talk about me.

    I was driving home on I-40, the Road to Raleigh, after the meeting Sunday.  At 2:15 p.m., the retina in my left eye, detached. Uh-oh.

    Coincidentally, twenty nine years ago, almost to the day, my right retina detached.  Around our house my left eye, for the past 29 years, has been known as Dad’s Good Eye.
    Kid has already been assigned the task of coming up with a new name.

    Events got hectic at this point, eventually ending up in the emergency room at Duke Hospital, under the care of the greatest medical professionals that you can imagine.
    Tomorrow morning (Tuesday), I will undergo retina reattachment surgery.

    We are not sure what my vision capability will be when everything settles down.  At this moment, I have two choices:  (1) Worry about it a lot or (2) turn it over to God.   Following a 3 a.m. anxiety attack, I am now opting for the latter.

    What God’s plan is we do not know. As soon as we do know, I will tell you.   However,  Saul became Paul, The Apostle. I am already BobLee, The Internet Legend, so, I am curious as to what God has in store for me!   For sure, my possibilities of being an astronaut or playing center field for the Cardinals are shot to hell.


    P.S. If the above does not contain the usual misspelling, bad grammar and totally useless ellipses… you are used to finding, it is because I am dictating to Blondie. She posted this!

    • NCSU68Grad Reply
      3 years ago

      When appropriate, keep us informed. You are on more prayer lists than Archie is on the Wolfpack Nation’s “coaches we wanna” lists.

      Hang in there….

    • ultraviolet Reply
      3 years ago

      Did this require the gas bubble and the static forward position for an interminable number of days. If so, double the prayers. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

      • BobLee Reply
        3 years ago

        Yes. And yes.

    • tin foil hat heel Reply
      3 years ago

      Thoughts and prayers my brother, as for the ceiling is the roof, not so much a Amphibious level of misuse of the kings English, more like MJ took a page from the Dexter Manley school of mixed metaphors AKA ‘I’m gonna clean his bell and ring his clock’. Then again the statement perfectly epitomizes UNC football as something has always kept the ‘sleeping giant’ down, though it could just be that making it to the highest levels of the game is really really hard. The upcoming season has ‘hot mess’ written all over it, especially with Chizik playing the ‘spend time with the family’ card which is coach speak for, ‘out personnel is shaky to begin with’ couple that with essentially replacing all the skill position players and it adds up to lots of aluminum.

    • Wolfdon Reply
      3 years ago

      Hoping you have a full recovery , prays and best wishes for you.

    • Jon Sasser Reply
      3 years ago

      Thinking about you, Big Guy. And this would happen when column fodder has never been stronger: Dookies talking about flat earth, Wuffies looking for a coach, and Old Roy going off on POTUS. Blondie must be keeping some of this from you.

    • Joe Laton Reply
      3 years ago

      I pray you will fully recover and be able to see the light finally.

    • BobLee Reply
      3 years ago


      The operation was successful but it will be a month or more before we know how much my vision might be impacted.

      Living in the Triangle, we are so fortunate to have outstanding medical facilities like Duke and UNC.

      I use Duke because I have had such wonderful care there in past operations. Everyone from the clerical staff to the world class surgeons are simply wonderful.

      Now, I am under the care of Nurse Blondie, who can be everything from Mother Teresa to Nurse Ratchet, depending on what I deserve in the moment.

      I am not sure when I will be back to doing regular columns, but it will be as quickly as I can.

      Thank you again for your kind comments, thoughts and prayers!


    • David Reply
      3 years ago

      One of the many things that I’ve learned from reading your writing over the years is that you are a “tough old SOB”…….That is said as the highest compliment……………..”Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome” are just a way of life for you……I look forward to hearing more of the latest chapter in your journey.

    • GrahamPacker Reply
      3 years ago

      Wishing you the best of luck, Bob Lee. You have placed yourself in the best hands possible. And yeah, the Duke docs are very good, too!

    • Down East Heel Reply
      3 years ago

      Get well soon. And when you do, make AP work overtime. Prayers and best wishes from a (almost) Kinston suburb.

    • Elrod Reply
      3 years ago

      Here’s hoping His outcome for you is a rich blessing. Revel in it!

    • JDanWuff Reply
      3 years ago

      One thing I have learned over the past four years is that, school rivalries aside, Duke and UNC are blessed with some of very best in medicine.
      Praying for you to have a successful surgery and speedy recovery.
      Just put it on the Lord’s hand and you’ll be fine.

    • robedixon Reply
      3 years ago

      Get well soon. Praying for complete recovery.

    • Bobby Salmon Reply
      3 years ago

      Praying for you, the medical team, also for a complete and speedy recovery!!

    • thailand Reply
      3 years ago

      From the comments you sure have a large caring family of readers out there. Me too. 🙂

    • KenB Reply
      3 years ago

      You have been added to our Prayer list.

    • Walt-in-Durham Reply
      3 years ago

      Good luck, Bob Lee.


    • RaleighJacket Reply
      3 years ago

      Prayers for wisdom and skill by the docs and peace for you and your family.

    • BOG Guy Reply
      3 years ago

      You and Blondie will be in our thoughts and prayers, BobLee. Best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

    • Dr. Jay Reply
      3 years ago

      Prayers and best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.

    • NCSU68Grad Reply
      3 years ago

      Sort of explains a gap in your postings….especially as the Mikey Jordan “Amphibious” comment. He was PRE AFAM Studies and did not take Swahili like the later stars. I tried to substitute Ground and Floor and got confused more….thanks for clearing it up.
      Duke got some FINE doctors…..and as the surgeons told Regan, “Today, we are ALL Republicans”. But I would ditch the Trump boxer shorts. They will take care of you. Praying for your complete recovery.
      Also can relate to late night panic attacks about “What IF”. Had a Pacemaker implanted about two weeks ago. They restrained my left arm to let the incision heal and the wires (with cork screws) down to my heart start to “encapsulate”. DW like it so much, she kept me in it for several days.
      Left shoulder TOTALLY frozen. Could not even turn on hot water in sink with left arm. EGAD. What a revolting side effect. NOW, I will need the new shoulder that the Ortho Doc said was on my horizon….circa 2022. How am I gonna drive the MH? Do the things that I do now? WOE IS ME…
      On Sunday, I discarded my “cumberbund” and started exercising (tenderly) the left arm within the range of motion limits that my Cardio Doc set up. Took three days, but Left Shoulder is FINE.
      Trust in God and (fill in blank) and things will work out fine. Looking forward to hearing some tales of the Dookie Staff….dictating it will take your mind off your recovery.

    • BullCityBeth Reply
      3 years ago

      Praying for you.
      A big thank you to Blondie for posting, she knows we love our BobLee! 🙂

    • PTH Reply
      3 years ago

      Hoping for as complete a recovery as possible and hope that is a full one.

    • rj Reply
      3 years ago


      speedy recovery , my old friend !

    • Irondoc Reply
      3 years ago

      Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    • Baltimoreheel Reply
      3 years ago

      BL you are so important to a bunch of us, not to mention how much you mean to your family. You’re needed by us to give us perspective on so many aspects of life that we can’t often see ourselves. I was once at an unspeakable low in my life and you sent me a suggestion giving me a perspective I was completely blind to and helped me tremendously. I pray for your full recovery my friend. Sugar Ray recovered and you will too!

    • Porcophile Reply
      3 years ago

      Pulling for you, champ.

    • Capt Jack Sparrow Reply
      3 years ago

      Speedy recovery BobLee!

    • Doug Reply
      3 years ago

      Somehow I always go back to the old Confederate soldiers prayer when I can’t figure out what something means in my life. Maybe you’ll find some hope or meaning or maybe even, but I doubt it,,,,,,,, what in the heck was MJ thinking? I hope all goes well.

      (not sure the format thingy will make this discombobulated but here goes anyway:

      I asked God for strength, that I might achieve.
      I was made weak, that I might learn humbly to obey.
      I asked for health, that I might do greater things.
      I was given infirmity, that I might do better things.
      I asked for riches, that I might be happy.
      I was given poverty, that I might be wise.
      I asked for power that I might have the praise of men.
      I was given weakness, that I might feel the need of God.
      I asked for all things, that I might enjoy life.
      I was given life, that I might enjoy all things.
      I got nothing that I asked for but got everything I had hoped for.
      Almost despite myself, my unspoken prayers were answered.
      I am, among all people, most richly blessed.

    • a Pack reader and fan Reply
      3 years ago

      wishing you the greatest surgery success and a speedy recovery.

    • Hugh McDonald Reply
      3 years ago

      BobLee. May God guide the great doctors at Duke during and after your surgery. They did my heart bypass years ago and they did my wife’s breast cancer treatment more recently. Best wishes and prayers for you.

    • Arnold Isley Reply
      3 years ago

      Prayers for successful treatment. Duke isn’t all bad as we might have been led to believe as undergraduates. My job of over 30 years came from a referral from a Duke grad. Arnold ’69

    • AAU coacy Reply
      3 years ago

      Bob : you should be consulting with Albert. It was Jesus on the road to Damascus not an angel.


    • rivlax Reply
      3 years ago

      Praying for you BobLee. I know you’re in great care if you’re at the Duke Eye Center. My son’s father-in-law used to run that place, administratively, I mean, not as a doc. He’s retired now or I’d have him come by and say hello.

      • DrVinnyboombatz Reply
        3 years ago

        Best of luck!

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